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  • February 4, 2013 at 6:10pm

    The reality about background checks… Capt. Kelly stated that 1.4 million sales were denied because the background checks flagged the potential purchaser. However, where the system really failed is when none of the denials resulted n arrests. Our gun store had a system whereby a purchaser, who was denied due to a failed background, was stalled by the sales clerk while another clerk would call the local sheriff. In every case, including those who were flagged as felons, the sheriff just told us to refuse the sale and let them walk. These are criminals who know they are felons, that have committed a felony by just coming into the store and handling the firearm prior to the purchase… they don’t even have to purchase… the handling is a felony… now they are caught by the background check (and in our state, the State Police), yet we are told to let them walk! Who knows how many of them eventually find someone to sell them a gun illegally? The point is this… If you truly want to reduce criminal assaults with a gun in this country… arrest and lockup according to federal laws the 1.5 million criminals that are caught every year by the background check system. As for the rest of the millions and millions of law-abiding citizens who purchase firearms to protect ourselves from the bad guys… leave us alone!