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  • December 31, 2012 at 10:28am

    The Republican leadership is so inept. Any “deal” they’re considering destroys the Republican brand of no taxing and gives Obama the ability to blame them when the economy does not turn around for not going “all in” on his approach to fix the economy. Here’s what needs to be done:

    • Have President Obama and the Democratic Congress introduce their bill to raise taxes for the “rich” and to address their alternatives to mandatory spending cuts that are to take effect January 1st.[1]
    • Show up for the vote, but do not vote on it. Instead, vote present.[2]
    • The Democratic House and Senate should each have no problem passing it by a simple majority vote and 60% vote of those voting, respectively, since the vote will only be among Democrats.[3]
    • Only agree to a debt ceiling increase if the Senate passes a budget first.[4] Use same present vote tactic as above.
    • If they refuse when given this chance to do what they have been telling the American people is what they “know” is necessary for this country to prosper, then, and only then, do we refuse to compromise, i.e., if they are too scared to act on their principals when they will get no cover, i.e., be able to blame the Republicans, then let the Republicans act on theirs. No compromise in that event.

    Why do this?

    • Recognize and admit that the re-election of President Obama means we’ve already gone over the fiscal cliff.[5]

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