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  • [1] July 27, 2014 at 9:47am

    In some cases, I think that the Muslims may have it right when it comes to thugs like this. When caught and convicted of theft, they cut off the thieves hand. It not only acts as a deterrent to that thief, it let’s anyone thinking of becoming one that they will suffer for the rest of their lives for it. Barring that, a few quick well placed shots would end their crime spree quickly and inexpensively. If the government doesn’t get the thugs under control soon, this country will devolve into vigilantism (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing) and some innocent people might get hurt in the process. Keep in mind that thousands of innocent people are being hurt by criminals now, so while the loss of a few innocent lives at the hands of the vigilantes may not be a good thing, it might actually be an improvement over the alternative. For example if vigilantes accidentally kill 500 but save the lives of 1000, it is still a net improvement of 500 lives saved.

  • [12] July 27, 2014 at 9:36am

    Deb, the government has known since two anti gun professors did a study of criminals and guns under the Carter administration that criminals are more afraid of their intended victims being armed than they are of the police. They also know that criminals will not obey gun laws any more than they will any other laws. They were told this by the over 20000 prison inmates that they interviewed for the study. The criminals even admitted to targeting people that they knew were less likely to be armed. One of the professors became pro gun, and the other went from being anti gun to just ambivalent about them. They had all of their preconceptions blown away by the reality of what the lawful gun owners had been saying all along. Of course the liberal people control (to control a gun all you have to do is unload it.) crowd don’t want to reduce crime, they want to disarm the people. As for the effectiveness of the people being armed in preventing crime, ask the citizens of Detroit if they feel safer now that crime has started dropping faster than the criminals that the new police chief has told them to arm and defend themselves against? A couple of months ago the new Police Chief advised people that he didn’t have enough officers to protect them and that they should get a gun to protect themselves. They’ve been dropping a couple of criminals in the ground weekly since with the crime rate dropping even faster.

  • July 26, 2014 at 6:32pm

    It’s not the Tea Party. It’s the Taxed Enough Already Party or T.E.A. Party for short and is a reference to an act of civil disobedience perpetrated by the colonists in protest of an increased tax on tea.

  • [412] July 25, 2014 at 7:49pm

    You got it in one. Any impeachment attempt would fail miserably. Better to simply gain control of the Senate, BLOCK ANY nominee who’s tenure would extend past January 2017 and cut funding to all of his pet programs. Don’t even call for a special prosecutor until a Republican holds the White House. That way you can hobble the beast but let him continue thrashing about destroying things. You also keep him from signing presidential pardons for those who are facing prosecution. If he doesn’t know who to pardon, he can’t pardon them. Once a Republican holds the White House, start the investigations and begin the indictments. When they are facing PRISON if they don’t start cutting deals with special prosecutors, they will start spilling their guts. You can’t use more than a handful of the attorneys in the DoJ though as they are corrupt dems themselves. I personally would investigate and go after them for collusion in the various EPA “sue and settle” lawsuits.

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  • [7] July 15, 2014 at 12:10am

    As a retired Colonel. I would expect you to know better than what you have posted here. Many of the colonies ( Georgia which was a penal colony) from which this country was formed were most certainly NOT secular. In fact they were specifically established in order to provide a place of refuge for people of one Christian sect or another. Maryland was established as a colony for Catholics (named after Mary Stewart. It was her son James that paid for the now famous King James Version of the Bible.) Pennsylvania was founded on a charter given to William Penn as a sanctuary for the Quakers. Massachusetts, Virginia and Rhode Island were similarly founded as religious enclaves.

    The 1st Amendment to the Constitution begins “Congress shall make no LAWS respecting the establishment of religion, or restricting the free exercise thereof…” Notice how it does not say “Congress shall make no laws respecting the recognition of a religion”, only that they may not establish one. The only way by which they could get the states to ratify the Constitution was to guarantee that no religious preference would be named a national religion. England and, in fact, much of Europe had been engaged in religious warfare in both the English civil war and the 30 years war within the last 150 years as one governmental entity tried to impose a religion on those of another faith. A simple recognition of the faith of most vets does not impose that religion on anyone.

  • [10] July 4, 2014 at 7:20pm

    I’m a constitutional and fiscal conservative. I’m for limited government and sound fiscal policy. Part of that includes staying out of a person’s personal life. Believe in God, don’t believe in God. I don’t care as long as you leave me alone about my beliefs. Want to have an abortion? Being the offspring of an unwed 15 yr old, I’m rather glad that they were illegal in the 60s. Roe v Wade was a travesty in how it was decided. It should’ve never been decided it should’ve been left to the people to vote on. Gay marriage is the latest example of courts getting involved where they shouldn’t.

    The founders said that the Constitution was only capable of governing a moral population, for it could not govern an immoral one, nor could one be written that could. We have a problem with moral deficiency that is widespread throughout this country. Many things that are immoral are legal, while things that are moral are illegal. Look at killing in defense of self and others. It is a moral imperative, but is illegal in many states. While adultery that is immoral is perfectly legal. What we need is a moral reawakening, not more laws.

  • [5] July 4, 2014 at 7:08pm

    I could be mistaken, but doesn’t Revelations include talking about those who profess to be of God leading their flocks astray?

  • [1] June 25, 2014 at 12:28am

    There is actually a video out there on how to react when pulled over and this person blew it. There are some simple rules on how to deal with an officer when being stopped, but it simply boils down to be polite and treat them how you would want to be treated. She was speeding and in some states by enough of a margin for it to have been a felony. Simply being polite she would’ve avoided the bulk of the problems. I was caught going 17 MPH over the speed limit in a car with invalid tags (the office had my replacement commercial tags but hadn’t told me they were in yet) and the officer let me off with a warning simply because I was nice, polite and friendly. I didn’t deny that I was speeding (the speed limit sign was behind a tree) only that I didn’t know what the limit was and that I had paperwork showing that the plates should’ve been valid. I also handed him my concealed carry permit and told him that my handgun was next to my registration and insurance card, so I would be happy to get them, but I didn’t want him stressing about the sight of a handgun when I reached in for them. He thanked me for my consideration, allowed me to get my documentation and sent me on my way with a warning. The invalid plates issue was a criminal offense, but because I was nice, and polite, he let me off with a warning. There is a great line in the movie “Roadhouse” that goes “Whatever happens be nice. Be Nice until it’s time to not be nice.”

  • June 25, 2014 at 12:09am

    I used to work with a guy who had been a flight attendant. He said that there were only two types of male flight attendants. Gay or ones that got a LOT of attention from the female flight attendants on LAYovers.

  • June 21, 2014 at 2:00am

    I can’t speak for the other places, but I’m a vendor for Walmart and I can guarantee that the employees there aren’t being allowed to buy up all of the ammo. They are only allowing anyone to buy a maximum of 3 boxes and some stores are only allowing 1 box of 22 lr. I was in a Walmart a few months ago that had a shelf FULL of 22 magnum. Gander Mountain just this past week had 22 LR in ammo cans for a very fair price and were limiting customers to only one can per day.

  • June 21, 2014 at 1:54am

    Is it any wonder that Congress exempted itself from the insider trading laws? How great would it be to be able to say “I want to make a few million tomorrow by short selling some stock. I’ll sell ten million shares when the market opens and then announce a congressional investigation into charges that are completely fabricated by one of my staffers and then buy the stock back for a substantial profit after the press conference announcing the investigation drives the price down.” Yes I do realize that this is called “naked short selling” and is illegal, at least for the rest of us.

  • [17] June 21, 2014 at 1:44am

    Immigrants come to a country legally and become citizens. These are ALIENS. We have to stop allowing the leftists to twist the language to mean something it doesn’t. My grandfather was an immigrant. He came here legally and became a citizen. Even people who are here twenty years on a green card are still considered aliens. It says so right across the top of the card. It says “RESIDENT ALIEN”. If foreign nationals who come here legally and don’t become citizens are legally considered ALIENS how can foreign nationals who come here ILLEGALLY and therefore are legally unable to become citizens be anything other than ILLEGAL ALIENS?

  • [4] June 17, 2014 at 10:34pm

    Why do I doubt your thoughts on this would be so flippant if it were your money that was being sucked into that bottomless pit that is the government treasury?

  • [26] June 12, 2014 at 9:47pm

    Doesn’t tarring and feathering sound like it should be making a comeback? Jefferson said that when the government fears the people, you have liberty but when the people fear the government, you have tyranny. I believe that Jefferson would call for the persons responsible to be made to understand their roles as public servants and not petty despotic dictators. I believe he would be in favor of putting the fear of the people back into some of these government jerks.

  • [30] June 12, 2014 at 9:40pm

    After having been engaged to a woman from New Jersey and living there for a few years, let me give you a little tip about New Jersey. I only know of one bridge out of New Jersey that doesn’t have a toll, and it’s too small for a moving truck, Basically you can get into New Jersey for free, but you have to pay them to get out.

  • [6] June 11, 2014 at 9:27pm

    Machine guns aren’t illegal they are just absurdly expensive and require a $200 tax stamp.

  • [10] June 11, 2014 at 9:21pm

    They shouldn’t have allowed a person born with dual citizenship to even run for the presidency. It violates the very reason why the Constitution requires that the President be a “Natural Born Citizen” not just a citizen. Combine that with his lack of experience at being in charge of anything and you have the makings of a disaster waiting to happen. AND IT DID.

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  • [3] June 10, 2014 at 11:35pm

    The question now is whether the GOP establishment is going to support him, or withhold support since their boy went down in flames. Of course they could also help the Democrats run a libertarian candidate to draw support away from Brat and put the Democrats the seat. Just like they did with Cuccinelli in the governor’s race.

    Then there’s also all of the damage that Boehner and crew can do while Cantor is a lame duck if Brat wins in the fall. There is a recess coming up soon and the people need to (metaphorically) pound Boehner and crowd senseless over illegal aliens. They also need to form mass protests in DC over the Obamao administration preventing the border patrol from actually guarding the border.

  • [6] June 10, 2014 at 10:50pm

    But he won’t be able to do the insider trading that makes most of these people rich. They wrote the laws to exempt themselves. They go into a $170k a year job with $50 in the bank and come out millionaires. I have friends who sell cars and make more than that and don’t end up as millionaires in under 6 years.

  • [35] June 10, 2014 at 9:14pm

    It wouldn’t do them any good. There are some of us who would take a long time before we needed to buy more ammo.

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