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  • July 5, 2016 at 2:30pm

    Hillary-Liar in Chief, NO JUSTICE-NO TRUTH!

  • [4] July 5, 2016 at 1:21pm

    Lesson learned-Democrats see Hillary as exonerated; Justice lost; Truth is zeroed out; Hillary pulled another one out of the fire; and WeThePeople got screwed all the way around!

  • [5] July 2, 2016 at 11:52am

    The ONLY way Lynch can salvage any unbias in this mess is to appoint an Independent Counsel, which an intelligent person would have done at the beginning. However, being Obama’s marionette, under a directive of “Lay off the Clinton’s”, THAT ain’t gunna happen!

  • [11] July 2, 2016 at 11:44am

    And the Democrats STILL believe nothing wrong occured. There is something morally bankrupt there.

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  • [3] May 18, 2016 at 10:05am

    Sorta reminds me of the moral degradation we are facing in today’s world.

  • [4] May 7, 2016 at 11:43am

    Of ALL people to speak for Republicans on unity! RINO RYANO is pretty damn presumptive. People are afraid of what Trump MIGHT do, but we KNOW what Ryan DOES. He is the YYUUGGEE spender; OPEN BORDER-Bring them ALL in; screw the Middle-Class; I won’t run-Yes I will; OH and by GOD YOU have to pass this Omnibus Bill NOW Republicrat. His statement was dividing and REEKS of “I’ve changed my mind again-I will let you nominate me for President AFTER ALL!!’ RYANO is a chicken *****.

  • [6] May 5, 2016 at 3:11pm

    Just wait. If Clot (Hillary) is elected President, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Equal Protection Clause grow from sex, race, age, religion, etc. to include Political Party, discrimination against Democrats, of course. OH WAIT! Democrats don’t allow differing opinions now anyway. She’ll just get her 3 Progressive SCOTUS Appointees to make it binding and legal.
    So all those refusing to vote for Trump can start practicing how to “zip it up” and have “No Comment.” TheBlaze Comment section will be a distant memory, along with the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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  • [15] May 4, 2016 at 5:33pm

    The difference between Hillary Clinton and God is God doesn’t think He is Hillary Clinton!
    “Clot” should drop out before the Democratic Elite have that “little chat” about the people’s perception of her (untrustworthy and it ain’t a gunna change) and how it’s for the “good of the Party”. OR Comey releases the FBI’s recommendation for indictment. I hope that someone will do this and accidentally release the OTHER non-released recommendation(s) for indictments/ for her other scandals/criminal activities.
    Clot can alwyays blame her Rosemary Woods’ 30K Email erasure on her clot. #NeverHillary
    18USC§201 Bribery
    18USC§208 Acts Effecting A Personal Financial Interest (Includes Recommendations)
    18USC§371 Conspiracy
    18USC§1001 False Statements
    18USC§1341 Frauds And Swindles (Mail Fraud)
    18USC§1343 Fraud By Wire
    18USC§1349 Attempt And Conspiracy (To Commit Fraud)
    18USC§1505 Obstruction Of Justice
    18USC§1519 Destruction (Alteration Or Falsification) Of Records In Federal Investigation
    18USC§1621 Perjury (Including Documents Signed Under Penalties Of Perjury)
    18USC§1905 Disclosure Of Confidential Information
    18USC§1924 Unauthorized Removal And Retention Of Classified Documents Or Material
    18USC§2071 Concealment (Removal Or Mutilation) Of Government Records
    18USC§7201 Attempt To Evade Or Defeat A Tax (Use Of Clinton Foundation Funds For Personal Or Political Purposes)
    18USC§7212 Attempts To Interfere With Administration Of Internal Revenue Laws (Call To IRS On Behalf Of UBS

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  • [5] May 4, 2016 at 5:21pm

    And what does your scrubbing w/your moral toothbrush get you? A little personal satisfaction that you showed the suckers, by GOD, you did what you said? What you really did was abdicate your rights as a citizen. You get a minor moral victory for a lost cause, Cruz. AND your name IS attached to the fall of this country because by staying at home or voting for a third party you contributed to the election of a criminal and the downfall of the USA. What Trump has proposed you don’t like is minutiae compared to the earth-shaking Constitutional shattering actions “clot” has promised to take. It’s called cutting off your nose to spite your face. I haven’t supported Trump during this race PERIOD. I haven’t even had the opportunity to vote as our Primary isn’t until June. But I will vote for him because I believe the system will keep him in line through Checks and Balances. I’m angry as Hell at the GOP but I DO SUPPORT a 2 MAJOR PARTY SYSTEM. This 2016 cycle is breaking up the GOP and if that happens-IF Hillary wins the Presidency, WE just lost our voice forever. How? Dems don’t allow opposing voices.

    The GOP will never recover if there is a 3rd Party. Levin, Erickson, Wills etc. are destroying the GOP as successfully as any Democratic, Soros or any other plan could. But these so called concerned Conservatives are doing it from within.

    You #NeverTrump people are mislabeled. Your name should be #GOP86ers or #USABeDamned

  • [15] May 4, 2016 at 9:38am

    Which Poll to believe? That is CNN’s Poll-Rasmussen’s Poll had them 38%-38% with 2% opting out. It’s too early for Polls.

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  • [30] May 4, 2016 at 9:28am

    Hillary canNOT become President. She is inept. She is an in-indicted felonious criminal. She is a KNOWN pathological liar. We cannot under any circumstance let her take the helm of this nation. She has swown to absolve the Second Amendment. She is quoted to say “I will shut down the NRA for good if I become President. If we can ban hand guns, we will do it.” That was 2015. Further, as stated, she will appoint SCOTUS members that will make the current LGBT issues seem like a walk in the park. IF #NEVERTRUMPS vote third party or stay home, it is the same as casting a vote for Hillary and any doubts, fears, or questions they have had about Trump will have been insignificant.

    This is not a football game where a favorite team lost. This is the future of our country and turning it over to a power hungry woman whose only qualification is the ability to hire people to run a campaign. I predict if she is elected, Lawmakers will let her run amuck for fear of being called sexist, just as they let Obama go un-impeached for fear of being called racist. Trump would be the most scrutinized President ever because he comes from the outside, he’s white, he’s not popular, and he’s threatening to DC’s very power. Checks and balances would keep him in place legally. He’s upset the political Apple Cart.

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  • May 3, 2016 at 12:33pm

    No, this isn;t about being stupid. I’m not a Trump fan. I am concerned about the voice of The People. Yes, each State has GOP Rules and Ted didn’t cheat, yet the voters voices were silenced just the same. The system may not be corrupt but it isn’t straight forward in that until now the voter didn’t know his/her vote meant nothing. Delegates have their Warhol time, their power, as the unbound Delegate HAUGLAND of ND stated “we choose the nominee not the voters” then “1237 is an estimate-winner takes all will be challenged.” It is egregious there are Primaries whereby voters choose the candidate for President, only to have that individual cast aside by the desires of the Delegates who believe they know best for the State then the entire Party Members of the United States of America.
    Instead of smirking about how dumb Trump is, you should be appalled a voice of The people is stilled again.

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  • [5] April 27, 2016 at 2:28pm

    You said “America First” would mean ensuring we have friends that will stand up for us,…”YES-WHO is standing up for us now?-I don’t think there is 1 country we can absolutely count on in today’s market, except for perhaps Israel. The U.K. has walked away more than once. Where are the rest of our allies?
    I think of all the $’s going to the UN-what is our ROI? I am not a Trumpette, but I don’t think everything he says is bull, It is at least worth considering. You have a point where some may not be able to pay for valid reasons, but IOUs or other renumeration is possible. We canNOT give money to others which we have to print/borrow. It doesn’t work in business, in our households, and certainly not in Government.

  • [22] April 27, 2016 at 2:16pm

    HERE is a headline the MSM will NEVER print:

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  • [3] April 26, 2016 at 11:53am

    Sanders is correct in not casting his support to Hillary. Her entire career is checkered with scandals. She is a criminal, albeit not a convicted one. Just because she has not been indicted does not mean she is not guilty. I often speed but have not received tickets. If and when I do, it will have caught up with me, Hopefully, Hillary’s pathological lying and criminal activities will catch up with her. Meanwhile, this country canNOT afford her as President. How Democrats can knowingly vote for her is beyond the pale.

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  • [3] April 18, 2016 at 10:45am

    Perhaps Mr. Kivel has the words Christian and religion confused. One is a way of life. The other is a multitude of doctrines and rituals, deigned and interpreted by a few, and forced upon the masses for their own good.

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  • [3] April 18, 2016 at 10:26am

    I’m surprised at Hillary-biting the hand that feeds her-Clinton Foundation. She must know that Obama is going to veto it.

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  • [6] April 18, 2016 at 10:23am

    OH MY! A mistake! Where’s the Safe Zone? Just think what a chalked “Trump 2016″ on the sidewalk did to students. This is of epic proportions. Might ruin their lives forever.

  • [2] April 13, 2016 at 2:03pm

    Too bad the “House of Cards” writers can’t write the script for DC. Maybe they would write ALL of the politicians out of office and put in people who would actually listen to and work for WeThePeople!

  • [8] April 13, 2016 at 1:52pm

    OH DAMN! Hillary forgot to remove that pesky little detail from the Foundation AND her Senate Office when she WIPED her Server. The Devil is always in the details!!

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