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  • July 22, 2013 at 7:51pm

    It took me 20 times watching this video to really see what happens. The guy moves his foot and the two bystanders jump because she shoots before he swings the knife. Look very carefully at the ground between his legs and you see the bullet hit ground and both guys near by jump at the sound of gun fire. Now that I see she fired first it becomes more important as to what was being said and what was happening between the two. Very interesting case.

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  • April 18, 2013 at 11:30pm

    Campus of MIT is reporting gunfire. 10 minutes away from Boston Bombing site. Maybe someone is blowing away the 2 guys that did the bombing. Not a city I would want to start shooting in right now without a good reason.

  • March 27, 2013 at 8:44pm

    I am so tired of supporters of gay marriage hateful attacks on those of us who don’t agree that a gay couple should be allowed to marry and be considered the exact same union as a man and a women. I had to un-friend a person today because he posted a picture of a black man and a white woman who are married and made the commit that at one time their marriage was considered illegal in our country. I replied to him and called him out on his straw man racially charged post. Of course he was trying to appeal to people’s anger over racism and use it to fire up those that lap up his daily drivel about how gays somehow don’t have civil rights. Let me be clear on my onion and anyone that doesn’t like it feel free to un-friend me. Gay couples should have a path to the exact same civil rights that a married couple receive in a marriage, or better yet get government out of marriage all together. That being said marriage is first and foremost a religious ceremony, practiced and preformed by members of a religion in most cases. For over 5,000 years marriage has been defined as a holly union between 1 man and 1 woman. It’s set in stone! I am not Jewish so I dare say I wouldn’t demand a brit milah from a Rabi because it should be my right somehow. I wouldn’t just show up at a Catholic Church and demand to be member without going through their conversion process. Guess what I won’t be on Facebook demanding that I be allowed to use the woman’s rest room simply because our society ha

  • March 23, 2013 at 3:07pm

    Glenn I too will be facing the almost impossible decision to put down two of our 5 dogs. I want to thank you for sharing your family’s story as it unfolded. I truly felt your pain as you have talked about this day all week and I have cried and prayed for your family. In someway you make me feel better knowing that I too have to be the one that ultimately has to make the decision when the right time is. When you love your pets and realize what a true gift they are from God they are it is unimaginable to think someone has to be that person. Thank you for your example of strength for your family and thank you also for letting us share in such a personal and difficult decision. God Bless Victor and the entire Beck family.

  • February 28, 2011 at 2:53am

    A Challenge to Wisconsin Teachers and or Democrat Senators

    Now then, in the picture above, do we know what percent of those people are bused in from other states and unions to show support? There is nothing wrong with doing that I just wonder how many of these are involved directly with the fight, in other words have a dog in the fight.

    I did see a lot of SEIU signs and a lot of purple shirts in the crowd. Let the collective teachers bargain and negotiate for what they want without the inflammatory input from outside unions trying to use the situation to further their stance and further there on slot on the state trusts.
    Is it too much to ask our teachers and teacher union reps to do their own realistic study of our economy and the deals that are currently in effect are supposed to be sustainable? They have the brain power to collect all the numbers of the local governments that they negotiate their contracts with and see if the governments even have the money long term to pay the contracts they desire. Look if given the proper data our teachers are the smartest people we have in our society. Let’s let them show us how their contracts work and where the money will come from to up hold them.
    Let’s take only our best most elite high school teachers to partner with their local governments. Let’s give them 12 months to study their local government’s budget. This study should include all funds that are available to the local school board based on the local government projections. In other words all the money collected by property taxes that are contributed to the local school system and all federal dollars allotted to that school system. Also, the amount that the teachers are currently contributing to their own pensions and health care systems should be studied and included. Also include all money currently contributed by state lotteries.
    Once we have the total amount of money available for a school system you have to divide it out for equipment, building cost, service help cost i.e. Cooks and janitors, administrators and ect. Now you take all the money that teachers pay in, the amount of allotted local funding from taxes, and federal funding and add it up to a number. That is the amount you have left to pay all current teachers and their current benefits + the current payments for future benefit funding. So this means they pay all current teachers their current pay. They also take the money needed to pay current teachers health care premiums and retirement cost. Also, out of these funds + investment returns of said retirement funds they pay all teachers currently retired + their continuing premiums.
    Next, find out when these collective bargains begin and learn the rolling structure of the deal. Get the number of workers that retire and find the average retirement age of these teachers. Get the total number of teachers that will retire each year on average and you can figure out how much your school system will need to pay these benefits when they retire at 55 and then live to be 85 to 90 years old. That’s 40 – 50 years for each retired teacher to be paid and to receive benefits that most of them never paid into.
    The purpose of this challenge to the smarted teachers in Wisconsin is to with math and certainty show us how your current collective bargain is both fair to you and sustainable to the state for the long term being the next 40 years.
    Prove to us that the money is there and without taxing everyone else in the state unfair rates that this retirement system and health care plan is self sufficient and self sustainable without being bailed out forever by the tax payer.

  • February 28, 2011 at 1:52am

    Don’t teachers work only 9 months out of the year, off on school snow days, most have free retirement pensions and free health care to go with this long work year. Now let’s take a teachers work day. Teachers are in the school by 7:15 am and in the car on the way home by 2:50 in the afternoon. A whooping 7 hour day of telling kids how to vote and where to get abortions and how to hate their conservative parents. 9 months at 35 hours per week equals 1354.5 hours worked per year.
    I am a software engineer non union just like the overtime money. I work 50 hours per week for the full 12 months which equals 2580 hours per year worked. So I work double the hours you do and I don’t get free retirement or free health care but when you factor in the extra 1250 hours per year I work over you, I can afford to pay my insurance and health care premiums.
    Teachers work far fewer hours when compared to the normal business job and yet they want us to bow down and kiss their collective bargaining. They need to understand that they are not better than us and they don’t deserve more just because they teach.

  • February 28, 2011 at 1:11am

    In some ways you can’t blame the teachers that are a part of these unions. Much like citizens that believe they will get their social security money they are only claiming what they have been told is going to be theirs.
    If I were told for 20 years that I would have x or y and saw someone trying to take that from me I would be very upset. Most people I speak with agree that we need to pay good teachers good money and get rid of bad teachers, period. The people I am speaking about are not teachers and are mostly business professionals that earn less than 150,000 per year.
    All of these people pay a decent percent for their 401k, and much more then 1/12 of their health care premiums. It is hard to swallow paying more taxes when the private sector has been taxed as much as they can and still stay in business.
    Home owners are paying the highest property taxes in states nationwide in our countries history. At what point do parents say our only option is to home school or send them to a private school without unions.
    Teacher unions and many other public sector unions got great deals because of doing their jobs too good. They were supposed to get the best deals they can for their people and it’s not really their problem how states come up with the money once the deal is made. They do very well at contributing to politicians that share their liberal objectives and will let them loot the store while the boss is out.
    Government officials, CEO’s, CFO’s and Union leaders know that someday the bill will come due and that the workers retiring will outnumber the workers working to support them. All of these states and cities know that soon these retirement funds will be dry and it will be up to the tax payer again to bail out the obese union appetites for out of touch benefits. These Benefits that when compared to private sector jobs, performing the same services, are 35% higher in pay and 65% higher in pre and post retirement benefits, this when compared to the rest of the US Citizens working in the private sector.
    Now, how do the teachers in Wisconsin feel about paying more and I mean much more federal taxes to bail out the teacher unions in California or any other state via their own personal taxes? Follow me; most people believe that California is the most liberal state with their union contracts and their social programs, that include programs for illegal aliens, teenage abortion, and a long list of teacher and school related expenditures arranged for by unions. I think the general argument from the teacher unions must be that states can’t go bankrupt and renege on our Union Contracts. That states won’t go bankrupt, they can just get a bailout from the federal government. After all the Fed bailed out companies and banks, they have to bail out a state of the union. And the federal government depending on who has control of the government will bail out let’s say California. Now that means that all federal tax payers will now being helping to pay that bail out with our tax dollars, which means even a teacher in any state will end up paying more in taxes for the health care and or retirement of another teacher in another state.
    Now, let’s say you are ok with that, but then you find out that the deal the teachers have in California is like 10 times better than your deal. You find that they retire earlier, with more money and better benefits. How do you now feel paying higher taxes out of your pocket to pay for another teacher in another state to get more then you get? All because that union over bargained and openly asked for and received more the average teachers nationwide. In other words if states know they will be bailed out why not ask for everything, the sky’s the limit, after all in the end they won’t be paying it all themselves. They will be getting help from the parts of the country where states and unions have lived within their means and now have to pay out like everyone else because others are pigs and that’s the only word I can think to describe that type of person.
    I doubt that there will be any meaningful bailouts for the states. I see States and Companies that have created these messes having to declare bankruptcy or dissolving entirely, at which point members will get pennies on the dollars of what they were promised. As business close in these areas and jobs leave, people will gravitate to the states that are not having these Union Contract issues with public contracts. Places where the property taxes are reasonable to the price of their home and the schools have well paid teachers with benefits in sync with the parents of the students they teach. This means like for most of us in the free world that teachers pay a premium for their health care coverage like for my family my wife pays 9% percent of her annual wages for our entire family’s coverage. She earns 40,000 per year as a registered nurse and she pays 3700 per year just for our Premium. That isn’t including out of pocket, co-pays, prescriptions, and deductibles for major care.
    Now, she is a nurse and a great on at that. Why nurses whom take care of the ill at all stages in life; babies, teens, middle aged and elderly people, get less then teachers? Why shouldn’t nurses get unionized and refuse treatment if not given the same no better benefits then teachers? If we all where to go around and unionize and demand or hold hostages our customers and or dependents for more and more, do we really believe that there is not an end to our own greed. At some points business fails due to high taxes or move out of state. That means more people leave states to follow jobs. This lowers a city’s tax base so they raise taxes on everything including home owner taxes to cover teacher’s benefits. With more people leaving less children to teach, so districts start laying off teachers or hiring fewer. Even with this the districts at some point cannot meet payrolls or benefits payments.
    These entities will then file for protection from unions and creditors and they will be allowed to renegotiate all of these deals at a minimal rate on the dollar to preserve the state and its credit rating. In other words unions will not get what they were promised.
    Unions have one choice and that is to renegotiate a deal that merges expiations to this points with reality moving forward and get their retirement plans and health care more aligned with the public sector, so they will have something real to count on.

  • February 27, 2011 at 11:33pm

    If the Government is telling us people under the age of 55 that our Social Security funds will not be there when we retire at 67-70 then why trust that the union’s retirement and health care funds will be funded. Are union people somehow more important to our government then the average Citizen? In other words if they will break a deal (Soc Sec) with every citizen in the country why do you think you are so special that you will get these inflated over blown benefits when they are due? I mean at least every citizen pays into Soc Sec. A lot of teachers pay nothing for their retirement and health care.
    It’s a ponzi scheme of the worst kind because it’s run by the government and you can’t do anything to them. They know when they make these deals that they and the union reps that make them will get theirs and by the time we all get wise they will be long gone. Then its always someone else’s problem. The Unions have been too good at getting what they want from the elected officials they pay for. Now the cat is out of the bag that none of us can afford this.
    The worst part is that states are really screwed because they can’t every print the money so when all these benefits are paid out it will consume 100% of their budgets. If your teacher taught you then do the math and add up what they are getting and when they retire and you will see that we cannot afford this. Even if we have to close public schools and go entirely private. Where do you get an extra 1000.00 per month in your personal budget? You can’t print it and neither can states. States really can’t borrow like the US Government. WHERE DO WE GET THE CASH TO PAY THESE UNIONS? At some point the money is not there and we are racing toward that day.
    Let’s get some smart and talented people to do the math and figure out what a fair renegotiation is for our teachers and do the best we can for them without destroying the states that employ them.
    Just because previous Union leaders and government officials have made deals with the devil (each other) doesn’t mean we should touch Collective Bargaining. They have the right to do this, we should hold our politicians accountable when they make deals that they know the next generation cannot pay.
    It’s the American way for every American (alone or together) to fight for their needs and causes, it’s up to the government to do what is right for the people and not just their Union Supporters. Maybe it’s not right for public unions to contribute to the same officials they make deals with. I’m just saying.