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  • December 7, 2014 at 6:54pm

    When this admin is giving us information, the people talking need to be hooked up to a lie detector machine…..with a light in back of them so we know when they are lying..notice I didn’t say “if”.

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  • December 7, 2014 at 6:52pm

    We are so smart, we don’t have to make sense to you….ever!

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  • December 5, 2014 at 5:42pm

    America today accepts dog killers back into our society with a thumbs up…..huge pay for pretend atonement….Vic playing for the Eagles….nobody even cares about animals anymore…and next, it will be people…Beat to almost death in a baseball stadium parking lot in Los Angeles, Bryan Stowe will never be the same…..two guys Hammered to death in Ferguson….gosh, it’s already here and nobody cares. and we deserve everything we get because we let it happen…we didn’t do anything to help stop it, therefore, we helped the decline take place.

  • [6] November 30, 2014 at 2:24am

    Do you know how many white young men shot and killed white officers in the line of duty last year? No, because nobody ever does the statistics on that one….or how may black youth shot and killed white officers nationally last year? no you don’t because there are no headlines and idiots to riot over those facts…at least not yet….but it’s coming because of idiots like you. So you are all for lawbreakers doing whatever they want to do, even trying to take away a policeman’s gun and using it on him too, right? Because if a young man is so blatant with disregard for the law, and tries to take an officer’s gun from him, what is the next step, hum? and you are okay with a policeman dying instead of defending himself because if he does, there will be riots and death threats and stalking of his family…… are a genius, an outcome based educated idiot genius.

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  • [6] November 30, 2014 at 2:16am

    The JURY HELD………IT DID NOT CAVE……..The police caves, the Governor caved, the people are evil and they want their “feelings” to be the rule of law….well, when there are no more police to defend you, and civil disobedience is out there (and everybody is feeling their feelings) on your streets, and not abiding by the rule of law, like Michael Brown stealing, I hope you remember when you didn’t stand up for a man who was just trying to do his job….and if you think anything else, you are already lost…so there is no hope for you anyway…..

  • November 29, 2014 at 12:51pm

    Martin Luther King, Jr. would be embarrassed by the majority of his people today. He would disown them I am sure. I don’t count what is taking up space at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as one of them as he was educated and grew up in Indonesia and Kenya….the fundamental transformer who can’t even golf. What a shame when he spends the majority of his time trying to. Stanley Ann Dunham, his own mother single handedly ruined the Indonesian banking system with her micro economic principles (subprime lending) and they had to restructure the entire banking system so that the Indonesian people would trust the institution of banking again, as everybody lost all of their money when the banks failed..sound familiar? except we had FDIS…they didn’t……..she actually ruined it…and he’s still trying to prove that she was right….ruining our economic structure with subprime auto loans, subprime mortgage loans…subprime reverse mortgages, with the help of Andrew Cuomo as HUD secretary under Clinton (April 3, 1998 Accubank started it all..$2.1 Billion in subprime lending–youtube him in his own words) and they blame Bush…white people are stupid too!

  • [5] November 29, 2014 at 12:41pm

    Great post….and they don’t even know it….it must be really dumbed down inside that Democrat tent……

  • [3] November 29, 2014 at 12:39pm

    I wonder how many “white officers” nationwide have been murdered by black young men…Al Sharpton counted 11 young black men had been killed in the line of duty by white officers…….somebody, please do the statistics..and how many white young men have been killed in the line of duty by white officers? and how many white FBI officers have been murdered by black young men…….and how many white prisoners are there compared to black prisoners…so what Ferguson is demonstrating for is letting young black men steal anything they want anytime they want from any business and take guns away from the policemen who try to keep their community safe….that’s what they are protesting for…..Sounds about right for Democrat educated idiots….but keep voting that way and soon we won’t have to worry about race, because you’ll only be able to drool into your cup.

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  • [3] November 26, 2014 at 1:38am

    She’s a Reverend Jeremiah Wright convert……from brains to brainwashed, from critical thinker (maybe, if ever) to oxymoron….and then just plain moron.

  • [2] November 26, 2014 at 1:36am

    Barack Obama’s ivy league education, Clinton’s ivy league education (all three), Timothy Geithner’s ivy league education, Franklin Raines’ ivy league education, Al Gore’s ivy league education and this idiot’s ivy league education are not worth the paper their certificates are printed upon….jr college and then a non ivy league college to get the best brains of the bunch…a Rhodes scholar means somebody has a photographic memory….and that’s about it….no common sense (Clinton–it depends on the definition of is) but a photographic memory.

  • [1] November 8, 2014 at 12:55am

    Horrible unintended consequences (ivy league educated no critical thinking skills whatsoever) always comes back to bite progressives in the ass!

  • [9] November 8, 2014 at 12:53am

    As far as Eric Holder is concerned, he does not know anything about racial tension…..he’s been helped his entire career with affirmative action, the color of his skin, his professors who gave him superior grades because they felt he deserved them instead of earned them…he’s never been tested until now, like his brother, Barack, and he really isn’t worth his salt, like his brother Barack.

  • [1] November 8, 2014 at 12:49am

    I believe you call that a cover up…don’t you? At least the Dems didn’t have a problem figuring that out when it was Nixon!

  • [2] October 31, 2014 at 1:24pm

    I worked in a public elementary school….it was Easter time…only we were told not to say Easter, we had to say Spring….it was after 9/11, April 2012, and we had been given instructions to be careful, being in a Jewish community and a public school (which is really wide open) to make sure everybody coming into the school is signed in and makes a name tag…we were a two year old school and we looked like the Hyatt Hotel……it was a very beautiful school….and because it looked so good, people were so relaxed about rules…..the day before Easter break, sorry, Spring break, a person dressed in a bunny costume with a mask on, hopped into the school, didn’t sign in and wouldn’t turn around when I yelled after them to come back…it ran around the corner….I ran into the Principal’s office and made the mistake of saying a person dressed as the Easter Bunny just came into the school, with a mask on, and didn’t sign in and wouldn’t come back when I yelled at him….Principle was meeting with parents at the time and I felt there was no time to lose….so I just said it out loud…he was so upset that I used the term Easter bunny, that he didn’t even realize what I had said…..until I shouted at him again, there’s a person in a mask running around the school and then the parents got it…and then the Principle got up and ran trying to find the bunny. Thank God it was a parent in the Easter Bunny costume….Political correctness will kill us all!!!!

  • [1] October 31, 2014 at 1:07pm

    Sharia Law is incorporated into Islam….which means it is a TOTALITARIANIST STATE….no freedoms….here you have your religion of Islam and your freedoms too because we are not an ISLAMIC TOTALITARIANIST STATE……but if you were in an ISLAMIC TOTALITARIANIST STATE, you would have to live your life totally different……and if you didn’t, there would be informants all over the place to turn you in and huge consequences……your life is the states and there’s nothing you can do about it….have a war break out and they’ll take your sons, at age 9…..and you have no say…..they can take your daughter and marry her off at 8 years old….and you have no say….they can perform unspeakable crimes on her and you have no say………and then you’d change your mind faster than a New York minute. Unless of course you are actually out of your freaking ever loving mind!

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  • [-1] October 31, 2014 at 12:54pm

    There’s a lawsuit here…….they can’t take “under God” out of our “Pledge of Allegiance” and then turn around and teach our children the religion of Islam and the Prophet Mohammed……if it’s history then they have to teach our history too…so Christianity will be taught in our history………and what’s with the dad being barred from the school?……LAWSUIT!!!!! and start with the first persons, the “office personnel” and the Principle and then the entire school district and board of education….large pockets……that girl will have a great education in the school of her choice… the time I’d be done with them…..

    Her assignment? Her paper should read…….

    If the Great Islamic Prophet Mohammed confirmed Jesus was a Great Prophet, and Jesus said he was the Son of God, then Jesus was the Son of God, according to the Great Islamic Prophet Mohammed who doesn’t lie.

  • [3] October 16, 2014 at 12:44pm

    If you like your Hazmat suit, you can keep it!

  • [2] October 16, 2014 at 12:38pm

    I can’t even go to the blaze anymore because my computer hates it…….it takes lots of time to actually read an article because of the loading of so many commercials and ads….it’s just not worth my time anymore even though I love Glenn Beck and get my news from GBTV and the Firewire newsletter….it’s still trying to load what I tried to read while I am commenting on it….love everything about Glenn Beck except the Blaze “now” didn’t always used to be this way….and what good is a news source if you can’t open it up and read it fast…like Drudge.

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  • October 6, 2014 at 8:07pm

    Great post!

  • [1] October 6, 2014 at 8:06pm

    The VA is SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM…or govt control health care……which is what Obamacare is and it will take down our private insurance system with it….everything will be SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM or GOVT CONTROL……so get ready because they are going to destroy all the private health care companies…..the only remaining will be the best, like Cedar Sinai, where all the bucks are…..those people will still get the best care that “money” can buy!!!!! You know, people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Clinton, all the people that shoved it down our throats…..

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