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  • December 20, 2014 at 9:01am


    After seeing the stats that immigrants account for all the new net job in the U.S. since 2007, it’s actually more likely a brown skinned immigrant has that job…not even the white middle aged person.

    We know it’s not going to be an Asian, they don’t work at Target or as a valet, they go in to the family business or create one of their own. Or if they are Japanese they go on to executive positions…you won’t find Japanese people stocking shelves in Target either…at least in most cases.

  • December 20, 2014 at 8:51am

    Whoopi had a moment of lucidity…wow, that’s the gem of this story.

    An irrational gay woman with a black child gives me nothing to learn. She has been called “@#$%” or whatever?

    Liberals call TEA Partiers worse than anything you could call a gay woman, primarily because most of what you can call a gay woman is technically true and is usually, merely and crass harsh way of calling something what it is.

    What they call TEA Partiers is not only not true, but also nothing even in the realm of what a TEA Party Patriot is.

    Racism in America? YES!

    Racism across the globe? YES!

    Racism is not an exclusively white or American thing. Democrap Liberals are simply reactive idiots that buy in to the chum their fomenting leaders throw out there for them to feed on. Many conservatives and especially Christian conservatives are the same…not bothering to learn the full story before reacting to some simplistic half assed story thrown out there for ratings and clicks.

    Racism is the normal state of the human mind. It is amazing we mostly work past it in the first place.

    As far as assuming a black person is “the help” is a BS argument too. Black unemployment is as bad as it has been in a long time. Assuming that a black person standing there is working…is a stretch! It’s more likely the white middle aged person actually has the job!

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  • December 20, 2014 at 8:33am

    Once again either FOX News or Jason Howerton here at The Blaze refuses to follow up on full stories.

    Look, I don’t trust Common Core at all and I do believe there is a push to de-Christianize and pro-islamicize our nation, but get to the full facts. This is not complete journalism and I see it all the time on The Blaze, FOX, MSNBC, CNN and ALL the network alphabet networks.

    What am I referring to in this story?

    “Our school system understands all concerns related to proselytizing, and there is no place for it in our instruction/ However, this particular lesson was one of many the students in this class have had and will have that expose them to the various religions and how they shape cultures throughout the world,” the district said in a statement.

    A real journalist would follow up on that statement and demand to report on the “other” lessons that touch on the “other” religions. If there is a real balance of content about religions, I don’t see a problem.

    The one mother is most correct:

    “I just told my daughter to read it as if it’s fiction. It’s no different than another of fictional book you’ve read,” she said

    All religion should be taught as “fictional” to children. Let them decide if it’s true for themselves when they become older.

    Belief in any religion is no crazier than another. It’s all based on the complex words of intelligent men that supposedly received the information divinely.

    All of that crap DOES shape world culture. Kids need to know that.

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  • December 19, 2014 at 9:32am

    You support our biases every time you employ your keyboard here. You are proof of everything we hate. Thanks for backing up the perception.

  • [3] December 19, 2014 at 9:29am

    There will come a day when ALL the useful idiots that are responsible for the Obama tragic devastation of America will realize they too will be left behind.

    They will be relegated to serfdom like the rest of us if the Progressive plan is completed. Obama may have us to that level of devastation over the next two years, but if Clinton or Warren become our next President, we are toast.

    This couldn’t happen to a more perfect person. This idiot woman is one of those responsible for the collapse of the American system. Screw her.

  • [7] December 18, 2014 at 9:50am

    Yep, a great point Monk. A short white racist would be terrified by a tall black Amazonian built woman like Moochy. Hell, I’m a little scared myself…

  • [106] December 18, 2014 at 9:44am

    I’m sure that I, as a pale skin white person could walk through the ghettos of Chicago and not feel even one little twinge of racism.

    I mean there is no way if I walk, unarmed, by myself through a rough black neighborhood that people would target me because I am white right?

    Racism only happens to dark skinned people. I mean, Asians never get a hard time do they? Especially not a hard time from the black people in the communities they have the balls to open a store in…right? Black, inner city neighborhoods would not have any stores if not for immigrants and the few blacks that have the guts to open a business that takes cash.

    They blame “white flight” for inner city decay. Hmmm…so when the white people leave, everything goes to shiznit? Black people can’t keep a tidy, safe place on their own? What’s that saying?

    Would you stay in a place where the racism against you and attacks on your stuff are nearly an everyday thing? Smart people don’t…and that’s why the white people leave…and that’s why those neighborhoods crumble when they do…all the smart people left.

  • [13] December 18, 2014 at 9:33am

    Che was a racist murderer. The kind of man fellow Progressives love. Don’t forget. Progressives, take Hillary for instance who was given the Margaret Sanger award in 2009, love racist murderers.

    Check this out about Sanger:

    Like JohnofOregon wrote, there are no coincidences, especially with this administration. Everything about them is image and message. They have no substance on the façade they portray. They have substance alright, but it’s not what they show us on TV and photos on purpose….if they were to show that it would be less subtle…next to the Che picture there would be a picture of the Twin Towers right at the moment of collapse.

    These people are our nation’s enemies and everyone that supports them still today, every single one are our enemies. Treat them as such out there.

    Can anyone identify the device on the desk next to that woman’s phone? A couple others have mentioned it but no one has really taken it seriously.

    It’s clearly something with a pistol like handle. Maybe a newfangled Taser? I mean a real one, not a Star Trek toy. Again, nothing is coincidence so someone thought having it in the photo was good.

    Maybe it IS Star Trek level stuff. I’m starting to think these people are true extraterrestrial aliens anyway. What red blooded American would think like they do?

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  • [9] December 18, 2014 at 9:18am

    The other difference between Lee and Obama is, Lee stood on the battlefield with his men.

    Obama treats his military like the wait staff and kills people without trial from afar with drones…so he doesn’t have to smell the blood himself.

    At least Lee rode through the battlefields he conquered to immerse himself in the sadness and death of fellow Americans.

    Have you read any of his writings before you came in here and cocked off at the keyboard?

  • [4] December 18, 2014 at 9:09am

    Yes, the armies of the North never killed anyone. They just brought cheese puffs and cider to the battlefield and the South took advantage and fired cannons.

    That’s why the North/Union won the Civil War…pacifism.

    That pacifism then burned and looted nearly every town and plantation home leaving unnecessary devastation across the south causing reconstruction to take even longer than it would have.

    Yep…only southerners killed back in those days and sick phukers still want those offensive statues all around.

    I mean, the south has no right to have bad memories on Union soldiers burring them from their homes and fond memories of a General that nearly won their freedom as a free standing nation.

    I mean it IS the south…they are just a bunch of backwater hicks kissing their sisters on the mouth and chewing tobacco anyway right?

  • [22] December 17, 2014 at 4:43pm

    Wow…what a long and arduous diatribe on an activity that intelligent self-secure people know is boorish and narcissistic.

    Nothing wrong with having a picture of yourself taken once in a while so descendants and loved ones will have record, but taking a picture of yourself is a bit much. I guess if you need a stock photo like Blest wrote, it can make sense if you have no one else in your life to take it for you…but even that’s a bit sad when you think about it.

    Since extracting myself from Facebook I don’t have to see many of these. Facebook is a good way to realize how moronic most of your friends and relatives really are! Been there, saw it…lost respect for 70% of the people I thought I liked…a good learning experience!

    I guess I’m a bit of an “inner Amish” person. I think it’s of low character to wear flashy clothes, a lot of meaningless jewelry, have tattoos or any conspicuous consumption that is intended to draw attention to oneself. I won’t even by a car that is a flashy color.

    Better to have others recognize you without you trying so hard…that’s real attention…when you’re not begging for it.

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  • [3] December 17, 2014 at 4:19pm

    Cubans are conservative, hardworking, smart people. They are not typical Democrats from my understanding.

    Wondering why? Obama has great respect for communist dictators…well…dictators of all kinds. Obama dreams of the efficiency of dictatorship and totalitarianism. It takes too long to subjugate people that think they are free like Americans. He’s upset that our lives aren’t under complete government control already…but he’s got two more years, he’s working on it.

    Cuba’s greatest ally has been Russia (Soviet Union back in the day). Obama is pissed at Putin because he tried to chum up to Putin and Putin flipped him off and embarrassed Obama.

    Wanna be dictators do not like being embarrassed. So on top of the dichotomy of Obama having to love the oil he hates devastating Russia with collapsing prices, he’s now flipping Putin off (back at cha) and sticking his 5 iron in the Cuban mix.

    I think we should have done this a long time ago. It’s easier to infiltrate and foment revolution when you are actually there. That’s not why Obama is doing it…but, hey, the cigar market in the U.S. is about to get pretty sweet!

    Something about licking and sucking the wet tip of a Cuban still doesn’t sound right though…

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  • [63] December 17, 2014 at 12:06pm

    Well at least SHE is blacker than her husband…and more masculine. I think I could take Barry in a struggle but Moochie would kick my ass…I’m sure of it…

  • [7] December 17, 2014 at 12:02pm

    What’s frightening is there are still 500K people tuning in to MSNBC primetime. There are a lot of blithering idiots out there. Their cousins, a much larger portion of the country are getting news from NBC, CBS, and ABC broadcast…now THAT is even more frightening.

    Gruber is right. We, as a nation are flipping STUPID!

  • [6] December 17, 2014 at 11:31am

    Your worth is what someone is willing to pay you. Whether a thinker, a painter, a prophet or carpenter. Doesn’t matter the color of the collar.

    Other than that your worth is what you can do for yourself or others.

    Meanwhile…idiot liberals think we have a gun control problem in the U.S? I would love to have a large caliber weapon mounted on my truck…just for weekend fun with the boys of course…but alas…gun control…

  • [4] December 16, 2014 at 6:03pm

    Beck has a lot of great points, but he has been proclaiming “the collapse” for as long as I have listened to him.

    I have certainly been preparing but one has to keep a grip. Thanks to Glenn I will certainly be better prepared for something, if that something doesn’t kill me at the onset.

    People have been proclaiming the coming of Jesus based on world events…we can’t know that, nor can we know when the global economic collapse or global war could come. The elite powers…the Bilderberg types may know, but they are certainly not going to give us any warning any more than the government is going to warn us of a catastrophic asteroid 30 days out.

    Ever see the movie “Seeking a friend for the end of the world”? A real good take on the potential reality.

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  • [9] December 16, 2014 at 5:54pm

    I got your Christmas spirit right here…

    My Christmas spirit goes to stuffing the Salvation Army bucket with money…every single one I pass.

    You can take the tree and the stupid material crap and shove it. Christmas is about Jesus, not presents and overeating. And I’m not a Christian!

    I live for the moment my wife says the Christmas music can stop on Christmas day. That’s my moment of “Heavenly Peace”. Life can now proceed normally.

  • [5] December 16, 2014 at 5:47pm

    I spend the entire holiday season with my teeth firmly clenched on my tongue. Good thing most people aren’t mind readers!

    Bring on the New Year! I freaking hate Christmas. Stop with the bells!

    If I have to hear one more person say “it just doesn’t feel like Christmas because (insert lame bullsnot here)” I am going to release that grip on my tongue and let it out!

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  • [7] December 16, 2014 at 5:39pm

    One armored vehicle caught in a pack of patriots defending liberty from tyranny is not going to protect them. It will become a tomb for the fools that would attempt such a thing.

    Islamic Jihadists aren’t the only ones with enough brains to cause catastrophic damage to a military vehicle.

    They only have so much fuel and ammo in those things. Make a wrong turn without the type of support a vehicle like that needs and it will become a long…long day for those inside.

    We have full on military operations overseas that struggle to deal in combat sometimes…imagine getting stuck in a holler in the mountains of West Virginia without the correct logistics to support armored vehicles.

    “Yoo aint frum aroun dees part are yee?” “You look just like a hog…boy…now let’s you just drop dem pants…”

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  • [63] December 15, 2014 at 5:25pm

    Choking and tackling a man on the street in NYC for selling loose cigs and asking why the cops keep messing with him.

    Taking a seasoned citizen down THEN using a stun gun on him over an inspection sticker that didn’t have to be there.

    These actions are why people think cops are out of control. If these idiots didn’t do stupid shiznit like this, maybe the citizens could more easily believe the cop in a “Ferguson” style police shooting.

    The cop should lose his job, the department should pay dearly in monetary penalty…so much that they lose some of that new snazzy tech and tactical gear they get such a hard on for…AND the cop should be sued in civil court for violating the man’s civil rights and direct unprovoked assault.

    Any cop does that to my dad and he will be lucky to receive the above punishment only. I can wait and watch for years. An ass hole like that better be watching every direction everywhere he goes for the rest of his life if my mother, father wife or child were his victim.

    That is not a man, it is an animal.

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