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  • [2] October 21, 2014 at 8:08am

    Don’t take the bait. Just deal with what is and let the distractions (race, social status, language, income, anarchists etc) and focus on the incident.
    You will be amazed how many agree with you and things can be reversed when you focus on what unites (God, law abiding, decent people) then what divides.
    Thank you.

  • [13] October 20, 2014 at 5:14pm

    @ Mapache
    I too despise a liar. Unfortunately, I think your way over the top inferring that any law enforcement employee would be negatively impact by a single charge like this. Here in FL sexual harassment, assault, rape, sodomy and worse are not infrequent and many times it goes unpunished when the perp is wearing a government issued outfit.
    To lighten your fears of law enforcement employees being victimized by the public:
    15 year old Austin Dukette was killed riding his bicycle to school a few days back. The murderer was a Lee county deputy sheriff employee in his patrol vehicle. The employee was speeding, on his computer and hit Austin head on in the bicycle lane. What happened to the employee; a careless driving ticket. Why? Well you see it was all Austin’s fault. According to the 40 page report Austin tricked the employee because he wore a dark shirt that morning and his bicycle did not have a xenon light on it and it was all Austin’s fault anyway because he was not wearing a helmet. I wonder how that helmet was going to protect him from a speeding 3 ton vehicle hitting him head on in the bicycle lane? Oh well – just a detail. But the good news is that employee Hood was protected & the union is going all out to protect him from this child playing this horrible trick on him. Oh did I mentioned that when the patrol vehicle killed Austin the employee was trolling the FL DAVID system looking to write a ticket or worse. I wish this was some sick joke but it is not. Thanks.

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  • [19] October 20, 2014 at 4:54pm

    Your sarcasm is well placed. The one qualifier you should add to your list is self entitled. A few points: NYC is in a department that places employees on a strict citation/ arrest quota system. The employee benefits by citing & or arresting you. Convictions & legitimate charges do not matter. All the videos of police state thuggery I’ve seen have one common denominator: obesity.
    Just something local to add:
    A law enforcement employee (deputy sheriff) hit & killed a 15 year old child on his bicycle going to school a few weeks ago. No emergency, danger, just another employee breaking the law in his government vehicle placing the public in danger. The child, after a 40 page report, is at fault. Why? Well you see this poor employee was tricked because the child was wearing a dark shirt, did not have all of the prescribed lights on his bicycle, and the ultimate sin – he was not wearing a helmet as the speeding vehicle hit him head on.
    Was the employee charged with vehicle manslaughter? No way! What did he get? A carless driving citation!
    Now how did this happen… um well you know law enforcement is very stressful & you know it is hard to stay out of bicycle lanes when speeding and typing on your computer.
    Did any law enforcement union (fraternal, associations, councils) personally express their regrets to the parents of Austin Dukette? No! Help with the cost of the funeral? You must be joking! Remember the law is twisted & broken to protect employees not you. Thank you.

  • October 20, 2014 at 10:11am

    @ The Knave
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    Funny. I recall last year, the local law enforcement industry deployed teams of snipers to roof tops; it was documented by one of those watcher groups on video.
    I cannot comprehend how these young people can be so stupid and self destructive. Our children, two still in college, due not have time for drunken criminality since grade point average and working a job are the focus of the efforts.
    Thank you.

  • [2] October 20, 2014 at 9:42am

    @ Proverbs17-12NLT
    The party in control of the government in your state has little to do with the lawlessness of the law enforcement industry.
    I live in FL, keeping to this particular form of crime (failing to perform their “duty” and accessory to (in FL) felony reckless driving) in their taxpayer purchased car is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Not only is the public in constant danger from law enforcement employees committing violations while in government vehicles, here we have thousands of private vehicles with PBA/ PAL/ support law enforcement license plates. All of these private vehicles are given a free pass on just about every infraction. In addition we have family members of law enforcement employees placing a black sticker with a horizontal blue line on their cars. Why? This is to inform road privates or gangs at a check point to let the vehicle pass because the occupants are protected by the members of this industry.
    Tell me a gain how this is not a violation of their oath? Tell me again how all law enforcement employees are “good”.
    When standards and the oath are not applied you have rampant criminality.
    Great evil begins and is sustained by thousands of small innocuous actions everyday.
    Pray for our country and for oath keeping law enforcement employees to put an end to the crime wave.
    Thank you.

  • [3] October 18, 2014 at 2:30pm

    @ Rev
    Interesting observation. What about the reverse of this encounter? There is ample evidence, even that admitted in courts, that law abiding citizens are killed by compliancy (thinking there is no threat) when confronted by law enforcement.
    Sorry, I forgot. The union and management line is no one is worth losing one of us.
    A sad state of affairs but how is it corrected?
    Thank you.

  • [5] October 18, 2014 at 2:20pm

    @ jakartaman
    Sadly we live in a time when women, girls, and boys are preyed upon by vultures. Sometimes those vultures are in law enforcement employee clothes; something that is not unheard of here in FL.
    The best advice (something I and my wife do but until recently one of our college student daughters didn’t do) video everything when confronted by law enforcement, try to have the encounter in a well lite area with witnesses around, and if possible stay in front of the dash cam at all times.
    In our county here in FL; a sheriff law enforcement employee was caught in the act, fired, tried and convicted for sodomizing a 16 year old boy multiple times in a public restroom. He received the minimum jail time, minimum parole time, and now is being given his retirement. Why you ask? Because he did not have his uniform on when committing sodomy and had convinced this poor child that he should enjoy being sodomized, after all it was just sex!
    The conundrum for the knee-jerk crowd here is; law enforcement employees pretend they are always on duty but are not willing to live with following the oath 24 hours a day sometimes not even 40 hours a week
    I wish we could count on morality being the norm. However, this country has lost its’ way in denying simple truths and we all pay the price for it.
    My advice, record everything, never travel alone, and pray.
    Thank you.

  • [5] October 18, 2014 at 1:58pm

    @ mertmag
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    As with all of the preceding comments, I too think the citizen did an admirable job. Further, seeing a law enforcement employee that seems to be within height and weight standards, articulate, and reasonable is all noteworthy.
    I think what is lost on people is the real story; law enforcement entitlement. By this I mean the supervision of this department not caring about policy, rules, procedures, the law. This employee is not at fault – it is in fact an indictment of the chain of supervision. Since law enforcement enjoys play acting as military wouldn’t it be wonderful if the military dictum: the commander is responsible for all his commend does and fails to do, was employed in this instance?
    When not even the little stuff is done according to policy, SOP, regulations, and the law what do you think happens frequently when it comes to the big stuff?
    An honest, mature, efficient, effective, and respected law enforcement industry begins with doing the little things right and following your oath 24 7.
    Thank you.

  • [2] October 18, 2014 at 11:05am

    @ VRW Conspirator
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    With respect I disagree with you completely.
    If a man or woman takes an oath before God and man and violates that oath by acts of commission or omission, then that man or woman has no honor, courage, are dedication to duty.
    The hardest thing in this life to do is live an oath because it requires sacrifice. Sacrifice is not the norm in the human condition.
    I am not happy that I have taken men to courts martial and/ or ended careers for failure to follow their oath. I do not place myself above another man. I place God and my sworn oath above all men. I am a sinner and not an example for anyone to follow. However, when and until the men and women in the institutions that are a party to this begin to live their oath 24 7, nothing will reverse the decline.
    God bless America.
    Thank you.

  • [1] October 18, 2014 at 10:56am

    @ 1FreeVoice
    Well done.
    A beautiful, reasoned, and thought provoking comment.
    Your experiment, when done, reveals the depths of depravity and self delusion we have sink to.
    Thank you.

  • [3] October 18, 2014 at 10:52am

    @ SanityCheck
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    “Bad leadership propagates bad behavior.” Excellent observation.
    There is a moral decay that is overtaking all of our institutions and is turning our society into a scene from the later days of the Rome Empire.
    To my mind this is more than “bad” leadership. Immorality placed in a position of power without accountability is fatal to most societies throughout history.
    Rome lived upon its principal till ruin stared it in the face. Industry is the only true source of wealth, and there was no industry in Rome. By day the Ostia road was crowded with carts and muleteers, carrying to the great city the silks and spices of the East, the marble of Asia Minor, the timber of the Atlas, the grain of Africa and Egypt; and the carts brought out nothing but loads of dung. That was their return cargo. ~ Winwood Reade
    Thank you.

  • October 18, 2014 at 9:23am

    @ cccombs
    ROE dependent – recon by fire is a thing of the past.
    Thank you.

  • October 18, 2014 at 9:11am

    @ ultraright
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    Thank you for the note.
    “We understand that when evil flourishes life is endangered and when benevolent authority is despised, evil chaos will rule.”
    I am in complete agreement with this statement – drawn from?
    My comments and line of reasoning has to due with the policy and the competence of this shooting.
    I agree with your use of the term “benevolent”. It is unfortunate, no actually much more, that the authority that once bound us together has supervisors that in fact contributed to morphing this authority into malevolency.
    The policy, training, equipment, supervision, and culture of the industry (this is not directed at employee Wilson – but can be seen in the organizational actions post shooting) feed into and assist those working to destroy society and the republic.
    “I sincerely pity anyone who is had to take another’s life.” Thank you. As a Christian I do not ask, want nor accept your pity. If you are a believer, I humbly ask for your prayers for this sinner and all of those that have had to take life in service to this country.
    Thank you.

  • [13] October 18, 2014 at 8:44am

    @ Al J Zira
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    The majority of the population of Ferguson, at least when you look at the number of protestors and then subtract the outsiders (race hustlers/ anarchists, thugs and media) tells you Ferguson is not in the streets.
    I could not be more elated that there is finally some actual evidence that supports employee Wilson.
    I also think that you are correct, given how this grand jury has been run, the leaks from the jury, and the political forces arrayed around it, that Wilson is not being judged fairly.
    The competence of the engagement is in my view not a part of the guilt or innocence in this killing but is central to what I have said about the policy. I say this since much of what I wrote over the preceding days has been taken as a defense of Brown. It was not. It was a view of the policy, training, and proficiency of the shooting.
    I think if everyone, to include those here, remove race and invective from comments and just deal with what is the results, if the focus remains on what is, may in fact be less than what the opposing forces want – civil war.
    Thank you.

  • October 17, 2014 at 4:35pm

    @ noncomplaicent
    I cannot remember the name of the boxer (Pryor perhaps) he at one time had a dog he named snake and a snake he named bear. Pryor had a championship belt but not much sense.
    Why diminish what a man or woman accomplished as a Soldier, Airman, Sailor or Marine?
    Thank you.

  • October 17, 2014 at 4:18pm

    @ AtlasJustShrugged
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    You are correct tactical shooting in public courses stress overkill. There is nothing wrong with that as far as it goes and you are instructed as to the personal liability you assume. Employee Wilson is not a member of the public since he choose to be certified, granted limited immunity, state sanction to kill, and theoretically received and internalized training designed to limit the splash area overlap with the public when engaging a target (suspect).
    I carry the weight on my soul of having taken lives. I carry the responsibility for those lives I have irrevocably changed by my actions. As a trained professional I place my personal safety as secondary to the safety of others and the accomplishment of the stated mission.
    Most trolls don’t have a clue nor understand that weight to bear and there are more than a few here that celebrate taking life. When are responsible people going to come forward and end this needless celebration of death?
    Again, I am not anti Wilson nor peace officer/ oath keeper. However I am most assuredly anti the nihilist death cult currently in charge of the law enforcement industry. Thank you.

  • [-3] October 17, 2014 at 4:01pm

    Sir/ Ma’am,
    When you take as employment, a service to others avocation, sometimes you are actually called upon to do just that – serve!.
    Lost in all the crap spinning around this incident is that situational awareness was lost, options were discarded, and all the forces attempting to destroy this country have been unleashed and rallied for pitch battle.
    Exactly how, from an individual proficiency or policy perspective, do you believe this incident serves public safety?
    I just wish the majority were reasonable, mature, thoughtful, Americans concerned about the larger picture instead of joining one the tribes squaring off for conflict
    I suspect you believe I am anti Wilson; far from it. I suspect you think I am pro Brown (whatever that means); far from it.
    Unless professional standards are adopted, enforced, and a sea change in the union promoted us verses them refrain is stopped we are well on our way to a failed state such as Mexico. Perhaps once the full hell on earth being fomented is realized this will reverse illegal immigration since Mexico will become safer than America.
    Thank you.

  • [-4] October 17, 2014 at 3:47pm

    @ hpyagl
    Sir/ Ma’am,
    Thank you for the comments. Most that defend stupidity here do not ask. I appreciate yours. In response:
    Q: How many people were in this “crowded area”? Unknown since law enforcement did their best to scatter the observers. However, if there was only one down range from employee Wilson in the potential impact area, then that is one to many. Well that is if the myth of public safety is to continue.
    Q: How many of Wilson’s rounds went stray into this “crowded area”?
    Since no incident report or use of force report was ever filed, released to the public, no shooting geometry study conducted released to the public, no one outside of Wilson, law enforcement, & perhaps the grand jury know.
    Q: How many rounds would you consider not excessive in this situation? I have no idea what proficiency employee Wilson had. Since the confiscated cell phone videos have not been released (if any actually have the engagement) let’s assume (a dangerous thing when dealing with the law enforcement industry) that employee Wilson used the Weaver stance and engaged from a stationary standing position without support. At 10 to 7 yards placing two rounds center mass and one in the head is the standard (double tap Zulu).
    S: ” I also pray that people with your logic see the light. You not only missed the point.” Actually you are among the majority that embrace Hollywood dung. Service – others safety is paramount. This goes against law enforcement mantra of officer safety above all.

  • [-18] October 16, 2014 at 9:17pm

    You miss the point completely. The death of Brown is not the issue. The issue is employee Wilson placing the public in danger by firing excessive rounds in a crowded area.
    This is not public service this is panic. Panic coupled with limited immunity and sanction to kill along with all of the mistakes and political agendas on 3 sides; race hustlers, law enforcement/ legal industry, and media created a shooting by an employee that lost his composure into a national confrontation.
    If people cannot see what is because they like what is not there is no hope for what remains of our constitutional republic.
    I pray for my country.
    Thank you.

  • [-10] October 16, 2014 at 9:08pm

    Sir/ Ma’am,
    Everyone that spends any time reading the insanity of TIH knows that a leftist apologist comes in many stripes. Now, lets assume all that has been said is true (I thought the grand jury proceedings were secret, but we know this is a planned part of the political theater).
    Employee Wilson had any number of courses of action with the time and space (if you believe this witness or if a shooting geometry study is presented) to take any number of actions.
    The facts as are really known:
    - employee Wilson engaged the target with multiple rounds at a distance greater than 5 yards.
    - employee Wilson continued to fire at the target as Brown stumbled forward from impact from some of the rounds impacting his body.
    TIH, the trolls, apologists and those that do not know about shooting let alone killing make all these ridiculous statements.
    - What is employee Wilson’s primary responsibility? If you said public safety you are wrong. Why? Shooting that many rounds in a crowded public area demonstrates zero regard for the public. This is law enforcement union gospel 101 – you the employee union member are more important than any citizen’s life.
    Fire discipline and trigger control are not an issue that is why departments went to semi automatics with large capacity magazines.
    Of all the other actions available to Wilson – given time/ distance from the target, Wilson choose the one that placed the public in danger. Stop the bedwetting wussy stuff.
    Thank you.

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