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  • October 5, 2012 at 2:07pm

    Hello and thanks for the article. I can see your point from a some what limited point of view but what I believe you fail to understand is this. If Ron Paul came out today and encouraged all his supporters to vote Romney! Most still would not. Why you ask? Simply because they are way more educated than the rest of the electorate on the issues and the candidates and truly understand how little difference it will make… To them, advancing the role of a third party run in the next election is far more important. Most Americans do not even get involved until the 11th hour when the primaries and all the real work is over. Their lame choices have already been selected for them. In addition, If the Romney campaign had not tried to snuff out all the RP delegates in Tampa, he would have fared much better with RP supporters. If you ask me, if he misses their votes, it’s his own fault. Plain and simple.