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  • January 23, 2013 at 11:45am

    I am a traveling evangelist, ordained by the Baptist church. I own a gun shop. There’s conundrum for the left. We sell those scary weapons, not “Hello Kitty” bubble guns, but the real things. I was at the gun rally in Oklahoma City last Saturday. I was amazed that among all the various signs supporting the right to bare arms, there was no mention of what Jesus said specifically about that right. What follows is the motto for Knighthorse Firearms: Luke 22:36 (NIV) …and let the one who doesn’t have one sell his cloak and buy a sword.” Jesus is speaking to the disciples. They are on their way to the Mount of Olives. He is explaining to them that they have not had to worry about anything to this point because they have been with Him. They have not worried about where they were going to lay their head, what they were going to eat, they did not need to take a bag or purse for their money,(Judas had that), nor did they need a bag for their belongings. This quote is so important that he uses the garment known as a cloak as a point of reference. Any student of 1st century customs and behavior knows just how valuable the cloak was. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus used it again as a point of reference regarding giving to your enemies, Mat: 5:38-42. This is about giving your all. Don’t just give your tunic, give your cloak as well. The disciples responded in Chat 22 “We have two.” A primary and a back-up in my discernment. Maybe it has been mentioned before, if so, I haven’

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