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  • October 28, 2012 at 1:30pm

    If you read Paul Kengor’s book on Frank Marshall Davis, you gain tremendous insight into the leftist mindset. The original purpose of the Communist Party of the US (CPUSA), was to pledge allegiance to Stalin & the Soviet Union. They duped liberal/progressives in the US into believing that communism was wonderful and was the cure for social injustice and these fools have been teaching and promoting these ideas in colleges, media, & Hollywood ever since. Blacks like Davis, Paul Robeson, and WEB Dubois were instrumental in turning the blacks into dupes for the communists. Prior to that, Blacks had been Republicans. And what’s more astounding is that the rhetoric of Communists back then is IDENTICAL to what comes out of the mouths of Democrats today. The class warfare, accusations of racism, fascism, hatred of Big Oil & Wall Street, corporate greed, etc.–all identical down to the letter. And if you visit the CPUSA’s website today, it would be impossible to distinguish their positions from those of today’s Democrats.

    So when you see comments from people like OLDPHOTO678 (scroll back up to see his reply–it’s as classic as it gets), he is simply spouting the party line into which he was brainwashed. The CAUSE is all that matters. If lives must be lost along the way (Stalin, Mao, Benghazi) to preserve the Marxist ideology, it’s worth it, since that is the only true route to social justice and peace. It’s essentially a cult mindset based totally on fantasy and e