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  • October 8, 2015 at 5:32pm

    When you read the whole evidence and the story in the Miami papers you find he is more likely holding his head in his heads trying to stop from laughing.
    Do your homework just like Beck Says. The preponderance of the evidence is clear. This 6 member jury bowed to all out union pressure and have this mark on their soul’s to answer for.
    As for the unconvicted dog squeeze Maiorino, his punishment will come in time.
    How can any Christian participate in this sick criminal industry? Why have we allowed the worst elements to turn this into an ongoing criminal enterprise.
    Thank you.

  • [3] October 8, 2015 at 2:29pm

    In the Socialist People’s Republic of Taxcuhetts, only unionized law enforcement goons are allowed to beat the innocent & guilty. It is considered a perk & recruiting tool in order to attract the real psychotic to follow orders shredding the constitution.
    Once again, law enforcement proves they are a direct, imminent threat to you, your family, & property.
    Question: Does anyone remember the chicken chested law enforcement employee that made terroristic threats against a driver that made a wrong turn? You know, the dog squeeze that said he was going to kill the driver: Medford PD employee & generally a belly crawling coward – Lebert? Paid vacation courtesy of the poor stupid tax payers of Medford commonly referred to as little people or worse.
    Thank you.

  • [2] October 8, 2015 at 11:19am

    First of all I commend the editors for this story. Second, this story is not even close to the actual case.

    The victim was riding in a car – driver pulled over, arrested for DUI. The rapist took the victim to a secluded site vice the station where the 20 year old’s parents were waiting on her. The rapist forced the victim to perform sodomy. The rapist then bent the victim over the hood of his patrol vehicle with his service weapon pointed at her & raped her.
    The only point that the defense could & did use was a picture from the victim’s high school yearbook with her leaning against a car. The defense said the victim wanted this rape as a fantasy. However, they could not explain why once safe with her parents she told them she was raped & the forensic evidence provided it.
    Unwritten in this story but all over South FL, the law enforcement union went all out to save this dog squeeze, making the victim out to be a slut. Well, you know every female & young boy being transported to HQ to be picked up by their parents wants a sodomy & rape fantasy!
    Well, just take comfort in the fact that dog squeeze Maiorino still has his law enforcement credential – coming to a PD near you. I am sure this will make your mother, wife, & daughter oh so safe.
    Thank you.

  • October 8, 2015 at 10:23am

    You are both correct in your estimate of the propaganda from the anarchist/ Marxist/ racist left. However, this blue lives matter propaganda (law enforcement PR revised the union war cry of earlier this year “Only Blue Lives Matter”) just plays up the on-going attempt to ignite a race/ civil war.
    At present law enforcement has shot and killed over 875 people with a total kill count closing in on 1,000. It is unknown how many of these killings were of unarmed innocents since, as a policy matter, these statistics are not compiled.
    Accepting artificial lines, drawn by one of the 3 sides, to pit one against another, plays to those wanting confrontation. If you are Christian or a decent person, you know all lives matter in God’s eyes.
    Where or where are the adults?
    Thank you.

  • [3] October 8, 2015 at 10:07am

    Sir Ma’am,
    As with other commenters here, I agree law enforcement employees did use great restraint with this suspect. Had I been the one receiving fire from this suspect I would have fired 3 rounds (double tap zulu) & begged God for forgiveness.
    I want to point out a story (editors here choose not to provide) because so many of you believe there is not a huge problem with sexual assault & pedophilia. Four KY law enforcement employees raped & sodomized a 15 year old child over a series of months. 1 pedophile (employee Young) turned witness on the other 3 – Clanton, Woosley, Matti for a special deal (no rape & sodomy charges, no sex offender registration). It appears Young will not even due jail time.
    What do all of these bags of dog squeeze say; “I made a judgement error”, “I did not know this was a 15 year old child”, “The child really liked having sex & knew a lot”! What did the head of the KY state troopers say? “Well, this is horrible for the state trooper family & we really need the public to support us because law enforcement is very stressful”!
    You can say this is isolated – but there are hundreds of cases. You can say that it happens everywhere nowadays – but we give these piles of dog squeeze the power of life & death over the innocent. Should they be held to a higher standard? The union is supporting & working to get all 4 pedophiles minimum sentences – & what about this is right, just, moral, or decent, & what about this young life ruined?
    Thank you.

  • [12] October 7, 2015 at 1:00pm

    ” He didn’t resist arrest either, they always say that to fall back on.”

    Sir you are correct. Is this not a violation of oath? Of course it is. The dog squeeze that charged resisting is a lying piece of un-American scum period!

    You highlight the systematic level of corruption as routine. A violation of oath by commission or omission is the central point.

    Only the delusional and the rabid apologists here see lies/ perjury as ok.

    There are no standards and both of those goons deserve nothing but what they do to others to be visited upon them and their families. Sell your soul and suffer damnation.

    Thank you.

  • [12] October 7, 2015 at 12:52pm

    As with all warlords, in this case the political masters of Gonzales, they always depend upon the goons to enforce their whims.

    Whether it is a father speaking to a school board about filth in assigned reading, students providing constitutions on campus, a citizen parodying edicts of an “official” (meaning a person in the employ of a community) none of this would happen without the omnipresent unionized armored, armed goons that attack the public in groups.

    Ask yourself this: If a goon violates his/ her oath so openly and brazenly what in the world makes anyone believe that anything a unionized goon does is lawful, moral, and right? The short answer is: Unless you are looking at an Oath Keeper or Peace Officer you are in all likelihood, witnessing a member of an on-going criminal enterprise.

    Thank you.

  • [28] October 7, 2015 at 10:43am

    Isn’t it ironic what happens when the compass; right and wrong, is replaced by trendy, antethical behaviors and norms to traditional moray’s.
    This is one in a recurring litany of incidents with this mayor. A self-identified member of a small segment of the population, she has with great success made tolerance of her sexuality and political agenda into a no tolerance zone for anyone that expresses any view contrary to her stated policies. This is the classic example demonstrating how liberals today are in fact totalitarian in practice.

    This process of creating a totalitarian civil life is further along in secular Western Europe and in particular, Scandinavia. The Lutheran Bishop of Stockholm Sweden, Brunne, an avowed lesbian, has now declared that all crosses and art objects depicting Christ must be removed from all of the churches replacing them with Islamic symbols to placate Muslims transplanted to Sweden.

    When taken in whole or in part, Parker and Brunne, are part of a natural continuum that destroys truth, advances perversion, immorality, and literally is designed to tear apart our country and the very concept of individual freedom.

    Thank you.

  • [3] October 6, 2015 at 10:30am

    Sir, I could not agree more with your statement.
    Now apply that standard to the law enforcement industry. Do you see the problem? Everything from the secret service trying to derail a Chavitz speakership, to the criminal union goons of the NYPD placing the population in danger unless their duly elected mayor (he is a socialist – enough said) kissed the head goons butt is exactly against the employer; in this case the voters/ citizens of the United States.
    I would like to see all law enforcement employees given the same HR guidance as a cashier at WalMart – fail to perform as required by law – NOT POLICY – fail to treat customers with respect – there is the door and don’t let it hit you in the bottom on the way out.
    Thank you.

  • October 6, 2015 at 10:18am

    ” I know several cops that would stand up against such even if it was defying orders”
    I accept this is your belief. For the record any law enforcement employee that has publicly acknowledge membership in Oath Keepers are singled out as a traitor to the union.
    Ask yourself this question: If a law enforcement employee will lie or accept others that lie on a traffic citation or in sworn testimony what do you base your belief on? How many people do you know that routinely violate an oath out of convenience or employment advancement and suddenly, with all the chips literally on-the-line, grows a backbone, morale gumption and stands in the face of over whelming odds?
    I hope your estimate is correct but observation and reviewing past and current behavior makes this a very, very far out probability.

    Thank you.

  • October 5, 2015 at 5:26pm

    In FL this is normally the blue discount demand – free food/ beverage whatever.
    What is it? When did all Americans loose the right to be left alone? Unless called – requiring the multi unit high speed response to a bicyclist without a light on a bike, shouldn’t everyone in a business/ restaurant not be subject to a “safety check” and be left alone? Isn’t paying outrageous salaries through taxes for all this “service” enough that their time could be spent actually dealing with drug dealers, human smugglers, bank robbers, sexual predators, car thieves and the like?
    Good grief!

  • October 5, 2015 at 5:13pm

    Just a thought: perhaps when Carlsbad CA pays off the lawyer for Ms.Hahn you might review the case – she was never charged – all dropped – but the brave, dedicated armored armed law enforcement employees that beat her for no reason will not pay a dime. No Carlsbad tax payers will pay for this.
    One encounter at a time the mindless nihilist death cult that is the police state is turning most law abiding citizens against them. It is the law of averages – eventually they will get around to you and your family.
    Live on your belly or live as an American – born free with inalienable rights from God that no low IQ psychotic can take away.
    Thank you.

  • [3] October 5, 2015 at 4:48pm

    Sir/ Ma’am,
    Thank you for your comment. The unfortunate place we find ourselves in, because we have allowed this to happen, policing has been turned into a business.
    Unions, even those that claim they are not but function as one, have created a system that places the citizen as the object to be engaged in order for the employee to be compensated / promoted. Examples:
    - Asset forfeiture without anyone being charged let alone convicted of a crime.
    - Assignment of citation quotas & activity logs – revenue generation.
    - Road side sodomy as an investigation method.
    - Forced blood draws in violation of the constitution.
    - Use of paramilitary mercenary units for routine policing against targets that pose no credible threat.
    - Approving routine engagement of suspects/ targets without any consideration for fire discipline or innocents in the impact area.
    - Active subversion of elections & jury trials.
    - Placing the tax payer as the blood money banker for all “unfortunate incidents” that result from wanton destruction of private property, personal injury, & death.
    - Use of the legal ruse “qualified immunity” to shield employees from accountability for crimes.
    These are policies & not dependent upon morality nor professional competence. A population; 10% criminal, 50% go along, 30% refuse to sell their soul, & 10% that hide from the truth – this is the policy result.
    To look at this as anything other is avoiding the truth.
    Thank you.

  • [-5] October 5, 2015 at 12:40pm

    With all due respect, unless you have a personal bond with a law enforcement employee any contact with them is a real world hazard to your health, freedom, & property. As an example:

    Houston TX, last week, ATF employee Delpit , not on the clock – beat a parent at a high school football game & pulled a pistol on other parents at St. Thomas High School. This dog squeeze claimed he feared for his life & that is why he sucker punched & beat a parent & drew down on other parents trying to rescue the man. Dog squeeze was shocked when local law enforcement employees arrested him – charged with aggravated assault. That old take care of fellow unionized criminals kicked in so dog squeeze was not charged for drawing the weapon on the crowd.

    Every week there is another case of pedophilia, multiple sexual assaults, in addition to routine beatings, thefts, and shootings. Maybe a review of law enforcement stats before it became a union operation, you know back when peace officers did policing, might open your eyes.
    Thank you.

  • [-19] October 5, 2015 at 12:25pm

    A case study into why unionized law enforcement & the fraternal order of police are an imminent, deadly threat to every law abiding American & all tax payers:

    Owasso OK PD employee Denton, wears LT bars (extreme stolen valor) fired in 2011- body cam & surveillance showed him savagely beating a handcuffed man’s head. Denton was not prosecuted. The wonderful union (fop) called in marks & put political pressure on all – Denton rehired September 21014. The sucker tax payers of Owasso paid Denton $366,000 back pay & hurt feelings.
    Now; 3 October 2015, dog squeeze Denton finally charged in a new incident: assault & battery with a deadly weapon, a felony, & reckless conduct with a firearm, a misdemeanor.

    When will people wake up? When will tax payers say enough & demand law enforcement unions be charged under RICO? Oh, that is right, nothing to see here. Move along before you are arrested for documenting a national unionized criminal enterprise.

    Given the recent flurry of hoaxes by the law enforcement industry there is no belief any reasonable person can give to this arbitrary non story. USA! USA! USA! The police state – you love it or be punished!

    Good grief.

  • October 2, 2015 at 1:47pm

    For those killed in this aircraft mishap I pray our Lord welcomes your immortal soul into heaven, that your families be comforted in their loss and healed by the Grace of God.
    Fear not, the military will not go on a work slowdown/ stoppage or refuse to respond to assigned missions. No, there will be no unionized temper tantrums or fake outrage here or anywhere else. No, the only thing that will occur is that the military family will draw tight around our own, follow our oath, and accomplish the mission.
    Isn’t it refreshing to see men and women keep their word vice act as spoiled entitled union thugs?
    Thank you.

  • [35] October 1, 2015 at 4:11pm

    The Marshall service has become a group of mercenaries that have murdered and threatened the innocent coast to coast. This is not the Marshall Service of 20 years ago.

    Here in FL, the dog squeeze in the regional offices routinely violate innocent people’s rights. A nurse in Sarasota was almost murdered because she screamed when she looked out the window and saw dog squeeze like this neo Nazi skin head armed to the teeth pointing an AR in her window. The dog squeeze surrounded her house breeched the house – and only because the woman’s friend knew local law enforcement they did not light her up! They sexually assaulted her, ripped up her house and warned her not to say anything.

    Tell me again – USA! USA! USA! – This is not the country we were born in. Move along there is nothing to see here and if you look out your window or say anything the police state does not like they will arrest you for being an American!

    This dog squeeze is the face that may empty a magazine into you, your family, and friends because he feared for his life. You had better believe he and all his ilke would and do get away with it all the time.

    We are at a point where these mercenaries are a larger threat than the nonunionized street gangs.
    Thank you.

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  • October 1, 2015 at 1:50pm

    Never happen. Union goon Lynch will make them heroes!

  • [7] October 1, 2015 at 1:47pm

    For those claiming this is BS:
    The number two criminal complaint against law enforcement employees is sexual assault.

    At present 11 NYPD employees are under investigation for sexual assault/ pedophilia/ sodomy.

    Let’s not forget Iscenko splashing innocent women with his male bodily fluid. Who is Iscenko? Just another union goon of the NYPD supervisor.

    There is nothing to see here. Move along or you will be arrested for obstruction of the police state. Stupid, inefficient, ineffective, expensive, perverted and deadly.

    Thank you.

  • [1] October 1, 2015 at 10:09am

    Fully agree that this is a disgrace. We now have federal institutions that actively promote and condone pedophilia.
    With his notoriety for standing for right against the evil of pedophilia Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland is exactly the type of Oath Keeping man that law enforcement needs. The unfortunate truth of our current situation is that Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland would not be welcome in most police departments in this country since he has demonstrated placing oath, morality, and justice in front of personal gain. These are traits the law enforcement industry characterizes as making a candidate unreliable.
    Thank you.

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