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  • November 24, 2014 at 5:32pm

    @ ricka057
    Your comments may be heart felt. I agree with the tone. The weight of carrying the killing of another on your soul is immense.
    I do not know any of the participants in this murder. I would suggest that unlikely as it maybe, those professionals and oath keeps in the department actually help the family now! This goes against the union and department playbook but I still hope.
    What actually does this employee and his family suffer? Is he/ this family Christian? Will they say prayers for this child and his parents? Or is the tragedy the potential of some loss of income to the employee?
    A hero places the safety of others in front of his own. When it comes to nut cutting time it is clear the choices made. The only thing I see left is the pathetic playing out of the official scam to be followed eventually by the payoff of the family with taxpayer funds.
    The police state; incompetent, numbingly stupid, robotic post killing, and always deadly.
    May God accept the soul of this child and grant his family comfort in their loss.
    Thank you.

  • November 24, 2014 at 5:12pm

    @ Sargeking
    Stupid is a policy and culture that places union members above people or in this case a child’s life.
    Body cams? Unknown. Dash cam’s? Unknown. Other video to provide truth? Unknown.
    What is known: Two law enforcement employees present.
    Did they work as a team using cover to isolate the child from a protected position?
    If in a covered position what was the over riding need to place two rounds in the child?
    Did the employee really identify a weapon?
    Why did only one employee shoot?
    What was the shooting geometry and how many bystanders were endangered by firing?
    Did any rounds exit/ miss the child? Where did they impact/ splash area?
    Knowing that the union is already putting out their spin, what public good was served by this action?
    Since law enforcement is an actual industry, does this provide the customer value for his/ her tax dollar?
    Are people in Ohio being told by lobbyists how heroic law enforcement is?
    Does law enforcement need to adopt a zero defect mentality in order to end the routine murder of the innocent and unarmed? Law enforcement enjoys the trappings of the military so why not hold them to the same standard?
    Thank you.

  • [1] November 24, 2014 at 4:50pm

    @ Dismayed Veteran
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    Agreed. Now I wonder if you were in a unit that had a mission to win and hold the consent and support of the public and you know that a number of your fellow union members throughout the nation killed children with bb guns/toys or TV remotes; what rules of engagement would you expect?
    Now, God forbid but if one of the unit killed a child with a bb gun and turned the community against you – is that mission success?
    What you are missing is that this is all acceptable since in 99% of the cases no one is held to account. This is the policy, culture, and if you notice it is growing in frequency.
    Can there be little wonder that some people cheer when law enforcement is jailed or killed?
    This madness begins with this government monopoly union run industry and their unions and lobbyists.
    Thank you.

  • [1] November 24, 2014 at 1:36pm

    This is not a racial issue regardless of what the media and the two sides use. This is what a government monopoly union run industry does routinely.
    The number of white children murdered, grievously wounded, assaulted – raped/ sodomized, is also the issue. There are 20 incidents if you do a search, of white innocents being gunned down by law enforcement.
    These incidents are the direct result of a culture of unaccountability that hides all manner of evil behind the blank and dead eyes of a bureaucrat/ functionary doing what they are told knowing there is little chance of accountability let alone personal responsibility.
    Thank you.

  • [1] November 24, 2014 at 1:26pm

    @ prov1
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    I think I understand what you mean by our comments. Perhaps, when you look at the total numbers you might want to revise the sequence of this roulette game used as analogy: as a citizen, these days it is, pure and simple Russian roulette when law enforcement is near.
    If I understand your equivalency, a child acting as a child is the same as a law enforcement employee executing the unarmed and innocent!
    What a hellish place this country is becoming; Godless, lawless, feasting on perversion, immorality, and death.
    I have tried but am unable to utter a pray for the immortal soul of this murdering employee. Perhaps I am becoming as callous as the police state too. Perhaps this is the plan all along.
    Thank you.

  • [2] November 24, 2014 at 1:09pm

    @ DumbAussie
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    I understand that Australia is much further along in the deployment of the police state than we Yanks are. But, surely, even a totalitarian Orwellian subject of the Crown understands the insanity of this incident. Don’t you?
    When/ if all of the video and testimony of this killing comes out it will be interesting to see how far the truth is from the law enforcement/ union statements.
    Locally: a man in north FL disarmed a law enforcement employee over night when this employee showed up at the mans’ house in response to the man’s call for the fire department to come to his aide since his house was on fire. It is unclear why or how, but the man disarmed the employee, shot and killed him before being shoot and killed by another employee. I am sure there is much, much more to this – perhaps we may even find the truth – but I suspect a large and indiscriminate reaction to police state terror is coming at some point here as well as in other parts of the west.
    It would appear that your Melbourne police death squads have had less to due with the disarmament of the law abiding populace not that it has brought the promised leftist heaven to your country.
    Thank you.

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  • November 24, 2014 at 10:44am

    Mr. Brown,
    I know not what makes you think the way you do. I hope at some point the Lord allows you the wisdom and the heart to understand that institutional evil is no less evil than that of the individual variety. Institutional evil does have the added sickness of no accountability.
    What do you say to the parents of the child in SC answering the front door with a TV remote in his hand and is gunned down by law enforcement?
    Based on your perspective/ logic and informed by the mounting number of bodies, the population should assume that any and all law enforcement employees, in their work clothes or not, present a public safety threat to all in the immediate vicinity, and as you indicate, the public should take appropriate defensive measures. This is madness based on a policy of cowardice empowered by a nihilist death cult.
    Thank you.

  • [3] November 24, 2014 at 10:11am

    @ Elena2010
    What a Godless horrible people we have become to think that children are appropriate targets for execution if they think and act as children.
    I am reminded of the execution of Andy Lopez. That child was executed carrying a bb gun – because the law enforcement employee in Santa Rosa CA engaged the child from the rear creating the justification for executing him by forcing the child to turn around. That child was not black. The employee, a super special paramilitary unit member, was never held to account even though he was on record advocating shooting first as a practical measure vice understanding the situation and thinking through it.
    A family is destroyed and I suspect once again the taxpayers of Cleveland will be victimized in a civil award case courtesy of a government monopoly union run industry.
    Thank you.

  • [4] November 24, 2014 at 9:48am

    @ ZQ,
    Sir/ Ma’am
    You are the only commenter here that displayed any semblance of morality or even a basic human trait – concern for a child.
    I pray for the soul of Tamir Rice (interesting that the Blaze does not identify the child by name) and his family.
    Since the race baiting has already started; this has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class or any other ruse. This is the police state doing what it does best.
    I would hope that people on both sides of this new outrage will wait until such time as all of the pertinent facts are brought out.
    Aside from the law enforcement trolls and apologists here I hope people are beginning to understand that based on policy and procedure, regardless of guilt or innocence, law enforcement is a real, imminent, and growing danger to all of the population.
    There is nothing more deadly and despicable than a government monopoly union (Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association) run industry that kills as a matter of course based on policy with no accountability or personal responsibility.
    Thank you.

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  • November 22, 2014 at 4:36pm

    This entire buildup is full of setups from the left and right. They can’t start the next phase without the patsies.
    I just read a report that says the anarchist group anonymous has hacked a site that links employee Wilson to KKK participation. I pray to God that this is not true! It is bad enough with the first video of Wilson from a year ago acting like a thug is now out. Pray and then pray some more because if they get this fuse lite the whole beautiful police state will be rolled out.
    Thank you.

  • November 21, 2014 at 2:33pm

    Excellent! There was a time when situational awareness, thinking through a given situation, & moral authority based on legitimacy would make none of what is condoned today mildly acceptable.
    It would be worth a read to see where the younger generation sits with regard to over criminalization & employing the force continuum in all situations. I suspect that many here believe history, & therefore relevance & importance, begins & ends with their personal experiences. What I believe is being lost on people here is that this society is producing a rising generation that resents & will act, when given power, in their own self interest based on a common experience: personal survival of abortion on demand, a societal debt-load that renders them indentured servants for life, a legal industry and law enforcement industry that makes all forms of human activity criminal & uses it to target them for revenue, and the corollary – all legal system action has life time consequence.
    Caught in the monthly ticket/ revenue generation – credit and employment are impacted. Influenced by the cultural rot spewed out by the media – disease and addiction – funnel them into paying the tax consumers salary.
    As with all life & human history a culmination point is reached; an equal & predicable reaction will be; swift, arbitrary, serve, & merciless. If you think this through, why expect anything less? After all the next generation is being taught a hard lesson & they learn! Thank you.

  • [1] November 21, 2014 at 1:51pm

    @ TallSauce
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    Please do not point out that law enforcement employees do actually “have to depend upon the consent of the public” in order to survive and receive a pay check.
    For any that read law enforcement websites and blog’s the paranoia is rising in tandem with the weaponization and loosening of rules governing employee conduct, policy, and out right crime.
    For me, it seems very clear that there is an orchestration on both sides of the planned confrontation. Perhaps even the apologists here will step back a second and analyze what exactly is taking place.
    Here is a quote that now rings true to me as never before: We’ve bartered away our right to self-governance, self-defense, privacy, autonomy and that most important right of all—the right to tell the government to “leave me the hell alone.” In exchange for the promise of safe streets, safe schools, blight-free neighborhoods, lower taxes, lower crime rates, and readily accessible technology, health care, water, food and power, we’ve opened the door to militarized police, government surveillance, asset forfeiture, school zero tolerance policies, license plate readers, red light cameras, SWAT team raids, health care mandates, overcriminalization and government corruption. ~ Johnathan W. Whitehead
    Thank you.

  • [7] November 21, 2014 at 11:07am

    Excellent point.
    I would expand your point; no law enforcement employee should be allowed to hide their identity unless engaged in an on-going undercover operation only.
    The mask is in fact a psychological device used to allow for maximum intimidation and freedom from reprisal for criminal acts.
    A question for a thoughtful reader: Why does a society accept those we anoint with limited immunity and state sanction to kill hide their identity if their actions are “good”, lawful, moral, and a benefit to the community and taxpayer? If we are a society of laws, moral, and just any law enforcement employee serving the public would receive the full support of the community would they not? If not, why not?
    There seems to be a fundamental disconnect here that directly impacts the legitimacy of all employees of this government monopoly union run industry.
    Thank you.

  • [14] November 21, 2014 at 10:57am

    Sorry there is no officer visible in this video nor in this story. What is visible and are referenced in this story are employees of the town’s local law enforcement industry branch exercising their prerogative to act criminally with impunity.
    This particular incident reminds me of the thug employee at the soccer game in TX attempting to trip students (female and male) as they rush to congratulate their teams’ victory.
    When, oh when, will readers/ commenters here begin to understand that these encounters are not, not race, ethnicity, language, or income based confrontations. All of these incidents are in fact the actions of a national on-going criminal enterprise.
    Being older, I remember when law enforcement crime was primarily based on theft (60′s and 70′s). Now days law enforcement crime has shifted to widespread criminality in terms of scope and violence. I believe this is a direct reflection of unionization, union promotion of immorality, and the adoption of a nihilist death cult ethos.
    As reference, I have been to this town on liberty(many years ago as a young Marine) from the jump school at Ft Benning. As with most towns’ feeding off the service member, the law enforcement employees did not and do not have a reputation of treating service members with respect or even within the law. I have no personal knowledge of how the children of this town view the members of this local branch.
    Thank you.

  • November 20, 2014 at 1:14pm

    @ JRook,
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    As others pointed out here, President Regan did not close mental hospitals. Not knowing your age I will remind/ inform you that it was a liberal cause & made the career (what a sham that is) of one Geraldo Rivera – did a series of “news reports” on the horrors of the NY state mental hospitals.
    Your comments on PTSD although appearing to diminish or insult actually have value. There are substantial & measurable differences between combat veterans from WWII & the current 13 year war veteran. Most striking of those differences is the number of shots and pharmaceuticals, as well as, the toxic environment (airborne deleted uranium particulates) unique to the modern battlefield and the cumulative effect on the Marine/ Soldier/ Sailor/ Airman in it.
    One of the great untold tragedies of modern warfare are the number of autistic children born to service members exposed to this environment. I know of no Marine that does not have at least one family in the unit with this heartbreaking challenge. I do not have the statistics but the military family has a much higher incidences of autism.
    For the stooges that bow and scrap regardless of how outrageous a government monopoly union run law enforcement industry member may act/ speak the following applies:
    They had a solid failsafe solution for the “mentally disturbed” humans 74 years ago in central Europe; concentration/ death camp. This worked for a few years but ended in mass death.
    Thank you.

  • [1] November 20, 2014 at 11:32am

    @ FIreInTheGut,
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    They had a solid failsafe solution for the “mentally disturbed” and “tard” humans 74 years ago in central Europe; the concentration camp/ death camp. This approach worked very well for a number of years until the intellectual and moral rot of such a policy resulted in all the non “mentally disturbed” and non “tard” humans receiving their just due; death, devastation, and eternal damnation since their national policy was anti God as well as anti-human.
    This particular video and incident is truly reveling with regard to the nature of and unwavering focus of the government monopoly union run law enforcement industry: Distain, disrespect, disregard for any and all that point out the numbingly stupid nihilism of the enforcement class.
    It was refreshing to see a law enforcement employee actually announce to the public that public perception of government is of no consequence. For those that will call me anti whatever; again it matters not what race, gender, ethnicity the victim is – eventually it will be all of us. It will just take awhile to get around to you. Comforting isn’t it?
    Thank you.

  • [36] November 19, 2014 at 12:41pm

    I will attempt to defend Reid:
    Senator Reid is the highest form of an evolved spices of anti-freedom, anti-human, unequal protection under the law, anti-Christian creature ever seen in north American in the last half century.
    No one can deny that Reid, his family, his backers to include a significant number of his fellow congregants’ and pay for play lobbyists have not benefited wildly by his use of parliamentary rules, corruption, intimidation, and official oppression.
    The skills: lying, stealing, fomenting criminal activity, and participation in an on-going criminal enterprise spanning the globe may not have been seen since the spectacular reign of Tweed and the nest of criminals in Tammy Hall at the end of the 19th century.
    This is no small feat. Imagine an enfeebled septuagenarian with no public speaking skills, no academic prowess, miniscule personal wealth pre-elected office, and demonstrably wrong on ever major issue of public policy since 1969 has been the master of every living person in this country for years!
    Harry Reid is “The New Man” and prototype for the remarkably reasonable and chillingly believable real-life 21st century hunger games!
    All that remains to be seen is if his surrogate/ alternative puppet Senator McConnell (studying since 1964 in the fine arts perfected by Reid) will be capable of matching Reid’s remarkable record!
    Thank you.

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  • [12] November 18, 2014 at 10:56am

    @ Mil-Dot
    I could not agree with your comments more.
    This is all orchestrated from the left and right.
    Everything that is being promoted via the media is setting the stage for a confrontation that will provide the excuse to expand the police state.
    Let’s remember this is not about employee Wilson’s color or that of the deceased. The only thing this is and should be about is the lawfulness of Wilson killing and unarmed man period.
    Just another observation if you will allow me:
    The FBI and DHS are hyping potential attacks on law enforcement calling this potential domestic terrorism. As a reminder, the accused “cop killer” in PA has been charged as a domestic terrorist – one dead law enforcement employee. However, this is the same FBI/ DHS that says the Ft Hood massacre is workplace violence. Odd isn’t it?
    Keep your wits. Be prepared. Stay vigilant. Think before acting and above all pray for your life/ family/ country.
    Thank you.

  • [11] November 17, 2014 at 1:33pm

    If the lawlessness and double standard ended with speeding that would be a huge improvement.
    Here in FL, law enforcement shakedown business to get “free stuff” proposition, rape, sodomize women, girls and boys, beat, steal, and deal and take drugs. Speeding is minor.
    Thank you.

  • [6] November 17, 2014 at 9:17am

    Sir/ Ma’am,
    I agree with your sentiment however this did not begin with the current occupant of the White House.
    The structures that were put in place and the legal devices necessary to make any actions “legal” precede him as well.
    All should be concerned and on guard and not just from a leftist group of anarchists. It is a matter of court record that the KKK is essentially filled with FBI informants. Why would anyone believe this is not the other half of the crazies stoking the fires to ignite the conflagration?
    If someone was enterprising they might report the location of all the viper teams and the current position and status of regional fusion centers – most are on ot.
    This is shaping up to be a big event – perhaps the catalyst that many fear.
    Thank you.

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