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  • May 4, 2013 at 3:18pm

    Allen West is the first man to rise in politics that has a Christ in him, like our beloved Presidents Reagan had and President Truman. He not only shamed the Communist Democrats for what they are, he showed Boehner, McCain, McConnell and Graham how to STAND UP like a man to the Communist Left. But not even they would have it. Allen West MUST be on the 2016 Presidential ticket. But how can that happen? The Republican party BECAME the right wing of the Communist Democrat Party the very second Bush 41 was inaugurated. Every Presidential l candidate since Reagan has had a weakness at not being able to properly confront and handle the Communist left. And the Left was well aware of it. We have only had 2 bad choices presented to us. Real Conservatives must re-take the Republican Party back from the perverts who have been running it for the last 25 years BEFORE we can have a decent candidate(s) for the White House and return America to it’s former greatness.

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  • August 10, 2012 at 1:16am

    It is interesting how the lowest of all human beings accuse and point the finger of blame to others of what they do and what they are. And they have the other 3 pointing back at themselves to prove it.

    The (NAIBPP) New and Improved Black Panthers Party aren’t so new in that they are still black, Muslim, angry and a hate mob. But they are very chummy with Communists in the DOJ. Somebody’s been reading Mao’s little red book. They have been accused of being a ‘wanna be’ Black Panthers. Many agree because their new uniforms are so gay (some dye their berets pink) and their leader can’t admit to being on the wrong side of every issue, like the Duke la Crosse case. Did you ever see an angry black man who felt he was wrong? Their leader has even been prevented from entering Canada, held at the Toronto Airport and sent packing because his HATE SPEECH violates Canadian law. They can’t get any respect because they are not respectable.

    And it is true that NAIBPP would have no problem lynching 1000s of black people to get any respect from anyone at all. That is why they point their fingers at others. Nobody respects them, black, whites, freedom lover or socialists. That doesn’t help them with their anger management issues either. But there is always room under the tent at the Neo Communist Democratic Party under certain conditions, and, under wraps for now at least if they need a gig. So far nobody is buying it. Just a bunch of wanna be thugs in pink berets, bras and

  • August 10, 2012 at 12:24am

    Allen West is the finest American man I have ever seen in my lifetime. He has all the integrity and twinkle in his eye of Ronald Reagen, but with something more. I believe he is our new George Washington, setting the standard for what an American man should be exactly. If he is not chosen for VP I will be disappointed. It just seems like a no brainer to me. Nobody else comes close.

    Let McCain stand up for the Left while Allen West presides over the Senate and it may remind him he has never his job as the ‘loyal opposition’ even one day his entire time in the Senate. he has been to busy begging to get along like they tricked into doing in POW Camp and hasn’t been able to stop because he knows it was wrong. It may wake him up to the treasonous way he has consorted with enemy since POW camp and giving aid and comfort to the enemy and even betraying his family. Allen West changed how business was done in the house by his mere presence and watchful eye. The Left hissed, spat and snarled at simply being watched and called what they were.

    I will go 100% full tilt boogie monetarily and any other way I would be called upon if he is chosen. If not, I will still vote for Mitt, but I will not give the RNC a dime until I see a winning team that can undo what has been done the 60 years and has the ability and guts to do it. Romney will see what must be done and Mr West has every capability to oversee that it does. May God grant us this one last chance.