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  • September 4, 2013 at 1:41am

    Knights Templar

    Umberto Eco is working on Focault’s Pendulum Part II: Belbo’s NSA Leak

  • September 2, 2013 at 12:28pm


    Because this whole production will blind people to the fact we are on the verge of a US military coup and overthrow of government; a surprised and confused populace will work better for the politburo operating in DC.

    The reason the NSA and other alphabet soups have been tracking us isn’t to determine who we will vote for in the next season of American idol… it’s to predict who will side with the military and who will be sympathetic to the politburo when the inevitable coup comes to American shores.

    I’ve talked to a number of people, a few of which have been ranking officers, that are working in Special Operations Command Headquarters at MacDill AFB and I can tell you; something is brewing in our chain of command.

    Americans have been clamoring that we need to replace every single politician in Washington; this thought process is also very much evident in our military.

  • August 27, 2013 at 5:39pm

    This is just a move by the NSA to get Generation Y on board with bombing Syria and volunteering for the armed services to die for their cause.

    Generation Y could give two dumps of fecal matter about “CW”s; but take Twitter away? Now we’re talking an act of war!

  • August 27, 2013 at 5:09pm

    I just don’t see how how Russia or China could possibly be moved to use military force to defend Syria.

    The reason we went into Iraq, location. If you think for one second the Russians and Chinese are going to simply stay out of the land of oil and leave the Middle East solely under American influence you are mistaken.

    Syria is to Russia/China what Iraq is to America/Europe; a giant base in the region that can be used for influence, power, and control.

    We gained Iraq at the cost of thousands of lives, Russia gained Syria because of Syria’s paranoia of the West…and obviously rightfully so because as soon as we turned from Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Libya, and then Egypt we turned our sights on Syria. Our influence in the region looks like Germany through Europe in just prior to WWII.

    There’s no way the Russians and Chinese can concede another Middle Eastern country to the US through overthrow.

    The US assertion of influence in the region is over.

    Put it this way:

    Do you think if Russia was toppling country after country after country in the middle east in just a span of 10 years we would sit idly by letting them? Hell no! We have too many vital interests; as do the Russians and Chinese.

    They are not going to allow us to take an entire continent vital to world influence with out a fight.

  • August 27, 2013 at 4:02pm

    The Bezmenov theory of demoralization has worked.

    Glenn, you are wrong, we are baby killers. When over 50% of pregnancies in a nation’s largest city end in the destruction of the baby, the nation can be considered a nation of baby killers.

    Would I fight for this country’s government? No, because I do not stand for what it stands for anymore. I do not agree that we should kill our babies. I do not agree that the fruit of a man’s work should be stolen and given to a man who has not done anything to earn it. I do not agree that the government should in any way condone, license, or promote homosexuality. I do not agree that certain races be dealt unequal treatment or favored treatment, i.e. affirmative action. I do not agree that we should have our natural right to bear arms infringed. I do not agree that we should be spying on ourselves with out proper warrant.

    Does anyone want to fight for that? We’re screwed, Syria War or no Syria War.

    So many things I do not agree with because the morals and values of this country have been subverted; and very few people want to take the time to study how it happened by watching a lecture from the 1970′s version of Edward Snowden.

  • August 25, 2013 at 6:38pm

    The Micaiah Spring

    Red cardinals perch on the once mighty branches of solid oak,
    The song of all the reds chirp of war glory for the kingly sparrow,
    Beneath the common song lie the drying roots the hefty limbs now choke.

    A lone eagle soaring the heavens squawks of a fate for the idol of hope to be falsely decided,
    The eagle’s breath warns of a pierced disguise by fatal arrow,
    As the sparrow’s death will come on the march away from Syria with those he leaves unguided.

    Shall the mighty oak not splinter and scatter,
    Shall the once United not need a new pharaoh,
    Shall it be that the Spirit has not truly spoken; and thus this verse not matter.

  • August 25, 2013 at 2:31pm

    The comments on the Blaze have turned into a race baiters wet dream. Al Sharpton and David Duke are both somewhere clapping.

    To those who are letting the race agitations from the race baiters get to them:

    Do you realize you are the useful idiots in this equation? You are behaving, thinking, and spreading the message exactly the way the race baiters are trolling you into doing. You are not rebelling. You are not spreading a thought process that can be constructive to anyone. You are only behaving in such a way that will agitate others, and spread the race baiting and hating.

    Your tone and message are pathetic. I will give you some advice, and you would be wise to contemplate over it for a few minutes.

    You are easily agitated because you are unsure of where you stand.

    Do you stand to promote and spread hate? If that is where you know you stand, with hate, then tell the world you stand with hate when you espouse these bigotries, prejudices, and stereotypes.

    Do you stand with love? If that is where you stand, spend some time in sincere contemplation, because right now others can not see your love, they are only seeing you as the useful idiot you are behaving as.

    A little bit of individual sense about yourself will go along way in spreading some common sense worthy upon the minds of others.

    That is my advice. Contemplate it. Pray over it. Nothing more is asked of you, it’s quite simple.

  • August 24, 2013 at 10:29pm

    These pieces of agitation are the sounds of pounds on war drums. Just as the sound on the march to the battlefield they repetitiously grow faster faster in their beats per minute. Eventually the drum beat crescendos and the first shot is fired.

    Know where you come from, and the values and morality with which you were lovingly raised. Be proud of your history and traditions, and strive to continue your life with love, charity, generosity, compassion, and grace for your fellow man.

    When the strikes fall upon Syria, there will be a worldwide discord; and the US and her people will not be immune from the discord and confusion will seep into her own people as her military, banks, and government declare separate allegiances to the various philosophies of man.

    The Micaiah Spring

    Red cardinals perch on the once mighty branches of solid oak,
    The song of all the reds chirp of war glory for the kingly sparrow,
    Beneath the common song lie the drying roots the hefty limbs now choke.

    A lone eagle soaring the heavens squawks of a fate for the idol of hope to be falsely decided,
    The eagle’s breath warns of a pierced disguise by fatal arrow,
    As the sparrow’s death will come on the march away from Syria with those he leaves unguided.

    Shall the mighty oak not splinter and scatter,
    Shall the once United not need a new pharaoh,
    Shall it be that the Spirit has not truly spoken; and thus this verse not matter.

  • August 20, 2013 at 4:28am

    I can’t believe our military minds think that this is a good idea, in any way, what so ever. Egypt for half a century was our second strongest ally in the middle east. With in one President’s tenure they have gone from ally to potential enemy. The brass have got to be questioning the decisions of its leadership. They see the scandals, the corruption, and the direction. To many of them I am certain, impeachment through several layers of command can not come soon enough.

    But just as the Soviet Politburo, KGB, and military went so shall ours. Our intelligence agencies are at odds with our military, our military at odds with our Commander in Chief, our legislature buying time with distraction and cattle prodding, and our people growing agitated on several different lines.

    This is the crisis that provides the reason for a normalization period.

    Soon our President will be asked to peacefully step down like he has asked Qaddafi, Abidine Ben Ali, Mubarak, Morsi, and Assad.

    Does anybody actually believe he will? Do you think the people who he asked to have his back last election will let him abdicate power with out fighting for him?

    Buckle up.

  • August 20, 2013 at 4:05am

    The reason I write this is because it is in these moments that many of us here on the Blaze, that share a unique understanding, have a bond that is the well from where our courage is to be drawn. Not from the trolls. Not from the people who only “think” they get it, but from those of you who know you get it. The reason why we made our pilgrimages is for the moments that now confront us. Through Mercury and the 9/12 projects we have helped our neighbors, but that was just well intended practice for the neighbors who will soon need us more than ever. What we did then we do now, but we do it with even more compassion and love. We hold Honor firmly in her place with Truth. We accept this responsibility because we are prepared. We have paid attention. We have sorted through the mixed messages and we know the truth and can spot a lie from a mile away and call out that deceit with a firm reliance on His divine providence.

    We are no longer searching for the awakening, we are the Awakening; and the world will soon see the power and force of our Honor, Courage, and Love.

    If the news I believe is coming comes to fruition, strap yourself in. There’s a storm I don’t think many predicted coming.

    I feel God is about inspire good generals like Washington.

    It’s going take a leap of faith, but have the courage to support them when you learn their names and provide comfort to your neighbors. Be a beacon of love.

    We got this.

  • August 20, 2013 at 3:47am

    And I do believe that the next George Washington, even the spirit of George Washington himself, was there watching us.
    Maybe my father is the one that was at Retoring Honor that will be the next George Wasfhington. He’s younger than McCain was in 2008.
    Maybe you, who are reading this and have been able to follow along, are the next George Washington.
    I believe now more than ever that person was there. In a way we are all the next George Washington. We are his legacy. This is our land and we are proud. Old George watched us handle liberty with grace at the foot of Lincoln, in theevening air of Israel, the dome of Texas, and the land of Utah. And though not all who understand this post went to every destination, each of us were their in spirit. There are some who understand that couldn’t make our pilgrimage to where we now found ourselves, but your spirits with us as well and we share payers for each other. The person that was there, man or woman, child or wise man, is in our midst and is praying along side of us. Never forget this, and make this where you draw your courage. Be strong, and know where you stand and where your roots are and keep those roots well watered.

  • August 20, 2013 at 3:35am

    “He was a good man,” my father began as he wepted with distinction and head bowed with me holding his shoulder. “We went to the Academy togther, your mother was friends with his wife, she helped your mother with your big brother John while I served. He never had the chance to have a son like you or your brothers or a daughter like your sister. He was a good man.” To this day I will I remember his prayer because I still repreat it as to never forget it. “God,” my father began to pray, “I ask of You, Almighty Father, and to Your Son at Your right hand: Allow this good man’s soul to continue watching over my family in death as he did through his life. He is with my family; my wife, my sons, and my daughter, and my legacy is his own always.”
    This was how I Restored Honored. How I Restored Love. This is my father’s story, and it is my own. And it is your’s. Although my trek to the mall with my father was a bit of a spur of the moment idea, I do not believe it was accidental. It was purposeful. It was by His divine providence alone.

  • August 20, 2013 at 3:31am

    “Was this prayer of my father for a man who helped make sure he made it home so that I might one day enjoy life” the son thought. “A lot of good sons have their father’s name on that wall,” the son thought from the hill as he peered down sharing a moment with his father. A moment he thought his father probably would never expect out of him, a somber prodigal feeling came over the son, but he was there with his father now and in a way, the son somehow knew his own spirit was with his father in 1965 even though he wouldn’t know life for over a decade.

    They were there, father and son, Restoring an Honor the son never new existed of his father, though he always admired him. The son was hit with such an emotion, he welt up with an inexplicable pride for his father. “My father is the best of America, he’s a good man,” and as the son thought this he watched his father, three quarters of his way through the wall, collapse to his knees. Seeing this, the son walked confidently and briskly down from the hill to his father; took a knee next to his dad with arm over his shoulder, and prayed the Our Father aloud with him. The son became aware with no uncertainty or doubt, it was God that graced us. And because God graced us, he also graced the name on that wall that made my father fall to his knees with emotion.

  • August 20, 2013 at 3:28am

    The father snapped his salute down, then hugged the soldier who saluted him.
    The son asked his father if he would like some time on his own, the father said yes, and the son watched from a distance as his father walked the memorial. With an emotion he never felt, he, the son, watched down on his father as his father spent long moments reading every column. Thoughts of his dad’s sacrifice, and the sacrifice of his father’s brothers, the men his father grew up with; surfaced an emotion in him he didn’t know existed in him as he watched from the hill. His own mortality became real. His father’s name was not on the wall. The sons mind was swirling with such a fervor in his chest, his soul shaken into a reality he’d never known as he watched his father stop every so often, place his hand on a name, bow his head in reverence of that name, and pray.

  • August 20, 2013 at 3:20am

    His father was a Vietnam Veteran, and had never been to The Wall. As father and son approached the Vietnam Memorial the son could sense his fathers emotion. Dignified. Confident. Strong. As he approached, a man standing the monument welcoming his fellow brothers in arms saluted the father. And the first time in the son’s life he saw his father salute. He could tell his father was caught off guard, that he wasn’t expecting the opportunity, and with a confident step sharp drew a salute and held the salute as straight as a twenty year old 2nd Lietieutent, the Air Cavalry’s finest, his eyes not staring above the man in front of him, but holding his gaze in his own. A deep gaze that the son immediately recoginzed these two men earned the right to stand here. To stand on that very spot, the land they were standing on was theirs. They earned it.

  • August 20, 2013 at 1:33am

    We Know Who We Are

    As he walked among you he was so proud of the people he met, proud of the city that lodged him on his pilgrimage, proud of the taxi drivers that got him to the train station because motels were so booked to the brim he had to stay 20 miles out, proud of the transit authority and the remarkable job they did as they moved with grace and fluidity more people on that day than he had ever seen in one one place hos entire lifetime.

    For him, while the way responsibility, and liberty, was exercised that day helped make that a day he will never forget; it is not the image he carries in his heart.

    The image he will remember is of his father. His father waited with his son for the crowd to disperse. As they waited the two helped maintain the grounds of our proud city, assisting for hour the crews that they both, father and son were so proud of. After the crowd dispersed, the two walked to the adjacent memorial that with such dignity honors those who died in Vietnam.

  • August 20, 2013 at 1:02am

    Blaze, here we go.

    Put your boot straps on. The reason the NSA is spying on you is because your military is about to correct things, and the will need your support and logistics. Maybe your supplies. Maybe, no likely, even you.

    It will require discipline.

    You have pilgrimaged to Restore your Love. Some have even stood, and applauded the man who stands first. The love that you hold dear to you own blood, you must act out of that love and let it guide your soul. Things will go dark. Let your love be such a focus, a destination always clear, that it guides you.

    This love will require courage. If you’ve read this far and have kept up to precisely what I have written, as precisely as Glenn goofing around on his set with a needle nose pliers, hot dog, and explaining what it meas to re-monetize the debt, you know I am talking to you, no one else.

    You have Restored Love. You Have Restored Courage. You know God is still your rock and you can lean on Him just as Bonhoeffer did. Somewhere in that crowd on the mall a President stood. With eyes filling of so much hope as he watched you pray. As he watched he saw you cherish those values he cherishes; those inalienable rights that you hold with such responsibility and grace. You took your Libetry at the mall, and he watched and your poetic excercision of that liberty. As he walked among you, proud of the people he just met, proud of the city that lodged him on his pilgrimage, proud of the taxi driver that got him to the t

  • August 20, 2013 at 12:51am

    And we know who we are.

    We are Restoring Love. We are Restoring Courage.

    We are Mercury One.

    We are those who traveled to help others. We loaded and convoyed supplies to Alabama. In our own trucks, on our own time, with our our sweat from South Florida right on up the coast filling our trucks ourselves. Strafed across the panhandle, loading supplies along the way reaching Tallahassee only to have to tell our loaders at the supply station that we were already full, but a certain individual, I leave unnamed only because he represents the compassion of all of us, trekked from Pensacola to Tallahassee, loaded a tractor trailer to the brim at 2am with the little and so honorably compassionately remaining staff at the loading center. You took six ours sleep in your cab then went and delivered those supplies. The Dream Center in Birmingham Alabama opened with a purpose and has been doing fine work in Alabama with your continued support, keep it up.

    Does anyone else have a story we can draw courage from that involved any of your pilgrimages in this grass roots re-vitalization of the love that inspired the Constitution and great country?

    We did those things then so we can discuss them here, ignore everyone else, you know who you are are.

    We got this.

    Although Glenn, it would be nice to have private invite only discussion rooms. Heck, I’d pay five bucks a month for that kind of access to be able to connect with the folks who “get it”. Blaze, keep it in mind.

  • August 20, 2013 at 12:11am

    Quick history:

    —-The U.S. had minimal dealings with Egypt when it was controlled by the Ottoman Empire (before 1882) and Britain (1882–1945).

    President Gamal Abdel-Nasser (1952–70) antagonized the U.S. by his pro-Soviet policies and anti-Israeli rhetoric, but the U.S. helped keep him in power by forcing Britain and France to immediately end their invasion in 1956. American policy has been to provide strong support to presidents who supported solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict, especially presidents Anwar Sadat (1970–81) and Hosni Mubarak (1981–2011). Support for Mubarak ended during the “Arab Spring” of 2011, shortly prior to his overthrow.

    Then in the hot Summer of 2013, Iran declared war on Egypt. Egypt was left with but Israel to protect her. With in days of Iran declaring war on Egypt, Syrian soldiers moved southward. As they moved south, the Turkish military had to choose. Join the grab for the Caliphate; believe that the middle east can be a true single super power by the end of the century as North America did from 1913-2013, or keep standing with the aging super power who thinks they have prepared for this well enough to handle it, even if it means they go through their own military coup.

  • August 20, 2013 at 12:02am

    And the money man, the super power player, is not standing with you, the Egyptian government – the same government that Reagan, as was promised your entire generation since the 1950′s.

    We made you strong in your region, alienating you in your own part of the world with the promise we are your ally and will stand against those enemies trying to radicalize you; and now,with in a time span of only two years, we tried to have you overthrown. You waited, gave us time to draw our sides, and we have now forsaken you in the most challenging of times. How truly scorned and vengeful, angry and betrayed with the most wanton feelings of discord as you find yourself surrounded by people that want to slit your throat in the street.

    And here we are, the super power you allied yourself with, we have told your enemies now is the time to strike you.

    To every Egyptian reading this. Do not give up on us yet. We are here, and much like your military has decided to restore insanity; so will ours.

    I am announcing the beginning of America’s Egyptian Summer. For five years we have been operating under Operation Arab Spring. We find strength in you Egypt. Stand strong.

    If the Marines won’t come, you can bet damn sure the Army and Navy will. And once we save you, we will deal with our radical own Politburo that have so wantonly forsaken our own.

    God Bless America.

    Decide where you stand now, because we’re about to hit turbulence.