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  • [23] March 3, 2015 at 6:48pm

    So…The Blaze has no idea what states all those other reps are from? At least my guy didn’t vote yes.

    Yep, the Republicans are on the verge of losing their base. People can just vote Democrat if they like the “moderate establishment” Republicans, so the nation does not need them anymore.

    I certainly don’t. We are nearly screwed as it is. It’s getting to the point that maybe we should just let the Liberaless idiots continue to collapse the nation. Let’s get it done so the reconstruction can begin. A good civil war makes for an excellent cleanse. We have been living the cushy life…time for these pansy arsed androgynous Liberaless Progressives to taste a little hardship.

    I for one will show zero mercy for those that support this madness. I will avenge at every opportunity. I’m not a Christian, so I’m not bound by the Lord’s lock on vengeance…Atheists aint seen nothing till they see an angry agnostic coming at them with the shackles of civilized life thrown off. I am not bound by “forgiveness” and “mercy”.

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  • [4] March 3, 2015 at 6:38pm

    In addition, maybe spend a bit of time learning about the scads of bills the Republican House sent to Reid’s “vote on nothing” Senate where bills went to die. The Republican house has been very productive. Democrats just refuse to compromise then go to the microphone and lie to arseholes like you saying the Republicans are obstructing everything.

    One way mother fuc….

  • [8] March 3, 2015 at 6:34pm

    Why does everything have to be “comprehensive”? Those are the bills that get all kinds of crap attached to them that we don’t even know about. We don’t need comprehensive reform, we just need a few areas improved.

    Like shutting the freaking border down number 1, deporting or continuing to jail illegal alien criminals…there’s a novel idea, and make the process to work and immigrate here more streamlined. That’s really all we need…but the funkwads running our government don’t enforce the laws now…what makes you think any “comprehensive” law will be followed?

    But then again, you are a troll here to regurgitate crap you didn’t come up with yourself and say crap purposely to piss people off. You must be a real pleasure in person.

    A person with his or her own functioning original thought and a little bit of knowledge about DC knows that “comprehensive” is code for a bill so big we can pork in all kinds of goodies to reward our supporters and help secure our next election by gushing money we don’t have for crap my state could really do without.

  • [1] March 2, 2015 at 10:20am

    Wow…I’m not black and I can drink some grape soda…especially if it’s Concord grape. But I don’t drink a lot of soda in general.

    I also LOVE fried chicken. Popeye’s and Bojangles is the best fast food chicken.

    Never heard of fried watermelon…but since seedless watermelons have been available I love me some watermelon too. And Thanks whatisthatvelvet…I learned something today…I never knew “African Ham” was racist for watermelon. It’s not even funny…wonder what idiot came up with that one?

    Not a big banana fan though. I’m not sure a lot of black people are either…that’s just an asinine comparison to Apes and monkeys…I get it, there is a slight resemblance with real black Africans but is a really low intelligence insult. Surely you can be more creative…that’s like 19th century cartoon humor.

    And when I smoked cigs, as I got older I liked Newports…they were a little better than Kools. But my favorite were the new Camel Crush…you could decide if you wanted menthol halfway through the cigarette, pinch the filter and voila…instant menthol on the fly.

    And skittles? What the hell is wrong with skittles? Me and my grandson love them…and sour patch kids as well.

    Sheesh…come up with some better funny stuff people, this does not reflect well on your intelligence.

    There is an evolution difference between humans living in Africa and other places, no doubt. But it’s a bigger discussion than this stupid stuff.

  • [3] March 2, 2015 at 10:00am

    So Mr. Allen is angry because Sharpton’s extortion payments are lower than other Black extortionists?

    Corporations exist for only one reason…MONEY. Investors (like your IRA and401K) will not invest money in your corporation if it does not MAKE MONEY.

    The only reason corporations play ball with extortionists like politicians and special interest groups is to fend off harassment from these extortionists…that’s why it’s called “Extortion”…you could call it “Blackmail” but Mr. Allen would probably see something racist in that. Sharpton doesn’t care about racism…only the money he gets form exploiting racism.

    And the bottom line is, most white people have moved past racism. White people often recognize the difference between races, but unlike the race baiters would have you believe, that is not “racism”. Racism is when you actually treat someone differently because of race, not simply recognizing the general differences between people of race.

    You have to be an idiot to pretend there are no differences between most White, Black, Asian, Latino and Arab people. Yea, we all bleed red, but seriously folks, even stand-up comics can separate this stuff out and even see the humor in it.

    People need to lighten up. Black people are just pissed right now because Obama has not been the panacea they believed he would be. He has made black people look even worse on the public soap box…I kind of feel for them, they are not all idiots like the Communist driven Ferguson Rioters.

  • [2] March 1, 2015 at 12:15pm

    On a side note. While sipping on some scotch late last night listing to music…this song from 23 years ago came on my random shuffle.

    Dear Mr. President by 4 Non Blondes

    Struck me as timeless apropos…like so much music can be. It’s not a song I would imagine the vast majority of Blazers have heard.

    You have to like rock/alternative…sort of slightly hippy counterculture stuff to dig this I would imagine. So if your music mix is predominantly “inspirational” or country (both of which I like because I like a wide swath of music genres), this may not be your bailiwick. At my heart I am a blues rocker type, so this is in my wheelhouse.

    Thought I would share.

  • [1] March 1, 2015 at 11:50am

    People are so gullible…Jim Jones, David Koresh…Muhammad…this dude…

    It’s amazing how easy it is to get stupid people to follow any fantasy story.

    Seriously…I will get thumbed down for going all “Joan Rivers” with this (a champion of free speech by the way and a great American Patriot)…but really, Immaculate Conception? Even many Christians in the back of their minds know there is something fishy about the Mary/Joseph situation and everything surrounding it…but yet they press on on…not allowed to question without ridicule…and oh yes, Christians will ridicule with the best of them.

    Like I said, people are gullible and can’t imagine we are just “here” for no dammed reason…

    So charismatic men concoct great stories to put the simple minds at ease.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think atheists are as big an arrogant fool as any.

    Any mortal that thinks he or she “knows the answer” is a fool. And being a fool simply means “you have been fooled”…and let’s face it, even Christians look at other Christians that worship differently and pass judgment because “their” church is clearly following the bible correctly while those “others” are seriously misguided…yea…right…

    Fact is…we can’t handle the truth. Even Christians know mortal man cannot face god as a mortal…our bodies and minds cannot handle the reality.

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  • [12] March 1, 2015 at 11:28am

    I_Guest_Write…has it right…methinks…

    The only thing that contradicts his statement that the nominees are chosen by select committee of elites, is how some candidates seem to come out of nowhere.

    It could all be an elaborate “Truman show” style hoax, but even Obama supposedly “surprised” the establishment when Billary supposedly had the nomination locked.

    I’m inclined to believe the game is rigged. I think Reagan, who the Establishment hated caused the elites to stack the deck even harder against organic choice and the “Perot experiment” made both parties redouble efforts to quash any possibility of a third party candidate being successful.

    I for one will give them what they want if they put up another establishment candidate like Bush. I will simply note vote. But, if they put up Bush and some miracle happens that Jim Webb becomes the Democrat nominee…guess what? I will vote Democrat! Stunning…yes, but I trust Jim Webb over Jeb Bush any day even if he does wear a “D” badge. If Jim Webb selected Joe Manchin as vice president…I’m all in unless the Republicans have a Paul, Cruz, Walker, or a Fiorina type ticket.

    Couldn’t be any worse that another Bush otherwise…

    I do not belong to any party, but either party that makes a sensible choice for a candidate will get my vote…even if it’s the Demonicrats. Funk the Republican Party if they continue to play the Boehner, McConnell, Graham, Bush elitist Progressive game.

  • March 1, 2015 at 11:13am

    I totally agree with you JPK…and Americans, by and large are completely ignorant about all of this. Even if Lame Stream Media stunned us all by broadcasting such truth, the American people still would be completely ignorant because I am convinced that even those that have the CBS evening news on, have it in the background as they are making dinner with the kids running in circles. I think most scan the newspaper with their eyes and are not really retaining anything except the local news.

    We have a young population that gets news from Twitter, Facebook, John Stewart and Bill Maher. We have an older population that is either working so hard they don’t have time for heady stuff like real news. A lot of men spend way more time concerned about meaningless crap like sports and sport fishing where they actually catch fish all day on don’t bring a one home to eat…women focused on the children or meaningless reality and fashion crap…and the rest are losers sitting around playing video games getting funked up while the kids are running amok.

    Also, your post is Waaaay off topic Bro. Kind of random yet specific in nature…

  • [13] March 1, 2015 at 10:32am

    I wept when I saw this ceremony too.

    To know that the Queen of soul…Urethra Franklin is a racist commie Muslim sympathizer the likes of Obama and Holder…well…it just tears at my “Motown Heart”.

  • February 28, 2015 at 6:39pm

    Problem is Punx…many of us recognize we jail people for stupid reasons and then don’t keep people in jail that for damned good reason should stay there.

    We have way too many people in jail. A lot of them for non-violent drug offences. Even some of us so called “racists” in here know this affects the poor and minority population the most.

    We put non-violent people in jail and they HAVE to become violent to keep from getting ass raped. Then they are released as angry, unskilled…often gang members.

    A true conservative and or a Christian would rather see these youths experience the good people out there so they know it exists out here, so when they get out maybe they remember it and seek the good people out, rather than the bad, and make a positive change for themselves and their families.

    I have zero compassion for a heartless killer…but I have great compassion for a young person caught up in drugs in an awful neighborhood who thought that was how life is lived. If they never see the other side, they don’t know it’s there.

    It’s like that yo…

  • [1] February 28, 2015 at 6:28pm

    Yea Kicka! I’m with Scrooples tell us!

    I always took it as Kicka Grandma…you know like Kicker Grandma…like up in New England and down in the deep south they don’t pronounce “R’s” fully so it sounds like “ahhh” instead of “Arrrh”. So it’s “Kickaaah”

    It’s a British thing too…they invent the dang language and refuse to pronounce it! They don’t say R’s when they’re supposed to and add them in when they are not supposed to be there!

    I’m thinking like the SNL skit…”I’m 50!”


  • [15] February 28, 2015 at 6:13pm

    If you are on a bike or a motorcycle, it’s on you to EXPECT that automobile driver to make a mistake, right or wrong. My dad taught me and I taught my son that “right of way” does not mean you won’t be in an accident. Law doesn’t always stop broken bones

    My dad taught me this and I taught my son. Never…NEVER trust that other driver.

    Mama (and Dad in driver training) taught me to look both ways…know what I’m sayin’? I look both ways when a light turns green before entering an intersection.

    We had a beautiful teenage girl with her whole life ahead of her killed in my area a couple years ago. She got the green light, and didn’t think twice before going ahead and entering the intersection like she did every day on the way to school. Unfortunately the dump truck driver missed the red light. A dead girl and a devastated family and community.


    You see the arrogance and stupidity of “certain classes of people” in store parking lots…like Walmart. People will walk…with children in tow right the hell in front of a moving car! A sweet legal settlement doesn’t bring you back to life. Better to not get hit even if it’s the other guy at fault.

    Your survival is first and foremost…your responsibility. Legal proceedings after you are dead are for the living…like funerals.

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  • [1] February 28, 2015 at 3:25pm

    What’s “Basketball?”…LOL! Joking of course…that’s that thing where sweaty players aren’t allowed to actually contact each other without a foul and run back and forth seemingly forever on the same plot of ground throwing a ball over and over at the same circle mounted on a board…invented to give urban people something to do rather than build up energy and fight and kill each other…but it doesn’t work…they are still killing each other…sometimes over right of time on the basketball court.

    And then there’s the squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak….oh my God how do people watch hardwood basketball and not be driven nuts by the squeak!!!??? It drives me nuts if a mirror on my car is whistling!

    Anyway RIP major Basketball dude. Surely there are family and friends that will miss you…maybe not the squeaks…but…

  • [1] February 28, 2015 at 3:17pm

    I don’t often do the thumbs thing but upped you dude. Patrons of this site are so kneejerk sometimes they can’t even tell when you are on their side.

    You are absolutely correct. And what you wrote is a conservative view, including the comment about Beck and MLK…maybe a bit simplistic but I got the point.

    I love Glenn, but he has taken the Rodney King (he, he…another king reference) angle…”can’t we all just get along?”

    No…we can’t, Glenn was right years ago and is leaning wrong now. Progressives are no more willing to deal with reason than they were…ever. They must be shunned, fought, ridiculed and driven back in to the crap hole the slithered out of.

    To me Progressives are like Radical Muslim Extremism, you can’t fix that kind of evil with a “Job Program” or a “Twitter Battle”. Besides, people that spend all day following a twitter battle are shells of humans hunched over their smart phones like horses and cattle in the fields grazing. They get very little of significance done in the real tangible world. They just sit there chewing cud tapping a screen.

  • [5] February 28, 2015 at 3:05pm

    Well Mr. King, play the game the Demonicrats do and blame them for not passing a bill THE MAJOIRTY added a rider to that they don’t like.

    Why is it the game only works one way?

    Keep it up arsewipe Republican Establishment. You think Conservatives stayed home in 2012? Put Bush up as the nominee and keep urinating (The Blaze is too much of a wussy for real adult sour language) on ACTUAL conservatives and you will be right back in the minority with the caliber of feces like the Pelosi’s and Reid’s that Demonicrats have at the forefront holding your leash.

    We are nearly at the point of not giving a shizint because it matters not whether you and your kind Peter (a nickname for penis by the way), or the piece of crap Demonicraps are in charge.

    All Republicans do is slow the pain. Let’s give it to the democrats and take the national collapse as soon as possible. We need to take the lumps now and get it in to history so sanity can reign again after the smoke clears and the debris is swept.

  • [1] February 27, 2015 at 11:53am

    First of all you don’t know me. We went without health insurance for 13 years before ObamaCare. In 2001 things were looking up so we took a risk, moved and started a new business 1 ½ months before 911. Times were tough after 911; no one wanted to talk business after that for a long time…especially to a new guy in town. There was no way we could afford health insurance. After giving a go in business for almost a decade without health insurance so I could afford corporate insurance, then the housing bubble collapsed…and there was no way we could afford to take a loss on the house we bought when we moved. So we hung on, uninsured…PAYING CASH for emergencies, no free ride for us.

    I am waaayy against Obamacare, but after dialing my business back and getting a job (yes, I have a business AND a job) that will provide a stipend for part of the monthly premium, I could finally afford a catastrophic plan with a $6K deductible for each of us. The plan is through the exchange unfortunately but we don’t get a dime of taxpayer subsidy. We could only afford it because of my job. We will pay roughly $800 in penalty for 2014 with no insurance. So we pay our way…and I am not for big government.

    Additionally, without “big government” as we like to say we would not have anything resembling the military we have nor the Eisenhower interstate highway system.

    Government has a role.

    A man can be “for” public utilities and against overarching down pressing government control of everything.

  • [1] February 27, 2015 at 7:42am

    Another thought.

    As I open up Firefox this morning, there is a message up front claiming “victory” over the Net Neutrality FCC move.

    I see Mozilla as a small guy open source type non-profit. Maybe I’m wrong, but they proclaim to be all about privacy and internet freedom. The browser is free, but you can donate…which I have started to do every year…a small amount. The Add-ons are free but again you can donate.

    Are they “useful idiots”? I can’t know at this point.

    I am suspicious of government getting in to anything at this point…after GWB and the DHS and Patriot Act power grab, and 6 years now of Obama crushing his enemies through tentacles of Government…I do not trust my government.

    To make things worse, the FCC, like Demonicrats did with ObamaGlare, kept all of this secret, away from the public and congress, then voted…all Democrat…not a single Republican on board. I How can a balanced person not see this as “political”? But yet, Mozilla, Google, etc. somehow got a copy of these regs? Before the vote?

    I am actually FOR deeming the internet as a public utility. Why? I live in an area with little choice for internet. I can only dream of streaming a movie or playing real time online gaming. But, government and society seems to require a great internet connection for everything these days. So like phone, power and heat…it has become nearly a requirement for modern living interaction…a requirement we, where I am, have been left behind on…In America.

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  • [3] February 27, 2015 at 6:59am

    I rarely come back to see replies but this article was floating at the top again.

    Congress only has the power to impeach with 2/3 of both the house and senate. Things will have to get much worse for enough democrats to vote to impeach him

    Part of the problem is also the “race” thing. Republicans are loath to impeach the first half-black president for historical reasons. We’ve had some terrible presidents…if fact most have their baggage, but the history books are written to put future generations at ease…in other words a great deal of “official history” is complete BS as taught in general K-12 education. Our grade school children are not taught that ANY past presidents are flawed for the most part.

    An example you ask?

    Woodrow Wilson. An awful man. A racist KKK sympathizer and our first openly…some might say radical Progressive President (Teddy R before him was our first Republican Progressive). He was of the groupthink at the time that was actually kicking around the idea of Eugenics. In fact, Hitler loved the concept so much he decided to create the “perfect race” himself since we were failing at it.

    So what do we think of him as a nation? Keep this post in mind and look around at how many schools in the U.S. are named “Woodrow Wilson”. Think the kids have any idea? Nope…it’s an indoctrination center, not a place to learn the hard truth.

  • [17] February 27, 2015 at 6:39am

    LOL! The Nazis are well aware of how to kill your way out of a war. They and the Russians came together to kill their way in to WW2.

    At least the Nazis had some loyalty…the Soviets turned coat, flipped on Hitler (it was all part of Stalin’s plan to take Europe by getting the Germans to lay waste ahead, then the Soviets planned all along to turn their guns and take out the Germans) and then turned up the killing spree like only a Soviet/Russian could.

    Sarah…you want to use a real extreme example of killing your way to winning a war?

    The Soviet Union had two lines of battle toward Eastern Europe. Yep, one right after the other. A simple multi-wave tactic? Nope. The second line of battle behind the first was there to mow down ANY from the first line of battle that turned and tried to retreat. The Soviets mowed down their own soldiers to win. Tends to make that first line keep moving forward…eh?

    Now THAT’S ruthless war at all cost.

    The Japanese were pretty good at sacrifice too. It took two nukes, a weapon the world had never seen to stop that insanity. Otherwise the Allied body count would have been a hell of a lot worse as we put soldiers on the primary islands/mainland.

    War is hell. There IS no humane way to fight it. You must fight it with zero mercy or die trying.

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