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  • January 26, 2013 at 3:25pm

    While it is possible to purchase a firearm that is fully automatic, if allowed by your state, and after undergoing a federal background and fingerprint check, then paying a $200 transfer tax, it is almost impossible at times to obtain a new or fairly new weapon on the market today. This is because there have been prohibitions against the manufacture, or importation of fully automatic weapons for civilian use for many years. (I am not positive but I think it it was the 1963 firearms act after the Kennedy assasinations),
    There are also very strict storage, transportation, and usage laws associated with Class III firearms that the average person has to follow. I have a friend that is a Class III licensed dealer and he has to follow regulations that are very complicated. Except for sales of suppressors, most of his Class III sales of firearms are to police departments.
    Personally I feel that sales of suppressors that do not reduce the level of discharge blast noise below 95 dB should be regulated as a Class III device. In Europe supressors are almost always used on hunting rifles to lessen the disruption to home owners. They are not regulated like here in the U.S. as they are not considered silencers (which is mainly a Hollywood inspiered term).

  • December 15, 2012 at 12:47am

    I was taught proper gun control when I was ten years old and took my first NRA firearms safety class. When I went to live with my uncle who was a Capt. with the LAPD he said that if I was going to be in his house with loaded guns I needed to learn proper gun handling and safety.
    In the past 50 years since I first took a safety class I have never, ever, thought of going out and shooting anyone because I felt that something wrong had been done to me.
    I have owned many guns starting with my first 22 rifle that was given to me when I graduated from 8th grade by getting straight A’s for the second semester of 8th grade.
    I have had times when I have had to arm myself while I waited for the police to respond to neighbors that were drug users and were fighting with them shouting death threats at each other. That is not a nice position to be in.
    Right now I am waiting until I can get a carry permit where I just moved to. It takes a six month wait after you have moved into this state to qualify for one.
    Proper gun control means to me as only shooting to save your life or another persons life.
    The second amendment is about stopping evil, even more than it is about hunting or target shooting which I enjoy. Target shooting is about practicing safe handling of a firearm and hitting what you shoot at.
    Why do people think that getting rid of guns will stop crime. Crime has been around as long as mankind and guns are only a recent development in history.