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  • October 17, 2012 at 12:21pm

    In the past, everybody was against abortion except in life of mother threatened, rape or incest. That was the idea I grew up with and was comfortable with it. Then I became mom and abortion never mentioned and I love my children. When my daughter was pregnant that was first time I saw an ultrasound…IT WAS A MINIATURE PERSON….That was alarming enough…then I looked into abortions and saw an industry dedicated to killing these miniature people. Then I discovered abortion was no longer an option in the 3 cases mentioned above…abortion was on demand for any reason…It was never considered when I was a child that mothers would one day march in the streets demanding right to kill their own babies…How can this be…Now besides abortion on demand this president supports sex selection, race selection, partial birth abortion, and putting babies aside when they survive abortion and letting them die slowly and alone. HELLO…what is happening here. America is becoming a blood thirsty bunch of murderers, not of other people, but their own babies. There is no justification for this slaughter of innocent babies. I hear Romney saying what was the normal reaction when women were compassionate and loving, when women welcomed babies even if unplanned and considered motherhood sacred and an honor. There will always be times that abortion is perhaps necessary, but that does not change the fact that a baby is being killed. This was once a hard decision….not now. God help us!

  • October 6, 2012 at 6:00pm

    Let me get this straight, OK that NAACP very black, black colleges are very black, got their own channel on TV and Obama speaks to groups of black preachers, and the biggest racist info of all is more than 90% blacks supporting Obama…how racists is that? So don’t talk about whites being prevalent in groups of’s wrong with being white..If majority of whites are for smaller gov., lower taxes, morality , not killing babies, less corruption and more honesty so be it. At least we aren’t following an obviously failed “leader” because of his color or his freebies AKA bribes.

  • October 2, 2012 at 4:22pm

    I see Romney basically saying same thing about economy, demonstrating good knowledge of foreign affairs, remaining rather calm in environment of lies, lies, lies…I do not think he should have apologized for middle east comment or for the 47% statement to his money people who need to know things about that…If you think he’s changed on immigration…just call it “evolving” as the one who constantly changes to suit current audience says…I like it that Romney hasn’t changed what he says no matter what group he’s talking to..which upset many blacks when he gave same speech to NAACP…At the same time, some blacks were glad he didn’t change message for them. I feel I can trust him to be fair and reasonable with immigration..Plus I know he will follow what Congress approves and not do it on his own. The dream act ploy by Obama for Hispanic votes was stolen from Rubio so it is OK with me for it to be considered by Republicans…I believe Hispanics want the same thing the rest of us do and so do a lot of Blacks…When Romney apologizes under pressure it makes him appear to be pandering…Still, I expect him to fix economy and a lot of other things. At least he’s basically honest according to his past record in business and personal life.