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  • December 29, 2012 at 12:04pm

    Wow, when did obama say anything to divide the country. Or was it idoits on fox and right wing radio putting words in his mouth. Now i bet you’re think because obama black and im black that i voted for him. Nope, i voted against Romney because he was an idoit. You ppl could have made Obama a one term president if you would have gave the nod to jon huntsman but he wasn’t stupid enough for the tea party because he had a handicap. He could read. You folks went crazy and i knew Obama was gonna win when Michele Bachmann entered the race. I don’t care what color you are. I got friends, not black or white, just friends. I would hurt somebody if they hurt them.
    Stop watching fox and msnbc. They both serve the same master. Obama did not divide this country. Racism did. What were the lies on fox? Before Obama was swore in, ppl plotted against him. When he was a candidate, all the bs he wasn’t born in hawaii and he’s a muslim. Really. Unless Hawaii is off the coast of Africa and he got to be the worst muslim of alltime. Drinks,smokes and curses.
    I went independent because of the blatant racism coming from the tea party. When they leave, i will come back. And for the record. Calling him the food stamp president. I had a white friend at work tell me that you guys say that because all black are on welfare. I said fool, im here with u,at work so how can all black ppl be on welfare. Blacks are not number1 on the who gets welfare the most lust…