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  • April 23, 2016 at 11:29pm

    And you obviously re referring to Donald being the cheater and total disingenuous fraud by running as a RINO against the only true conservative running, Ted Cruz. Ted hasn’t been crying so obviously you are wrong either way you meant that in typical ignorant tRump troll fashion defending the perpetually self bankrupting ducking Donald. He consistently proves he cannot win the long haul, and this race is very much the tortoise and the hare type. Ted doesn’t take shortcuts and campaigns for UNBOUND delegates and in caucus states where ducking Donald refuses to campaign flipping the finger at our states, delegates, and taxpaying voters sick of his oligarchy ideology rooted in corporate entitlement and liberal progressive fascism shown by his lobbying for us taxpayers bailing him out after he helped lobby for and caused the real estate collapse, TARP, nationalize banking lobby, Obamacare which he wants to expand further stripping coverage from citizens that used to have it and giving it to his AMNESTY buddies and illegal aliens at no cost to them, register firearms and ban SEMI atutomatic weapons effectively eliminating 70% of available weapons today, taxpayer funded baby killing for a “non profit” who sells harvested baby parts FOR profit, KEEPING the corrupt IRS to continue using it as a weapon to stifle TEA Party and other free speech from EVER being able to get the kind of power we obtained again. If we don’t get Ted now, we will NEVER see freedom again.

  • [1] April 20, 2016 at 12:57pm

    Donald has long since sold his soul to the CFR to keep his business dealings as friendly to him as possible. Your ignorance on the CFR and lies about Heidi and Ted show just how gullible and stupid you can be. Wake up buttercup. The facts are right in front of you and you cannot see past Alex Jones lizard speak. By the way, since you fail to provide any citations for your baseless allegations much less polling, Ted is far higher than 12% of the mob vote. Try going to GOP.GOV and reading not only the rules but the current state of delegate assignments and popularity. Another source you are obviously ignorant of is realclearpolitics that shows clearly just how failed Trump is and how strong Ted is. Since tRump’s actual intent is to destroy the party split the vote, you aren’t interested in the facts anyway.

  • [1] April 20, 2016 at 12:51pm

    Whatever the heck that remark is supposed to mean… You clearly do not understand that the country, not NY is choosing the nominee in a process. We never counted on NY from the beginning and Trump still CLEARLY cannot make 1,237 delegates and will NOT be able to win in a contested convention anyway and he, like you, is panicking flailing about screeching false claims of treachery and fraud like a 3rd grade bully who found out that he didn’t bully everyone enough and that people actually DON’T like him as much as he thinks they should be required to. The CFR nonsense you spew from your gaping virtual sewage hole also shows your utter ignorance. tRump himself praised fellow liberal progressive and Clinton/Soros worshiper Richard Haas as his top choice for foreign policy advisor if he were to be elected. Haas is the LEADER of the CFR. You ignorantly forgetting that Heidi is not running for President herself is likewise inexcusable. We add to that the fact that Ted has fought against the UN and even party leaders and PRESIDENT Bush protecting the sovereignty of the U.S. further disproves you lunatic statements. Ted clearly states that the CFR is a nest of snakes and cannot be tolerated. The very few conservatives who have actually been able to get into the CFR such as Heidi and Michael Bolton, yes that Michael Bolton former ambassador, fight fervently against the flaming screeching bedwetting liberals running it who Donald worships and uses to achieve more globalist business.

  • [3] April 20, 2016 at 12:43pm

    Do you even know what a REPUBLIC is? Caucus voting states have been around since the beginning of the country. You are blissfully ignorant yourself it seems. The 10th Amendment allows us to decide how primaries should be performed from state to state. The mob does not get to decide how the process works and we benefit because of the process as it stands, CLOSED primaries and ELECTED delegates who do exactly as they are supposed to when a whining crybaby decides to snub and flp the finger to our states and refuses to even show up and campaign to the delegates much less visit with people and answer questions and concerns. TED SHOWED UP and Donald DID NOT. Don’t like it? TEL YOUR BOY TO ACTUALLY BOTHER SHOWING UP. Donald never complains about those caucus voting states he does win… oh wait, there are hardly any. He doesn’t complain in the states he wins that have OPEN primaries or the rules in the states he wins with CLOSED primaries and he gets winner take all delegates despite not winning by more than 1%. How is it that is fair? Ted never complains about the rules where he lost a state. That is just Donald who KNEW THE RULES WHEN HE SIGNED HIS SIGNATURE just like the rest of the candidates. NO rules can e changed without the agreement first of ALL candidates and NONE HAVE BEEN CHANGED. You whining crybabies should have paid attention in high school… that is of course unless you know you are lying and generating false support through your lying propaganda campaign.

  • [3] April 20, 2016 at 12:33pm

    NY does not rule nor speak for the rest of the country. This is a REPUBLIC regardless of what you tRump trolls and tRump claims. We who use the republican method of delegate selection and delegate voting in caucus states proved how unpopular tRump actually is by making him lose 12 states in a row. That didn’t make your news feed it seems. Idiotically claiming that Cruz is behind Kasich who has NO chance whatsoever of making 1237proves just how stupid you are. It is obvious that none of you trump acolytes have any brain cells to rub together among the entire group because you cannot read rules and do not understand the process of a republic we have used for over a couple hundred years. You trump zombies who work for the trump campaign trolling social media and polluting free speech of others is not only unethical and disingenuous but outright propaganda and we the TEA Party are sick of your liberal progressive Goebbels and Bernaise based hogwash. Even Kasich beat Donald where Donald RESIDES. None of us Cruz supporters counted on NY in ANY projections and we STILL show Ted winning the 1237 necessary and if not, he absolutely wins on the 2nd ballot. You zombies are simply setting up the argument to cry cheating and take some followers with you to split the party and vote and get Hillary elected as you planned all along. Neither Trump nor Hillary can withstand a one on one head to head debate with Ted Cruz and you know it. You expect to have H and DT team up against Ted…cowards

  • [4] April 20, 2016 at 12:24pm

    Another thing Sean, you claimed that Ted never comes on and then you say that he won some contest of who gets allowed on the most somehow trying to prove that you supposedly do not give unfair airtime and stumping for Donald Trump. It is obviously getting to Sean and hurting his feelers when everyone says and proves that he is unfair and biased and rectal cranially inverted in Trump’s backside. Trying to say baselessly that he favors Cruz… SERIOUSLY?!??!?!? … over Trump in the beginning of the interview proves just how fake Sean truly is. He provides no numbers, just BS typical of the tRump zombies who troll Cruz supporters and Cruz friendly sites. Actually, the sites aren’t even Cruz friendly, the owners are. When the truth is on your side, it makes it impossible to support or present evidence that contradicts your true constitutional candidate and it makes obvious the best choice is the one standing against the UNconstitutionalist. Quite simply put, the facts prove Cruz is the one, NOT Donald.

  • [3] April 20, 2016 at 12:18pm

    NotAChristian SERIOUSLY?!? The person known as simply “sundance” at the conservativetreehouse blog which is another blatant proTrump schill was cited as the only source for this information and was thoroughly debunked by not only RedState but Ben Shapiro and MANY other media outlets who vary from one to another over whom they support if they support either at all. You provided a BLOG supported by another BLOG and NO CITATIONS IN EITHER proving ANY of your baseless allegations. I was hoping you actually had something debatable so at least I could argue with a semi intelligent Trump supporter which is impossible to find in the first place. It is simply too much to ask that you zombies provide the truth and facts to support your argument. Never happens. I can provide a plethora of sources proving Ted is the real deal and Trump is NOT. Trump is only in this to split the party exactly like Ross Perot did in 1992 to get another Clinton in the White House to begin with. If it was not for Ross Perot splitting the vote then, we never would have gotten a Clinton. In other words, splitting the vote and dividing the party as Trump has proven is his ultimate goal with his lying cheating nonsense has repercussions like we have been suffering from for the last 25 years. Idiots like yourself prove why we need to take the party back as Cruz and We the TEA Party are doing rather than burn it to the ground as Hillary and Donald are trying to do in order to get HER elected. Donald can’t beat H

  • April 19, 2016 at 7:53am

    Sorry about the “rentacops ” remark, but these 2 idiots seem to pretty much exactly that. My few run ins with campus police forces have varied widely from one university to the next and working I have to work on MANY different ones and have to answer NEEDLESSLY for what I am doing because the majority of the ones I have dealt with are dumber that the Atlanta PD and sheriff’s deputies who pick up crackhead prostitutes in the middle of the day in the front seat of their seat to get favors done for not running them off their good corner on welfare and food stamp day. Yes, campus police there are more than that stupid. Better schools don’t tend to be that stupid though there are still exceptions. The more liberal schools have them worse such as UGA and other schools with liberal arts and journalism degree programs. GA Tech has more who see thing with science and logic. I stand by most of the rest of what I said about them being idiots and needlessly harassing law abiding citizens and being completely out of their depth and overreaching as fascist PC police which no “police officer” should be doing since they supposedly swear to uphold and defend the Constitution they apparently don’t need. But, of course that’s up to his Lt and the other guy upstairs rather than anyone being innocent until proven guilty. COLLEGES ARE NOT CONSTITUTION FREE ZONES and the unique situation where they may have their own police forces, needlessly again I would add, and NOT THEIR OWN JUSTICE SYSTEMS

  • April 15, 2016 at 5:14am

    Watch “Terms and Conditions may Apply” . It may have some liberal propaganda in it and about the last 3rd be off topic but it shows you who has sold us out and how from BOTH parties and how MOST of the tech companies make you sign their EULAs expecting no one to actually read the conditions…. the people need to stand up to this and not use the products because of the massive data mining and private information that has been collected to sell us out over the years. We are being raped of our individuality to create global artificial intelligences to prepare and depopulate the planet allowing people to opt in and “upload” themselves to an AI world with avatars, no sickness, no death, all those utopian promises while they can never prove that if you wanted to be an individual after joining their network, they wouldn’t just delete you from it now without a body to go back in. This may sound crazy but if you know enough about Transcendence and Ray Kurzweil and the evolution of artificial intelligence we are facing if we don’t destroy ourselves first, is staggeringly horrific. Look up on youtube “Moscow 2045″ and see what the globalist oligarchs like global warmers want to actually do and promise to the new revolution they are pursuing. They promise trips to distant stars, no disease, no aging, no death, no pain, but also, not individuality. It is the worst of the Borg from Star Trek.
    Also, try watching Surrogates with Bruce Willis. These AI folks just don’t get it,

  • [1] April 15, 2016 at 5:02am

    It isn’t just Microsoft, it’s Apple, and everyone else who makes you sign a EULA and never expecting anyone to read the fine print. If you ever get the chance, watch the movie documentary “Terms and Conditions may apply”. If you can ignore the liberals and about the last third of the movie pushing liberal propaganda, it shows you many of the companies and the government officials of the establishment parties on BOTH sides that have been selling us out to the tech companies further encouraging this oligarchy of progressives usurping the rights of the people and bypassing the Constitution. There is no longer implied privacy of any kind but there should be. If you think about it, there should be NO EULAs sing a friggin search engine, MOST software, CELLULAR and home phone services, internet but there IS and until there is a major standing taken by the consumers, we the people, this will not change. If it affected these companies’ m line and cost them money, the stockholders who are also taken advantage of would stop it immediately. You would be surprised at just how many data points and how valuable they are for each person can be sold to and from a data mining warehouse for advertising and marketing. Also used for polling and predictions of human behavior. No thanks, I want NOTHING to do with these idiots trying to creat artificial intelligence from these things and THAT is their ultimate goal… to digitize human beings as in “Moscow 2045″ globalist can delete you, no blood

  • April 14, 2016 at 7:14pm

    I guarantee there will be an updated campus “law” against holsters on campus next year and that faculty will be alerted to give poor marks to these students for their views on the Constitution and Second Amendment. I am not the only one fed up with the elitism and censorship by the liberal progressives and oligarchs in charge of the rights of the people. College campuses are NOT supposed to be Constitution free zones. The liberal elitists that almost exclusively make up the faculties on the college campuses today are tolerant ONLY of those who see the world through their own filtered goggles. I say we should encourage them all to move to the utopias they claim are so perfect and see how long they get to speak freely in those places since they are not in charge there. Their tunes will change dramatically regarding their dystopian desires.

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  • [-1] April 14, 2016 at 7:10pm

    What happened to that court case at SCOTUS where it was decided that wrongful arrest could be resisted up to and including the death of an officer? I am not calling for deaths of these rentacops at all, just cannot remember and maybe someone here can point me that way. I recall a cop actually telling me about this. These guys would not have anything to worry about if the Constitution actually mattered on campus but t does not so they practically obey the liberal professors before any oath to protect and defend anything. I guarantee that college police do not take any oath that real police and soldiers do. Besides, since there were NO violations of laws, they had ZERO business harassing a peaceful protest that had NO attitudes other than the cops just trying to push and intimidate for a reaction. Notice they were also filming and never, as far as the video showed, showed their own credentials being covered by their “green police” econazi rubber reflective suits. Even if the soldier student actually had asked for the rentacop’s badge number, it is NOT attitude, but a legitimate interrogative question for anyone being cited, which these students could not be since they were NOT in violation. Again, there is no law against running someone’s ID and the rentacops will claim probable cause due to their own personal fear for their own safety. The protest had ZERO to do with driving, his TIME at the college, his TIME serving in the Army.

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  • [2] April 14, 2016 at 7:01pm

    Why are cops “writing up” anyone anyway? There is no citation they can use because no policy or “campus laws” were broken. Nothing for them to do there nor cite, proving they were sent there just to harass while the one was fumbling through the soldier student’s identifications as if he was doing the Communist “paperz pleez” we all remember the Soviets always did to harass it occupants and visitors behind the iron curtain. Your paperz ver NOT enn ordah!!! There should be nationwide backlash over this and I would love to see someone ask the 2 candidates and see where they say they have always stood on the 2A just to remind everyone. Constitutional Carry is the only answer as it was meant to be from the beginning.

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  • [3] April 14, 2016 at 6:57pm

    There is only free speech if you agree with the totalitarian liberal progressive oligarchs in charge of the peons, We the People. If a “right” is conditional, then it is not a right at all. The whole idea that global alarmists should be free from scrutiny of their “settled science” and that it is downright “unpatriotic” to protest while it is unpatriotic for these students to protest the limitations of the 2nd Amendment proves the hypocrisy of the progressive and liberal leftist agendas. In other words, free speech and the Right to keep and bear arms are being infringed if you think you SHOULD actually be able to speak freely and Constitutionally Carry. If burning a flag can be friggin considered free speech then carrying an empty holster should darn well be treated like speech and protected instead of being considered a crime like these idiot rentacops are implying it is.

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  • [6] April 14, 2016 at 6:42pm

    Is the officer’s job to protect protesters, students, whether white or military or not as well? Did they have a gun? A holster can be purchasy any child so why would you defend the officers for giving the students a ard time at the same time the officers accused them of having a bad attitude which they obviously did NOT have. By giving the students the speech that it was “for their own safety” and that the rentacops did not want to “feel threatened” they thereby justify in the eyes of the college that the olice were in the right with their own threats to defame the students. I say this should cost the cops their jobs, period and if they know the identity of their “caller” and find that it was faculty, they should get punished as well. If you actually watched the video, you would understand how crazy it is for you to defend their idiocy. A cops as well as military FIRST priority is to protect the Constitution. I find it harmful to this country and humanity when people preach global warming as truth and settled science so when they do their insane stuff that actually does more damage than wearing an empty holster does, I really hope to see you defending the cops when they are punishing people confronting the global warmers for their lies and hypocrisy so that you can show consistency. You cannot be FOR the Constitution and the Bill of Rights while standing AGAINST the 2nd Amendment. Even the ACLU as liberal as it is understands that which is why they want the 2A repealed

  • [3] April 14, 2016 at 6:35pm

    That’s what I came up with as well. They had no interest in actually reading the Constitution or even using a little bit of gray matter when harassing these students who did nothing but kiss the campus cops’ backsides while letting the cops accuse them of having an attitude. I would not have had the patience to put up with the idiocy from the rent a cops like they did. I also cannot imagine a college campus that actually bans water guns even when I was in college. But, the rentacops trying to intimidate these students by suggesting they needed permission to carry a HOLSTER which you do NOT need a NICS check to buy and can purchase as a child even is just outright insane. It was likely some libtard professor who is a very vocal anti capitalist occupy supporter who made the call anyway. Progressive liberal Obama voter.. and for the rentacops to do this with a straight face says they have no business in any kind of law enforcement, anyway. Most cops know that responsible law abiding armed citizens are far better than the law breaking ones who act like Chicago or NY ganstas and bypass such things as NICS checks anyway (I don’t agree with NICS anyway because I don’t believe that there is not a database by a 3rd party for firearm purchases since it would be a way around the laws presently that the government can track all purchases. there is no proof that the government discards the NICS documentation after it is run and clears the buyers). These rentacops have too much power.

  • April 13, 2016 at 9:25pm

    So why vote libertarian OR tRump when you can vote for a Constitutionalist who is God fearing in Ted Cruz? Idiots who believe tRump is their moderate hero fail to see he is not even as gifted a business man as Romney is who DOESN’T lie about his worth NOR his self funding to cover up his foreign investors and Wall Street banks owning him as tRump has been doing. This is a trick he has learned and apparently agreed to use in order to get another Clinton in the White House exactly like the 1992 Ross Perot vote split. If tRump fails to get 1237, he will run 3rd party with all his disgruntled zombies who do not amount to near as much without their open primary democrat spoiler vote supporters. You who bailed on the Tea Party to support tRump have no patience and fail to remember Donald’s entire life as a liberal progressive friend of the Clintons and fail to recall that Ted Cruz fought and defended the Constitution as promised his constituents as well as at SCOTUS where he fought against his own party as well as the UN as Texas solicitor general. The stakes are to high for you trump supporters to be such fools. Wake up before it is too late to get the Constitution back. Donald has no idea that it applies to HIM, too.

  • April 13, 2016 at 9:18pm

    Voting against Hillary also mean not enabling Trump to 1992 Ross Perot this election so a Clinton wins. You tRump paid trolling spammers never have any facts and cannot refute the mountain of evidence that tRump remains a loyal liberal progressive democrat running as a RINO in the truest sense of the word.

  • [15] April 13, 2016 at 8:49pm

    This isn’t a COMMUNITY COW and exactly why COMMUNISM failed in Russia and caused the deaths of over 32,000,000 citizens there who WERE farmers before the idiots came asking for our own Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson, how exactly they were supposed to work a farm after stealing all the farmlands for the COMMUNITY. Also, when these idiot animal loving bestiality groups decide to personify animals, it lowers the status of human beings as a direct result of communist, socialist, and progressive degradation of quality of life and the tolerance they have gained to sacrifice human babies for the sake of animal “humans”. When you devalue human life with marxisms, you get a bunch of starving fools with a few progressives at the top in control with all the guns, food, and medicine they will ever need. If you vote for a progressive, you are choosing this lunacy.

  • [-7] April 8, 2016 at 3:46pm

    And your choosing to ignore who Trump really is also is voting for the destruction of the USA. You Trump acolytes don’t get it, The fight for what is best for our country already started. The democrats are involved from the beginning of the republican primary process from the beginning to make sure we have to choose between 2 evils rather than evil and the Constitution. Your present support for Trump shows that you are not the least bit interested in restoring the Constitution much less overcome the exact party politics that Trump has been paying to subject us to for decades. The time to choose Cruz is right now, not pretend that we must once again, as we have since Reagan got elected, capitulate to the demands of Soros, Trump and their elitist oligarch one world order UN worshipping society. Trump supporters are for an epic failure… nothing more.

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