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  • October 23, 2016 at 10:01am

    I doubt the school would get involved these days, but if anything has tangible evidence available… take a look at boxing and archery in the schools.
    NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) Is once again sweeping the nation by storm. K through 12 students dig in hard to their studies just to be allowed the range time during that elective. Every school that has implemented the program has seen an overall improvement in student performance. Obviously, especially in those that partake in the program.
    Lots of interesting secondary effect information to read about as well. Look it up. You can find out lots of detail using your home state… like for Missouri it is ‘MONASP’, etc.
    Boxing… well how can draining off some of that testosterone from a bunch of teenage dudes by letting them beat the crap out of each other… be a bad thing?! Duh. The day we banned boxing from school was the dumbest day in education.

  • [3] October 23, 2016 at 9:48am

    - first you complain that the system is broken basically… and now you’re complaining about something bad that happened (which should not have – granted), and then the system did it’s job… properly?

    You also forgot to mention that those stories are related, and that it is highly likely that the two officers who were dispatched to ‘the wrong house’ may very well have been dispatched that way on purpose in retaliation for ratting out a bad cop.
    The 10 hours, although excessive, were not brutal – nor about making up stories. It was about finding out why they were dispatched to where they were without certain information they should have had, etc.

    Funny how there can actually be innocents on both sides… with a nasty third party in the middle. isn’t it? Kind of like you and people like you. People that simply like to stir the pot and see if they can get people to hurt each other even more.

    Go away.

  • [3] October 23, 2016 at 9:38am

    “… I wonder what would happen if the law was applied equally to all and the police state were individually held accountable? No that is just too sensible! … ”
    If only… you and the rest of your ilk would be crying to the heavens about how slanted God must be and we would be clapping right along with you every time someone was put behind bars that should be. White, black, or tangerine.
    Because the sad fact is, most of us already do support this already. We feel more at ease when any crook or criminal is taken off the streets or dealt with.
    However, for some reason… it has now become ok to persecute only certain classes / cultures / groups of people.
    I don’t care what color you are or what job/position you hold. If you break the law, then you go to jail or die (depending on the crime of course). End of list. No special treatment.

  • [3] October 22, 2016 at 1:05am

    Well I’ll be darned. The Moroccans are the ones that bring us OCP eh?
    Look out folks. Clumsy law enforcement robots and Cyborgs with severe PTSD are just around the corner.
    We welcome you Alex Murphy.

  • [3] October 22, 2016 at 12:59am

    Slender – quit picking and choosing garbage… try reading before posting. Seriously. Garbage in will only get you garbage out.
    Nobody disputes that Kansas, like other states – especially farming states – is having a rough time. However the attempt to throw tax cuts under the bus is old hat, and just plain ignorant. You think it is bad now? Like I said… *read* – it could be a helluva lot worse.

  • [4] October 21, 2016 at 9:37am

    There goes Slender with the half-arsed, intentional falsehoods again..
    How about we try using an actual economics based website for a change, with up to date information eh?
    Puts a little perspective on all those ridiculous numbers now doesn’t it? *facepalm* you idiots.

  • [1] October 21, 2016 at 8:54am

    “You don’t say, ‘We’re repealing smartphone,’”… Uh – Yes… yes, you do. A normal, thinking person is just smarter about it… like this:
    You ‘repeal’ the phone that doesn’t work (you recall it) leaving the rest of the smartphone industry as it is, just fine without the phone that is exploding / burning up / dashing people’s dreams of ownership / etc.
    So – the parallel you are attempting to draw, is just expounding how much of a dingleberry this is ending up for ol’ Barry. The Failed Phone of the Medical system has been proven. Now, recall it – and let the rest of the industry keep going like it had been without it.

  • October 20, 2016 at 1:13am

    What?! Now what happened? Good grief. We just need some black bags for their heads and some vans to drive them off in at this point…

  • October 19, 2016 at 11:43pm

    Users can’t delete their own comments here (unless you do it within 2 minutes by clearing the text, or report yourself and request it.), and down votes on early comments are… downvoted early because the posts were early.
    It’s not rocket science. I agree with DSMike on this one. I’ve had a few disagreements with him, but I don’t just auto-downvote anyone either.

  • [13] October 19, 2016 at 11:24pm

    Yeah, he looks interesting. Now… vote for Trump so we can have the remotest possibility of voting for someone live Evan, Ted, or whoever else… in the future. 4 or 8 years of Hillary, along with the Supreme Court she will put in place? No thanks.

  • [-1] October 19, 2016 at 10:15pm

    Unrealistic – that is what your attempt at a parallel is. It is entirely out of scope compared to what we’re talking about here. I never said they needed to display it / play it back. Simply mentioning what is in the media – as to fit with their supposed ‘unbiased’ search for the truth.. it doesn’t pass the smell test now does it? No it doesn’t.
    Especially since they keep insisting they are always in search of the truth, and are unbiased / earnest in that search. However Glenn and this site can have a total meltdown over whatever they like (certainly their prerogative) and then the site itself suddenly starts focusing in that direction with the stories, etc. That is counter to their claim. So do it or don’t.

  • [16] October 19, 2016 at 8:13pm

    I have a very simple reason why this and other things like it are stupid. It all moves us backward, when we were very nearly done with all of this garbage. Yes, I said garbage. Why? Because that is what it is… garbage.
    The only inequality alive *today* is affirmative action. Just ask any successful businessman of any color or ‘minority’. It offends them more than any white person.
    You want to keep bringing up history? Why? Does it do anyone any good to keep bringing up your ex to your spouse? No it doesn’t does it… same reasons why – it doesn’t work. Re-hashing old grievances just makes for opening old wounds, and involving other people that don’t understand the original pain.
    My younger working years were the 80′s and 90′s. Racism? I traveled all over this country (still do. field tech) It did not exist. I’m sure it did in little pieces here and there… but I visited the biggest cities in the most hellish holes to the most rural areas… nothing. Just fine. Until the last 8 to 10 years. We were done with this crap I’m telling you. On our way to being a completely united nation – the race baiters had lost.
    Oh well… kudos to you and the rest of the hate filled racists of the world. They wormed their way back in again. It truly sucks. Disguised as purists and friends, they come in peace to destroy us all. Simply pitting one against the other. Sad.

  • [9] October 19, 2016 at 12:22pm

    Ok, I’ve had it at this point. Where are you Blaze? There has been audio and video dump by the wagon load over the last few days and…. crickets from you.
    It just keeps getting worse from you guys at this point. It really is starting to feel one sided on here.

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  • [1] October 19, 2016 at 12:05pm

    If your ‘free market’ is a false market that is self contained by a huge conglomerate of media companies and politicians that will pay out the nose for even slightly fudged numbers – whether it be via creatively sampled data or otherwise… then your product has no worries about being subjected to anything. Aside from producing the desired results.

  • [6] October 19, 2016 at 11:59am

    Wow, that’s the most ridiculous and unrelated comment I think I’ve ever read on here. Nice try though. There are other things you could at least attempt to use with your mental leverage skills… bring it up to the scope of discussion… Planned Parenthood… Sanger… extermination of the black population… give us a counter for that. Something current that makes sense.

  • [12] October 18, 2016 at 8:56pm

    Slenderman – who gives you this crap? Do you really make the effort to look this stuff up, or are you a shill that they panic and throw this kind of ridiculous crap out to?
    Did you actually read that article? You can’t have. This is old news.
    The immunity + fine + turning over all the other videos … nailed ACORN to the wall in the end. The Attorney general ended up with everything it needed.
    They guy tried to do investigative journalism + artistic work and it didn’t work out for him. What NBC and CNN do every day, only he didn’t edit out anything that would change the content or context. CNN and NBC conveniently edit entire blocks of audio to implicate completely different scenarios than what actually happened.
    Nice try though.

  • October 18, 2016 at 8:40pm

    I’ve talked about this many times on this site and others. To be brief – although I am not directly a part of any tribe, one of my best friends is an elder Sioux, and I’ve been to lodge with many others through him.
    I’ve yet to meet a single one that actually liked ‘Native American’ or ‘Aboriginal American’. A basic face of disgust, followed by various mumblings regarding idiots and activists, resulting in the overall agreement that everyone present were ‘American Indians’ and that was that.
    Whenever many tribes came together, it is common to call yourselves by tribe name.
    Ask a normal, rational, American Indian teenager if he minds the term ‘Native American’… the answer I got most often? ‘Not if it’s a bunch of chicks!’ :)
    Sheesh. Same old crap, different decade.

  • [14] October 17, 2016 at 9:04am

    Dad and I discussed that a few days ago… My Uncle is a Baptist Pastor. He votes a solid D ticket every time. Super nice man. Basically everything you would hope for out of a Pastor, without any of the crap you’d expect.
    Dad said he’d even talked to my uncle about it (this is an in-law on my Mom’s side btw), and asked him how in the world does he reconcile voting for Democrats when he is such a conservative, traditional person?
    He just mumbled a little and finally said that his parents always voted Democrat and he always would. What the?! What kind of ‘principle’ is that? My parents ran straight off a cliff, and I intend to follow them?
    It just doesn’t make any sense. Vote how you want to, but holy crap – use your brain and really decide.

  • [1] October 15, 2016 at 2:14pm

    How old are you Slender? Because if you are at least in your mid to late 30′s or so… (I’m 43) then you would know that Cuba, because of outside pressure from the United States and other countries (no trade agreements, sanctions, etc.) there was some progress being made so far as the power structure starting to give.
    Basic services were being expanded. There were (some still are) actually several operations going on both private and government to accelerate the degradation of the Cuban power structure and promote the civilian population.
    Good grief – Google is your friend, I don’t need to give you a history lesson of the last 40 years.. do a little homework! If you are under 30-ish, then definitely just do a little reading. You’ll understand. Nothing hard about it.
    Now that we’ve essentially ‘given up’ – all of the power structure now has no reason to worry. No reason to make those steps that would have them go ahead and start down that road of dismantling the major chains on their people. But, hey… dream your little dream that opening up travel, cigars, and rum will fix it all. Kudos.

  • [4] October 14, 2016 at 11:58pm

    Slender – opening up Trade with Cuba is not about a ‘long game’ or whether or not Cuba is a threat to anyone outside of themselves. That is the whole point. If you don’t understand that… then you are part of the problem.
    What we just did, was guarantee the Cuban people’s suffering for another generation or two at minimum.
    We were almost there already you doofus! We actually had them working towards expanding internet, basic services, and the people beginning to gain enough confidence that there were the rumblings of a ‘near future’ not a ‘long game’ distant one.
    Now it is back at ground zero. The family is back in business, they hold all the keys to all the doors, and only the people they say so, get to go where and when they say.
    Congratulations dumbasses.

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