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  • [2] March 24, 2016 at 4:29pm

    I also read it again, and the information from “Indian Country” and it contained some additional information. 1) The little girl has been in 3 foster homes, this is not the only one she has been in 2) The father is not perfect, who is? There are NO indications of neglect
    3) The foster family used the courts to delay and keep the child, then argued the delay should work in their favor 4) The little girl was regularly visited by her father who was told she would be returned 5) There is a sister who the little girl will be living with 6) the father’s parental rights have never been terminated. 6) The foster parents understood or should have understood that it was a temporary situation 7)The tactic of using foster care as a way to adopt is becoming more common.

    Everyone here is complaining about the ‘government’ taking someone’s child – but that is exactly what is being advocated, taking a man’s child because he is not approved of.

  • [1] March 24, 2016 at 12:12pm

    Your bigotry is showing. I live in Utah and have lived in the South. There are no more “Utah Mormon courts” then there are “Southern Evangelical Courts”. Anyway, it was the California Courts that have made the decisions.

  • [1] March 24, 2016 at 11:54am

    Take a few minutes and see if there is another side.

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  • October 11, 2013 at 4:02pm

    What a lying Tool. Here in Utah we would gladly trade any federal jobs or income for the 60% of Utah that is owned and the additional 15% controlled or blocked by the Federal govenment. In fact, we passed a law to sue the Federal Government to honor their original commitment to give land back. Our schools suffer, access to land is inhibited, minerals and gas are unavailable. Wilderness areas are locked up for only those who can backpack 20 miles. Our west desert is a radio-active and bio/chemical dumping ground and Larry has the balls to go on about how much we “benefit”. Please, please, please stop all excess payments and just give us our land. We will do fine, even though Yellowstone isn’t here.

  • October 9, 2013 at 2:25pm

    Me and my children have ridden the old Utah National Guard bull, please don’t make fun, we desperately need a new one. The old one was Brown, and we are hoping the new one will be Black. And the old one could on only buck partially, it was way too easy for my 13 year old daughter to ride. I’d send a picture, but I’m too worried about the liberals that read this site stalking my 13 year old.

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  • November 1, 2012 at 11:46pm

    This shouldn’t be, but it is, the first time I have prayed & fasted about an election.

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  • September 7, 2012 at 6:05pm

    “I did not have syntax with that woman”

    In reply to the post Caption that photo!: Joe Biden

  • August 15, 2012 at 8:45pm

    There is a lot behind this story about the effects of forgiveness spreading – like paying something forward. Hundreds or thousands of people who know of Chris or Cameron have thought about forgiveness. Cameron’s father helped me obtain forgiveness for mistakes, I forgave someone who harmed my family, that person forgave another. There are others, I have such a hard time forgiving. I don’t know that I can forgive someone who hasn’t asked for it … is that required by Christ?

  • June 6, 2012 at 10:55pm

    In the picture of the kids walking down the stairs – what is in the background at the top? It looks like a space ship of some kind.

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  • January 21, 2012 at 9:53pm

    Chuck is right!
    I live in the District and people are either fans of the University of Utah (Red Colors) ‘Utes’ or Brigham Young University (Blue Colors) ‘Cougars’. Every time either team plays, and especially when they would play each other, half the neighborhood puts out red flags and the other half blue. This has to do with a new high school, with blue uniforms, taking on the same mascot as BYU and everyone wanting them to not be connected to BYU. I’m sure had that happened there would be a story and comments about ‘Mormons’ forcing their religion on everyone else.

    Someone, jokingly, told the news it was because of the older woman connection, and the news ran it.

  • December 17, 2011 at 10:55am

    We are so screwed: I just went to a Air Conditioning manufacturing facility. In one part there was a HUGE stack of ‘old’ style CHEAPER units that use the R22 coolant, which we have outlawed. Someone asked “what are those doing here, can we buy some” the answer -”no, those are the ones we export to Europe, South America, and China”. So, like the light bulbs, we make ourselves buy the expensive crap while the rest of the world laughs and gets to keep buying the stuff like R22 A/C systems and incandescent lights that we can’t.

    Vote out every one of the bastards, even if they are ‘your’ bastard. We have to get rid of the few good ones to send a message – there are plenty of good people to take their place.

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  • November 13, 2011 at 7:23pm

    For The-Monk:
    “Unified Police” is the name of the law enforcement force that was formed to take in several small cities in the Salt Lake Valley. Stupid name, but basically means “Police force for cities too small, cheap, or lazy to do their own thing”. Supposedly economies of scale etc.

  • August 14, 2011 at 12:10pm

    Several have made light of how dangerous this is; I was lost overnight as a Scout in this area – it is terrifying experience and a deadly area. Every year someone (or several people) die in our forests from being lost, falling, water accidents, health problems, or animal attacks. Right now a 67year old hiker from Australia has been missing a week not too far away from this area. The man who set up the foundation lost his son, a scout, who has never been found, in a similar situation.

    Some of the facts – the weather dropped to 34 degrees, he didn’t have is pack (sleeping bag, food, cloths, compass, matches ), he encountered a Moose and walked some distance with it following him, he was wet after having fallen in a small river, he was still in the general – he wasn’t 5 miles away from where they were going, it was 5 miles away from where the group had been earlier. He was within the initial 5 square mile search area, not the 36 square mile area where people normally are.He made a shelter and covered himself with leaves and dirt during the cold night. Congratulations to Jared and Boy Scout Training.

  • July 14, 2011 at 12:18am

    What a JOKE!!! Where was Moody’s sensitivity and honor when it was rating Junk Securities (the ones backed by bad loans) and making Goldman Sacs a fortune?? I guess it’s ok to threaten the US economy, just as long as you don’t threaten the guys that were lying and cheating at AIG & Wall Street. IF Moody’s had made even a whisper during their rating of bad securities, we might not be in this mess – now they are going to screw us all again?

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  • April 9, 2011 at 9:44am

    I call BULL!!! These are the same lies that were told over and over during the Obama Care debates. There is other medical care available to those without insurance. My family is without insurance coverage right now, there are county health departments and clinics that provided check-ups AND and birth control RX for my wife, dental services, and even counseling for another family member. There are services provided through my church, through local free clinics at hospitals, and through other organizations.

    He can’t even get the story straight – the “victim” of the current economic turn-down apparently has been a “victim” for a long time; she mentioned over 10 years of using their services.

    Planned Parenthood is one of the most evil organizations there is. A young,single, pregnant relative made the mistake of going in for testing several weeks ago. The vigor that abortion was pushed with was shocking. In our area, next door to PP is an anti-abortion resource center. She went there also and has decided to first give birth and then decide if she should keep the baby or adopt it.

  • January 1, 2011 at 11:45pm

    Isn’t it nice when we fail to have some group to blame our inadequacies on? Are you sure it isn’t “The Jews” or “The Blacks” or “The Papists” that caused your failure?

  • January 1, 2011 at 5:38pm

    The Huntsman’s are really good people. Both Sr. and Jr. are genuine, generous people. My brief encounter with Sr: My wife and I were at a small post funeral function at the top floor of the Huntsman Cancer Center and leaving to go to the elevator. At the same time the Huntsman Family was entering the elevator. Billionaire, Jon Hunstman Sr. stepped out of the elevator to make room for my wife and I and waited for the next elevator. I talked to Sr. for a few moments and he was all about making us feel comfortable and making sure we were taken care of. I’ve been around Jon Huntsman Jr., his wife, and his mother a few times since – they could not have been more nice. On the other hand, while I like Romney, being around him a few times during the Olympics wasn’t the same. I have to believe that the way these politicians treat unimportant citizens in private times speaks volumes about the choices they make for us all.

  • December 10, 2010 at 12:14am

    They prove time and time again they are just so much more smarter then us stupidz peeple.

    Do they have any idea that CS Lewis wrote other books? I guess not since movies haven’t been made from them. For over 30 years, I’ve gained inspiration thinking reading and thinking about ‘Mere Christianity’, ‘The Problem of Pain’, and ‘The Great Divorce’. I guess I’ve just been stupid using such ideas in my life and to teach my kids.

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  • November 18, 2010 at 4:01pm

    I don’t understand your comment – if the students are mad at the Unions and the Pay that Admins are getting, why do I see “AFSCME Local 299″ on the signs the protesters carry? Also, if I understood the story correctly the increase if for people with incomes over $120K a year.

    Let’s face it – this is exactly what the dumb communist gal was calling for and praising a few days ago in the story her on The Blaze. It’s about protest, anarchy, and trying to tear down the system to create an “Open Society”

  • September 21, 2010 at 12:38am

    You are right. No tracer rounds were fired. The mistake that was made was that it was a “Red Flag” warning day and this risk information was not checked as required. For years, Gen. Brian Tarbet, commander of the Utah National Guard, has worried about this happening and done everything in his power to train his men to avoid this. Several things contributed; Urban encroachment on the only NG traing facility in Utah, unusual weather, failure by the officer in charge, and then assumptions that the earlier fire had been put out. Three homes were lost and that is a tremendous tragedy for those people.

    General Tarbet has taken full responsability. He is probably the finest leader the Utah National Guard has ever had. This training has to go on – Utah NG troops are still being sent out. If you look at some of the photos you can see what a miracle this was that only 3 houses were lost and no lives. Houses have scorched areas all the way up to their front porches and were saved. Over 150 UNG fought this fire and saved the houses along side the Unified Fire Authority. Pictures and info on the local new at:

    These houses are being built in an area that has been NG training ground for 100 years. Then the homeowners complain when the hear the guns and their windows shake. Of course no one deserves to have their house burned down, though I wouldn’t build or buy near a dairy if I didn’t want to smell cows.