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  • [12] August 10, 2015 at 9:26am

    Darn Trouser snakes…..

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  • [10] August 7, 2015 at 9:16am

    @ Celt

    I would add something….

    Amen Brother…

  • [3] August 6, 2015 at 8:40pm

    Arnold’s love for America always brings a tear to my eye….

    I have never thought of him as an immigrant…. I never think of any LEGAL immigrant, as an “immigrant”… I only think they were “Americans” who were just born in the wrong country….

    You all (hopefully) have met a few people like that….

    You can just see it when they speak of America, or reminisce about their homelands…. The pain in their voice when they say why they left everything they knew, to start over here… The happiness in their voice when they describe (no matter what their life is like here) how much better it is here, then where they came from (and it always is)…..

    I knew a immigrant from Ukraine who said he came here after he had been shot, just while sitting in his house… Stray bullet from a gun fight down the street.. He said it was kinda common where he was from, for there to be gunfire just springing up and having strays hit your house… Said in the 25 years he lived before he immigrated his house was hit more than he could remember.. He said he was always nervous… He told me it was just like a scene from that movie “Lord of War”…. He said he will never go back, and would never want to… He loved everyone, and was always so nice to strangers (He just loved being here in Indiana).

    Anyone who will go through all the hassle we make them go through to be a citizen, proves how much they want to be here…

  • [37] August 4, 2015 at 8:43am

    I was growing up in the late 80′s early 90′s, and my best friend Brandon was the first person I knew who was diagnosed with ADHD (just called ADD back then) so I was very close with a person who had this “disability”….

    You know what I learned? ADD and ADHD are NOT disabilities… Its a made up term for how to explain a child’s behavior when they are either too much for a parent to handle alone, or if the child is exposed to so much stimulation from their environment that their mind drifts from one topic to another…. It’s not a disease, and it’s not an illness. It’s a child acting like a child….

    As time moves on, more and more sources of stimulation are available to us, and we have begun to see what all that stimulation can do to a young and developing mind.. This is not a disability, it’s just the natural reaction of a developing mind to too much stimulation (causing a brain thats too underdeveloped to try and “multitask” before it’s actually mature enough to do so, so the mind seems to be “unfocused”).

    The only people who like to call ADD and ADHD an illness are people just looking for an excuse to justify lack of good parenting skills.. More of the blame-it-on-anything-but-me, non-sense…

    And I’m sorry, unless the child was in handcuffs for more than an hour, I don’t see the problem.. No actual harm was done…

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  • [1] July 31, 2015 at 10:23pm

    Just going from personal experience, I don’t think THIS will be as big a deal as this guy makes it sound…

    I don’t like that Obama is forcing it on people (not the government’s place), but I don’t think the impact will be too severe… Here’s why…

    In my experience the wages this will impact the most are people in the upper end of small retail and small business, and the lower end of Medium sized business and retail (these tend to be the “service” style jobs that see alot of overtime needed)… Many of the people who get stuck working alot of that overtime, are people who make less than the old $22k number anyway (I know all the retail places I was a manager of always told me to work the people who made less in the overtime roles, and people like shift leads and low-level management try to never put into overtime due to higher labor costs) so most actually doing overtime, were going to get overtime rates anyway… Now it just seems those on the lower end of the management team will now get overtime too..

    While yes, this will drive up some labor rates, I don’t think the impact will be that much…. Especially when you compare it to something that impacts every bottom line (like a blanket raise in the minimum wage) which as we all know is what they really want….

    And while I would like to see EVERYONE’s pay go up, a government mandate is not the way to do it….

  • [9] July 8, 2015 at 7:03pm

    Look, she got famous because she is a beautiful young woman, with a smidgen of talent (that a good recording mixer can make seem godly if he/she has the right skills).. She is not famous for her brains, or patriotism…

    She is entitled to be as stupid and un-patriotic as she wants to be…. Thankfully that is one thing that congress has yet to outlaw…. But as she has no REAL musical talent, and there are thousands of people more beautiful than she is, I will turn any focus I would have wasted on her, to them (and feel none the worse for it)….

    As far as I am concerned, she is NOT a “has been”…… She’s a “Never Was”….

    Moving on……

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  • [1] July 2, 2015 at 8:17am

    Who cares about some pansy ass libs wanting to burn an American Flag….

    It’s just a cheap flag… Most likely made in China… Let the morons burn their cheap flags…. you can destroy the object, but you can’t destroy the Ideal behind it….

    The American flag (as a symbol) means alot to me, and while I find people burning it to be foolish and ignorant, I can’t get mad at a fool for acting like a fool (it would leave no time in my day for anything else)…..

    The Flags they are burning are just pieces of cloth, cheap ones most likely bought at Wal-mart or the like…. If they want to spend $15 to buy a Wal-mart sold flag and burn it, fine… Whatever helps you stupid libs sleep at night. Whatever your trivial brain acknowledges as “making itself feel better” (hey, if you don’t distract a libs brain, it may realize how empty it is).. But you CAN never, and WILL never destroy what THAT FLAG represents….

    So Burn your cheap flags, make your stupid statements, and go home and know that one day you will realize the people you bastardize and villify are the very same people you will turn to when you need help or protection… It must feel good to be an ignorant hypocrite (after all, they say ignorance is bliss)….

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  • [17] June 26, 2015 at 11:32pm

    Mr. Trump is not perfect, but I like the guy, and someone like him could do great things as president…

    The only thing I fear from a POTUS Trump is how he talks to other nations… I like firm and un-waivering talk, but I don’t want him to insult us into a conflict…. Ruskies don’t like insults, and the Chinese are only looking for a reason…

    But in every other regard, So far, from everyone in the game, I like Trump….. Cruz is great, but Trump specializes in keeping his hands in MANY pots….. We need a POTUS who can Juggle, and Trump can juggle….

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  • [1] June 25, 2015 at 9:04pm

    Don’t blame Satan for this…..

    This is the result of the hardwork of Activist fools who are afraid of doing their jobs properly out of fear from “political fallout”….

    The court took the road of least resistance (ignoring legal documents as written, just because they were written with flaws….) Not the SCOTUS’s job to save a bad bill, and Roberts and the other 5 Jurists clearly favor political tides over honoring their oaths (which must not mean much to them)….

    Shame, but I expected as much…..Whether you like the law or not, it’s words were written with intent (as all laws carefully are), and to change the intent, or warp it only for convenience sake is a horrible disgrace not befitting of ANY judge…

    SCOTUScare has some good things in it… But far too many bad things, outweigh all that…..

  • [2] June 25, 2015 at 8:16pm

    The only thing that would make the left happy, is if we used our dead’s bodies as the fuel replacement in fired plants…. But surely then they would just bitch about the smell and how more of us would need to die to keep the power on….

    Screw these morons… You tell him, Gov. Pence…. I am proud to be a Hoosier, and I am glad my Governor is too…. I have heard him discuss this many times on radio interviews with our local hosts… He is all about renewable energy and being green, when it is actually maintainable and cost effective. But Pence is no dummy… He knows Indiana has alot riding on coal… Jobs, Local energy supply driving low energy costs, and export profits keeping the coffers of the state balanced to help keep taxes low…

    Indiana is a great place to live, and our local people (both sides, mostly) are great and while they have left / right issues too, common sense typically always wins the day here…

    Great State….. If only we could get that “Carson” family out of office… That Legacy stuff has to stop…. He’s not a “bad” guy really, but he IS a rubber stamp for Democrat ANYTHING….

  • [3] June 25, 2015 at 8:04pm

    JRook, obviously, you don’t live in Indiana…. So, a moment of education for you…

    I do, live in Indy…. Pence DOES support the coal workers… He pushes hard to keep their companies open, and their jobs in tact (what do you think happens when the coal plants get shut down, do you think the coal miners will still keep their jobs, when the demand for the product dries up?)…. And while Pence is only referring to Coal here.. Make no mistake, Indiana has been making big pushes towards Natural Gas (since we have alot of it) but the natural gas industry is not being threatened to near extinction (yet) and coal is… Coal is a large money source (in production) and saver (in cheap local energy you don’t have to transport far) so in Indiana its greatly needed for now. Our economy currently depends on it, so it must be protected. Natural gas IS being phased in (in vehicle fleets, and some plants) but we can’t just cut off coal, it would nearly collapse us, and as being of the few remaining “production” states, IN jobs would dry up, since many of our companies moved here for low cost power and taxes…

    So we bang the drum about coal, not about gas…. for now…..

    Thought, pass it on….

  • June 4, 2015 at 8:47am

    They “Missed it, by that much……”

  • June 4, 2015 at 8:30am

    I agree Blackspeak…..

    You would need a large following or movement to defend against the hordes of the savage. A single man or woman cannot do it alone… If enough American rose up to say “enough” and made an example of the primitives, then that might be a different story, but as it sits.. I completely agree, it’s cowardly, but smart…

  • [1] June 4, 2015 at 8:26am

    A bit cowardly, but understandable…..

    Muslims are primitive “things” that should be treated as such…. It’s not about race, or gender, or sexual preference. The religion you CHOSE is simply that… YOUR CHOICE…. And Muslims chose a brutal and primitive form of political religion that the likes of which were left behind by what we call “civilized man” over 1000 years ago. I feel nothing for Muslims, but disgust and pity. Their choice to live as “primitives” is disgusting, and the poor uneducated state it leaves it’s followers in, is nothing but pitiful…

    Islam should be exterminated, even for the only sake of improving the lives of it’s followers…. Muslim’s would be better off without “faith” than with THAT “faith”….

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  • [1] June 4, 2015 at 8:15am

    I’m sorry LeVerne, but you apparently have a very fundamental misunderstanding… And if you don’t mind, I will point it out so you will know going forward. Conniving minds (like those of criminals and politicians realize only one truth when it comes to “legality”….

    It’s only illegal if you’re caught, AND have someone willing to punish you for it… If those two conditions are not met, there was apparently NO crime or “law” broken.

  • June 4, 2015 at 8:10am

    The court will NOT strike down the illegal subsidies.

    Why? They have a vested interest in this too…. A favor for a favor…. That is how washington works. It has nothing to do with what is right or wrong (and has not for some time) just the scum of our society patting each other on the back. John Roberts is a traitor to his own oath, and will likely side with Ocommie-care, unless he can convince one of the other “right” judges to take the heat for him…

    This “utter-chaos” is not something to be feared. It is EXACTLY what is needed to get this thing (our healthcare system) actually fixed and and burn the largest scam and tax hike in American history (Ocommie-care) to the ground.

    But that won’t happen… I mean do ANY of us think that a SINGLE person (Judge, congressman, senator, aide, or even janitor for that matter) in washington gives one damn about the American people?

    Pay attention, time has PROVEN otherwise….

  • [12] May 28, 2015 at 8:09am

    This is why I don’t give to beggers….

    I have seen this on more than one occasion, and have written about it in previous posts.. About a “begger” I used to see everyday in Winter Park, Florida. He would be at the same place everyday begging, so one day I thought I would treat him to lunch (it’s hot begging in the sun all day in Florida) so I spotted him walking behind a gas station and followed him to ask him if he was interested in a mean, and the Jack@ss was getting into the trunk of his BMW and getting a change of clothes (that were nicer than mine) disappeared into the gas station and came out looking totally different, got in his car and drove away….. I was Naive and young… I didn’t know people would just beg for a living, just because they were lazy pieces of trash, but I saw it with my own eyes… Seen it a few times since…

    Now, I expect everyone to pull their own weight, and take care of themselves… Just like I have to. I don’t get handouts, charity, or government assistance. I make a little over 20k a year at my underpaying job, but I can make it just fine… I expect anyone who is not physically or mentally disabled to do the same…. Because you won’t get pity or charity from me.

    I reserve that for people who I KNOW can’t help themselves… Don’t beg me for money… Go beg for a JOB…..

  • May 21, 2015 at 7:27pm

    While I agree that it is above 50%, but to claim 99%? Look, there are ALOT of cops out there… And I would bet my life that more than 1% are there for the wrong reasons… I have know 5 people I used to go to school with that became officers… Only 2 did it for honorable reasons… I know for a fact that 2 of them did it because they wanted the “authority” they think came with the badge… I know because I have asked them, and in no uncertain terms, that was what I was told…

    The 3rd I only know about because I have had a few friends remain back home, who I talk to from time to time, and they told me some stories about the 3rd… So while I can’t confirm the stories authenticity, they were “par for the course” as one might say….

    I really do salute all the hardworking men and women out there who really do risk it all for the sake of others…. I do… But the “machine” that law enforcement has become, is becoming too big of a beast to feed… Time was a cop would only pull a weapon when absolutely necessary.. But today? You get a gun pulled on you as they approach your car at a traffic stop…. Had it happen to me 3 times… When I asked why? No answer given.. My crimes: Stop 1. turn signal out / Stop 2: Going 53 in a 50 (seriously) / Stop 3: Suspicious driving (I was 18 and my dad let me borrow his Porsche for a date, they thought I stole it)….

    Not that it matters, but I am white and so were all officers.. None were RACE related…

  • [2] May 21, 2015 at 8:24am

    That’s easy (if you’re not a moron, and I hope you’re not)….

    If you carry, you have a Mag in the Gun (maybe 15 rounds MAX) and possibly one additional Mag…

    So Max 30 rounds…. Plenty for a single scuffle… But this is a reported GANG FIGHT….

    More than 30 people… Even if you drop one with every round you have, you’re beaten to death by whats left the moment your ammo runs dry…. Only a fool would have gotten involved.. And it’s not a “bravery” thing… It’s simple math…

  • [6] May 21, 2015 at 8:19am

    Okay, so the story keeps changing, and the lies are un-ravelling if you put all the stories together…. Nearly EVERY “eyewitness” account is different… At least as far as I have seen…

    I wonder if we will ever know why this actually happened.. I have known some MC guys, and while I will buy that they WILL get violent if provoked, I have never met ANY who would do this in such a public place where it would draw this attention… I just can’t buy it…. But at the same time I will admit, anything is possible.

    About the 1000 weapons… don’t make me laugh… You were in a resturaunt… Of course there are “weapons” everywhere… Every table would have had at least 1 knife on it… You can’t cut meat with your spoon…. Also, I heard the stupid “Bears” are counting things like nail clippers and scissors as weapons…

    This whole story is a joke, and I am afriad at the end of the day, the people who will lose the most (besides the 9 the cops killed) are the American people once the LEO’s decide to take away a few more of our freedoms (to “protect us”, of course)…

    I wish police would get back to “protect and serve” and get away from the current “Subjugate and annoy” tactic they currently use…

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