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  • December 18, 2012 at 5:10pm

    This is in regards to the recent shooting in Connecticut. In my opinion, what we need is not more
    gun control but “people control”. The suspect was denied when he tried to buy a rifle prior to the shootings. That is a gun law and it worked. What did not work is having a mentally ill person living in a home with unsecured firearms. There are millions of law abiding citizens who should not be punished for one person. Look at some of the influences. Our society today has movies and TV shows that regularly show firearms and shootouts. The most popular video games today show fighting with firearms. The news papers today sensationalize and exploit shooting incidents for news value which may encourage copy cat shootings. A mentally ill person should not have access to firearms. Face it, someone who would shoot their mother in the face is gravely ill. The news reports that the same day of the shooting an adult entered a primary school in central China and stabbed 22 children and one adult with a knife, some seriously.
    Looking at statistics (, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that Alcohol kills more people each year than aids, TB or violence, nearly 4% of the world’s population. Where is the outrage over this!
    It was shameful that news media were trying to interview 6 and 7 year old victims. They were trying to
    make big news, no consideration for the families. Eventually