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  • [-5] January 3, 2015 at 10:03pm

    Okay bigmouths. How many of you have family in the graveyard courtesy of some a-hole drunk driver? One of my cousins and three of his friends from college were killed by one on Interstate 4 in Florida. The drunk bastard was unharmed and didn’t get crap punishment for ending the lives of four young men. They didn’t get to become men with families. Their lives were stolen. I also had a co-worker who recently had a relative killed by a drunk. The husband almost died and their baby boy has lifelong disfigurement and crippling injuries. Thankfully the drunk murderer (with priors for DWI) died as well. That said, I can easily imagine YOUR faces when one of yours is killed – or burned half to death – by some slob who maybe WOULD HAVE slurred their speech or smelled to high heaven of booze at a random checkpoint and would’ve been prevented from committing what is basically no-punishment murder. Yeah right, “patriot” loudmouths – you’d change your tune really fast. I bet you would also cry butt-hurt if the police breath-checked people in bar parking lots as they started to get into their cars. Let me guess – you have some RIGHT to reveal your drunkenness by killing someone? Then the police can act? Driving is a PRIVILEGE. Being allowed to juice-up and maim and kill people with a vehicle is neither a right nor a privilege. Freedom has to share the road with ****** common sense. SHUT UP – you have nothing to say.

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  • [3] July 11, 2014 at 1:00am

    Okay Mr Ass… this will do it for you: One, the Zimmerman shooting WAS “righteous” in that a JURY ruled it so. The so-called firestorm was criminal, as is the ongoing persecution of a man found NOT GUILTY in a court of LAW; and Two, you actually typed WHITE-HISPANIC? LOL… You bought the made-up classification they created in order to fan the race-flames? As I said – that does it for you… (flushing sound as TakeItHome2014 goes away, taking his crap with him). Guess we see who needed to ****. Don’t even start next time.

  • March 22, 2014 at 1:47am

    (reaching for duct tape)… Man, this intellectual brag-fest makes my head explode. Are you just so ****** smart that you can’t dumb it down and count it out that if you have a cookie and put another cookie with it, that there are now two cookies? That’s it – **** with your “Oh golly I am such a GD’d thinker” gassiness. Wow – your ear openings should be sphincters to let some of that supposed brilliance squeak out – your mouth just isn’t big enough.

  • [1] March 22, 2014 at 1:41am

    What a super nova of intellect you are. However, since no one is saying exactly and in detail, or stating empirically – that the addition of anything is SUPPOSED to be exactly equal – either in the individual characteristics of said units or the total returned, then your LFingAH pontificating reads exactly like a long Taco Bell fart sounds. What intellectual horsecrap. I bet you looked soooo smug after typing that stuff…

  • [3] March 12, 2014 at 9:10pm

    LOL – Come on – the bottom halves are identical – the blabbity-blabbity about THAT is what is desired. Who is looking at anything else now? But what I’m remembering with these changing and vanishing suspects and their photos is… (drumroll)… The Amercian Reichstag – aka Oklahoma City Bombing! Remember how the bATF and others were facing budget cuts and criticism for their litteral jackbooted thug activity? Remember that the ‘SAULT BAN was on the rocks? BOOMski goes that Fed building (with all of the ATFers conveniently out that day) and WOW – new money and staff for those agencies, new powers and of course the ‘SAULT BAN is a done deal. Freakin’ morons (us). So within an hour I think, there was a press conference. Janet Red-Claws Reno had two freaking police sketches up, stating clearly “These two men are part of an ongoing investigation – they are KNOWN to us.” One of them was a perfect drawing of McVeigh. Next we know – OOPS – no one knows nuthin’ bout anyone. McVeigh was conveniently picked up and then IDENTIFIED as though no one had ever heard of him and the other guy suddenly never existed. But McVeighs picture was spot-on for a guy they now just happened to scoop up. Crews in the building running CABLES and cleanly sheared off support columns (pretty good for a sloppy, street level fertilizer bomb) – all of that… but at this point (all together now) WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?! A nation of idiots. WWII generation forgive us.

  • March 7, 2014 at 9:09pm

    Freakin’ ****** website. Typing bogs down as bad as do the pages? EFF THIS S**T. I am done. Someone is screwing with this site. It is the only one that does this. Good for you, little fuc*er.

  • March 7, 2014 at 9:02pm

    (Insert smart-a**ed remark or witty observation here) – All done – ok – now how about we identify things to watch for that will tell us it’s time to pack and go? Yes – it’s suck unfixable, planed and especially BUSHs’ fault. HEAVY SIGH. But not all of us can just be moved out somewhere already, with a flippin’ farm and guys with guns on our payroll. Here in this green hellhole of Florida, we’d need maybe eight hours to get it and go – to clear the state line before they’d do the martial law thing. I hope someone has some tips for things to watch/listen for. I suspect, tough, that it will be crappy by slight degrees and then BOOM one Monday morning, really early. A “gitch” in the nations’ AM systems will quickly go from a glitch to possible terrorism (of course it will be Right-wing Pro-Lier Militia Teabaggers) to OOPSIE – guess no more dollars – our bad – oh well. Stand by for your new card with 100 Ameri-Pesos (or Obam-O’s) on it. But seriously – might there be some little something we will see or hear in the news? I hope so.

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  • February 11, 2014 at 9:04pm

    Aw, so great an evening… first those A-HOLES at Drudge ruin some of the Olympics with a non-spoiler alert headline (you turds) and now Costas gets to rest his “Walker” eyes yet torture OURS with the sight of that absolute piece of s**t Lauer. Hey – during the opening ceremony, did you love the “participation trophy” CRAP Costas was laying down? He was all “Most of these competitors KNOW that they HAVE NO CHANCE of winning – what they will remember is WALKING IN…” (retching sound). Sorry but that is so T-ball and no-scores-counted soccer. We all get pizza and we all get little trophies. Finally, who’s the guy overdosing on coffee (or crack) for the cross country skiing announcing? He’s about to stroke out and there’s tons of the race left to go. Oh well – screw you Lauer, thanks for ruining the Olympics. NBC stands for Nothing But Communists… HEY – it’s killin me – and soon a lot of us – how the government is arming up domestically even as they steamroll us to economic collapse. Soon we’ll have our NATIONAL EMERGENCY and “Yeah… sorry… gotta do it” MARTIAL LAW speech. Emergency Broadcast tones coming any day now. Land of the Free, Home of -well – the dumbass…

  • February 6, 2014 at 9:43pm

    Really? Someone being a bad parent equals the murder of a baby inside of its mothers body? Come on – you’re the King Troll on here but let’s be real. You reached hard and far – just like some Olympians will do this winter – but you didn’t land this one. Another sliding and deep wedgie on the ice. Your post SOUNDS cutesy but it serves the frighteningly wrong and dark side of this issue. And please – NO ONE can claim Jesus as Lord AND be Pro-Choice (Pro-Death – see you can’t even have its name in the light of truth). Forget that frost-bit backside – get your spiritual health in order. Your hate and angry words will not hurt me. My words though have burned like fire, haven’t they? Yeah…

  • February 5, 2014 at 11:10pm

    I don’t care to hear whining about the importance of this debate when I suffered through the nitter-nattering all about the old perv Woody Allen and his mess of a life. Ditto for the excessive giggling, talking over one another and stuff like “More On Trivia”. Just saying, because it seems like the only dire warnings on the economy are now those with the Gold Line ads. Tell us things to watch for so that we can get out of a city as the collapse starts. We hear that it’s too late to fix anything and to PREPARE. That needs to include more information. Provide that and THEN the goofiness. Keep the pervert and crime stories – that stuff is everywhere else.

  • October 17, 2013 at 12:24am

    LOL – RNM spells “rectum”… shut the one under your nose already. The rest of the world just watched this obscenity. China will make sure that everyone realizes that we will never, ever deal with our debt. The countdown just sped up. The dollar dies very soon. Did you guys see the threats made by the grasshoppers when the food stamps system went down in 11 states for just part of a day? Threats to riot and “burn s**t down”. See them basically loot those two WalMarts in Louisiana? The ‘Mart had to let them or they would have literally looted and burned them – guaranteed. At least ‘Mart saved the lives of their employees in those stores. So, RNM – Eff You in both ears – the so-called mother WILL burn – at the hands of the grasshoppers who are literally born into generational entitlement. LOL – I bet YOU don’t even own a Nerf gun. Sucks to be you. To those of you without turds attached to your necks (as with RNM), plan to leave big cities. Buy any gun you can. Buy some gardening tools, fishing gear and some carpentry tools. Screw gold – it will be outlawed right off the bat. Anyone who doesn’t hear the wolf at the door is a fool. Twilights last gleaming is here. We just ****** saw it in congress.

  • September 30, 2013 at 4:54pm

    HAHAHAHA… Oh come on… This guy could have himself pictured in terrorist garb with their flag behind him, brandishing a bloody knife and AK47, and even have a burning Israeli or American flag in the scene and he would STILL get this appointment and even use that same image as he is now. Our empire is falling in slow motion; no matter who “wins” these daily and now PIDDLY battles, the economy is going to completely collapse. Only guns, ammunition, food and the means to raise or catch it are going to matter for quite a while. I wouldn’t waste a penny on gold or silver. People – we are over seventeen trillion in debt alone, plus what – over twenty trillion on the hook for Social Security alone? Like Christopher Walken shouted in the film version of The Dead Zone: “The ice is gonna break!”

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  • September 21, 2013 at 10:04pm

    I thought that Social Security, Military Pay and a lot of other things will continue regardless of a so-called shutdown? Anyways, look around – this is twilight’s last gleaming, folks. About half of us have become government-fed grasshoppers. SO many are on food stamps that no one is giving a SH** that a can of soup has skyrocketed in price. A box of hot wings at the grocery store went up TWO FREAKIN DOLLARS in no time. Container sizes are shrinking and prices are going up. BUT – if your food is FREE you don’t care – you just throw more in the cart. The economy is already dying and it looks as though the food producers have figured out the “free so F the price” mentality of the ‘hoppers. I have bought some guns and ammunition, seeds, gardening and basic carpentry tools. I have a place well away from any large cities picked out. What are you doing? It matters, because when the “free” food stops the grasshoppers will blame YOU. People like obama and his media will make sure of this. They will ****** eat you and your family. Argue this right up until they beat down your door, but the warnings grow every day! Out.

  • April 26, 2013 at 11:14am

    Good stuff – you need to see the YouTube clip with the granny in the wheelchair firing that German submachinegun – forget the model – that one they used a lot in Where Eagles Dare. Anyways, folks need to learn about Instinctive or “Point” shooting. At the distances most shootings take place, going to sights might get you shot or killed. Seriously, in a hallway or the same room – do you even need to raise the firearm to eye level? That takes time…

  • April 20, 2013 at 11:32pm

    “KEATON…” in some language I am sure, means “Big Floppy Donkey Tool”. Amazing that it can type as it flops, slips and slides around on the keyboard. Must be the limpness. LOL LOL LOL

  • April 20, 2013 at 11:24pm

    KEATON…Really? They were trying to sneak the guy out and the paperwork clearly links him to the Boston bombing. He’s part of an important family, therefore gets out of jail free. Multiple sources in Congress confirm this. But that’s not enough for you? I guess you are a cultist, and I doubt anyone can reach you. Our “free press” was publicly hoping for an AMERICAN to be the bomber, and Obama in this speech still defends Muslims, yet he himself routinely demonizes business, the “Rich”, the NRA, the GOP and Conservatives in whole groups. Is it true that Michelle visited the Saudi suspect in the hospital? The First Lady of the USA visiting a terrorist bombing-LINKED person? Drink the kool-aid right until the end. Soon the economy dies and in a national emergency combined with martial law votes will no longer matter. That’s when Obama will abandon his horde of grasshopper voters. Their useful idiocy will be at an end and starvation is a classic means of population control used to make populations more… manageable. Just watch when the freebies stop. Sorry man – it can’t be stopped – and contrary to the stereotypes about “my” side, I hope you make it.

  • April 19, 2013 at 12:35am

    Greece is like the crack head or drunk who has no intention o getting clean… they KNOW that after hearing a lot of bitchin’ and moaning and stern lectures, that they will still get the money they need for their habit. Those things are their overhead and they gladly pay it. So do “we” and tell them “Now this is the LAST time I help you… I mean it THIS time…” Idiots. We are doomed. Buy a gun and ammunition today. Buy gardening tools, basic carpentry tools and mostly move the HECK out of any city of any real size. The money IS going to stop and the addicts will tear that old world to burning pieces. We warned you so many times. Oh – and UP YOURS EnSCROTUM or whatever your name is. So many of you Effers aren’t going to have a chance. I want to gloat but instead I pity you in what’s coming.

  • April 18, 2013 at 8:21pm

    Aw, shove a big, dirty sock in it, Gabby. Before your career path was suddenly narrowed to that of ANTIGUN CRUSADER, I never heard your name or heard you say jack-”Biden” about guns. You are just like those other sacks of crap – the Bradys. They lost their income stream and immediately became the go-to dynamic duo of gun control and guardians protecting all of us from the eeeee-vil handgun. By the way, rumor had it that “Po’ widdle Jim” previously was a big collector and shooter of Class III (full auto) weapons. Was that proven wrong? And it kills us that your hypocrite hubby got his butt caught trying to buy HIMSELF an AR15. I suspect that YOU two can justify YOUR need to be protected by GUNS, be they your own or those carried by armed/paid men to put their lives between you and danger. Sorry, your injuries are terrible – my heart breaks but only so far. YOU choose to make your wounds into weapons against the free men and women of America. I pity you but will not be made into a slave by you. Write kids books about puppies or something. Quit the poison of gun control.

  • April 17, 2013 at 2:12am

    Typical. You cheer the misfortune of others and “complain” that the business wants you to actually pay for the movies instead of “sneaking in”. That’s theft, you bloated grasshopper. Go ahead, though, fiddle away and eat on our taxes while you can. A financial winter unlike anything ever seen before is coming FAST. In this storybook the ants don’t frown but then still feed your sorry a**es. You were warned right up until the end.

  • April 11, 2013 at 7:46pm

    Right, Sunshine – take a look at your avatar – and shove it way up there. This girls’ life is forever fractured because of two dip*** f-tard “parents”. Think of all of the things she will never, ever do even once because of this mind-blowing negligence. Both parents deserve jail time and both damn sure need to put on their snoopy suits and get to the free SPAY/NEUTER clinic. Animals and children always pay the freight for these kinds of idiots. I have no patience or pity on those writing those bloodstained checks to be cashed by too small, too young bodies – over and ****** over. Like I said – shove it.