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  • July 20, 2012 at 8:55am

    re: Michele Bachmann
    The ignorant continue to defend a totalitarian ideology that intends to destroy and enslave them. They blame the fireman for the fire.
    islam is an ideology of lies and conquest. It’s sole purpose is to implement sharia on the entire world. There is no way in hell that anyone can convince me that islam is good for america.
    Your ideals of tolerance mean nothing to them, they see it as a weakness to be exploited, and exploit it they do, infiltrating all govt departments and institutions with the eager help of naive and ignorant fools. Look at Europe, the no go areas, the lack of free speech, sharia courts, this is all coming your way, you know it’s bad, but you continue to eagerly defend it.
    Stop living in denial and start living for freedom.

    The MB flat out lie to the American public, to destroy America from within.