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  • December 20, 2012 at 4:09pm


    My view was out-viewed via electronics. Machines do our thinking. Wizard of Oz: if i only had a brain. Electronically induced thought control-robots vs humanoids. One web site hated to admit that the thieves of the New York Stock Exchange were sold-palmed off on a more classical team, in dealing with fiat moneys and stolen properties through home closures. Fiat moneys uses American homes through taxation, as collateral. This trickery is practiced within all fifty states. The exchange is inseparable from the thieves that plunder our
    national republic . One should never in algebraic equation try to out wit whole numbers. Stock exchange swindlers earn more with the tricks of fractional configuration. Albert Einstein was at loggerheads as to the methods of monetary rule-Albert never gambled–of course he never owned any property.

  • December 20, 2012 at 2:40pm

    If I only had a mind!

  • December 20, 2012 at 2:23pm

    What mind!

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  • December 4, 2012 at 8:56am

    Christ walked the streets in the ghettos of Jerusalem without shoes; also this humble personality had no place to lay his head. He referred that even the lilies had a resting place, but the God of this world did not.; so one person had not shoes. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • October 30, 2012 at 3:44pm


    Crime, corruption, poverty and disease through poisoned food, water, and medicines.
    Our contemporary state under Idumean influence pseudo religious banditry.
    Gangsterism’s control of Wall Street and its grasp in the hands of Bank of England’s influence.
    mental and physical perversion in high seats of national government as professional deadbeats….
    Collective religions over burdening all fifty states working in cahoots with tax collectors.
    Rampart extortion of public figures of whom many are professional criminals.
    America under military occupation through FEMA, SWAT, and CIA agents spying on industries.
    Traitors within the State Department through a Global drug cartel, in the midst of federal government.
    Perverts in movie industry indirectly attacking all religious associations.
    Master criminal complex controlling America and tied to congress.
    Why do not these professional sycophants get out of political whoredom and find a decent line of work. It makes one vomit to watch these lying clowns make
    fools of them selves. America is headed for its home-made Waterloo. God help us if we continue to enlarge a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.
    A nation caught in the net of ancient PHILISTA [ PHILISTINES [ and their world rule through an
    international network of NOBLES, { NOBELESE. It can be added that America is under the influence of ancient Edomites, an outcome of Jacob, Israel, and Esau the Red–Russia

  • October 6, 2012 at 2:15pm

    Bernard Baruch during the WW11 war years controlled the Roosevelt political machine indirectly through a special aid, Harry Hopkins. In his Book Barnard ( Park Bench Statesman ), 1947, he states that his ancestors sat up the first KKK clan order. Forest Turner, as head of the later KKK gets the credit mistakedly, that he was the first Prima Donna, of an absurb political movememt. This is just to clear the air, of lies that always preceed mass wickedness, through well controlled news and printing industries. At this moment it appears that interested parties can receive more information through the Moscow news industry!

  • October 6, 2012 at 1:54pm

    The law of nature give way in stating that one cannot be wrong all the time.

  • October 6, 2012 at 1:50pm

    A leopard cannot change its spots; and no educated fool can look into a mirror and deny his!

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  • October 6, 2012 at 1:46pm


    The John Birch Society was, and is now, an organization that neutralizes any member that condemns the communist movement within the USA. Robert Welch was a retired candy maker. This society was named after a religious man, John Birch, who was slain in China. Several decades past, one discovers that the Birches had invaded numerous religious functionaries throughout America, asserting that this nation was infested with communist agents, in all governmental affairs.

    Most positive concerning the very roots of this so-called patriotic organization is its open hands inclusion of members of any religious outlet in America. Actually, it coincided with Billy Graham’s catchall theory, of converting lost souls of whom happened to stumble into the spiritual providence of pseudo intellectual craftsmanship, fronting for a Divine theocracy. But Mr. Graham’s God was recognized, as the one and only Creator-all of this well and good.

    But lo and behold, the birches were in complete opposition to Graham’s belief in a Supreme being, for in the ( The Blue Book ), the so-called bible of the ( John Birch Society ), Pgs. 143 thru 146 [ ? } Welch proclaims that mankind-washed forth from the ancient swamp lands, as slobs of muck and mire, of which and gradually evolved into apes-anthropoids. Here we are at loggerheads between Graham and Welch, in bringing simple-minded people into the twin nets of two ambitious souls, letting their imaginary screens of religion and patri

  • October 5, 2012 at 7:47pm

    Albert Einstein arrived in New York in 1939. Thousands of anti communism protesters screamed, for him to return to Europe. Some ignorant and super ignorant people gave this man much credit to the Roosevelt administration–supposedly ( Albert’s ) Theory of Relativity carried weight intellectually, during construction of the Atomic bomb. This was an outright lie.
    It is known that the late Harry Solomon Truman and close friend, ( Mr. Cohen ), together, knelt down to Albert’s identical God, and begged our creator for a future Communist United Nations Organization, as set up in 1948. These famous characters, Harry and Albert, prayers are always forwarded, if the nationa new’s media paves a broad road that these
    fellow travelers had the opportunity to travel- relativity and politics.

  • September 15, 2012 at 3:52pm


    Why are the world’s Gypsies treated so ugly. Under Zackariah, the prophet, these people were Jews.

    This prophet let them go into Egypt in order to get away from the famine in Canaan. No man is nothing

    that turns his back on his fellow man. We are all God’s children and should come under the covenant in which our creator swore that all nations through Abraham’s seed line would be blessed. However, the Gypsies are left on their own to be persecuted through out the world. The questioned remains : why can’t

    these people get their palms into the U.S Treasury in using the organized religious scheme in raking in a few bucks from national tax payers. The rejuvenated scriptures-Come unto me and your man-made gods

    will fill thy temples, ( bodies ), with worldly goods. Please do not turn thy backs on fellow creatures. This

    would be an insult to an unknown creator.

  • July 31, 2012 at 5:56pm

    This late President was a willing tool, of an establishment, ( party
    ), dedicated to internationalism. This master of political prostitution
    was the superb individual, as being wire-pulled by well-known fellow
    beings, of whom controlled all branches of federal government. Yes,
    entering public office in more adventure and promised wealth. This man’s
    greatest achievement was to totally destroy our national educational
    system. This act was in line with Marx’s coworker Fredrick Engels. In
    1848 at the First Communist International gathering, this destruction of
    the family via control of educations, was Johnson’s commemorated act,
    via the Communist Manifesto. In one act, this doubled-jointed fence
    jumper, from one party to the opposite, through Gerrymandering pertinent
    legislation, directly into the furthering of internationalism’s
    incipient encroachment, into the hands of universal socialism. True to
    life, LBJ all the way, as a pseudo Democrat embroiled

    with pseudo republicanism, in absolutely committing a two party treason
    against an unsuspicious nation being kept in darkness by a renegrade of
    pro-socialist ganders via the mass news industry. Johnson’s dealing with
    the Korean ( Police Action ), once called, is well known, as a double

    political risk, in tangling with the banking and internationalists; our
    military suffered tremendous loses. And the ideal in searching for
    responsible leadership and under the dome, i

  • July 29, 2012 at 3:41pm

    The problem is that I do possess a mind!

  • July 29, 2012 at 3:40pm


    Marching forward into a state of nihilism lies a future of politically doomed pseudo Democracy-possibly a mandating self-sustained monetary syndicate, of ruler ship. Russia and America are meshed in between the jaws of British finance, and global disparity. The United Nations Organization is a major weapon of syndicated fools and idle-minded parasites, of whom are used as merely weapons , in enslaving mankind’s rights and privileges, as this gang intends to dominate East and West, as to deploy whole sale propaganda between both political systems, in order to divide two nations in the world’s eyes. Since one cannot cross the same river twice; it is impossible for separate states- Russian and American ( citizens ), to anchor their ships of state to an island where the Bank of England, and it’s little known ( City of Gold ), marches forward spreading a one way pseudo Democracy internationally,, as an ineluctable determinism towards global domination vs natural capitalism, operating under strict natural capitalism, which is counter to interest capitalism. This combined wealth can only sustain it self, while enlarging a universal path to total domination, leaving behind an aftermath , panorama of crime, corruption, poverty, and disease.

  • July 26, 2012 at 1:15pm

    An uneducated man is left with a conscious. Elevated and extensive education apparently forces one to be literally accademently poisoned. The site, Blaze falls into this catagory, when attacking General Caldwell so sutbtly, in playing the middle with a very serious matter-hospital in Afghan.

  • July 26, 2012 at 12:53pm


    Apparently, General Caldwell is taking the heat that should be taken from higher ups. We must remember that civilian politicians call the shots, for all military obligations and civil orientations, that are are performed regarding internal and public exposures. The question: What middle man indirectly stole public funds from American tax payers? Remember, our national government has no money; for most tax payers are milked to a hound’s tooth, in order to fund corruption in the highest realm of political whoredom. This General is not guilty. The ones in between of whom reaped tremendous monies should be tried for treason, as the military is directly tied to the hospital, as long as Alien troops actually occupy a foreign soil.

  • July 20, 2012 at 2:28pm


    Not one person ever shoots innocent people unless afflicted by some well concealed neurosis. First, blame Hollywood and the sub human elements known as script writers. Pornography and anti-social misgivings are loaded down upon children at earlier ages. Criminals now control our country. It is now a crime in order for one not to be some sort of criminal within America. It is the work of sociopaths, who have lost contact with their fellow man. Sadly, innocent people lost their lives because one individual was mentally disturbed at the walls of a misinformed national society.

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  • July 7, 2012 at 2:36pm


    Old King Solomon may have been the wisest man in the ancient world, but did not possess the supreme hold

    over his governed mental slaves, as the characters lounging on the court’s bench, glorying in duping our national Republic, to the extent that would corrupt the mentality of Machiavelli. The trick is obvious having nine individuals over the court, while one is a plant to break any and all ties. This is nothing less than a back alley crap game; where the dealer before hand, arms him self with loaded dice. Is it possible that eight of these individual were politically loaded before the ivory was tossed. More than likely, the plant [ individual ], had to be high on something when bamboozling three hundred million people forced into the insurance racket. Here, we have a President being previously tied to the Supreme Court through earlier appointees, participating in a racket of

    gambling with some shady back-alley crap game promoter.

    Nevertheless, King Solomon’s son, King David, before hand, attuned his flocks ( nation ), with his extremely

    beautiful music from a harp. But, some what like contemporary civilization, ( America ), David had his Holy

    Melchizedek Priesthood holders to sit on supreme hearings, and seating in some what like the Sanhedrin of modern day Palestine, closely in resembling our Supreme Court of today. Now, our Supreme Court, Sanhedrin,

    and the President’s

  • June 30, 2012 at 6:14pm

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  • May 8, 2012 at 3:43pm


    Three thousands years past a Man strolled along the
    ancient city of Jerusalem. This was a good man as
    history has shown. This strange personality had been
    proclaiming that so-many people would dare listen or
    comprehend just what was this individual was about.
    This so-called messenger, stranger, from whence
    unknown– this being was well versed in verbalism, and
    straight-forth proclaiming his enemies with the most
    stringent adjectives. Still, the higher ruling
    element of this Holy city turned a deaf ear. This
    Wanderer about the streets of Jerusalem openly wept,
    because specific mankind in this man’s mind knew that
    many could not see and not comprehend, while a
    multitude stood amazed. In 70 A.D. this city was
    destroyed because of the fact that one lonely
    individual was not allowed to speak;
    and the America today is headed in the direction
    towards mass destruction because, collectively,
    citizens are not allowed free speech even though our
    constitution honors expression of opinion reflecting
    free speech in a democratic system;
    one should never forget that good Man that was nailed
    to a tree, for wanting to speak in the name of one
    that sent him on a mission. In reality this lonely
    messenger dies for free speech, as gold and silver
    mattered nothing to Him. This great Man was trying to
    warn the people of pressing events and the Supreme
    Court of Palestine put him to death. Dr. Sigmund
    Freud would proclaim that that good m

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