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  • August 21, 2016 at 12:32am

    If the RNDNC wants to save itself from imminent death and complete irrelevance, they must fire the upper crust of leadership incliding especially Rinse Pubis, and anyone responsible for holding Trump’s hand and forcing him upon us and immediately replace him with our rightfully chosen candidate Ted Cruz instead of worshiping at the altar of 12 million democrat spoilers choosing the weakest canddate possible guaranteed to lose to Hillary. We must have a reconciliation to stop our exodus, immediately. Otherwise, Evan is our closest candidate to Ted and if he chooses Ted for VP, Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, Tim Huelskamp, etc… we will see a rare 3rd party landslide victory who has no mandate to obet Ri se Pubis and will actually restore conservatism to the core of a party rightfully so. Trump saying he does not care about losing the House and Senate and would not mind being a free agent shows yet again he is throwing the election because no one would vote for someone who does not understand that we have to have the Senate to choose SCOTUS justices. It IS important to read the Bible AND the Constitution because you must swear on one to defend the other. Trump cares for neither, just his next taxpayer funded bailout for his bankrputcies provided his oligarchy by Clinton and Obama.

  • August 21, 2016 at 12:21am

    Trump is running to make Hillary win, no question about it. Many formerly respected media personalities refused to vet and sold out to the trojan donkey plant who funded the RNC pep rally for the Trump with Rinse Pubis shutting down the delegates’ microphones. They could bot allow anyone but Trump to be chosen even if 8p% of his primary voters are registered democrat Hillary voters and he only got 3 million republican registered party votes. That means he actually came in third. Ted won and is our true nominee and no amount of insulting is changes the facts that he is a fraud plant as co trolled opposition to Hillary and the biggest strawman that “we must support” because he is the Ri se Pubis chosen nominee foisted upon us. They still do not understand how endangered Rinse’s career future is and the Presidency os because they were afrad of Cruz whom they could not control and did not sell out. We have principles which is something the Breitfart, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Natonal Enqirer, and Faux news idiots will never understand much less understand us the true tea party. The website titled “” was bought out and sold out still spreading Trumpoganda worthy of Bernaise and Goebbels, pushing a Cloward and Piven scor hed earth campaign for their silent overlord Soros. WE have been paying attention and know the truth. Ted is true to his word and the candidate we have been waiting for since and is even better than Reagan.

  • August 21, 2016 at 12:08am

    It is not unreasonable to instate a moratorium on all incoming immigration for decades to force assimilation instead of insisting ISIS in this nation continues hetting reinforcements. Trump’s got ALOT of defects including that he compromises and reverses stance on ALL of his promises and thinks the Constitution is not always relevant and is negotiable like his pretend humpty dumpty nursery rhyme wall that he proved ne never intends to build because he has been pro amnesty all his life. Banning ISIS is the right thing to do and for those stupid enough to not recognize when troops are migrating fraudulently, when 97% are males between 16 and 30, without children and extremely few if any women, we are seeing armies flooding Europe and OUR unsecured borders. I really like Mike Lee. I attended school where he did and when he diď while his father Rex was the school President. They are both good men who are true patriots and extremely against all forms of marxism and totalitarianism. Trump.cannot even spell the words so he has the best, best people, hè makes sure he is the smartest one in the room surrounded by people that make him look smart (is his trick) and always kiss his ring and tell him hw much he reminds them of the mythical and also great narcissis. That is the only thing that keeps him the “smartest man in the room”. Surroungimgnoneself with yes men like Obama has done with the top military by orders of Valerie Jarrett just shows their need for ego stroking

  • [10] July 21, 2016 at 4:12pm

    Mitch Cruz never gave his word to support Trump in the speech as a conditionof making it. That is an idiotic Trump narrative for low information voters he loved so much. Ted did NOT release his delegates he won from states like UT and they were stolen in violation of party rules and parliamentary procedures. Ted supported Trump’s right as the chosen nominee as Beck and I do after the vote of delegates at the convention which is in no way him having to shut up and like it. Sonce Ted actually had more registered Republicans vote for him than Donald, he more.than deserved to sepeak and insist we not change the platform which Trumpnis doing to dorever destroy and split the base and clear a path for Hillary’s victory. Ted has been honorable the wntire time Lyin Trump was lying about him and refusing to actually debate while filibustering policy debate. Ted so outclasses Trump that Trump’s 9million registered democrat voters should never have had a say inTHE REPUBLOCAN CANDIDATE BUT THEY DID TO GUARANTEE A HILLARY WIN. TED WAS OUR LAST HOPE. I AND MILLIONS WILL NEVER VOTE FOR TRUMP BUT SUPPORT HIM AS THE DEAD RINSE PUBIS PARTY NOMINEE FOR HILLARY.

  • May 21, 2016 at 5:01pm

    He isn’t worth what he claims but by claiming self funding, he is above the campaign laws and scrutiny while being funded by anyone who pleases to give him money including Wall Street, foreign money bags, even Soros himself with no chance of scrutiny unless his taxes get released proving he is not worth enough to self fund. #REINCETRUMPTAXESNOW Trump has always exaggerated his worth and been caught lying about it by usually about 50 times more than actual worth throughout his rolling bankruptcies funded now by taxpayer funded bailouts for crony capitalist policies he lobbied for to begin with making him bankrupt and his bad business decisions largely responsible for triggering the rise of the TEA party against himself and his oligarch buddies to start with. It is amazing at the short term memory problems exhibited by so many of his lemming followers.

  • May 21, 2016 at 4:56pm

    Even if he says it, I will never trust it. That is the main problem with him. He has been a liberal democrat progressive 67 years of his life and then decides to register as a pure RINO and run for President. Why didn’t he just run as a democrat if he was so sure he could beat Hillary? Ted always kept his word to constituents once in D.C. and there is a strong record of him doing so standing against party leaders who were funded by Donald on BOTH sides AGAINST TEA party grassroots. Trump nor Hillary will EVER get my vote. #NEVERAGAIN2EVILS

  • [2] May 21, 2016 at 4:52pm

    That Grover radical muslim loving Nordquist helped ensure the NRA fate in my opinion. There are other groups we could support but not quite as strong as the NRA USED to be. Hopefully we can improve them. I would love to start one that sponsors Constitutional Carry and TEA party principles and be backed by Freedomworks.

  • May 21, 2016 at 4:46pm

    NRA lobbied AGAINST Constitutional carry right alongside Bloomberg in my state against the NAGR ad NAGO, and other groups of TEA party platform supporters. Trump has consistently opposed TEA party lobbying and candidates just like McConnell against Matt Bevin and protecting McCain despite his remarks during the campaign. If Trump ever truly though he could or actually wanted to beat Hillary, he would have run as a democrat since that is what he truly is. His only goal is to split the vote, refuse to unite the base, rewrite the party platform to liberalism, and make sure Hillary gets elected. His hiding behind claims of self funding has put him above scrutiny of campaign finance laws and he has never been worth what he claims usually by a factor of 1/50th of what he claims he is worth. He lobbied for every “assault weapons and SEMI automatic scary looking weapons ban” that has come out in the last 4 decades. His lemmings refuse to check his real records of being a lifelong liberal of the Bloomberg and Hillary type. He now says he does not need nor want conservative votes and would rather court Sander’s votes. But, alas, that never was the CFR Soros Richard Haas and Clinton plan, just placate some ignorant gullible moderates and have them gleefully vote alongside registered democrats never asking why those dems were helping choose their own opposition to ensure another Clinton victory in open and winner take all and take most republican primaries. #NEVERAGAIN2EVILS

  • [4] May 21, 2016 at 3:52pm

    Trump lobbied WITH the Clintons and Obama on EVERY “scary looking assault weapons ban” that has come before the legislature in the past 4 decades. THEY want to ban ALL SEMI automatic weapons and even the mods and tactical upgrades, suppressors/silencers, night vision, etc. NO MORE building ARs and scopes that the military uses. Pistol grips… soon to get banned. SEMI automatic weaps and magazines with more than 10 rounds OUT as well as register existing guns fitting their descriptions. This will effectively restricted or outright ban 70% of existing weapons excluding single shot, revolver, bolt action, double barrel. Exotic ammo will bet the axe as well since the NY values was so important for the liberal crossover voters to make sure they picked their opposition they knew they could never lose to.

  • [2] May 21, 2016 at 3:46pm

    NRA is a sellout, too. They OPPOSED Constitutional Carry in MY state opposing the NAGR, NAGO and several other ones including TEA party groups but luckily, the NRA and Bloomberg were defeated, YES they sided together against the legislation and have decided to keep that radical muslim lover Grover Nordquist. The NRA is NOT what it used to be.

  • [3] May 21, 2016 at 3:26pm

    Because Obama was a known cross dresser and male prostitte when he was an adolescent and traded favors for drugs. Michael Obama (Robinson’s ) adolescent records are nowhere to be found except in the male variety, sealed. Try looking into the Manning report as well as the “michelle Obama is a man” documentaries on youtube, the death of Joan Rivers after she outed Moochelle as the first FTOTUS by death from anesthetic she had no history of problems with, by a doctor who was not anywhere near supposed to be involved symbolically removing part of her vocal chords, and her never waking up. I am no 9/11 truther like Donald is and I know we landed on the Moon but the rise of the gay mafia and the attacks against marriage and Christianity is only explained by the ruse takeover from the top down and is encouraged even more by Donald. Here is a link to start.

  • [4] May 21, 2016 at 3:09pm

    They are doing the same thing Donald has been doing the whole time, fudging their numbers.

  • May 14, 2016 at 6:32pm

    Warmunger YOU are ignoring the fact that you GLEEFULLY voted alongside liberals in order to select a fraud pure RINO KNOWINGLY. This provides clear insight into your own motives of getting Hillary elected. You would insist there are only 2 choices and between 2 evils. That is simply not the case and Trump has yet to WIN anything as the DELEGATES must vote at the CONVENTION and decide the nominee there. Trump is the furthest candidate from the present GOP platform and it is political suicide for the GOP establishment that you claim Ted is part of to choose the course splitting and destroying the party forever and making their future completely irrelevant as has been Hillary, Donald, and the CFR’s Alinsky guided goals all along. You have fallen for the ultimate ruse when it mattered most in life that you NOT fall for it. The absurdity of claiming that Ted is somehow Bush’s people further illustrates your flawed thinking. Facts never seem to matter to you Trump lovers as he pushes further and further left into deep liberal progressive territory to set up the party platform change he intends at the convention completely ousting the TEA party values from it, which arose largely to defend the nation against oligarchical tyrants as himself asking for handouts after having lobbied for the very things bankrupting our country in socialism and crony capitalism. Trump is the epitome of the ANTI TEA party candidate and remains steadfastly loyal to his lifelong party & Clintons,CFR &Soros

  • May 12, 2016 at 7:07pm

    … incestuously tied in with the results of the audit of Donald Trump proving he remains a loyal Clinton CFR operative and fully complicit oligarch and pure RINO undeserving of ANY of Cruz supporters votes he simply can never earn. Ted is the only way out of this mess and away from the progressive on worlders and 9/11 TRUHTHER Donald Trump who cannot beat Hillary by design from the beginning only here to split the party and the vote repeating the outcome of 1992 getting another Clinton elected. Shame on the traitors to the TEA party and the Constitution here supporting Trump and may history forget that you were my countrymen.

  • [1] May 12, 2016 at 7:02pm

    Why is his impossibly “self funded” campaign not being audited since he is not worth enough to self fund?

  • April 23, 2016 at 11:29pm

    And you obviously re referring to Donald being the cheater and total disingenuous fraud by running as a RINO against the only true conservative running, Ted Cruz. Ted hasn’t been crying so obviously you are wrong either way you meant that in typical ignorant tRump troll fashion defending the perpetually self bankrupting ducking Donald. He consistently proves he cannot win the long haul, and this race is very much the tortoise and the hare type. Ted doesn’t take shortcuts and campaigns for UNBOUND delegates and in caucus states where ducking Donald refuses to campaign flipping the finger at our states, delegates, and taxpaying voters sick of his oligarchy ideology rooted in corporate entitlement and liberal progressive fascism shown by his lobbying for us taxpayers bailing him out after he helped lobby for and caused the real estate collapse, TARP, nationalize banking lobby, Obamacare which he wants to expand further stripping coverage from citizens that used to have it and giving it to his AMNESTY buddies and illegal aliens at no cost to them, register firearms and ban SEMI atutomatic weapons effectively eliminating 70% of available weapons today, taxpayer funded baby killing for a “non profit” who sells harvested baby parts FOR profit, KEEPING the corrupt IRS to continue using it as a weapon to stifle TEA Party and other free speech from EVER being able to get the kind of power we obtained again. If we don’t get Ted now, we will NEVER see freedom again.

  • [1] April 20, 2016 at 12:57pm

    Donald has long since sold his soul to the CFR to keep his business dealings as friendly to him as possible. Your ignorance on the CFR and lies about Heidi and Ted show just how gullible and stupid you can be. Wake up buttercup. The facts are right in front of you and you cannot see past Alex Jones lizard speak. By the way, since you fail to provide any citations for your baseless allegations much less polling, Ted is far higher than 12% of the mob vote. Try going to GOP.GOV and reading not only the rules but the current state of delegate assignments and popularity. Another source you are obviously ignorant of is realclearpolitics that shows clearly just how failed Trump is and how strong Ted is. Since tRump’s actual intent is to destroy the party split the vote, you aren’t interested in the facts anyway.

  • [1] April 20, 2016 at 12:51pm

    Whatever the heck that remark is supposed to mean… You clearly do not understand that the country, not NY is choosing the nominee in a process. We never counted on NY from the beginning and Trump still CLEARLY cannot make 1,237 delegates and will NOT be able to win in a contested convention anyway and he, like you, is panicking flailing about screeching false claims of treachery and fraud like a 3rd grade bully who found out that he didn’t bully everyone enough and that people actually DON’T like him as much as he thinks they should be required to. The CFR nonsense you spew from your gaping virtual sewage hole also shows your utter ignorance. tRump himself praised fellow liberal progressive and Clinton/Soros worshiper Richard Haas as his top choice for foreign policy advisor if he were to be elected. Haas is the LEADER of the CFR. You ignorantly forgetting that Heidi is not running for President herself is likewise inexcusable. We add to that the fact that Ted has fought against the UN and even party leaders and PRESIDENT Bush protecting the sovereignty of the U.S. further disproves you lunatic statements. Ted clearly states that the CFR is a nest of snakes and cannot be tolerated. The very few conservatives who have actually been able to get into the CFR such as Heidi and Michael Bolton, yes that Michael Bolton former ambassador, fight fervently against the flaming screeching bedwetting liberals running it who Donald worships and uses to achieve more globalist business.

  • [3] April 20, 2016 at 12:43pm

    Do you even know what a REPUBLIC is? Caucus voting states have been around since the beginning of the country. You are blissfully ignorant yourself it seems. The 10th Amendment allows us to decide how primaries should be performed from state to state. The mob does not get to decide how the process works and we benefit because of the process as it stands, CLOSED primaries and ELECTED delegates who do exactly as they are supposed to when a whining crybaby decides to snub and flp the finger to our states and refuses to even show up and campaign to the delegates much less visit with people and answer questions and concerns. TED SHOWED UP and Donald DID NOT. Don’t like it? TEL YOUR BOY TO ACTUALLY BOTHER SHOWING UP. Donald never complains about those caucus voting states he does win… oh wait, there are hardly any. He doesn’t complain in the states he wins that have OPEN primaries or the rules in the states he wins with CLOSED primaries and he gets winner take all delegates despite not winning by more than 1%. How is it that is fair? Ted never complains about the rules where he lost a state. That is just Donald who KNEW THE RULES WHEN HE SIGNED HIS SIGNATURE just like the rest of the candidates. NO rules can e changed without the agreement first of ALL candidates and NONE HAVE BEEN CHANGED. You whining crybabies should have paid attention in high school… that is of course unless you know you are lying and generating false support through your lying propaganda campaign.

  • [3] April 20, 2016 at 12:33pm

    NY does not rule nor speak for the rest of the country. This is a REPUBLIC regardless of what you tRump trolls and tRump claims. We who use the republican method of delegate selection and delegate voting in caucus states proved how unpopular tRump actually is by making him lose 12 states in a row. That didn’t make your news feed it seems. Idiotically claiming that Cruz is behind Kasich who has NO chance whatsoever of making 1237proves just how stupid you are. It is obvious that none of you trump acolytes have any brain cells to rub together among the entire group because you cannot read rules and do not understand the process of a republic we have used for over a couple hundred years. You trump zombies who work for the trump campaign trolling social media and polluting free speech of others is not only unethical and disingenuous but outright propaganda and we the TEA Party are sick of your liberal progressive Goebbels and Bernaise based hogwash. Even Kasich beat Donald where Donald RESIDES. None of us Cruz supporters counted on NY in ANY projections and we STILL show Ted winning the 1237 necessary and if not, he absolutely wins on the 2nd ballot. You zombies are simply setting up the argument to cry cheating and take some followers with you to split the party and vote and get Hillary elected as you planned all along. Neither Trump nor Hillary can withstand a one on one head to head debate with Ted Cruz and you know it. You expect to have H and DT team up against Ted…cowards

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