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  • October 24, 2012 at 5:03pm

    Let’s compare these numbers to the amount of Federal tax revenue each state generated from 2000-2011

    California 3.2 Trillion
    Net 300 Surplus

    New York 2.4 Trillion
    Net 680 Surplus

    Texas 2.2 Trillion
    Net 200 Deficit

    Illinois 1.4 Trillion
    Net 540 Surplus

    Florida 1.3 Trillion
    Net 2.5 Trillion deficit

    So it looks like the top blue states all give more to the feds than they get back, and the top red states take more from the feds than they pay in taxes.

    New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are also all in the top 10 of federal tax revenue generation for the past decade. It seems fair they would get the most back in federal spending.

    Also, calling states “purple” when the state government is firmly controlled by one side or the other is misleading in this context.

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