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  • [6] June 22, 2015 at 2:36pm

    The Evidence of Just How Faith Believers Handle the Murder/Death. of their own. !!! Compare this with the reaction/ actions that have been happening world wide in recent years !!! How would the world know this difference, without the rapid/ immediate communications that we are priviledged to have in these tragic days !!!

  • [1] June 22, 2015 at 2:13pm

    Indagila, You are correct in your quote of the scripture… However, go a little further with the scripture . The rest makes it clear that there are many who do not know the ” signs ” so that those ” some ” may have the opportunity to research the scripture…become aware of a need for their salvation, repent and in doing that… Be Confident and Ready for that Promised Occasion. Just because the “warnings” have been discussed , since Jesus Christ was “Taken Up” , has No Bearing that “That Promise”, will Not Some Day Occur !!! As Faith Believers, we are suppose to ” Pass On ” to each generation this Promise !!! Without the Information… how will they have and receive the “Truthful Knowladge” ??? So, don’t you feel that it is being concerned and obedient to keep that “Promise ” Always Current and Available ??? Making A Living and Spreading the Scripture, is a Blessing , Not a sales position for bonuses!!! Is it Wise to want Blessings Now and Eternally together ??? Hope we have the opportunity to ask The Father, as Abraham, David, and Solomon, being a good example for us…had experienced !!! Why should the ” Judas ” followers be the only group to have prosperity here… how did that help him ???

  • [6] June 19, 2015 at 4:38pm

    Have so Many In Our Nation … Experienced and Observed … the Wonders of Our Lord. ??? His Guidance… With a Victory Over What the enemy meant for destruction… Has Become A BLESSED RESULT !!! Watch …there are more such Blessings On Our Way !!! Want to ask again… “does Father God Answer Prayers of His Faith Believers? ” We are receiving an Immediate Answer … Those Faithful Ones That We Lost In Charleston S.C. WILL NOT BE IN VAIN !!! Psalm 77: 6- 15. His Love Shows Up Even Today !!!

  • June 18, 2015 at 4:32pm

    The mind-set of garbage-in garbage-out angry / revenge mental habits … always becomes evident … in both speech and actions !!! Great example… todays ‘ reactions by the leadership in the public reactions/verbal statements !!! Those that are truely Hoping for Unity and Growth Forward Socially… SEE A Light In this very sad and evil happening… in our nation !!!

  • June 18, 2015 at 1:21pm

    Today is a day that So Many of us Believers in our Christian Faith will observe… No Hate/ Revenge / Political / Color / Religion … thinking or speech … NONE OF THAT WILL GUIDE/LEAD Us Americans to a GOOD RESOLVE !!!

  • June 18, 2015 at 11:46am

    It seems as though the ” shooter” is a single/puppet / mentally damaged / sadly evil controlled being !!! The photo being shown is definitely a classic case of all the above description !!! MUCH PRAYER & FASTING IN OUR FAITH FAMILY !!! Generously apply with also the OIL of FAITH/LOVE SPEECH !!! Add the WORSHIP OF PRAISE in SONG TO FATHER GOD … As. King David did in his worst / challenged hours !!! We MUST ALL STAND TOGETHER… WITH NO FEAR. !!! STAND and SEE the Power of the. LORD…IN HIS NAME… AMEN,AMEN,AMEN !!!

  • [1] June 17, 2015 at 11:40am

    The. “Trump” may not make the place of POTUS… BUT, he sure does speak what so many of the USA Citizens are thinking !!! It all may come along with so much arrogance… BUT … Better with arrogance in SUPPORT of Our Nations Success In Sovereignty !!! Do the political leadership currently “Enjoy” the Divisive/Chaotic Redo out of Our Foundational Principles… into the one world order community??? Who is “Successfully Profitable” by the Principle of Creating… Or … Successfully profitable in destruction/death ??? Remember… the Original Creator of this earth … might appear as “Arrogant” with Life… Not with Pride and Death !!! This is the original question since the garden. Which “One” has the Final Word ??? which “One” Succeeds with Life !!!

  • [7] June 17, 2015 at 10:17am

    What I get from all this civil disobedience is this… For MANY Of the undisciplined / lawless persons … Excluding age. or. race showing what current principles in leadership has “Produced” !!! It appears that ” No one ” is. “Allowed” to have private property or. Personnally Owned Boundries !!! Including. ” No Personal Morals ” … and public respect for others hard earned achievements !!! The condition will only continue to worsen for our nation… if the same activities …like McKinney Tx. happening spreads within the entire population of our USA !!!

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  • June 8, 2015 at 4:32pm

    What was the condition of that territory before the 1948 and 1967 results ??? what are the results now within Israel and the territories surrounding Israel ??? Remember past history there under the King David/Israel times also !!! It is obvious there is greed-anger-hate- destruction attitude and actions showing up Again . Current comparison of the two different principles in play there. It is sad that so many nations are joining in with these evil thoughts and actions Again !!!

  • [3] June 8, 2015 at 2:50pm

    It Is Obvious … to many Blaze Supporters… that with all the present political/radical military activities world wide, there would have to be a ” Never Again/Now ” Stand !!! It should be very Eye-Opening to the msm and many of the political leaders when they realize the public support for this Agenda !!! I have aleady added my support to this movement … and will support it while it is necessary !!! May The Lord Bless ALL who are In the Public Stand to Do this Service for the ones’ who are suffering these evil attacks !!!

  • [2] June 8, 2015 at 2:16pm

    Watch… and see what Father God Brings Out to All…this next few months !!! The ” Times” Will be truely Awakening for everyone … no limits to the areas He will choose !!! Reminder: John 14… new covenant section in the Bible … Answer as to the practice of Faithful Prayer and how The Lord responds to scriptual based prayer. It does not refer to revenge/hate/ greed type wish demands !!! We should not confuse the two … into one category! As evil rushes in… the faithful followers of Creator Father God will “Rely” on the Promised Strength to Stand Firm. No Matter the End Results… it is proven past and “Now” present history !!! Who Will “See” Prayer Answers ???

  • June 6, 2015 at 8:57pm

    Payment for posting/ voting… no… it is just a conservative right tea-party conspiracy theory !!! The activity to just intimidate/eliminate the opposition !!! Victimization at the cost to win a political battle … with profit… REALLY… NOW that is really Laughable !!! WHO is really carrying the ” carpetbag” behind the speeches/blogs???

  • [11] June 6, 2015 at 8:19pm

    WHAT A BEAUTY… Can not Stop A WINNER !!! So far ahead of the others at the finish line !!! Gold for the “American Pharoah” … Three in One Beauty.!!! Success Looks Wonderful… Love It. !!!

  • June 6, 2015 at 7:55pm

    Recalling some past history… communism-fascism-nazism-marxism … Do anyone of us relate joy/laughture with their control of the majority ??? Guess it was against their ” religious beliefs ” !!! Slaves should be dutiful workers and not heard ??? Remembering that the entertainers were among those that were also sent to the “workcamps” for the good of the community of the more ” enlightened ones” !!! Is this old out dated /irrelevant history ??? The next few ” forward years ” will give all of us a full picture !!!

  • June 6, 2015 at 7:11pm

    After reading the politically correct….garbage in-garbage out comments…. from the kool-aid/ mj smoke heads, their comments just prove the statement… ” give them their fun Fads. and they will believe every idea we give them” !!! ” Fads… meaning: fun-alcohol-drugs-sex ” !!! Final result , The Breaking Down Of The ” Family Unity Nation ” The one nation under Father God , The Creator of Truth and Life !!! Which Fun…Which Truth… gives Life ??? Fabricated Deception while Draining out Life … Equals Steal-Kill-Destroy … Death !!! Even a lazy sleeper can grab this … WHY Did You Give In-Give-Up. ??? Each one was given an individual choice… How to react and accept the cards dealt to you !!! Just ask some of those that accepted the hard game that was Pressed Upon Them and Yet Gave In To The Original Father Creator in that short time … For the LONG DURATION Of Real Life!!!

  • [8] June 4, 2015 at 5:32am

    Great journalism by Megan Kelley !!! I also was impressed with Jim & Michelle Duggar … they handled the interview much better than many of us would have done !!! Facing all of the questions… that most were not easy ones. It was obvious that they were protecting. and fighting the position that their whole family was being challenged with . Winning such a battle, as any parent knows, is not easy to accomplish !!! From all the different types of speeches/comments the last few weeks…it is obvious that there are MANY that have issues that individually they are dealing with !!! Lessons to be learned from this sad story… not just the Duggar family… All the rest of us as well !!! I do not want to exclude the political person(s) that felt compelled to publically report a case from many years back, that obviously had been dealt with and closed . The healing of the lives involved is only a normal transition for a mentally healthy final step !!! What have the Duggar family been doing with their lifestyle since that battle??? We All should take a second deep search into our own personal past and present history !!! It is for certain that all of us can recall events , as young children, that curiosity and maybe some physical actions, to explore our bodies !!! Those that deny this fact are not being realistic !!! If this were not so, why does the gov. today insist on teaching sex education in kindergarten ???

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  • [1] June 4, 2015 at 4:33am

    Wondering how long this one, Josh Earnst…will last at this political pulpit ??? Fabricating certainly has taken a toll on this position in our current leadership !!!

  • June 4, 2015 at 4:24am

    OH MY… they continue to ” jest” … the o’care would go into chaos. !!! The only common sense here is this “junk care plan”… just keeps crawling all over our nation !!! Could it all be just another intimidating program position / remark ???

  • June 4, 2015 at 4:06am

    I have ordered the book … Chas. Murray / By the People . Hoping it hits the number 1 Best Seller List !!! A Sure Start to move it all “Forward” . Sound familiar … Smile !!!

  • June 4, 2015 at 3:57am

    FellowTpartygrannie… There is ALSO. a practice called Delay Payment/ File of annual taxes . Better than the irs putting their late payment fees and holding you under legal restrictions !!! Don’t let them see the gray or the sweat !!!

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