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  • November 22, 2013 at 2:27pm

    I see our precious American dollars are at work. Instead of investing in medical research no I am not talking about why hookers drink,”$1,000.000 dollar research.” We are going broke and instead of saving or investing or even let the tax payers keep some of their hard earn tax dollars , we give people like this money to argue over some rocks that pertain to nothing that will benefit society.
    Sometimes I wonder why Americans even pay federal taxes. If every American decided not to , in reality there is nothing they can do about it.
    So if we decided to stop funding the IRS or shall we say loaning them money , within the 1st, 2 weeks after their bills come do they will fall apart. See they can’t claim bankruptcy so that means their personal items will be taken from them.
    If they get audited , which will most likely happen , then they will be prosecuted.

    When I hear people complain about the IRS , I scratch my head then ask them one simple question….
    DO YOU PAY FEDERAL TAXES. Then when they reply , yes I do . Well I kinda smile and say then why are you complaining about it? That is like complaining about your house being broke into , yet you leaving your door wide open. Stop paying federal income tax and spread it around word of mouth or by fliers. Explain to the people that it is not against any law that if you did not pay that you could be arrested. Look it up and you will be surprised. Ok back to the article , my response who gives a crap .=P have a great day al

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  • October 1, 2013 at 11:18am

    See this is what is wrong with America. You see one side of the story and assuming the worse of the worse. This guy could had pulled a gun on him prior , or even cut him off an almost caused him to crash. So instant of jumping to conclusions why not wait for the facts to be brought out.
    If you people have kids try to teach them to wait for facts .
    As far as this story goes. No shots were fired no one got hurt . You don’t know if this guy was someone just trying to get a reaction out of someone else for his kicks so he could post it on youtube.
    As far as the government shut down goes, even with little old actor Reagan , when the government was shut down nothing happen. It is business as usual .
    Get with the program use what GOD gave you brains…
    The blaze posted this for a reason. Like hundreds of kids in Chicago getting shot each week and they post an old white man pointing a gun at someone. Yeah I know news is news, but why not post some real news. Like the economy what is happening in other countries that in some cases will effect America. Stop with the we have a gun owner acting out in rage . He didn’t kill him or cut off his head and yes I agree he reacted like a thug , let the police handle this an lets get on with some real news. Heck , maybe even some hints on how to get America back on the right road to the constitution. You people have a nice dat…

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  • September 29, 2013 at 7:40am

    Stop paying taxes to the IRS. They can’t lock up everyone in America. Another thing that Americans could do. Stop treating politicians like rock stars. Refuse any type of service to them. Don’t even sell them not even a single slice of bread. Have posters everywhere of these people so you know who not to do any business with.
    Then county by county hold special elections . Let the people pick whom they want to run. Then when the Presidential election takes place no one go vote. They can’t be president if people don’t vote for them correct? . These are great solutions but the problem is do people have enough will power to come together and do this?
    Right not America is having a religious war , a race war, a political war. So the separation of the people benefits the government. As long as we cannot organize then we have no power, and the government knows this.
    What right does another man have to control another mans life? The way it looks to me you are not born free you are born to be controlled by someone else. Is this really the life any of us wants? You have to get car insurance , you have now to get health insurance. You have to have a social security number so they can track you. They tell you what to eat and drink now. You are told how to dress act and everything. I understand having laws but to what degree does law over run your life and freedoms. We need a strong voice amongst the people not the government. Until we grow a back bone stop complaining … Peace ou

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  • September 29, 2013 at 7:23am

    For starters shutting down the government only effect the newer programs that are being voted on. Obamacare is a death panel. The IRS which is the big bankers will decide who will get treatment. That is why non of the politicians signed up for it. If they come down with a life threatening illness do you really think they want to put the decision of their lives in the hands of a IRS agent?
    Once the Pandora box is opened there is no return. Republicans like democrats care nothing about any of you. The votes are rigged why do you think they are getting away with what ever they want? They know they will be re elected . Just ask John Mccain. You really think people in Ar really voted for him? just ask them . Walk around the streets and ask. I bet you find 0 supporters or voters for him yet he is re elected.
    The government knows about 99.9% of people in America are just gonna do lip service and not take any actions. They are gonna complain and not do anything physical about it. You really think words hurt these people? Call them a thief lair or whatever they will shrug their shoulders collect their pay checks. Hell call me names of any kind as long as I collect a decent amount of money with the top notch health care.
    Wanna really stop this crap simple. Doctors stop selling your skills to the government. Don’t except anyone that is a government worker, until they repeal Obamas death grip. As far as everyone else it is easy. Part 2 on stopping this government.

  • September 15, 2013 at 12:16am

    Oh how short peoples memories are . Obama telling the x-Russian president that he will be elected and he will have more power this term.(Youtube,it). Benghazi attacked talked about within the media including FOX news yet something small they left out, Chemical Weapons were taken. (Youtube, it).
    In April 15,000 Russian troops will be sent to the USA for tech training. (Youtube, it).
    Last year Femma bought over 2.5 BILLION dollars with the tax payers money ammunition . (Youtube. it). They bought over 200 Million dollars in Armor cars and other Military needs. ( youtube,it). Right now of to date , there is more foreign troops in America than our own. (Youtube , it ). In the constitution The president does not have the power to have our military ,Police Americans. (Youtube, it). So now Libya , lets think logical here. We have the USA president beating war drums and the Russian president preaching peace , an eth rest of the world scratching their heads wondering what is going on. (youtube, it). China is sitting quietly on the side lines for what reason? Russian now is telling Iran that they will help them with their Nuclear development. Not worried about anything the USA says and warns about it.(Youtube, it). The USA later this year lost some nuclear war heads. Oh yeah the media forgot to mention that. So here is the facts . You come to your own conclusions. All I say is ,that there is nothing we can do about what is coming. So if you believe in GOD or love your family enjoy th

  • August 29, 2013 at 3:09pm

    I love people whom only assume people that use marijuana is lazy and so fourth. Yet people who consume alcohol is just fine. I have been around both and let me tell you I have never ever seen a violent marijuana user , yet I have seen plenty of violence amongst the alcohol users.
    Just because you have strong opinions about marijuana makes you know different than the normal stereotype .
    I had lived on both edges of the effects each has taken their toll. I have seen the long term effects it has taken on my friends . Example , every single person I know that smoked cannabis , 20 years later seem happy raising their families and enjoy what time they have on earth. As far as people I knew when I was young that downed the cannabis users every chance they got , you know the ones sitting around with a beer in their hand pretending they are much better had screw up lives.
    Most are already divorced some went on to using meth some died of liver cancer, heart attacks and so fourth .
    So while you are sitting here judging someone , you should really open your eyes and see which drug has the worse effect on your life. I would rather my kids if they made a choice smoke cannabis rather than taint their body with alcohol .
    Call me what you want and try to make up 1000 accuses for people who drink but fact is fact so stop with OMG if people smoked cannabis they are evil goers with less than a normal IQ.
    So get over your self righteousness and let what use to be , be done…
    LUV U A

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  • August 26, 2013 at 5:59pm

    One more thing. I don’t want to kill or hurt anyone for any reason. This is my life like it is everyone else. I dislike violence and I don’t want my kids to go through this. I have taught them peace wins nomatter what the out come is. Look at Jesus, he was executed in the worse way imaginable yet he never lifted a finger never said anything negative. He died with diginity that will be told till the end of time. So are we suppose to go to the slaughter house like Jesus or do we stand and fight and if so are we gonna be accountable for the action we will take through the journey of life ?

  • August 26, 2013 at 5:55pm

    Here we laughed at Charles Manson. Did he or did he not warn us of this ? 1 year before Obama was president he also warned us of Obama. Go look at his interviews. He explains what is gonna happen. I know that old crazy Charlie.. Remember Helter Skelter was his phrase and what was ment behind it is describing todays events. Hilter also warned the world on what was taking place. Stallon did too. Look these guys made me sick on what they did but if you pay attention and read what they said it is really scarey.
    I am confused tho, we are all GODS children . If we kill another nomatter what aren’t you condem to HELL? So how do we take our country back threw peace not war? I ask myself what would JESUS do. It’s too late to raise your children to know right from wrong . The damage is done so now what?
    Do we load our guns and protect our families? If we do most likely wouldn’t that involve in killing someone and if you kill someone then it’s back to is it a sin or not ?
    Should we just travel far into the woods to avoid being captured for as long as possiable. Is FEMMA ment for the white race? Will we be wiped off the face of the earth, Will any country step in to help save us or is it every man for himself ?
    I mean blacks are killing whites at a all time high . We are being exterminated and people just look the other way. ONE MORE TIME what shall we do?

  • August 26, 2013 at 7:38am

    Remember this , when a man cannot find a job he then finds a profession . When a illegal cannot find a job he finds welfare. When a politician can’t get elected he doesn’t look for another job he looks for the illegals he gave welfare to ….

  • August 26, 2013 at 7:31am

    So ol’ Charlie Manson was crazy huh, or did he hit the future he predicted right on the nail. Good luck people.. Enjoy Helter Skelter..=}

  • July 14, 2013 at 2:21am

    This planned plain and simple. Problem is most are falling for the trickery of our leaders. The civil rights movement was a joke . Look at Hatti, the Spanish took it over civilized it then gave the blacks the run of it and they destroyed it killed every white person they could until now it’s unsafe for anyone to go. It was a test back then to see if the majority of blacks could handle the responsibility . Guess what they failed.
    You can blame the government or whatever but proof is in the pudding. Look at all major areas that have a majority black population. White can not and will not even step a foot in them communities. Police won’t even go in some areas because it is too dangerous. They can blame whomever they want but they have had plenty of chances to change. Diversity. Send blacks to a really nice white school and watch within 3 years what that school looks like. Yeah call me racist but the truth is the truth. No matter which way you try to slice it is still the same.
    If my kid approached some guy then started with verbal insults then lead to violence and it was my son being the aggressor should I feel for him if someone shoots him ?
    No matter how you try to explain the facts and logic , black still claim racism . They have been taught that in school and at home. You are not accountable for your actions because 200 years ago right along with white were slaves. A race war is inevitable . Either that or the USA ends up like Hatti.
    Good Luck people.

  • July 7, 2013 at 9:04am

    This is the norm. We have this America why complain and speak ill of what we just seen. America is just as bad , the news tho well we know how they report on important issue. This is what the democrats and republicans dream America should be like.
    Ron Paul was the closes I would come to trust a politicians from any party. They are beast that have been train by their masters. People worry about Obama which in deed he has more faces than a 2 faced man. He tho is not the real deal , only the puppet that is haven it’s strings pulled.
    This is what we get for haven free will. You can now decide on what is right and wrong.
    Soon an so soon may it come we all will see whom the great divider may be. People say Obama is the anti Christ, well all politicians are. Anti Christ – ( Any persons not believe or against Jesus Christ.)
    I don’t vote, the reason why is my vote the same is yours is not counted.
    I don’t go to church. If you believe in one instance that going to church an preaching what he interpets the is so wrong. No man living now except of jesus shall you follow
    Churches are a scam and and always has been. You want to be with GOD , do it in your own privacy and speak to him. Until then hold on this is gonna be a short ride with a very disturbing end for most. So enjoy the video and enjoy your politicians

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  • July 3, 2013 at 9:29pm

    This just set back George Sorrows. See they way it was going is we put that tyrant in office send billions of dollars along with enough fire arms for a attack on Israel. While Obama doing his vacations let a surprise sneak up and George Sorrows is pissed. So now Obama comes out swinging basically threating them to put the tyrant back in office or face the wrath of the USA.
    If you watch most news stations they are falling all over themselves trying to figure out how to spin the fall of the tyrant and the response of Obama. Obama is showing his true colors and the news media is trying to figure out how to spin it so Obama doesn’t look like a he is part of the muslim brotherhood.
    It’s getting close for George Sorrows to invest in another puppet and throw Obama to the starving dogs. You all can say what you want about Putin but he did go after George Sorrows and he did warn America about Obama. Russia if you go look it up has less poverty than the people in the USA. This is friggen Russia.. Who would had ever thought that, Russia would be warning us about a dictator..
    Now that the snake had one of it’s heads cut off watch closely and see how far they will go to get back on track. Here republicans are showing their true colors on illegals. There is no thinking about it. Follow the law, round these people up and send them home and pull our soldiers out of the middle east and put them on the borders were they are originally suppose to be. I think the middle east can handle t

  • June 10, 2013 at 9:49am

    Obama will never be impeached . The next president which will be a republican and he will finish off the job at task. The world as we knew it will be no more. I won’t see the drastic changes in my life but I am sure my kids will see the beginning of the new world order. MSNBC same as Fox and all the other elite news agencies has a agenda that they must complete in order to control the masses. These people are doing their jobs. It might not be what we won’t but they are doing their jobs.
    You cannot tell anymore what is a lie or the truth. They have blended them together so much that it really doesn’t matter.

  • June 6, 2013 at 4:32am

    This my people should be one the of the most frightening things you have ever seen. Let me explain , for one thing we had a FBI agent is letting you know that they will protect these people. If you can remember what he said , AT ALL COST. That was a direct threat to the American people. He also let everyone know that we are being watched and at any giving moment we can be consider as terrorist. You notice they include racism in their dialogs? America has been fighting this word for many years , like the war on drugs.
    Muslims are very smart, they know if they can tie muslims with slavery which will equal RACISM. Did you notice how the female tried to tie in blacks = muslims = religion = RACISM ? Did you also like how she made it out that muslims are the ones building America? Then she tied in the founders as being one of them? She never said anything kind about Christianity period it , yet she claim the constitution that was wrote by them defended her rights. Very strange and misleading. She tried to tie her family into a everyday American family. She bragged about her collage degree yet gave it up because of?
    I don’t know about any of you , but I know it takes the mother and father to work just to make ends meet, yet she gave up her college degree. How is she and her husband affording to pay the rent or house payment food clothes utilities gas . The expensive vacation it looked like they were on. Close your eyes and just listen. Do you hear it? It’s Allah and he wants

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  • May 21, 2013 at 7:39am

    No one is probably reading this but this is my theory on the out take that is taking place. Right now we are species that are being harvest for our vital organs. When business gets involved , business which = government. Is a very dangerous situation.
    I know elderly people right now that can’t even get doctor appointments for months. Yet I watch these young people get appointments within weeks after they call. I wonder why this is?
    Before all this took place elderly were being taken care of decently. After this and this is just the beginning are now being put out to pastor. The reason being is younger people off more to the medical institution.
    Example Dick Chaney got a new heart . Now how many young people out there need a new heart? Why a 70+ man get it before a child?
    It’s time for people to really get together and come up with a solution to stop this madness. They have destroyed America from within. The elderly can’t fight for themselves and the government counts them a drain on society. They have basically nothing to offer. Do you know why they want minorities? Because a lot of minorities are strong un educated . Great for work horses aye?
    This about this right now they have a handful of genetic codes. Could you imagine the studies they will be doing once they get this much power? They will figure out what common thing can kill off certain people. They will put it in food sources water anything they can. Old will die out 1st then the inner city people will be n

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  • May 14, 2013 at 5:21pm

    Ya I would post some lame comment like everyone else but if the blind can’t see then so be it.
    1 thing think about how them kids are being raised. Not like American kids no they are being raised that violence is part of a everyday activity . If that was in America law suites mother screaming my baby boy dads screaming why oh why my son.
    The dems would say either get rid of the sticks or the puck and that will make them calm.
    How do we expect our country to be strong when we baby our kids all the way up to a adult? Heck even after becoming an adult we still baby them.
    Football is now becoming a game of flag football. Any sports we have in America has become a target for the left to destroy what the games help our kids grow up and be. Called competitors .
    You can sit there in your nice comfortable chair in air condition and complain this is not the story you wanted to see. Even people on the blaze are part of the problem. Can’t satisfy no one because everyone expects some kind of special treatment.
    Our service people have become big girly boys .
    I bet half if not most of you couldn’t last 3 minutes in a boxing ring. I bet half of you couldn’t play soccer or basically any type of sports. How do expect our country to be strong when our kids are taught crap that has nothing to do with everyday life. Stop babying kids and make them grow up and understand life isn’t a joke and that you won’t get your way and that you will have to eventually fight . Bring Back our ME

  • April 27, 2013 at 2:19am

    Here is a song about how our politictions 1ts the lyrics then if you want to see the video I will link it .
    I was there through the ages
    Chained slave to their cages
    I have seen you eat your own
    I’m the cycle of pain
    Of a thousand year old reign
    I’m suicide and salvation
    The omen to nations
    That you worship on all fours
    I’m the infection and famine
    That’s knocking at your door
    That’s why you’re feeling so

    Oh, I was created by man, you know I’m
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    I am the incubus
    I lay the egg in you
    The worm that burrows
    Through your brain
    But you are the beast
    That calls me by my name

    You send your children to war
    To serve bastards and whores
    So now you know
    You created me
    On the day that you were born

    I was created by man,
    Yeah I’m the Lord of the flies, you know I’m
    From the left hand of power comes the father of lies yeah
    Unholy, Unholy

    I lay you down to sleep
    Your soul to keep
    Better cross your heart before you die
    So now you know
    Know that you are mine

    That’s why you’re feeling so
    Unholy, Unholy, Unholy Unholy

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  • April 27, 2013 at 2:08am

    Why are you people discussing something that is either here or there. These people do what they want when they want and how they want. You people put them in office. Why complain about it of you are the cause of it?
    America land of the free lol. What a joke. Only time America was free in it’s history was before it was discovered by the white or shall we say Spanish people. We brought diseases we brought blacks . We reap what we sow. Democrats , republicans . They are the same people with the same agenda . Elections lol. Serious you actually think elections work?
    Freedom of speech ? That went out 1964.
    Joe is a normal republican. He is the greatest model of the republicans. Just like Bill Orielly is the greatest example of democrats.
    You want change? First you need to decide what changes you really want .
    Jews are the Dems and Repubs.
    Nothin is gonna change and the power that will be has become. The past is now our future and our is soon to be our past. Wars will be as they have always been . Just like Catholics. It’s all about power grabs. The musslims are at least honest. They wanna kill you or convert you. You know who your enemy is with them. With Catholics and jews , they tell you one thing then do another.
    SO Joe is right there was no way out of that war with Iraq. Bush and his little turds beat the drums to war and the normal peons followed in blind faith. WAKE UP PEOPLE ..

  • April 25, 2013 at 11:29pm

    Oh about the Rock thing I mentioned. IF I had to go into complete detail of the meaning of that would take too long. So here is a short version. Rock is mainly white males and some it actually has something to say that may help others out . Well in the 60s’ , 70s’ , 80s’ and the early part of the 90s’ Rock controlled the air waves and tv. Which means usually white young males took up 90% of the television air waves when it came to music. So the white males were being glorified for their talents.
    They needed to derail what was happening. They tried soul music, disco. hip hop but yet they all failed to compare. Then they got diabolical , they started making movies on how bad the whites treated the blacks. How if they cam into white areas they were beat down by 20 white guys. Well that didn’t work so they started to glorify , make him sexy and all that. Well after all that was shoved down Americas throat they needed to put a nail in the coffin. RAP!!!!!! Have a bunch of white girls standing around 1 black man while he calls them foul names and they loved it. You know ho and so fourth.
    Well it tore into the music industry like a person with stage 4 cancer. TV commercial 90% ,MTV 80% vh1 70% . Well now we are here in 2013 and look what they have did ? Korean music for goodness sakes. over 2 billion you tube hits . It’s techno music basically. Can you remember all the old bands? Now think of now a days. How many new bands that are great? Do you think they will be great in 3