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  • [1] March 30, 2013 at 12:47pm

    Palin has learned that she is going to be more effective promoting conservative political causes by being a non-candidate than she will be as a candidate, regardless of the office. This is because the liberal hit machine is going to make sure she never wins another election again. They think that will cause her to go away and they are very angry that it has not and will not.

    The libs are growing increasingly frustrated with Palin because she is so effective at just being Palin. The results of that are that she is very successful at assisting candidates with fund raising, name recognition and getting the conservative message out.

    Cruz is a classic example of this. I was in Texas during the Republican primary campaign last year and most of Texas didn’t know him and he was just an after thought when the campaign began. The so-called experts thought ex-jock and football analyst Craig James was going to be the ‘outsider’ who would make the most noise in the election.

    However, as Cruz readily admits, Palin endorsed him and the rest is history – Cruz is now a US Senator from Texas.

    Palin will continue to be effective in that manner for as long as she wants to be. Deal with it, libs, because she is not going to go away and there is nothing you can do about that!

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  • February 18, 2013 at 2:32pm

    I see this guy is from Hayden, Idaho, which was the epicenter of the Aryan Nations back in the day. Don’t know if he is connected to them in any way or if that explains his racist behavior but that’s the first thing that jumped to mind when I saw where he was from.

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  • February 15, 2013 at 4:31pm

    If the American population ever wakes up to all of the liberal lies, games, manipulations, cover-ups, denials, etc. they are going to be overwhelmed by the truth. The whole phony global warming/climate crisis thing is one of those issues that is going to stun them.

    The constant barrage of lies created and perpetuated by the libs in this country and in Europe about the complete non-issue that is global warming is absolutely in boggling. This story is yet another example of that.

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  • February 14, 2013 at 7:19pm

    Excellent question, and one that will never be answered!

  • February 13, 2013 at 12:50pm

    Mike Benton:

    Spot on about the stage management. Look at what happened to Jindal a couple of years ago and now look at this Rubio fiasco. Why didn’t the Republicans have him behind a podium, which is where the vast majority of speeches are given from. Or put him behind an ornate desk and let him sit behind it. All presidential addresses given from the Oval Office over the years have been with the president seated behind his desk, so it’s not like giving a speech from behind a desk is not ‘presidential’.

    In either case, there could be a glass of water readily available and all he would have to do is reach over, take a sip and set the glass back down – end of story and a non-issue. When you had to do what Rubio did, it looks like none of his ‘handlers’ has ever the slightest clue about how to present a party leader/potential presidential candidate. Or why didn’t Rubio himself make those decisions?

    But, they probably spent days agonizing over which tie he should wear. And therein lies the problem…

  • February 13, 2013 at 12:40pm

    I think it’s too early to anoint anyone our next president but I do agree that he is probably now the early front runner, after Rubio’s performance last night – good speech, bad presentation – he cracked under the pressure big time. He ‘Jindal’d’ it.

    Paul, I suspect, is now going to get the majority of the tea party’s attention and deservedly so. My guess is that he and Jeb Bush (I really hate to have to say that) are going to be the front runners going into the early stages of the campaign two years from now.

    Time will tell.

  • February 13, 2013 at 12:32pm

    Rock on, Ted!

  • February 13, 2013 at 12:28pm

    There have been not one but two major presidential speeches in the past three weeks and not one word was mentioned about Benghazi in either of them, let alone both of them. Just sayin’ …

  • February 8, 2013 at 12:34pm


    Excellent point.

    But, can you imagine the outrage from the teacher’s union and their membership! You’d have the NEA/AFT in that community in full force, you’d have the mainstream media all over it, etc. It would be a national news story overnight and they would beat that community, school and school board to a pulp.

    That book scares the libs more than any other book out there because it is now 56 years old yet still spot on in many respects regarding what is happening in the country today and the road we are on.

    That is the last thing the libs want their mindless minions to discover: how this is really going to turn out for them and that there is no endless supply of ‘entitlements’ for them.

    As things continue to go down hill, that book is going to become more and more popular as all of those people living in ignorant bliss now are finally forced to wake up to what is really going on. I would bet that book sells as many copies in the next 20 years as it has sold in the previous 56 years, and it won’t just be in the USA, it will be worldwide.

  • February 8, 2013 at 11:49am

    The way to introduce ‘Atlas Shrugged’ to high school students, imho, is to make it a year long honors class. That way it is not mandatory and those kids who want to tackle Atlas Shrugged over the course of their senior year can do so. That would give them enough time to read the book and understand it – and therein lies the problem.

    I have read it three times over the course of fifteen years and even the third time through I was discovering things in the book I did not notice the first two times. There is a LOT to think about in that book regarding a number of different subjects (not only philosophy but business operations and management, government and bureaucracy, interpersonal relationships, psychology, etc.). Most of that stuff is going to sail over the heads of 17-18 year old kids because to understand that book means being able to relate it to real world experiences of the reader. I know it would not have meant nearly as much to me at 17 as it did at 40, when I first read it.

    That means it would be ESSENTIAL to have someone teaching that class who understood the book himself/herself and could explain it to the kids as they worked their way through it. And since I doubt very seriously that there are many high school teachers who have ever read that book, let alone who would ‘get it’ such that they could (or would be willing to) teach it to teenagers, I doubt a high school class on the book would be successful or beneficial to the kids.

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  • February 3, 2013 at 11:59am

    The 1-5 corridor of Oregon, from Portland to Salem to Eugene/Springfield, is full of this kind of liberal behavior. Eastern Oregon, east of the Cascade mountain range, is much different. I lived there, unfortunately, for about 10 years and still remember the ‘One Oregon’ ad campaign the state ran trying to convince people they all lived in the same state.

    The divisiveness of the ‘two Oregons’ has been reflected for years in the Oregon legislature – west vs. east. The west always wins because there are far more people along the I-5 corridor than the rest of the state so if you don’t like what is going on there, you have to get out altogether.

    Moving to eastern Oregon is an alternative to avoid the left wing agenda of the city and county ordinances but you will still deal with the state laws. I would recommend this guy go straight down I-84 from Gresham to the Boise-Nampa Idaho area – it is growing rapidly, has been for years, and he would be welcome there.

    There is no point trying to be a conservative in Oregon, that state is lost. It is ‘California North’ and the Portland area is ‘San Francisco North’, or ‘Seattle South’, depending on which direction you look.

    In any case, the left wing libs have taken control of that place so the best thing to do is just get out and stay out. Oregon, like California, is broke and has no realistic way out so when California goes under financially, watch for Oregon to follow – they are in the same boat.

  • February 1, 2013 at 4:47pm

    MaryBethElizabeth: Read Outlaw Josey Wales post about economic conditions in Williston – that about covers it when it comes to explaining why Wal Mart can pay $17/hour.

    Have you been to Williston, MBE? I have, numerous times and I can tell you it is literally the Wild West over there. Prices for EVERYTHING are sky high. A gallon jug of drinking water at Wal Mart will generally run 79 cents to 99 cents in this part of the country. In Williston, they could charge $3 or $4 for a gallon of drinking water and they would get it. And they would still run out of it hours after they stock the shelves. The same thing for other basic grocery items. It’s called supply and demand.

    The same is true for employees. Did you know that the McDonald’s in Sidney had had to close their walk in/seating area and handle only customers that come thru the drive up because they could not get enough people to work there to staff the store normally, regardless of what they were offering for hourly pay. Numerous restaurants of all types in the western ND/eastern MT area have the same problem – they can’t keep people because they cannot afford to pay them market rate and keep their doors open.

    So, there’s the economics lesson for you, and unless you’ve been over there and experienced it, it is hard to believe, but it is true. Go online and read the Williston and Dickinson ND papers and the Sidney, MT paper. There are stories in them about this all the time.

  • January 30, 2013 at 4:06pm

    Yes it is sad, @23.

    As predicted, this is all the Republicans fault.
    “White House: GOP responsible for contracting economy”
    By Justin Sink – 01/30/13

    These people have no conscience, no sense of responsibility, no understanding of right and wrong. As I have said before, we are no different than a banana republic when it comes to the behavior of our government, we just hide it better than they do.

  • January 30, 2013 at 12:10pm
    “The Best Looking Contraction in US GDP You’ll Ever See”

    So, there you have it – the ‘new normal’ while the libs are in office. A severe quarter over quarter gdp contraction is now ‘the best you’ll ever see’. And most people will buy that because they are told to.

    This, of course, follows other ‘new normals’ such as unemployment at 8.0% or more and annual budget deficits of $1 trillion or more (actually, we haven’t even had a federal budget for four years).

    You are going to start hearing sales jobs like this all day, every day from the mainstream media – it is called brainwashing and propaganda and it will be relentless. We will continue to hear it as we are hitting rock bottom and it will all be the Republicans fault, of course.

    Then, the mindless minions in this country will be called upon to riot in the streets so the media can cover that as well. (The Wall Street protests of a year or so ago will be a walk in the park compared to what the libs will gin up in the future).

    And who will they get to riot – the college students, of course. They are a made-to-order crowd and all they have to do is to be told tuition is going up again so student loan costs are going up as well and oh, by the way, there are no jobs, and shazamm – ready made riots all across the country, just like the anti-war riots of the

  • January 28, 2013 at 11:08am
    “Jeff Saturday benched by Green Bay Packers”
    By Kareem Copeland
    Dec. 21, 2012

    This is why Saturday decided to retire – although he was voted to the Pro Bowl as an all star, by the end of the season he was no longer the starting center on his own team, the Green Bay Packers.

    The further irony is that his coach in Green Bay who benched him, Mike McCarthy, was also his coach in yesterday’s Pro Bowl.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘retirement’ decision gets changed during the off-season and Saturday returns to play elsewhere next season. It ended up being an awkward situation all the way around.

  • January 26, 2013 at 2:45pm

    Jay is correct with the title to this article – who is Ben Ghazi? The percentage of imbeciles among us here in America is astounding – I never thought I would ever see anything like this in my lifetime. The vast majority of people in this country do not have the slightest clue about day to day events or issues. All they care about is where to score their next drug deal or which video game to play today.

    The Democrat party has not only figured this out and cater to these people all day, every day but they have the media as willing participants. Since most people believe what they see and hear on the news (think ‘Wag the Dog’ -” if it’s on tv it must be true”), that is the formula that has worked. Liberal politicians promising people aka voters everything plus liberal media minions serving as willing message carriers equal the disaster we have in this country today.

    Since I see nearly no hope that the general population is going to wise up any time soon, things are only going to get worse for those of us who aren’t part of the problem. Until we hit rock bottom in this country and stay there for a while, we are not going to see this whole thing turn around.

    Who is Ben Ghazi? A great question …

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  • January 25, 2013 at 8:39pm

    Yes, I have heard Rush say that many times also. But, things have seemingly changed with his priorities since his most recent (3rd or 4th) marriage. I don’t recall him starting a new business venture like Two If By Tea for any of his previous wives.

    I just sense that he is going to start transitioning out of full time radio but needs to find someone who wants to transition into full time radio at the same time. That other person also has to have the name recognition, conservative values/background, and radio personality to maintain his audience levels, which Palin does.

    Actually, I think she is the only one who could transition into Rush’s shoes but she would need some time to learn talk radio and what it takes to do a show for three hours every day – if that is what she decides she wants to do. I think she is done with politics for at least the next 10 years, until the 2024 election cycle, and maybe permanently. By then her special needs child will be 16-17 years old or so and presumably will need much less attention such that she would then have time to be a presidential candidate again. I think that is why she did not run in 2012 and won’t in 2016 or 2020.

    That, and the fact she is making millions of dollars a year just by being Sarah Palin. Why would she take that big of a pay cut to put up with all the grief she will get the second she re-enters the political arena, if she ever does. She’s a smart woman, despite what her haters say.

  • January 25, 2013 at 7:24pm

    Here’s a thought for you – this August will be Rush Limbaugh’s 25th anniversary on the radio. As long time and regular listeners of his have noticed, he is taking more time off than ever before. I would guess it is directly related to his new wife and her telling him he needs to be spending more time on things other than his radio show – namely her. There is nothing wrong with that at all and he has certainly earned more time to himself and his family. And most of his substitute hosts are bad, to say the least.

    Palin is now out at Fox and will likely be looking for some other platform from which to continue to get out her conservative message and do so to large numbers of viewers/listeners/supporters/fans.

    So, don’t be surprised if Limbaugh brings her in as some sort of permanent substitute host and the new host-in-waiting when he decides to retire. Since his 25th anniversary is only about 6 months away, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he makes some sort of announcement about his future plans this fall or by the end of the year at the latest. That would give he and Palin ample time to work out a deal and to start getting her on the air on his program on a regular basis for a trial period of six months or so to see how it works for both of them.

    She would draw large audiences, she could do the show from Arizona or Alaska if she wanted to and it would certainly give her a strong platform from which to state her conservative views.

    We’ll see!

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  • January 23, 2013 at 2:53pm

    Hillary’s outburst has nothing to do with Benghazi or “why does it matter now”. This is Hillary positioning herself with the liberal media and her liberal friends who, starting tonight on the talking head shows, will portray her as the victim and Senator Johnson and the Republicans as the villain. That’s what this is all about, deflecting attention from the real issues and from Hillary’s role in them and toward the mean “vast right wing conspiracy” Republicans.

    She sees her presidential aspirations slipping away because of this matter and knows the only way she can possibly escape this politically, which is all she cares about, is to keep hammering on the point that there are four dead Americans rather than discussing the reasons that they are dead.

    In addition, she has never been held to account publicly before. Her Sec of State confirmation hearings were a joke – she never had to answer for her past and her presidential race in 2008 was a joke – the media never held her to account.

    She is counting on being anointed the Dem primary winner in 2016 without having to campaign and then counting on the media to get her thru the general election campaign without having to answer for her past. This Benghazi issue messes up that strategy and guys like Cuomo and even Biden now see the door opening for themselves to get the Dem nomination in 2016.

    That’s what this is really all about – Hillary trying desperately to hang on to her political future.

  • January 23, 2013 at 10:32am

    If the RNC had any brains in its collective head, it would have already hired an investigative team to fact check every word said about Benghazi by anyone who has testified under oath, spoken to the media live, sat for a print interview, whatever, starting with Hillary. And they will continue to do so until they get to the actual truth of the matter. And then they will start running tv ads, radio ads, online ads, newspaper ads and they will put their talking heads out there every day, all day and saturate the American people with the truth of this matter.

    In the course of doing that, they need to identify, locate and interview the survivors of that attack – there are State Dept. survivors whom the State Dept. continues to refuse to identify and who, according to some reports, are still hospitalized somewhere. They need to be found and put under oath to testify as to EVERYTHING that happened and the timeline upon which it happened.

    However, the RNC doesn’t have the guts or the brains to do this so the whole issue will slide by the same way everything else does that has the Clinton’s fingerprints all over it. And as a result, Hillary will be our next president in 2016. So, we have that to look forward to … if there is still a country left by then.