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  • [15] May 25, 2016 at 1:58pm

    What??? The homeowner didn’t just come out blasting like all the gun control idiots claim any gun wielding homeowner would?? Obviously an explanation of why the media isn’t ‘working’ this story.

  • May 25, 2016 at 1:54pm

    Target won’t go out of business. Somewhere in the “mix” of their bathroom access decision is a deal with the Obama Whitehouse, DOJ etc. Look at WalMart. Their deal included placing “health monitoring” kiosks in their stores to encourage people to have biometric chips implanted to enhance data collection on the users of those kiosks. Now many of their stores are closed and being turned into detention centers, the taxpayers having bought out most of their crappy Chinese-made stock. WalMart is still in business, maybe a different business, but still in business. Target wants a piece of it.

  • April 29, 2016 at 12:37am

    Well, well. youdopes, do YOU understand empathy? Regurgitating politically correct canned thoughts and opinions that have been implanted into your brain since grade school upon being “triggered” is NOT empathy. And you called mrca an idiot. How liberal of you.

  • [2] February 24, 2016 at 2:32pm

    In the insane liberal asylum jokingly known as the United States, ‘cultural sensitivity’ trumps all, even the right to life and the right to control one’s own body. As the islamification of America continues it isn’t surprising that liberal university profs/researchers would argue that the ‘de minimis nick’ should trump the medical admonition to “first, do no harm.” And don’t forget, FGM is not only about destroying the woman’s capacity to enjoy sexual intercourse. It is about erasing her sexual identity and controlling access to her vagina forever. The original cutting is only part of the story. Many ‘cut’ girls have their ******* opening sewn almost completely shut with only a tiny opening left for urination. Then, at the time of menses each month the vagina must be cut open again, and then re-sewn–every month for the rest of her reproductive life. Thus, her genital area cannot be cleaned properly and becomes a filthy, smelly breeding ground for infection. This may explain why so many ‘husbands’ of these poor women prefer anal intercourse; or maybe it’s because they were introduced to anal sex as young boys when the men in their villages started raping them around the age of eight years. Islam hates girls and women. The anus is gender neutral. Destroying the clitoris, labia and ******* opening essentially neuters girls and at the same time teaches them that they are lesser beings who must always submit to the men who own them. The ‘nick’ as symbology, indeed.

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  • [2] February 3, 2016 at 3:03pm

    Look out folks. I read that in the UK (?) there is now a law that forbids saying or doing anything that “causes injury to feelings.” Yep. You can go to jail for saying something that hurts somebody’s feelings. Coming to America soon, no doubt, probably to be classified as “hateful thought crime.” No way to protest this law when it comes, because no matter what you say someone can claim you hurt his feelings and get you sent to prison. Oh, wait, that’s the point, isn’t it ..

    As for this particular case, both men could’ve behaved better. Even if the black guy didn’t say any of those things and the merchant was just being a jerk, he should not have started asking if the merchant was prejudiced, no matter what. Like or not, people have a right to be jerks, even racist or prejudiced ( and those are not the same thing) jerks. The customer has the right to take his business elsewhere, and if enough people do that the business may have to close, but in no way does anyone have the right to tell this merchant he “has to go” if he doesn’t “respect” blacks.

    People have been getting treated rudely because of their appearance, getting their feelings hurt etc for ages. Most of us take our lumps and go on about our business instead of trying to make a federal case of it. IMO, its time for everyone to let the horrible history of slavery stay in the past instead of letting it ruin current day relationships.

  • [4] January 25, 2016 at 7:10pm

    And you know this, HOW? If so, couldn’t officials have come up with a fake reason that would not offend anyone? Oh, that ‘s right, maybe they DID! Maybe Christianity is so hated by these officials that they saw nothing wrong with blaming the Christian home environment; probably didn’t expect any backlash from the public either because they assume no one cares about Christianity anymore. Well, this loss of parental rights is all part of the UN’s agenda for global government. It destroys even the concept of parental rights altogether and places all children in the hands of world government, all in the name of “rights of the child.” Kids are being taken from their parents in the US too, for reasons that would’ve been laughed out of court a decade ago, as American parents’ rights fall to the UN global agenda.

  • [13] January 25, 2016 at 6:45pm

    And no such thing as “too Muslim.”

  • [3] January 25, 2016 at 6:44pm

    And nobody took your son away from you? This must have been a while back.

  • [1] January 25, 2016 at 6:40pm

    @One: you mean WATCH a video of KGB defector, yes? I probably will vote for Trump even though I KNOW he is a liberal progressive in conservative clothing. Cruz is not eligible, despite those who keep saying he is, just like Rubio and totally like Obama. None of them are “natural born” not even Rubio who was born in Miami to his Cuban father. Jeb is pathetic and we’ve been there and done that anyway. So who’s left? Fiorina is the least progressive of the rest of the pack, has the most poise, seems like she has the “stones” too, and could probably beat the Clintons. But I fear she has no chance of being the nominee. It’s all moot anyway. The race has already been decided by TPTB, just like in 2012.

  • [5] January 25, 2016 at 6:25pm

    @wtd: Don’t you see? British leaders are already doing that; they’re just not banning the cultural practices, modes of dress, etc of *Islam*. Instead, they’re methodically banning all things British, including freedom of speech and right to assemble. It’s early yet, so we aren’t seeing things like banning Christian symbols or outright destruction of English traditions or language, but that will come too. For now it’s enough to force Brit taxpayers to feed, clothe, house and provide medical care for their future masters. This creates hopelessness and despair and thus “softens” the British resistance. The plan is still in low gear, but when it accelerates we will start seeing things like Sharia supplanting British law to further displace British citizens; more regulation of speech against Islam while tolerating muslim hate speech toward British “infidels”, and probably preferential treatment of muslims in healthcare or other social programs. And it will keep getting worse as more muslims are elected to public office. Only persistent, lethal resistance by able bodied British men ( and ok, some women too) will stop this now, but as I keep asking, “Where are all the men?” Seems like most men in Britain and in America are neutered. The threat to our way of life and to the continuing existence of our countries is the least of our worries. Our LIVES are in danger, and our “leaders” are accessories to this global crime. And still, many people just sleep.

  • [11] January 25, 2016 at 5:49pm

    @HlsJustice: I fear the so-called leaders of these countries, including America, are well aware that this is about establishing a world wide caliphate, and they are in on it. They KNOW. What’s happening is no accident, is not taking any “leader” by surprise. Remember when zero took over the White House and people were saying things like,”He’s just inexperienced,” to explain his ‘mistakes’ ; or “Give him time, he’s still learning the ropes,” or, “He’s a Constitutional scholar so he won’t do anything that is *really* unconstitutional.” Now we all know better. Zero has made no mistakes, he is right on schedule with his assigned part of the global agenda. TPTB are just stirring the world population pot to mix us all up and destroy borders and national identities to eventually have a global population of people who identify only with Islam and who are therefore easily controlled. There is just no evidence to the contrary. Our “leaders” are the problem.

  • [2] November 18, 2015 at 3:26pm

    I’m the same way. I cannot stand to see or even hear this satanic POS. How anyone can fail to see his true nature is beyond me. From the first time I saw him the movie Rosemary’s Baby came to mind, and I still see him and all the cultists who surround him the same way. We are in so much trouble. Why can’t more people see this?

  • [-1] October 30, 2015 at 2:18am

    Gotta disagree. Asphalt is indeed softer than concrete and easier on your feet and legs. I think you are right, though, that this is about power and privilege — the power and privilege cops have over all of us. Her point was simple: even after all she has done to distinguish herself from the criminal class among blacks, she still gets pulled over and questioned because to most cops, ALL black people look like criminals. Judging from most of the comments here, that is a problem for a lot of people on this site too. I agree with this woman that if she had been white she wouldn’t have been pulled over like this. If this had been the simple safety stop they claimed, then why ask her where she lived and demand identification??? Why get into any conversation about the timing of her walk, the rain etc.? It was none of their business unless they believed her to be up to no good. This was a quiet neighborhood street with plenty of room for drivers to avoid her. There was no need whatsoever to hassle her. Probably the proximity of the mayor’s home had something to do with the inappropriate level of vigilance and interference on the part of the cops.

  • [2] October 27, 2015 at 9:09pm

    siobhan3270, I am not Catholic but have become very interested in Catholicism from reading Anne Barnhardt’s comments on the destruction of the Catholic church. See her writings at barnhardt dot biz . She is the lady most known for her pink AR rifle and her burning of the Koran on Youtube, and for her “John Galt” letter when she closed her brokerage business in protest of the absence of the rule of law in the investment world. She is absolutely brilliant and is a self-taught scholar in Catholicism and has a lot to say about the decline of the Catholic church and its infiltration and co-option by Marxists. VERY illuminating commentary, even for those who think (like I used to) that the Catholics were silly with all their rules etc. She has entirely changed my views and has brought the true teachings of the Church into view for me–just in time to grieve its loss as the current Pope continues to undermine and destroy it.

  • [1] October 26, 2015 at 12:45am

    Drinking is a choice. Period. The repeated choice to drink to excess shortly leads at least to a lifestyle that is riskier because of the presence of alcohol, and often to alcohol and other chemical addiction. Therefore, addiction is a choice. Society’s tolerance of it, because our bleeding heart social workers and counselors classified it as a ‘disease,” has done more to promote alcoholism and drug use than anything since mass distillation technology became available. So what keeps a kid from going down this path? For me it was respect and love for my parents, and trust in their judgement and love for me. That simple. That mutual love and respect grew from thousands of tiny exchanges about the simple things each day– how to respond kindly to a handicapped person, how to write a thank you note, when to hold the door for the person behind you, how to manage anger and disappointment, how to speak up for the underdog, how to take proper care of the family dog and turtle, how to begin and end each day on a note of pleasantness despite how you might be feeling, why to always be honest, how to grow and maintain self respect, how to put another person’s feelings before your own. You get the idea. Over the last 20 years I’ve noticed that fewer and fewer parents bother to teach their kids these basics. And sadly, I’ve noticed that I spend more time with my cat each day than most parents spend with their kids in a week. No wonder these kids are so lost.

  • October 26, 2015 at 12:25am

    Actions, your choices and personal response to the situations you face in life, speak louder than your words as examples to your children. In your post you mention with dismay your daughter’s belief that life is unfair and you say that her school taught her that she isn’t accountable for what happens in her life. You blame her teachers, the government and facebook, and the older man who impregnated her, for the mess she has made of her life, but you give yourself a pass because you “tried to make her understand how her choices would affect others as well as herself.” Do you see what I see here? Everything you said about her attitude is present in your own attitude. Who bought your daughter the computer/phone/device over which she was groomed by the POS who impregnated her? Where were you when she was spending so much time with him? What have you done to have him prosecuted? Are you sure she knew what you expected of her? If you didn’t want her to have sex, why did you put her on birth control? It seems to me that perhaps you, along with the liberal school she attended, may have sent the message that whether or not to have sex was her call. Well, she called it didn’t she? And you both are right about one thing. Her choice will cost her, that poor baby, and ALL of us taxpayers who will be forced by the government to pay the upkeep of both her and that baby for the next 20 years. Except, as surely as I write this, she will not stop at one baby. They never do.

  • April 23, 2013 at 3:14pm

    I well understand the senator’s sentiments. However, what he personally would do to Suspect #2 behind closed doors to “save even one life” is not the point. We have a Constitution that provides EVERY citizen with due process and protects all of us from cruel and unusual punishment. PERIOD. If you ignore the Constitution in order to torture this jerk into giving up info, you set a precedent that will eventually lead to the destruction of the Constitution and all of its protections. Anytime you think you want govt to exercise such significant power as to torture any of us as part of due process, stop and ask yourself how you would feel if that power were in the hands of tyrant or someone who looked upon YOU, or all of us, with the same contempt and suspicion with which we view Suspect #2.

    Advocating that our due process include torture is the same as advocating disrespect for the Constitution. It comes down to this: Either you trust in the wisdom of our founders and respect the Constitution, or you don’t. No govt entity should be empowered to torture any of us for any reason. What hangs in the balance is not that one life that might be saved, it is those millions of lives that will be lost to tyranny if our Constitution falls.

  • March 27, 2013 at 8:02pm

    Uh oh. Now what do good liberal “educators” do with this info? They most certainly will want to degrade Christianity by using this in their sex ed classes for little kids, but how to do it without “talking religion” in the classroom? What a dilemma!

  • March 27, 2013 at 7:45pm

    Ben Carson is a man of greatness. Greatness in intelligence, in reason, in perseverance, in humility, in accomplishment, in humor, in character, and in statesmanship.

    Obama, even after 5 years of OJT, living in the lap of the history of the greatest nation on earth, with easy access to original copies of the writings of all the great people in history and to all the great thinkers of our time, has not progressed one iota toward becoming the man he claimed to be. And he never will. He is all form and no substance, a creature made of the empty promises of Progressivism who lacks the moral courage to change himself. Hence, his never-ending determination to change everyone around him, including our entire nation and its history.

    It took only a split second glance for many of us to see who Obama really is and what he is made of. He came into focus for many other people only when they had the opportunity to compare him to the intelligent, accomplished Dr. Carson who, unlike Obama, truly is a unique and great man.

    Now even many of the holdout Obamazombies are starting to see the truth about him, finally, so the Left is stepping up their attack on Conservatives. They hate Dr. Carson because he is proof that American Blacks are as fully capable as any other race and don’t need, or want, the infantilizing, povertizing “support” the Left prides itself on providing.

    More and more people are buying less and less of what the Left is selling.

  • March 17, 2013 at 4:26pm

    “Spokesthing.” Best description yet of Carney. Thanks Cavallo.

    @ Exrepub, and @Sendthemeteors, both of your comments reveal inability to make critical distinctions when examining an issue.

    Exrepub, the question wasn’t stupid. Obama blamed the secret service for ending the tours and THEY blamed the sequester. Nothing has changed about the sequester or the SS’s funding shortages, but now, suddenly, Obama says he’s going to “see what he can do” about resuming the tours for SOME citizens. If Obama can re-open the tours, that means the money to do so is available. Either there is no money and the SS was right, and the tours can’t be re-started, or there is money and Obama/SS were lying. You can’t have it both ways. Some of us who noticed this obvious disparity of the alleged “facts” want to know, ” Which is it?” That was the question Lee asked.

    @ Sendthemeteors, we are not being overly “sensitive” here. The TV/radio personalities you mention are engaged in commercial activity and can do as they and their bosses please. They do not work for US. Miss Carney, as Obama’s “spokesthing” DOES work for us and owes Lee and us the courtesy of an informative, civil response.

    His snotty attitude is inexcusable.