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  • [10] January 31, 2015 at 2:09pm


    While I agree with most of what you said, Barry did not grow up in Kenya. If you haven’t seen it, you should rent and watch Dinesh Dsouza’s “2016 Obamas America” and “America, Imagine a World without Her”. Those flicks will get you up to speed.

    Obama was born in Hawaii, then spent some years in Indonesia. When his mother got tired of his stepfathers love of capitalism she left Indonesia and moved back to Hawaii.

    Obama lived a “white privilege” life and went to a sweet high school in Hawaii with their own pool and everything. Not only does he not have anything like the typical American upbringing and life…he has even LESS of a black experience…yet the blacks vote for him like a robotic bloc.

    His mother and father were in fact America hating communists. That’s the seeds that were sown for Barry’s life. His father was a true piece of feces and his mother radical communist trash. Nothing about Obama’s life tells you he has one ounce of love for this country.

    ANYONE that supports the man is either clueless of these facts or THEY are also in the business of bringing America to its knees. Either way, both types of people deserve our greatest hatred.

  • January 31, 2015 at 10:16am

    Two posts of mine deleted in this thread.

    Somebody reading these boards has some thin assed skin.

    And The Blaze is a word they are afraid of that can translate to “soft pettable kitten”.

    Get some balls people.

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  • [23] January 31, 2015 at 10:08am

    The majority of the people bashing “Bush’s unnecessary wars” are complete ignorant morons who haven’t gone over there to know the real story.

    The anti-war dumbarses here are completely clueless. They act like Iraq was a butterfly and puppy market before Iraqi Freedom…like all they were concerned about in Iraq was good kabobs and coffee followed by a good hookah session in front of the café.

    Nope…no mention of the rape rooms our soldiers discovered that Saddam’s Sons used to torture the daughters of dissenting Iraqis that dared to speak out against Saddam. Yep, houses rigged up with suspension devices, and torture racks with all manner of objects for sick twisted sexual deviance in addition to stockpiles of heroin and Viagra to keep the good times “c-um-ming” all night long.

    Yep, and Afghanistan was a paradise before Bush’s illegal wars. I mean women had choices…a black burqa or an off black burqa. And girls were kept the way they should be, barefoot and uneducated and sold for dowry to the chieftain of the nearby village. The little boys didn’t have silly worries like “soccer balls and kites to fly”…they simply did the wholesome things…on their knees rocking back and forth like a mentally deranged person chanting Koran verses all day.

    Yep…life was awesome before BUSH ruined everything for them over there.


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  • [6] January 31, 2015 at 9:56am

    Boko Haram has clearly not been touched by NASA’s outreach to massage the egos of the Muslim world who were once the dominate intelligence of the globe…then never advanced a lick since.

    They haven’t gotten the message that we’re sorry they have stayed in primal stasis for millennia and we just want to give them a good shoulder massage. It must be tough to have lost all that stature in the world. We’re sorry we did so well in the western world. We should have held ourselves back so as not to make them look so bad.

    They need to know that we are now holding our people back, making some really stupid generations they’ll be able to “relate” to real soon.

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  • [4] January 31, 2015 at 9:49am

    LOL! “Manner of dress”!….LOL!

  • [4] January 31, 2015 at 9:45am

    Um, I don’t think the “patriot class” was happy about the Patriot act at all.

    And exactly how would you fight Islamists that want to blow us all up? We hadn’t gone to war with them prior to 911. We had the 8 mystical wonderful perfect years of Bill Clinton prior to 911…Bush was sworn in less than 9 months before 911.

    Clinton went to “air war” in Bosnia to help protect Muslims. He refused to take the opportunity to kill or jail Bin Laden on multiple occasions. And yet those buildings were still attacked.

    So exactly what should we have done? What about now? We’re placating them at every turn, the Muslim Brotherhood has a direct line to Obama, we’re pulling out and letting the Islamists cut the heads off of all the people that supported us in Iraq and Afghanistan. Should we go on to kiss the unwashed asses of all Muslim ass wipes….will that work?

    You don’t know what the funk you are talking about. Maybe that’s why you are a Republican. Smart people don’t pick a party…parties are monoliths that can’t dream of full representation of their members.

    I hear people talk of the “unnecessary wars” and all this bullSh!t…none of them EVER offer a solution. Nothing else we have done has stopped their desire to kill us all or convert us to Islam.

    What’s your “brilliant” idea?

  • [5] January 31, 2015 at 9:34am

    I like Clint Moore and Moore every day!

  • [11] January 31, 2015 at 9:30am

    “The one that got away”…eh Monk? It’s a good country song too.

    I didn’t let one of them get away…and we ended up divorced anyway. I have a replacement though!

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  • [8] January 31, 2015 at 9:25am

    For the first time in Moochie’s “adult life” she is “proud of her country”…well, not really proud, she just thinks the movie is good.

    For the first time since I first saw her and her husband she said something I can agree with.

    I was just reading reviews of several different war flicks. Reviews from people, not professionals…they’re not “people”. The vast majority of flicks are ripped apart by veterans who say they are completely inaccurate.

    In “Company of Hero’s” there are tanks and guns that don’t and never existed. In Jarhead2 they lunch a grenade that blows up 20 feet away….when the real grenade is designed not to explode in such a short distance…and it’s used to take out one guy instead of the truck full of men right behind him.

    Hollywood just wants your money and their big nights on the red carpet. The only stories they are interested in telling the truth about are gay people, women and immigrants…maybe the retarded. They don’t like white, conservative military heroes.

    Most people just go to the movies or rent from the red box like robots, they don’t usually research a movie before seeing it. If the trailer looks good or the artwork, they watch it.

    The entertainment industry is one of a few that doesn’t have a money back guaranty. You can return a lamp to Walmart after a month just because you didn’t like the way it looks in your room. Ever try getting your money back halfway through a movie or a music album because your realize it sucks?

  • January 30, 2015 at 5:01pm

    Hey Woodyeye,

    FYI, the word is gobbledygook

    not intending as an insult but a help in case you don’t know.

    I only know because my 6th grade spelling and comprehension tests were based on Reader’s Digest’s Towards More Picturesque Speech.

    That was back before Progessives had control of Northern Virginia schools and we used to actually learn “smart stuff” at a young age…like speed reading…in elementary school.


  • [4] January 30, 2015 at 4:55pm

    Trump does everything for press. His bank account aint as stupid as you think he is. How much money do you have?

    Also, have you seen Palin’s “Amazing America” show? Seems to me most people that think Palin is a dumbarse is usually confusing her with Tina Fey. A very easy mistake for a low information Democrat voter to make.

  • [1] January 30, 2015 at 4:52pm

    I only watch O’Rielly for the segments with other people like Dennis Miller and Watters World. That’s what DVRs are for. Same with Cavuto, he gets some good guests, but when he sits down two hen lawyers to cackle about some stupid subject (you know, “fair and balanced”) it’s “skip forward- skip forward- skip forward-whoop…show’s over.

    It’s also great for The Five…you can pass right by whoever is “acting the Democrap role” because it’s drivel anyway.

    Red Eye is the best show on FOX. They get a couple drinks in them before filming and don’t take themselves too seriously…usually. That’s the only FOX show I even seem to watch the entire program…skipping commercials of course!

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  • [138] January 30, 2015 at 4:30pm

    The sad thing is 50% of this nation doesn’t even realize that Pelosi and Reid ran a two ring circus when they were in charge. They did very little but outrageous dog and pony shows…with the exception of ObamaCare…that’s one they got serious about because it was a great opportunity to damage the nation forever. In that respect they were very “productive”.

    Nancy Pelosi is a feces stain on San Fran. Yes, it’s a naked homeless, illegal immigrant sanctuary, dick smoking carpet munching haven…but otherwise a really great place!

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  • [6] January 28, 2015 at 5:11pm

    Republicans have a tough job here. Most of them know ANYONE Obama nominates is “down with the struggle” and a loyal Progressive America hating soldier of “fundamental change” that means “out with whitey and in with people control”.

    The racism is just a surface thing they do for distraction. We know they are all hard core racists…black and white. What the average person doesn’t get is black progressives are racist against black people. It’s because they believe most black people are low on the food chain like your average country hick white person.

    Its more “classism” disguised as “seeking equality” to the simple people. The true enemy to them is the Bourgeois…the middle class. Yea, they think poor people suck too, but they can control poor people by keeping them in the government “box”.

    Progressives hate that a plumber can have a great house and a vacation in Cancun. That stuff should be only for the elite. They look out for themselves and their own “academic elite” class and use blacks, Latinos and poor and stupid white people as pawns to achieve their goal of population regulation.

    They need servers but a plumber is a server to them. A turd wrestler, same with welders and mechanics…those are “dirty fingernail” people that couldn’t tell a good wine or a gourmet meal from PBR and McDonalds.

    Can you tell I hate an elitist? That’s what these people are and they are a danger to the lifestyles of even the fools that help them as underlings and election foot soldiers.

  • [50] January 28, 2015 at 4:43pm

    I love Sarah Palin for this primary reason:

    Her voice alone is like nails scraping a chalkboard to a piece of feces Progressive Commie Democrat. They feel physical pain just hearing her voice in the distance.

    I love this about Sarah Palin. She is like a sonic weapon with great visuals to go with it. Everything the enemies of this nation hate.

    ANYTHING that grates on a Commie makes me smile!

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  • [4] January 28, 2015 at 4:36pm

    Gentlemen, consider the character of someone who would troll a web site of people of the mindset they hate and they think are stupid.

    Most people avoid things they hate but not these whackos. Most people don’t take the time to even criticize people they think are stupid… these trolls get some kind of giddy pee-in-your-pants enjoyment out of it.

    Think about it. Do you go over to Media Matters or Huffpo and throw idiot bombs at the idiots there? Hope not, because that would make you a fool arguing with idiots…funny to watch sometimes but a complete waste of time.

    These trolls are the lowest of the low. The little micro-evil parasitic pieces of feces that make up the hardcore leftist base. They delight in Fu©k!ng with people.

    Three kinds of Obama supporters:
    1-Clueless (think “Obamaphone biotch!)
    2-Fools (actually think Obama give a shiznit about the middle class and black people)
    3-Nefarious (functional operatives in the collapse of the American system as we know it)

    These trolls are of the nefarious class. The scum of the pond. Humorless wastes of breathable air. How they look at themselves in the mirror every day is curious…maybe they don’t have mirrors!

  • [14] January 28, 2015 at 4:22pm

    O’Reilly is a New York elitist. He rubs elbows with the 1%. He is clueless on guns and drugs and a whole litany of stuff he thinks he is brilliant on.

    Granted, he’s not stupid and he makes some good points…some.

    I knew he was way out of touch when he made a sloppy comment about going down to the corner store and buying a bazooka. Yea, he was being over the top but he was defending restrictions on the types of guns we should be able to have. He is dumb on that argument as well as the war on drugs.

    This should be no surprise to Palin. O’Reilly is in the Progressive Republican camp. He prefers so called “moderates”. You know, the ones that like only SOME “people control” and government intrusion in your life. Also called rich elitists.

    O’Reilly is a well-educated man and very smart on much, but he gets a lot wrong just like Rush Limbaugh. I like Rush but I groan when I hear him state total mis-facts. Rush says his opinions are 99.7% almost always correct…he doesn’t dare get in to his facts because he gets them wrong more than that. O’Reilly is in the same league, producing content and missing the punch with a bad swing now and then.

    Republican unity would be nice. Problem is establishment republicans are my way/highway types. They are the arrogant elite that haven’t figured out their judgment sucked in the last two presidential elections…losers…literally.

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  • [7] January 28, 2015 at 4:01pm

    Honestly…I have a hard time believing our government doesn’t have an EMP contingency. I’m sure we do, but I wouldn’t put it past the Obama crew to disable it…they want a catastrophe. They have visions of desperate people begging government at the rear of big trucks with soldiers tossing out supplies. It’s their version of “sugar plumbs dancing in their head”.

    Thing is, a lot of that stuff would be secret…at least if I were a king like Obama this info would be secret. Have the protections in place, thwart an EMP attempted attack then look at the perpetrator like, “yea, bet you didn’t see this coming did you?”

    The deterrence of an EMP attack is MAD. Mutually assured destruction…same as conventional nuclear warfare. Granted, the mullahs of Iran are nuts enough to accept the fact they would be vaporized if they did such a thing…well, in the past that would be the case…I don’t think Obama has the cojones to counterstrike his allies in the Muslim world…I think he would see it as something America deserved.

    Aaannyywayy…counterstrike is the deterrence. It’s why we need a global military.

    The sun can EMP as well. Don’t forget that.

    Prepare your household for long term survival with nothing from any other humans. Problem is there will be many humans needing your stuff. If you live near a lot of people…sorry bout your luck. If you are in the city, prepare to be cordoned off by your own govt. You see what happens just with a snowstorm don’t you?

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  • [6] January 28, 2015 at 3:47pm

    Man, this has been covered ad nauseam.

    This site is an ad whore, we know that. Use Firefox or Chrome as your browser (preferably Firefox as they are non-profit and designed with privacy in mind).

    People still using Internet Explorer probably still have AOL or Yahoo mail accounts, so if you are that out of the loop no-one can help you.

    Those two browsers have add-ons that will stop a lot of the junk and if you are getting constant malware you clearly don’t have adequate protection from the get go. If you are using a PC at the very least use Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Also, free malware programs can be good, BUT they make their money on people who are in fear and buy “premium”. They show many results that are NOT malware but the typical tracking stacking stuff that makes web sites remember you and function faster when you return. All of the results are not malicious but if you don’t know that, you might think you need to buy “premium”.

    If you are paranoid, you should stay off the web. This stuff goes “out there”. I’ll guarantee good hacker/NSA type folks can peg each and every one of us if they want. Get used to it or unplug or at least take measure like mentioned above to somewhat protect yourself and improve your browsing experience.

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  • [1] January 28, 2015 at 3:35pm


    Scrap has a point, but if your well pump is submerged it probably won’t get whacked. Underground stuff has some protection from what I have read. Also you could buy a spare well pump and faraday cage that for insurance. I have also, like you read that a wire mesh can do the trick. It’s worth having, the problem is are you going to always keep the mesh around the genny? We don’t know when the EMP will hit. It can come from the sun too.

    Microwave ovens are also widely believed to be faraday cages.

    Also, think “outside the well”. I have this little system, you can filter from nearly any water source:

    It’s kind of a large “life straw”.

    Rain barrels. Everyone that can should have rain barrels.

    Heat source. Wood fired, propane tanks…whatever, to boil water.

    My Rain barrels fill completely with one good solid rain. That water can be used to clean, wash, and with the Aquacera even cook and drink.

    I’m lucky my well is a shallow artesian. I can see water down there. Working on manual retrieval. Also, a nearby creek. That water filters if I retrieve it too.

    A lot to think about Inda. Do you really want to be running a genny when people out there can hear it for miles in the new “silence” after an EMP? Think about it, even burring a fire can signal “you have stuff” from miles away.

    Be vewy, vewy careful…the wabbit may not be sleeping…

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