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  • February 22, 2013 at 12:22pm

    Add to that the fact that ALL but 3 utah sherriffs in the utah sheriffs association (including mine) were the ones responsible for signing and sending that controversial letter to obama after his illegal executive orders basically telling him to shove his orders where the sun dont shine! id much rather live here in utah then elswhere when the SHTF. I know my neighbors i know where we stand i know what our values and principals are (GOD, FAMILY, CONSTITUTION, GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, ) and who will stand up for my rights as i will theirs if it ever came to it.

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  • February 22, 2013 at 12:16pm


    not to ruffle any feathers or anything but….

    Maybe you should get your facts straight “Utah – No unlicensed open carry, and only got open carry this year, bzzt, wrong answer”

    wrong have lived in utah all my life and we have had unlicensed open carry laws for a very long time although you cannot have a round in the chamber while open carrying you can have a fully loaded magazine and no one can say anything to you about it. (i.e. the story that went nationwide a few months ago of a young man open carrying his AR-15 through JC Penneys (no charges filed)).

    And if you have a CCW then you can carry however you want. there is even a bill being debated as we speak to make it legal to concealed carry without needing a permit. Utah’s constitution doubly protects my second amendment rights (especially in a state of emergency i.e. Katrina anyone?)
    against gun confiscation & registration.

    Not only that it is one of the easiest states to get a concealed permit being a shall issue state if you meet the minimum requirements and are a lawful citizen they cannot deny you a permit. i can go on and on. obviously no state is perfect and we all have those nasty little progressive weasels to deal with but i’d say utah is an awesome state for the most part when it comes to gun laws.

    heck a large part of our economy is based on outdoor recreaton/tourism, including hunting.

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