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  • November 21, 2010 at 11:01pm

    MR BUTCHER shares an intimate secret, “i dont wear underwear. never will.”

    Victoria’s Secret?

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 10:59pm

    “invention uses a powdered metal”

    Any of you boys ever notice what happens to tin foil inside a microwave?

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

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  • November 21, 2010 at 7:55pm

    I am happy as a dead pig lying out under sunshine to be a heathen injun not all messed up on the Lord. Life is so much better and so much more fun not wearing those shackles and chains of Christianity.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

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  • November 21, 2010 at 7:47pm

    HUGH WILLIAMS comments, “It is too simple to explain this away as idiocy.”

    Oh, yes, this is idiocy on the part of Barack Obama and his girls and boys of government.

    Quite clear Obama sought the presidency to impose a Marxist based black liberation theology upon America. Equally clear Obama is miserably failing at bringing about his welfare nation philosophy. Americans are in an uproar about this to a point an angry pitch fork and torch carrying mob is banging at his White House front doors.

    Sure, Obama is doing all he can to impose socialist tyranny on this nation he so hates, but his foundation for doing so is ignorant arrogance. Obama is about as stupid as a boy can be. Most annoying is Obama is more arrogant than the Queen of Mean, late Leona Helmsley, and Obama acts much like her through his constantly having a sex crazed poodle on his arm, Al Gore.

    Like Al Gore, our president is exceptionally ignorant yet psychotically arrogant. His ignorance is defeating him and his arrogance leads him to his defeat like Custer led his men to defeat at Little Big Horn. Obama has the power of the presidency, he is effecting some actions which piss us off, but Obama is an impotent lame duck president, a guaranteed one term president like goober pea Carter.

    In essence, Obama is slinging a lot of crap around but it ain’t sticking to any walls. He is causing damage to our America but come January, we will begin repairing this damage he is causing. Come January, Obama will be emasculated not that there is anything masculine about him now, certainly not after Sarah Palin got after him with her political scissors.

    Some see this as a defeat for America. I see this as an awakening of a giant, our America peoples, just like a famous Japanese Admiral saw an awakening giant after destroying Pearl Harbor.

    Benefit is Americans have been slapped around and slapped down. Americans are finally snapping out of their spoiled brat lazy way thinking and shouting out, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” All of this mess is, after all, our own fault.

    We elected our first black president hoping for free handouts, we have learned, and we will not elect another black president for a century or more; we were just as ignorant as Obama. We have learned, Obama remains a blithering idiot.

    Root cause of our American mess is idiocy. Yes, all this Marxism, racism and hatred coming out of the White House and out of Capitol Hill causes us concern, rightfully so. We are suffering, we are damaged, but this will not last. Obama will not win, he is simply too stupid.

    Obama is an arrogant idiot who believes himself so powerful he can do whatever he likes. He is painfully learning different, and in 2012 we will kick his sorry butt clean over the moon. Obama will just be a bad memory, and will be forgotten when Americans roll up their sleeves and get to work repairing the damage Obama has done to our home, America.

    Take off your tin foil hat and roll up your sleeves, we have a lot of fields to plow.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 6:58pm

    GEMINI SAILOR is suggestive, “a trip through the TSA line might cure your boredom.”

    Especially if Tom Selleck or Mark Harmon did the groping! Oh Baby!

    My boredom is there are so many TSA topics burning here at the Blaze, this has become a dead horse whipping contest. I would rather watch a one legged man at butt kicking contest going at it or go swimming with some bow legged women.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 6:44pm

    NERVOUS INVESTOR knocks on my padded cell door, “I love reading your posts. Always interesting.”

    You are so nice! Listen, if you will loosen these buckles on my straight jacket I will show you a really neat Harry Houdini disappearing trick.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 6:41pm

    BETTER DAYS is amused, “native girl that was sooo not PC”

    I am infamous for my lack of political correctness. Stupid me, I simply never got the hang of this PC talk crap back when I was in reform school.

    BETTER DAYS quips, “his fith wife was 7.”

    Wow! Now that is old for that Muhammad boy! I suppose he has a hankering for mature women.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 2:36pm

    SNOW LEOPARD 3200 seeks justice, “Apache reservation there was a man who raped several 16yr old girls and was caught by them. It took about two weeks before anyone got around to reporting where his carcas….”

    I don’t know about the ant hill and honey thing but I do know you would be surprised by the number of bad boys killed on Indian lands. This is a result of the feds not allowing tribal police to enforce any law above a misdemeanor level, and a result of the feds refusing to enforce felony laws on Indian lands.

    Our lands are tens of millions of acres, quite easy for a person to simply vanish. I would not be surprised to learn some of those dead Mexican drug cartel boys invading our lands have arrows through their heads.

    An unfortunate result of the feds turning our lands into lawless lands is my peoples have no choice but to take the law into our own hands. Our pragmatic solution for criminals is to kill them. You white folks should try this, very effective.

    Reminds me of an incident up in Washington state. A tribe up there became angry with a drug dealer, feds would not help. This tribe burnt down his house and ran his drug dealing ass off their lands. This tribe displayed mercy.

    This further reminds me of my childhood. Bunch of us kids watched a Choctaw woman choke her abusive drunkard husband to death, then toss his body on railroad tracks to have a train sweep away the mess. He needed killing.

    Our local county sheriff, a white boy name McKinney, handled this well. He made arrangements to have the boy’s body removed and buried. No questions ever asked, closed his case, “He needed killing.”

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 2:19pm

    M31 SAILOR does some arithmetic, “Does 2 eight year old girls equal one sixteen year old girl?”

    Here in America, sixteen will get you twenty. However double eights will get you life but not as bad as what a Bill Hickok “aces and eights” thing will get you.

    M31 SAILOR asks, “does your name mean anything in Choctaw”

    Yes, my name means “crazy” and I am crazy, quite literally. I am fun, though.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 2:11pm

    CONSTITUTION PARTY casts his vote, “It is amazing how many votes Iran got for the UN Women’s rights counsel.”

    Iran won a seat through a backdoor method, a “default appointment” rather than an open floor council vote.

    Nonetheless, those Iranian boys are right smart and offer solutions to many problems, such as earthquakes. Over in Iran, cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi enlightens all of us,

    “Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes.”

    There you go. Iran has solved this problem of earthquakes. Women simply need to wear burqas.

    “Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi” … makes my mouth hurt simply trying to say his name.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 1:55pm

    HUGH WILLIAMS provides intelligent discussion, “You are correct the Israeli system is much better and safer than ours, but they deal a fraction of the number of flights in the US.”

    There is a need to introduce math. This is not comparing a diesel rig hauling cattle to an Escalade hauling kids. Sheer number of aeroliner passengers is not the measure. The measure of success in aeroliner safety is the number of terrorist incidents prevented. Europe and America have a poor track record; lots of successful terrorist incidents. Israel, none in thirty years.

    What you are alluding to scale of operations. Israel does have much less aeroliner traffic requiring less security personal compared to Heathrow in England or Dallas / Fort Worth in Texas. However, a smaller operation is not reason for Israel enjoying success, rather their success is in technique.

    Here in America we could effect the same security measures as Israel. This is simply a matter of hiring highly trained professionals and paying those people well. Some will argue expense but this is easily countered by our higher number of air passengers producing more revenue than does Israel. We can afford this.

    A pretend example. Israel spends ten percent of airline revenue and services 100 passengers per year. America spends ten percent of airline revenue and services 1,000 passengers per year. This is not a question of total monetary costs, this is a question of percentage of revenue costs. Successful operation of any business is not based upon gross revenue rather is based upon gross percentage profit. Israel spends less but spends the same percentage of revenue. America spends more but spends the same percentage of revenue.

    Reason America is a failure at airport security is political correctness.

    HUGH WILLIAMS adds, “I always ask why is this happening, who benefits from this happening.”

    None benefit from TSA security policy. All of this is simply idiocy. Islamic terrorists have already switched tactics. America is obsessing on airport security while Muslims are walking across our southern border while carrying backpack nukes.

    Homeland Security is to be a comprehensive policy which includes security everywhere, airports, train stations, bus stations, our sea ports along with our utility infrastructures, water reservoirs and other sensitive vital interests. Most important is closing and securing our borders.

    Highly critical, we need the Israel model of profiling. A three old girl is not likely to be carrying a bomb but a thirty year old Arab man is certainly more likely to be carrying a bomb.

    Political Correctness is killing us, as are those idiots in charge of government.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 12:51pm

    RONKO comments, “Screw the church”

    Please remember to wear a condom when you do.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 12:48pm

    Well, a policy of marrying 16 year old girls would be an improvement over their tradition of marrying 8 year old girls.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

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  • November 21, 2010 at 12:42pm

    BURNT HILLS spins his beanie hat propeller then slobbers and blathers, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

    * rolls her eyes like Sarah *

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 12:32pm

    Hugh, previously I write, “this TSA fat girl with her arms folded across her chest gives me the creeps.”

    Go back and have another look at her. This is how psychological profiling works. Some fat people will be angered by this. Tough titty said the kitty but the milk is good.

    Her physical appearance, obesity, is a reflection of her suffering poor mental health. People become fat because of a lack of self-confidence and a lack of self-control. Fat people “reward” themselves with food to compensate for their personal inadequacies , and fat people are addicted to eating for the “high” created by released chemicals in their brains. Fat people are drug addicts. This fat girl TSA agent is suspect. She does not fit the profile of a terrorist but she does fit the profile of a person who makes for a lousy employee.

    Look at her body language, legs pressed together, knees locked, belly thrust out and her arms are firmly crossed upon her chest. She is a control freak. She is a power tripper. She is abusive to people. She is this way because she is angry with herself and angry with her life. A resultant is she takes out her anger on other people. She is a “drag down” fat girl. She will deliberately humiliate and abuse people to drag them down to her miserable level of thinking and behavior. She pumps herself up, mentally, by effecting power over other people.

    She should not be a TSA agent. She is incompetent and mentally unhealthy. These conclusions of mine are drawn upon nothing more than her weight and her body language.

    Mine is psychological profiling. This is why Israel so excels in airport security; common sense and aversion to political correctness.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 12:17pm

    Hugh Williams asks, “I would like you opinion about why the TSA is doing this now.”

    No socialist conspiracy here. This is simply our government is taken over by former Walmart employees seeking better benefit packages. TSA agents are simply former Walmart stock clerks with badges pinned on their chests.

    Ben Gurion International Airport over in Israel enjoys an excellent track record. Over the past thirty years not a single terrorist incident, not a single aeroliner highjacked. Reason for this is intuitive and a reflection of common sense. Israel employs the best and brightest of people for airport security. Israel has a policy of hiring those who have exceptionally high IQ, who are college educated, who are exceptionally keen and each security agent is well trained in specialized psychological profiling.

    Israel relies on spotting certain telltale behaviors. Security begins by scanning license plates of entering cars for an instant check, drivers and passengers are asked certain questions and given a good looking over for body language which suggests a problem.

    Entering Ben Gurion Airport, fliers are again asked a barrage of questions, simple questions which are designed to reveal a “nervous” demeanor. Additionally, regardless of clothing nor skin color, those with Arab accents are pulled aside for extra screening.

    Israel relies on highly intelligent agents well trained in psychological profiling. This is not racial profiling, this is profiling based upon body language and verbal responses; psychology.

    Ben Gurion International Airport — thirty years, not a single incident; dangerous people are spotted out on the street, and spotted before even coming close to an aeroliner terminal. There are no naked picture machines and no groping hands, just metal detectors and luggage x-ray machines.

    Here in America, we hire former Walmart, K-Mart and 99 Cent store employees whose aspirations are no higher than spending their retirement years sitting on couches drinking beer while watching Opra and Dr. Phil. This hiring of fat ass lazy ignorant people is not restricted to the TSA, every government office, municipal to state to federal, is populated by those rubes, including the Oval Office. Only reason Obama does not have a fat ass is he is cigarette skinny. Michelle makes up for his lacking in fat. However, both Barack and Michelle are ignorant and lazy.

    There is no socialist conspiracy involved in this TSA comedy; those folks are too stupid to pull off anything more elaborate than checking diapers for poop bombs.

    There is only one true conspiracy which is a hapless unintended takeover of government by blithering idiots evidenced by so many villagers taping up missing posters for their village idiots. Humorous those villagers do not have enough sense to go over to Capitol Hill to find their missing village idiots.

    Obama is a socialist. Obama is a Muslim. Has Obama been successful at imposing socialism upon America? Nope, his mindless minion government workers are too stupid to pull this off, they are just modern day Keystone Cops frantic to bring this mess they are making under control.

    No government conspiracy is involved. This is simply Larry, Moe and Curly in charge of America.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • November 21, 2010 at 11:23am

    TSA! TSA! TSA! More than a dozen Blaze blog articles about TSA airport security this weekend. Reads to me staff writers and participant readers are obsessing.

    I am becoming really bored.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

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  • November 21, 2010 at 9:51am

    Based upon body language of this TSA man along with body language and whining of the boy, my opinion is this was not a strip search rather an effort to speed up the process delayed by an uncooperative child. Easy to see this boy is fighting back tooth and nail.

    However, this TSA fat girl with her arms folded across her chest gives me the creeps.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

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  • November 20, 2010 at 3:47pm

    Related to Christmas and Obama, a Christmas tree decoration being sold by Walmart:

    Rather ironic in many ways.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

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  • November 20, 2010 at 2:50pm

    FUBAR SNAFU faces two evils, “Scott was elected as a ‘lesser of two evils’.”

    Here in California we suffered a governor race choice between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown. This is a choice between Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum. Either way, Californians lose. This is aggravating.

    Back in 2008, Americans faced a choice between two evils, Obama and McCain. This was a choice between hard socialism and soft socialism. Americans chose the greatest evil, now we suffer.

    In 2012 we will have better choices, Sarah Palin or Barack Obama. This will prove a choice between intelligence and ignorance. This will prove a choice between freedom and socialism. I think Americans have smarten up a bit because of Obama and his boys. I think Americans will vote for freedom, will vote for a traditional America. This is a vote for Sarah Palin, who is one of us.

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

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