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  • [1] March 31, 2015 at 8:03pm

    This law is just, and should be allowed to stay. Here is why, ALL PEOPLE have the right to deal with life on life’s terms, if you do not want LGBT in your life you should not be forced to accept it. If you own a business and do not want them in you place of business then post a sign and have them move on to somewhere who will accept them. That may come with financial challenges but that it the choice the business owner makes and the risk he or she may have to accept. Protecting a persons rights should be equal across the board, if a person choses to be gay or hump buffalos I could care less, do it in your home, I am tired of everyone’s sexual preference being worn on their sleeve. I for one think this law is way past due and the LGBT folks out there need to keep their sex preference to themselves and out of the public..

  • March 31, 2015 at 7:50pm

    There is no reason for DMV to have these types of weapons, I am curious to the real motivation behind this. Arming everyone affiliated with a government office is not the solution to the governments problems. DMV everywhere all seem to just plain suck when it comes to wasting citizen time and money, instead of Arming the DMV they should streamline their process to where people can get in and out quickly while being dealt with in a Friendly Professional Polite Manner. Armed Security is one thing but to have the DMV toting Automatic Weapons is just plain wrong on so many levels.. It seems as if they too have joined in by using “Buzz Words” to scare people . If your security guards are having a problems using their side arms in close quarter training giving them more bullets is NOT the answer. Training on the use of a side arm seems to be in order but certainly not giving these idiots Automatic High Capacity Weapons, MORE INOCENT PEOPLE WOULD GET HURT IF THIS ALLOWED, if they cannot hit target with a pistol don’t be stupid and given them more bullets and automatic fire capabilities…

  • [9] March 30, 2015 at 8:20am

    Blacks do not understand that the reason they are where they are in society is simply because that is where they choose to be. This ethnic group being the only one unable to sustain themselves in America despite the countless opportunities they have had. Violent by nature and stupid by choice is a deadly combination. Racism is kept alive because that is all they have, not because of white America. White America tends to follow the laws, blacks do not. White work for what they have, blacks steal. Whites learn to adapt and move forward, blacks take welfare and bites the hand that feeds them. If Blacks are to ever overcome the race issue they must first accept their role in the past 40 years. Blacks kill more blacks that all the white cops who have been forced to put down a black thug. Like the thug Mike Brown who was too stupid to stop threating a man with a gun getting himself killed , Blacks violent nature puts themselves in those situations. Like entering this place demanding people listen to them, if it were Texas they probably would have been forced out, and if they acted out I am sure one or more would have gotten themselves hurt. Whites today do not need or deserve to hear the plight of the black man, since it of their own choice to be the idiots

  • [8] March 28, 2015 at 9:55am

    This segment of society who after decades in the country have been the only ethnic group who fails to even support themselves needs to be dealt with. Violence so deeply engrained is the ONLY thing they know. Blacks are so prone to violence if they don’t get their way and this needs stopped. If the Black Leaders cannot gain ground in educating them and teaching them violence will only result in more violence there is going to be a problem in America. We have all seen the escalation of Blacks playing the race card, the violent after math when dumb A** Mike Brown got himself put down , the reality is Black America is trying their hardest to create a race war in the country. Having no real value or morals as a whole this is troubling at a time when the Muslims are looking for stupid people to push their agenda.. If you don’t own a gun you should run out and get one, learn to use and be ready too in the protection of yourself your property and you family… If our Leaders have not thought about the connection of Radical ISIS and the black community they need to take a serious look and stop now before it get too late. These thugs who attacked this man on the Metro needs removed from society for life.

  • [3] March 28, 2015 at 9:44am

    Her justification for making that statement is just plain stupid, as a women and probably a mother she knows that statement was stupid. When the baby saw me he got scared, OF COURSE he did, new environment strange people, and after all he is only 18 months, So now on to the problem, the problem is RACISM OF THE BLACKS AGAINST WHITES, Black people in America are the reason Racism exist today in America, if it were not for the old worn out cry of racism the Blacks in this country literally have nothing going for them. To stupid to pull up their own pants and put on a belt, fed and housed for decades because they cannot assimilate into society and get a job and support themselves, the thug mentality instilled in them from the day they are born, and to be quite honest the only reason most of those in Politics are there is simply to appease them. When Black America finally decides to educate themselves, stop looting and rioting when one of their thugs pulls a knife in a gun fight and gets killed. When they LEARN THEY ARE THE PROBLEM not the solution, then they will have a chance at the American dream, Until then We the rest of America will have to put up with the stupidity of the black masses until such time as it is legal to ship these worthless African wanna be thugs back to Africa. When they find out they HAD a chance all along and squandered it maybe then if they come back to America they will be something rather than nothing.

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  • [1] March 18, 2015 at 8:22pm

    Think about this. From the time the officer first engaged this man mere seconds went by, my question is why deadly force? I could see a Taser on the one cop, why wasn’t an effort made to bring this subject into compliance BEFORE deadly for was initiated? From what can be seen of the video this man was not aggressive, and if mentally challenged the officers should have know this, after all it became fodder among all the players in the video. I think this is a case of Abuse of Force, DEATH SHOULD NEVER BE FIRST CHOICE in situation like this….

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  • March 17, 2015 at 10:10am

    Buzz words flying ” saves lives” doesn’t change the fact, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, Leave 2A alone. No amount of verbal manipulation employed by the SCARED WHINERS OF AMERICA in writing bills to circumvent the constitution will be tolerated at Election time, Every bullet can be a cop killer, for that matter every car on the road can be a cop killer, every knife ever made can be a cop killer do we ban them too? I know the pansies out there are scared, but they are scared because the CHOOSE TO BE. They listen to the media who only reports the bad, they listen to the career politician who employs scare tactics for the contribution. IF YOU REALLY WANT SOMETHING TO BE AFRAID OF : how about VERBAL MANIPULATION designed to control your own way of thinking. Like the evils of pot, which by the way is legal in DC., the government used the scare tactics knowing the effects were less dangerous than alcohol but reported otherwise just to take your money.. America should be afraid, afraid to lose the right to own and carry in a time when crime his high, ISIS is coming into our borders and the government wastes our money borrows more creating a deficit they we can never repay. That’s what you SCARED WHINERS should be scared of, not the bullets.

  • March 15, 2015 at 8:16pm

    Keep that bug out back ready Dakota, once they drain your CMH status for their own agenda your going to be fodder at their table. Oh yeah and keep an eye on Russia for us… I cannot believe the levels Palins would stoop.

  • [1] March 6, 2015 at 6:45pm

    Way to go you anti-gun whiners!. Not only are guilty of raping the constitution you have now RUINED a child chances of having a family. And for what? Because you are afraid?? Do you gun control Whiners pee pee your pants when you drive past a gun store thinking one of those bad guns are going to hurt you? Guns don’t kill People kill.. You know gun control whiners like you killed the chance for some child to have a real family. Are you proud of yourself now??? Cowboy Up Gun Control Whiners of America, conquer your fears the old fashion way, lace up your boots and get back on the bike and ride… Stop letting your petty fears lead you to rape the 2A , and let this family have a child.. Enough already/

  • [13] March 2, 2015 at 4:48pm

    Once again we see definitions changed to fit their agenda, Verbal Manipulations expands its reach in America where we now start using buzz words ” Officer Safety” to get our way. Courts doesn’t support the action of the 2nd Amendment Whiners, after almost a 100 years of Whiners trying to take away guns from the people you would think by now some of the whiners would have gotten a clue. BUT NOOOOOO.
    The afraid in America the whiners, who drank he Kool-Aid of thinking that taking away guns will save them from the boogie man or bring light to that dark basement now shift gears an attack bullets. The problem here is their own shortcomings, the inability to face and conquer their fears! Instead of fighting back they are happy with surrendering and becoming victim. Well here is clue for you whiners out there.
    1. LEO’s,, Everyday day now in the news for excessive force or shooting unjustified
    2. Thug breaking in your home will be more brazen knowing YOU don’t have gun.
    3. Tear apart of the very fabric of the United States,, Our Constitution through verbal manipulation of the content.
    4. ISIS is already here, and more are coming if your follow the news any at all.
    So if your so willing to get your butts kicked and die at the hands of some criminal or ISIS go ahead, but remember one thing. NOT EVERYONE IS A COWARD.. Some of us will Stand and Fight to Protect your right to be a coward. When the fit hits the shan your going to wish you had a gun while the ISIS takes your head.

  • February 28, 2015 at 1:01pm

    Because if you don’t, your going to need those guns and ammo folks. History tells us that.

  • [1] February 28, 2015 at 1:00pm

    Come on Folks. I have been on this planet since 1960, since my time here I have heard the cry of the whiners out there who are deathly afraid. The mechanism ? Guns! Ammo !, Each time the whiners try something new to take away guns,( which by the way saves their lives) the whiners lose the battle to challenge the 2nd A. The real problem is people are just afraid, instead of conquering their fears they collectively drank the Koolaide that somehow they are going to be magically safe. Never mind the fact all those thugs out there will have them , the ones these Whiners are afraid of they are willing to take away guns and bullets from those who protect themselves and possibly a few whiners. Lets fight a decade old fight like we did with that war on drugs. How many trillions spent there and counting? We have larger issue to tackle America, deficit, homeless, jobs, affordable housing, retirements, out own infrastructure, so why are you guys wasting time and resources beating a dead horse? Terrorist at our door, in our towns and those WHINERS want to take away the bullets??? OMGFOLKS, how much Kool-Aid did you drink??? IT is time these WHINERS faced their fears and worked through their demons, and here is a clue :: It Aint the Guns Folks ! Cowboy up !. Time to get back to our real problems and stop worrying about guns. When the fit hits the shan you will be happy you did. Stop the madness and waste of money, focus on our economy, out wasteful spend government , our deficit!

  • [4] February 26, 2015 at 12:02pm

    Stupid is as stupid does, TM fought a man with a gun, STUPID, MB fought a man with a gun, Stupid. Come one folks common sense here please. Blacks think violence is the answer and they are somehow entitled to live free at the expense of others, STUPID,,,,, One ethnic group out of all those in America has failed time and time again. The blacks! This is not my fault , its their own fault, stop blaming racism for your own shortcomings.. Racism is alive simply because Blacks have nothing else …

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  • February 25, 2015 at 11:02am

    Stolen Valor should be the charge. This man KNEW he was lying and he holds what type of clearance within the government??? FIRE HIM, Prosecute him and make an example for all of those who wish to take the road he chose. He apologized because he got caught with the hopes of detracting attention on his actions. PROSECUTE HIM.

  • [2] February 25, 2015 at 10:54am

    The Gays need to recognize and appreciate the values they are destroying in their quest to be normal. First off it is not normal for same sex marriages, so stop trying to destroy it. Second of all no one care if you want to go against nature, so stop bringing it to public light, then we care. This couple has strong values that say NO based on religious beliefs, This should be enough for the gays to go elsewhere, its called RESPECT, if the gay community wants respect, then they should start by RESPECTING OTHERS. No Cake For YOU.

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  • [2] February 24, 2015 at 4:33pm

    Civilian Review Boards need to be everywhere LEO operates, instead of sending to “in house” Internal Affairs there conduct and their actions need governed by the people for the people. We live in day and time where blindly following government and since gone away. In the following the government we watch as they wasted our money and left us with a deficit that may never be paid off. We have followed them to the loss of civil liberties under the guise of Keeping America Safe. We have lost person right our of ‘Officer Safety” We need to review and prosecute those in authority who abuse this privileged position and we should strip away the gun rights of those in authority who have abused the privilege to serve. A civilian review board could recommend what is needed in this instance, assault charges, abuse of power, conduct unbecoming of an officer/government official, just to name a few. I would think some prosecutor could find enough here to put this thug in jail. Maybe even make him live on the streets for a couple of weeks, maybe then he could find enough compassion to see this old guy didn’t deserve to be humiliated slapped and cussed at. Homeless people come from all walks of life, not just wino’s drunks and drug addicts, wonder what that man’s story is. Either way this LEO should never have passed the Physic Exam , how did he by the way? Affirmative Action?

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  • [2] February 24, 2015 at 4:18pm

    Our Police training in action folks? The training LEO’s receive is an ‘Us Against Them Mentality” . This punk LEO should be fired, and he should have all weapons and his right to own or carry revoked for life. He has clearly demonstrated a total lack of humanity with his violent outburst making the risk to high for him to own or carry. More and more we are seeing the overly aggressive posture of the police, Taser’s deployed for little to no reason in doing so other than to establish dominance. Being taught to be ever vigilant and always on the alert has pushed many officers over the edge when dealing with Citizens, While I agree they should be aware their surroundings I do not believe that America is as bad as they seem to think it is. If you watch any of the Cop’s shows on television you can see the aggressiveness of the officers and if you listen you can hear their “training” in the way they speak. Now this may just be TV for some, but if you have ever witnessed an encounter involving LEO’s it is not too far fetched. LEO;s today are becoming concerned about body cams and in some instances wish to keep secret the recording from the public, this is just plain wrong. LEO’s need to be held accountable lest they lose respect of the citizens. As we have already seen.. LEO’s need to remember that John Public has not received their training and can become confused when dealing with LEO, a little patients and understanding would be in order, not the Taser.!! Civilian Review Board

  • February 22, 2015 at 5:09pm

    DHS should be disbanded completely. We have so many law enforcement now they are over lapping themselves and costing billions every year. Common sense approach like hitting the cartels through the banks that help them is best. Minimum Mandatory life no parole for anyone caught with the laundering the money and for banks and bankers who turn their head to let it go on. I cannot see any business generating that much cash cannot be found out. Take the bankers and financial peoples assets too along with life sentences. If they know when they get caught that their family is going to be left broke and they will never see freedom again, things will change… Apply the money saved from disbanding DHS and the Drug Lords cash to the deficit..

  • [3] February 22, 2015 at 4:54pm

    Dear Sir,
    Despite the name calling dweebs who are always trying to blame republicans and democrats and the name calling key board Rambo’s out there I wanted to take a moment with the hope of bringing some measure of understanding.
    Your daughter chose to go over seas, as I am sure you and her as well as your family discussed the pro’s and con’s of such a venture before she set off. We as a nation cannot bow to the ransom, it only makes more victims and more heart ache down the road. I am sorry for your loss and understand that in your grieving process there is a time where we as humans seek to ease our grief by blaming others, this is normal and it will eventually pass to a clearer day and understanding for you and your family. The loss of a child is never easy regardless of the circumstance, it hurts deeply.
    Your daughter knew of the dangers as did you, she chose to remain in there, I seldom agree with policy by our government but this time I must, we cannot never pay ransom. Paying ransom admits defeat, accepts the role of victim and embraces the thought that we are too scare to defend or to seek justice when wronged.
    Once your head is clear and you have had ample time to grieve I trust as an American your can see the value in the policy, this way of life. I hope you can become an advocate to bring awareness to those who venture past our boards into other countries that this is their choice, and it comes with consequences.

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  • [7] February 18, 2015 at 12:54pm

    Something needs to be done about the African American Violent Nature. It is all they seem to know. As in this instance totally uncalled for by this thing. We should have never tried to assimilate them into society from the jungle.

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