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  • February 11, 2013 at 9:40pm

    If one more closely examines the rhetoric of this so-called “article,” he might notice one of the greatest fallacies in logic. Why in the hell are POLITICIANS making policy regarding EDUCATION? If politicians are so qualified in areas outside of their political expertise, I urge readers to seek a politician the next time they need legal advice, surgery, or an eye exam. Teachers unions are actually run by educators; I assure you that is NOT where the problem lies. Rather, the reason some of our students are under performing is a complex, multi-faceted issue, ranging from the elimination of trade schools (not all students should be college-bound) to students whose parents fail to invest an adequate amount of time in them. Unlike children of the past, the majority of kids today come from families in which both parents work or in which the family unit only consists of one parent. Many students lack manners, as well as adequate background knowledge upon which to build knowledge. Teachers work countless hours–instructing, grading, providing feedback, encouraging kids, contacting parents–but it takes a community to educate a child. Teachers do the best they can, but parents need to step it up to the level of parenting we had just a couple of decades ago in order for the system to function properly. Shame on those quick to criticize if those of you so quick to judge have never lived the life of a teacher!

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  • July 31, 2011 at 1:33am

    I am a teacher, as well as a parent, from Colorado. First, I must say that I know of very few teachers who do not dedicate an abundance of time and energy into educating their students. The majority of teachers don’t choose or stay in the profession to make money; they pick teaching because they want to educate young people and care about their students. With my talents, I could make double or triple the salary I currently earn as a teacher; however, I believe it’s important to develop our youth into productive members of society, so I’ve remained in this profession. Please don’t bash the teachers who work tirelessly to educate our children. Additionally, public schools benefit ALL children in society. Vouchers would take funding away from public education. Sure, they’d benefit those who attend private schools, if allowed, but please keep in mind that public schools provide a valuable service to society, as a whole. I believe the investment is well worth it, as a free public education prevents many young people from criminal activity and creates a better environment for all. If you view your public school as inadequate, for some reason, keep in mind that charter schools frequently tend to underperform, despite their claims to do better, but please don’t take away public funding to those students who need it most. Unless you’ve been a public school teacher, you really shouldn’t judge the system. I’ve worked other jobs, and teaching is, by far, the most chal