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  • [3] February 17, 2016 at 5:19pm

    They seem to forget, there is a vast land out here once they step foot off the concrete and asphalt. A land where guns are not forbidden like the cities they live in.
    A real race war would last only a few days and that’s only because so many of these wanna-be thugs would be hiding like little pansys. It would take a while to run the dogs on them to spook (no pun intended) them out.
    The shame is, a lot of perfectly good and decent black people would get caught up in the mess regrettably. Could we consider progressive democrats “black” during the melee? they are a much bigger problem than the tiny population of black idiots…there are far more white idiots we could do without. The bumper stickers would make it real easy.
    Oh well, let’s just let them all live and stop the madness. These fools have no funking idea what they are talking about anyway. They want a race war as along as its with the nutless gunless urbanites they usually see at Democrat rallies. They DO NOT want to encounter Bubba out in the sticks…

  • [23] July 10, 2015 at 6:57am

    So I wondered why lately when I come to read The Blaze the pictures at the top of the headlines were not showing. I also noticed the comments were not showing up or giving me an option to comment.

    So I checked my add-ons and disabled AdBlock on my Firefox browser and bam! There are the pics and the comments.

    Along with that a constant and steady stream of background activity of stuff now sniffing and checking and whatever this sites massive layers of invasiveness is doing. My browser never sits still now…The Blaze is constantly moving data back and forth.

    I do not have unlimited data where I am and this site is just ticking off constant data like it owns my internet connection. I’m watching bit meter right now and crap is flowing back and forth with me doing nothing.

    So the Blaze has struck back at the blocking software that makes this site tolerable for me.

    Therefore Goodbye Blaze. There are plenty of news sites to read.

    Have a great life Blazers and so long.

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  • [2] July 7, 2015 at 6:03pm

    OK, by this logic we should tax Democrats at 75% more. They support the criminal illegal aliens who are killing all over the country, therefore they are directly the cause of it because we could control it if not for their dumb voting arse.

    In addition they reject expansion of fossil fuels that could be saving lives in 3rd world countries with cheap clean fuels…so the starvation, heat, cold and smoke inhalation deaths of people burring dung in their huts is directly on the heads of democrats.

    So let’s tax Democrat voters 75% more…they are truly killers.

  • [32] July 7, 2015 at 5:47pm

    Wow, there are actually still government employees with a clue?…I thought for sure they had all been replaced by the idiot class…I mean Democrat Party supporters.

  • [1] July 6, 2015 at 11:26am

    I part with my hard right religious brothers and sisters on this one.

    There is a choice for gay people, yes. It’s a choice of whether to reveal their gay feelings or act on it. They are born with these feelings and tendencies. They don’t wake up one day and “switch sides”.

    How do I know this? I am heterosexual without doubt. I don’t even want to have to cuddle with a man in an emergency to stay warm. I could NEVER simply CHOOSE to want to have a gay or physically intimate relationship with a man.

    The thought of whisker on whisker men or the two mirror image looking lesbians in this trailer makes me shudder with ick. Now, I have to admit to being able to watch two fine looking females “going there”…but I eschew and shun porn in my life now. I knew early on that Porn and voyeurism in general is not a good way to be in life…and I determined and acted on that without religious faith.

    When a person insists to me that having “gay feelings” is a choice, to me, they must speak from personal experience…meaning THEY could make such a choice. BUT what they are saying is they have never ACTED on their gay feelings and resent others for not having the strength to deny acting on such feelings.

    To summarize: If you think it’s a choice, you must know within yourself you have gay feelings, otherwise you could not ever believe such a thing.

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  • [20] July 6, 2015 at 11:04am

    Yea, can’t even work on your vehicle in your driveway without one hand on a gun anymore in some areas.

    “Situational Awareness”…Cavello is right, Democrat voting idiots will actually call you racist and micro-aggressor for simply taking the careful side…if careful means keeping an eye on that black guy, hanging out in an areas he doesn’t live, for no apparent reason, and doing apparently nothing but hanging around. I mean, why would that seem suspicious and what about the white guys?

    Well for me, it don’t matter the color. There is no good reason for someone to be hanging out unless they are waiting for a bus or something, or are in front of their own place. This is why places post “No Loitering” signs. There is only trouble brewing in a crowd of people…say just outside a convenience store. I know, I was a teen and saw it from inside the loitering group years ago.

    Same with a solo man. He has a right to be anywhere in public. But we also have the right to wonder why he is there for apparently no reason.

    Disgusted_in_CT is right too…I still confuse my wife when we rarely find ourselves on city streets. I say, “come on honey, lets cross over to the other side of the street right here”…and she’s like “why?”. Until we get to the corner across from what I saw ahead and she sees that unsavory individual or group we just avoided getting close to. Then she’s like “ah, yes…thanks honey”. (I have my pistol on me anyway, but I prefer to avoid rather than risk having to use my weapon)

  • [19] July 6, 2015 at 10:50am

    Easy there Ben, NBC chopped up Zimmerman’s 911 call to make it look like he said that and the idiot class in America bought it hook line and sinker…and NBC was never punished for clear and unequivocal libel.

  • [25] July 3, 2015 at 4:18pm

    Folks, there IS “Picture This Portrait Studio” at the Cross Creek Mall!

    Like I wrote in my other post, I don’t know the law exactly for this exact circumstance, but if the cops…well I would expect the cops by now to have verified he had an appointment or that they do walk in business.

    IT CANNOT be THAT unusual for a soldier to be having portraits done in his uniform and even with weapons in a portrait studio.

    This mall is literally 3 miles from the border of Ft. Bragg. A 4 minute drive.

    How can a population in a mall 3 miles from a major army base be freaked out by a soldier…even with a weapon?

    Sure. He could have used better timing or judgment, but for Pete’s sake, I don’t live right next to an army base and would not be freaked out by someone that looked like a soldier with a weapon. Hell, with all the exorcises going on across the country why would this even seem unusual?

    I live on a major route for the Guard to travel going to do their “weekend warrior” trainings. We see clusters of soldiers, vehicles and gear stopping at the nearby gas stations, fast food and Walmart probably three to four times a year.

    I would check out in a line at Walmart next to a soldier with a weapon and not skip a beat except to thank him for his service and maybe buy his iced tea for him or something.

    Sheesh people, lighten the hell up. Where I live, citizens go in to stores all the time open carrying, but we don’t freak out…people like me are capable of shooting back!

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  • [6] July 3, 2015 at 3:55pm

    What I don’t know is, what is the military law or rules on this?

    What I can’t believe is, if he was simply carrying an unloaded AR15 and wearing military garb, and when the police likely told him to drop it all and go face down arms out, and he told them he was there going to the photography studio in the mall to have photography taken of him in battle gear and uniform; why in the hell did they even charge him with such a heinous crime?

    Now, there is no doubt that this was an act of stupidity on everyone’s part:

    1-The soldier should have known better than to have been carrying a rifle at a time near a major holiday when everyone is on pins and needles. Especially with the recent shooting in Charleston and the one in Tunisia where a guy simply walked down the beach slaughtering people. He should have had it, and his other battle gear covered. BUT, perhaps concealing a rifle in a public space is illegal, that’s what open carry is for, it’s concealed carry that needs a permit.

    2-The general public living right next to a military base that see’s soldiers all the time needs to not freak the hell out. That’s why I carry concealed. If I see a guy like this, I will first assume he is a soldier. If he is positively heading in a direction not appearing to load or level his weapon, I might follow for a couple minutes. In this case he would have gone in to the photography studio, set his gear down and started a transaction…I would have observed this and rejoined my shopping.

  • [52] July 3, 2015 at 10:28am

    Oh, and Snow,

    I would give to such a fund in a heartbeat. I’m agnostic but support anyone unjustly damaged by ill intentions of others. I would give to help a gay bakery sued for not serving a Christian as well.

    No one should force anyone to serve anyone they don’t want to, whether it’s right or wrong. A person has a right to be an ass…and I have the right to call them one.

    I have given to many such funds and will always do so if I have the means.

    I hope people would support my free speech too. As raw as my speech is, I should have a right to say or write it.

  • [37] July 3, 2015 at 10:24am

    Absolutely Zappa, it works both ways. Bias in government is not right no matter what. If atheists want religious bias out of government they should want ALL bias out of government, otherwise they are one way pieces of crap.

    And most atheists are…and I’m coming from a middle of the “road kill” agnostic Libertarian point of view. From my centrist perch Atheists are the nastiest of all humans, they make hyper-sensitive religious people look good.

    On this issue, “the infamous Christian wont bake a gay cake” scenario, I see both sides as screwed up.

    The gay person, especially on the Left Coast can EASILY find a gay bakery that will serve them better than anyone, but they purposely target a business they know is religious because they are piece of feces and want to stomp out any religion…unless it’s Muslim of course because tossing gay people off buildings to their death is perfectly fine apparently. You NEVER see a Christian ANYWHERE in the world, not even a crazy group pretending to be Christians killing gay people.

    On the other hand, I cannot for the life of me understand why a Christian wouldn’t see contact with a gay customer as an opportunity to show the love of Jesus Christ…as an opportunity to be like Jesus and spend time with the sinner to try and save a soul. Jesus didn’t shun the sinners, he tried to convince them of the “Truth”, and in his case the “truth” is his Father, God, loves them all and wants them to go to heaven when they die.

  • [23] July 3, 2015 at 10:09am

    The problem is, Gay people are now considered on the same level as black people and women. A public business cannot refuse service to a person because of color, gender or sexual orientation. There’s now a specific designation for the oddballs.

    And they are oddballs, anomalies. Most people are not gay, therefore they are the misfits, they make up somewhere between 2 and 5 percent of the population. That’s why I say they are the oddballs. I see it as a birth defect or a psychological problem.

    I’m not anti-gay, this is just how I see it. To me there is no other way to see it. These people don’t wake up one day and decide they want to rub genitals with the same sex, they are born with this oddity.

    So, I see both sides. We give special treatment to the other retarded “anomalies” in society (and before you flame me, I have a special needs family member, AND my Son has been known to be bi-sexual although has been with a woman now for years, so kiss off trolls, I come from experience), why can’t we simply sell our wares to all “anomalies”.

    But on the other side, I think it’s being an ass to force anyone to serve you that doesn’t want to. We should treat people the way we want to be treated. Gay folks should want to reserve their right to not do something they don’t want to, and Christians should treat people the way they want to be treated and just bake the flipping cake.

    Aren’t gay people God’s children too? Aren’t we all savable till our last breath?

  • [353] July 3, 2015 at 9:53am

    Just goes to show how awful some gay people are. The decent, peaceful gay folks are all made to look like sniveling little whiny pieces of crap who demand to get their way at every turn regardless of how anyone else feels. The gay lobby has zero tolerance for the opinions and personal space of others.

    If I walked in to a store and the owners told me they would not serve me for any reason, pick one…hair color…anything, I would tell them they are arseholes and they don’t deserve my money anyway and take my business elsewhere.

    On the other hand, Christians need to be smarter about this. They know they are targets for elimination or capitulation by Democrat Progressive feces; so they should be prepared.

    If you are so religious that you cannot stand to bake a freaking cake for a gay couple, turn your business in to a sort of ministry. Put your faith along with everything, on your uniforms, company vehicles, everything. If you are asked to actually be at a gay wedding, inform them that all your religious garb comes with the package and that’s the package you sell to everyone. (So you are not discriminating)

    You should have no problem wrapping everything in your business with scripture. If the gay couple says fine, we’ll take the faith stuff too, then it’s an opportunity for saving some souls.

    From what I understand, Jesus didn’t shun the outcast sinners. He tried to show them “the way”.

    You can also screw up the job. Cheaper to give a refund than getting sued.

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  • [39] July 2, 2015 at 6:57am

    I believe the vast majority of Gay people are peaceful and just living their lives. But, just like one whacko with a gun and a grudge against black people can upend social constructs so can a very small percentage of gay people who are activists.

    The smart conservatives on these boards know the majority of people we see at these demonstrations are a tiny organized group, in many cases paid by front groups that are funded by Progressive elites. They are paid soldiers to foment chaos.

    The American people don’t have time to keep track of too many idiotic uproars so the Progressive agitators are there to keep us all off balance all the time. That’s how the American people are missing what’s going on beneath all this clatter…the dismantling of our nation from within.

    Sometimes we just get fed up and lash out and make the same mistake people do when they damn all gun rights activists and southerners for the actions of one arsehole, we start lumping in all Democrats in with the Progressive agitators.

    These agitators make the gay community look bad in other words…as well as Democrats in general because they vote for the same people the agitators support.

    Personally I’m glad gay marriage is legal in all 50 states now. I was tired of hearing the BS from both sides. Now maybe they will all shut up and move on. But that won’t happen…next it will be polygamy…the same professional agitators will try to force us to accept polyamorous lifestyles and even allow multi person marriages.

  • [6] June 29, 2015 at 10:27am

    Demonicrats cry foul all the time. Bush V Gore, citizens united, Hobby Lobby. The difference is Demonicrats don’t get anything done without corruption, force and intimidation…so they are very comfortable with corruption and expect no less from the Supreme Court. They are certainly happy when the corruption goes their way…and you’re right, Republicans don’t seem to mind when it goes their way.

    I’m not a Republican, but it seems most of the cases that get to the supreme court are about the conservative side trying to get the government out of our lives and pocket books…and bedrooms for that matter; and the liberaless side trying to get or keep government all up in everyone’s business.

    Just how it looks from right of center over here.

    And there was nothing constitutional about the Obamacare rulings. The letter of the terribly written law was literally changed by or loosely interpreted as needed to keep the heinous law in place to devastate the middle class.

    The gay marriage case was not constitutional either. There is nothing in the constitution about federal law governing marriage. The constitution was about federalism…states’ rights as much as individual rights. States don’t have to have marriage law, they choose to, therefore how they administer it should be defined by the issuing state as the citizens popularly vote for. THAT is constitutional. Same with Roe V Wade, another devastating ruling…especially if you are a baby just wanting to be born and not murdered.

  • [31] June 28, 2015 at 10:38am

    I love it. Colleges are turning out blithering idiots that can’t handle simple normal human interaction, let alone actually have knowledge about useful stuff.

    I hated school and was damned sure not going to college. I don’t even like to wait in line like cattle at fast food restaurants or amusement parks and never liked being herded around like goats as a child in school. I don’t do “group think” and college has become a place of PC group think rather than the mind expanding individualist experience it was meant to be.

    Why do I love it? Less Competition. While these grads (not all of them) are sitting back in their old childhood bedroom at mommy’s house, the young people taught work ethic and actual professional aggression as opposed to wussified “micro-aggression” will be successful whether they went to college or not.

    So let the privileged class who think they deserve a namesake college degree learn to be little fraidy cat wussies, they will be left in the dust out in the real workforce. So what will they do? Get a teaching job or a Government job.

    I have seen it first hand with young people. They get out of college, they are stunned when their degree doesn’t get them a job (interviews look at personality as much as degrees these days). They try to get employment in their field of schooling for a year or two…then go in to teaching.

    And of course the government will take anyone that can pass the mirror test (can they fog a mirror with their breath?), and not white.

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  • [107] June 27, 2015 at 9:34am

    He should buy Univision and turn it in to the “Caucasian Entertainment Network”.

    So, when whites become a minority, will they become eligible for affirmative action? Will Latinos no longer be eligible for affirmative action?

    Will whites be allowed to have a white TV network?

    Will we have a United Caucasian College Fund?

    Will we have White Liberation Theology Churches?

    Will Mexico accept white American immigrants in to their country and have no problem with whites tapping in to their school systems and getting some government benefits while they get on their feet?

    Will Mexicans welcome us with open arms as we begin to populate historically brown areas?

    Will Mexicans not mind if we raise the America flag at our new immigrant digs in Mexico…with our American flag and American pride stickers all over our car?

    Will we annoy them by chattering in English while working on the construction sites like Mexicans do in Spanish here in America?

    Can we demand to have a “La prensa dos para inglés” on all ATMs and phone support trees?

    Will we? Will they?

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  • [10] June 27, 2015 at 9:14am

    You would think the Latino population would love Trump’s idea of sealing the border and getting tough on immigration from Central and South America.

    They made it here to escape the crap holes they came from. A Smart Latino should know that when enough of them get here they will turn this in to the same crap hole they escaped from.

    Kinda like Democrats that leave their high tax socialist states and escape to the loving arms of the South only to vote like the idiots they are and turn their new home state in to a rotten hybrid of socialist polices resulting in the higher taxes and government controls they escaped.

    Yep, Mexicans and Democrats seem to trash everywhere they relocate to. If they are the great ones and conservative Americans are the awful, why don’t Mexicans and Demonicrats stay in the paradises they created in the first place?

  • [43] June 27, 2015 at 9:07am


    Funny how people can’t believe the American South former Confederate states still long of the idea of that separate independent nation yet American Demonicrat Progressives have no problem with Mexicans thinking they should still own California and the Southwest.

    Wars only have consequences if the borders are drawn the way and idiot Demonicrat Progressive likes. They like the result of the Civil War but the Mexican American War was simply unjust…on the America side of course, but the result of the civil war was of course just and inarguable.

    Here’s the typical funny hypocritical Democrat twist…the Mexican American war was part of the quest of DEMOCRAT president Polk’s expansion to the Pacific while the Whig party (closely aligned with Republican values) rails against expansionism and allowing slavery in the new territories. The Civil War was won by a REPULICAN president who ended the practice of forced slavery in the U.S.

    Every day I seem to example the clear and constant hypocrisy and lies of modern day Demonicrats. If they want to address slavery and brutal expansionism…AND imperialism they should look in to their own party’s mirror.

    And what claim to Mexicans have to Florida? None! If it weren’t for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers draining that swamp off we wouldn’t have most of Florida as solid ground. South Florida belongs to the American Cuban and American Caribbean Creole immigrants we welcomed here…again…we welcomed them here!

  • [2] June 27, 2015 at 8:35am

    That’s right Al, let’s change all streets named after a Confederate officer to Martin Luther King Boulevard…because we know all the best neighborhoods are centered around Martin Luther King Boulevard in all the major cities. Yep…real urban renewal happening on Martin Luther King Boulevards all across the nation…

    AND…Apple Bite here on this comment board is correct. If Demonicrats and blacks wanted to deal in truth, they would deal with their Democrat origins. Woodrow Wilson’s name is on how many schools across the nation?

    He was an awful racist progressive like all of them still are today…but today they dance around pointing fingers at Republicans, calling them racists in order to deflect the truth…Democrats are, and have always been the racist party in America, and their baby slaughtering Planned Parenthood hero Margaret Sanger saw birth control and abortion as a way to control the “black problem”…but like a true progressive faked the whole thing as a “women’s rights” issue. The entire party is full of racist liars.

    Here’s a solid article on Woodrow Wilson and his KKK buddies:

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