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  • February 24, 2013 at 4:59pm

    Something happened in the past two days that i wanted to just point out to everyone who comments and reads the Blaze. It has to do with the debate now raging on both sides. For the record I believe in the Second Ammendment Right to bear arms. But what is troubling me today is the heated passions I’ve witnessed by members of my extended family – from both sides of the debate. One wants the guns off the street! The other is ready to shoot anybody that wants to try to take it…
    For many years we’ve talked about the days that are coming. Glenn often quotes Thomas Payne: “These are the days that try men’s souls…” Maybe not yet, but we are getting there.
    Some one has to have the calming voice.
    Those someones have to be us.
    We can affect our communities by our actions and reactions and Thank God, that He has given us these four years to consider our reactions.
    Now is the time to decide what you’ll do.
    I pray to God we will turn to God and seek His peace, encouraging others to do the same. That’s how I’ve decided to touch others in my very tiny part of the world. It’s amazing how a soft answer spoken kindly and wisely, really can turn away the fury that’s threatening to explode all around us.
    We can be a light in the growing darkness if we choose to be.
    I’ve chosen to fight the harder fight. The fight of LOVE. Restoring LOVE folks…remember? I guess that now these are the days that try our souls to see how serious we were when we made that pledge that day ~

  • November 1, 2012 at 4:20pm

    Perhaps if we remind him his Mama was white?

    I don’t doubt a word you have said.

    But I’ll leave it at that

  • November 1, 2012 at 4:16pm

    The thing that kind of bothers me is that President Obama came out immediately blaming a “Christian” UTUBE video.
    Couple this with that other statement he made at the UN :::not verbatim but somewhere along the lines of “anyone insulting the prophet Mohamad should have no future”
    RAHAHAEEELLLEEE> Mr. President
    As a Christian, I find this somewhat disturbing. And worth questioning also.
    6 simple words:
    What is your game Mr. President?

  • November 1, 2012 at 4:04pm

    man! I lost my whole post!

    Anyway that “dumb down America” comment was meant for the Soros and God knows who else, CARE, ??????!!!!!! movements.
    And yes. I do hope some of their workers read and hear what i have to say
    NO I A AM NOT A RACIST! and I am not a war monger…
    Truth and Justice and the Good ol’ American way is all I’m looking to help Restore in this country.

    It’s just like Glenn was saying yesterday on the radio, if Jesus Christ himself was campainging some dumb media jock would be critising him for pausing to heal the blind without the red crosses authorization.

    So, I am clarifying what i meant just in case it is taken out of context.
    (Almost Done then:(:::
    Not that I’m afraid of beiong called names any more (yawwwn) I out grew that concern sometime in the course of the past 4 years at least…and so, Thank you for that Mr. President…you have served your country well after all:)

    Enjoy the nest couple of months…
    I think you’re going to be very, very busy for the next couple of months.

  • October 27, 2012 at 3:01pm

    Then the question for Americans becomes are we going to spend the next four years sitting back complaining about politics?

    We need to change the course. And I believe that we can if we all stop fighting and start working together for a change.

    There’s a change to vote for ~
    And I don’t mean Obama’s change-

    Done that
    Been there

    I’m tired of all the arguing. there are good and bad in both parties.

  • October 27, 2012 at 2:57pm

    Dear Mr. President,
    Why did you so hurriedly blame this mess on a dum film made by a “coptic” Christian.
    And since it clearly WAS NOT THE FAULT OF THE UTUBE VIDEO,
    When will this INNOCENT AMERICAN be released from jail, Sir?

    Mr. President Sir,
    How can you prove to me that you are not partial in your judgment, when you openly Condone the Muslim Faith, while you so readily Condemn those of the Christian Faith.
    I doubt you are sincere Sir.
    I beleive any reasonable American citizen of sound mind will agree with that statement sir.

    Mr. President Sir,
    Please tell the American People where you were at the time the brutal attacks on our Ambassador and the Navy SEALS were happening

    Hey! Sooooooo what if I’m taking Jay Leno’s advise and pretending I’m a Journalist!

    God knows we need some in this country. A BUNCH OF THEM!!

    I spoke to a few people about Bengahzi yesterday…NONE OF THEM KNEW WHAT I was talking about!

  • October 27, 2012 at 2:38pm

    You forgot to mention ~ Don’t let the door hit you on the backside when you’re leaving the White House,

  • October 27, 2012 at 2:27pm

    Then pray that they don’t sit it out.
    Or, if they’re young and don’t know anything pray that they will sit it out.
    The young people of this nation need our direction.
    They are gathering in large numbers to hear Mitt Romney I heard.
    They are looking for leadership.
    I think it’s time for 40+ somethings to stop trying to “being cool” and “gettin’ jiggy wit ‘em” Because we can’t and they don’t want that.
    The kids are looking for a few good adults. We can’t raise up another George Washington for this generation. But we can raise up to be the children of our Founding Fathers, and our Fallen mothers and fathers, who faught to keep this nation free.

  • October 27, 2012 at 2:20pm

    I listened to the interview with Mr. Charles Woods yesterday on Glenn’s radio program.
    If I could I would send him a personal email to thank him for the good example of honor and integrity he has given to me and all the others who hear him.I would tell him that our children are a reflection of ourselves. And I would assure him that the name Tyrone Woods will not be a name forgotten in my house. For there is no doubt in my mind that this is A TRUE AMERICAN HERO!
    How sad that we know their names only after they have lived and died.
    But, that is the song of the UNSUNG HEROES sir, and there are many. As for me, I will commit myself to do what you have asked of us, I will reach out to teach our younger generations about honor. And by your example, be honorable myself.
    Those who speak lies cannot remember what they say from one day to the next.
    It makes them easy enough to spot…we needn’t point them out.
    In time, God will reveal it all.
    Until then, my prayers are with Mr. Woods and all of the families of the UNSUNG AMERICAN HEROES….their sacrifices are written in the book of my God.
    My Christian God (Jesus) I am not ashamed of HIS name.
    I am not ashamed to be an American.
    I am not afraid to be a Christian.
    I am not afraid of Islamic haters who say they should kidnap Westerners. I won’t watch that stinking video. I won’t give them any of my time.
    My heroes are UNSUNG HEROES.
    I will follow their example.

  • October 25, 2012 at 3:29pm

    By the grace of GOD…

    And we better not think the fight’s over then…
    We’ve got a whole generation we still have to teach.
    It’s ok.
    We’ve only just begun as the old song goes…

    I’ll just be happy if the blood stops shooting out of my eyes ~ these days, I feel like I’m going to bleed plum to death…

    Ah well,
    we made it this far.

  • October 25, 2012 at 3:23pm

    At least I see a man of honor in the Picture of Marine One….

    God bless and keep our military safe from the monsters they have to serve!

  • October 25, 2012 at 2:54pm

    The question I keep asking myself is how could the President go to bed?
    In his second debate with (Future President Romney) Mr. Obama said that the Ammbassador was his friend.

    For the love of GOD, this IS how he treats his friends?

    If we truly love America, then we truly weep for the loss of them. These men were OUR men! Maybe i’ll hop on over to take a look see at what they’re talking about today on the view.
    Ask Whoopie her take on if she was the First Lady what she’d have to say to the families of these murdered Americans…By the way, what’s the word on how the current First Lady is doing on this?

  • July 15, 2011 at 5:16pm


  • July 15, 2011 at 5:12pm

    You might want to change your usser name.
    It bears a greater wieght then what your writing.

    Sorry if that offends you.
    Love hurts.
    There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to defend your country,
    But, please, consider who is reading. The usser name speaks. Hopefully mine, will help you not be to mad ~
    But I’m kinda used to ticking people off

    The war Jesus spoke of isn’t against flesh and blood. It’s Spiritual. A battle for the souls of mankind.
    Keep that in mind.

  • July 15, 2011 at 2:18pm

    I think the answer to your question: can we tell when he isn’t lying?

    Na-i-dunno…When he’s lips aren’t moving and no sound is coming out of his mouth?

    Is that too harsh?

    Hmmm. back to the chalk board -

    LORD, please help me…..

  • July 15, 2011 at 2:13pm

    And don’t forget,
    it’s time we r-i-p the band-aid off the boo, boo…eat your peas and man or woman up…
    I don’t know “whereareyourbrains”, but it sure seems to me that our President seems to think we’re all sitting on them.


    I don’t think he loves us much.

  • July 15, 2011 at 2:08pm

    Do you think he may be in for a BIG SUPRISE come election time?
    I do.

  • July 15, 2011 at 1:53pm


    Please help me to be nice.
    Please…help me to be nice…

    Please help me….
    I think I need to go to the chalk board and write this 1,000 more times…………………..

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  • July 15, 2011 at 1:46pm

    Hard to figure ain’t it?

  • July 15, 2011 at 1:44pm

    You can bet your last, green back dollar, that some people are just so excited about this story, it’s all they can do to keep from peeing themselves…

    As for me,I LIVE to see the story of them peeing themselves.

    That there’s gonna be some good comedy!

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