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  • September 13, 2012 at 4:15pm

    If the radical elements of Islam are trying to move public opinion within the American government to somehow legally protect the Muslim agenda, couldn’t it be possible to reverse engineer the Muslim agenda against them? Hear me out. I don’t view Islam as a cult or a religion, per say. I view it as a sociopolitical organization that was once based in theological ideals, but has evolved into an organization that is rooted in political ideology and only clings to past religious heritage to only protect itself from its enemies. With this religious protection, it absorbs only the most violent elements of the religion to use for enforcement. This agenda/plan can be viewed similarly, in my opinion, to what was once the KKK.
    Given the above factors, here lies the opportunity. Could it not be argued that the Muslim ideology is closer in practice to the KKK than it is to mainstream religions that preach peace and love to a God (by whatever name you choose)? Let’s not argue based on sect/group/organization, but let’s classify Muslim/Islam as a terrorist organization. IF Islam is a religion of peace then this argument will be lost. That is fine. However, I think the burden of proof should lie on the shoulders of Islam. We can see with our own eyes the fury of their violence, but I have yet to witness any peace and love coming from this supposed religion. If they are true to their word, is this not an easy position for them to secure?

  • September 12, 2012 at 5:29pm

    There is a silent majority that are watching both sides currently. We neither fall under Democratic nor Republican. I am one of them. In 2008 I bought into Obama’s rhetoric and felt he created the greatest opportunity for myself and this country if elected. After nearly 4 years of policies, executive orders, disrespect of Americans and American ideals, destructive economic policies, vague and harmful foreign policy, lack of vision and extreme leftist ideals I have made it my mission to learn as much about both sides of the spectrum. I have visited with and discussed ideology with a wide range of Democrats (live in Chicago) and attended local Tea Party meetings. My focus was not to participate, but to learn and decide my vote. Yes, I even went to see 2016 on opening night in Chicago and talked with interesting men like Trevor Loudon. To sum it up, people like me is what the Obama administration fears. They know they have the staunch radical Dems in their hip pockets. The GOP supporters are lost. Those in the middle are still a MYSTERY. Don’t fear, because it is too late for the middle to be swayed by more promises, lies and rhetoric. The debates are the last hope for Obama and he doesn’t have a record to stand on. The statistics are there and easily accessed. The main stream media will try hard to move the vote of this largest voting base and it will be unsuccessful. D’Souza is right. Obama’s team has fear right now, but it is not because of the movie. That’s only part o

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