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  • April 15, 2014 at 7:56pm

    YO! Nausea Incorporated: Many of these “Patriots” who are now not (again) supporting GLENN… calling him crybaby, laughing at him… many of you just signed up …wait for it… TODAY. You subversives drop in and out of this site and when you think (as you would, immature widdle babies) that GLENN is on the “ropes” you jump in… and “tsk tsk it” GO FOR IT kids…. People who make statements like “He let me down” … Really?? What have YOU done for our country? How much of your fortune have you contributed? NO ONE SAID, MOM and all…that we have to agree with each other 24/7… and none of us who have brains would do this anyway… BUT to whine like babies…to insult your host…to play into the hands of the COMMUNISTS/MARXISTS/SOCIALISTS/PROGRESSIVES…the SAUL ALINSKY GHOULS who have to have “someone other than GOD to follow” have a real problem.
    This is not the first time I’ve gone against every poster and it won’t be the last. I don’t need anyone to tell me how to think, but I am willing to share email addresses, facts, information to help others!!
    For those who can think: BECK is NOT telling us to “march into gulags” (you creep… that line come from SOROS??? REAL STRENGTH comes from individual ability to think and act. REAL HOPE comes from GOD…and GOD alone.
    If you don’t like BECK – fine. If you think you are going to “convert” real MEN/WOMEN and PATRIOTS…you are a sad, sicko creep.

  • April 15, 2014 at 7:37pm

    HEY CREEPAZOIDS!!! YOU getting paid by SOROS? OR are you 10 years old? DO you not know that VENGEANCE IS GOD’S? We can stand by supporting Matt Bevin; by calling our Congress; by speaking up for what is right…but for some of you lot to DARE to criticize this ONE MAN WHO HELPED US SURVIVE the first term of OBAMA/COMMUNISTIC TAKE OVER?? Without BECK, we’d have fallen into Obama’s dastardly Health care trap/web in 2009 and there would be NO possible way out. WITHOUT BECK we NEVER would have known that there were actually 75% of US (PATRIOTS) and only 21% of those bturds who want to sell-out and destroy America….
    if so…
    GO away
    UN FRIEND HIM (his request)
    CANCEL your Subscription but don’t you dare, you panty waist cowards…don’t you dare come on this site and knock the very man who had the GUTS and GOD’S GUIDANCE to set it up so we at least have a chance to SURVIVE.
    The MEN who saved America in the first place were not ANGRY- knee jerk hot shots…they were men who knew if it came to them (their families) and Commies…they would stand and take care of their families…but they were, as Glenn is, constantly seeking enlightenment.
    like CRUZ, PAUL, RUBIO, are REAL MEN like GLENN… whereas McCain, Reid, Obama and that dope Holder are immature jerks who have kept us in this boiling pot for decades.
    GROW UP or get out of here.

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  • April 15, 2014 at 9:59am

    Call from the WH means Valarie Jarrett in all likelihood – her family’s COMMIE money put him in office and she was sent to be his WATCHER…she thinks she has power… after 2014 elections she will be about as welcomed as last week’s garbage.
    Someone needs to write a book “What NOT to do” insofar as being ‘in the White House’.
    Again: This entire group missed THE OPPORTUNITY of a LIFE TIME (make that CENTURY) to move all areas of American Life and the Peace on Earth forward…and due to their selfish ambition and their COMMIE thought processes…they blew it big time. Historians will write about ‘this period’ in American History as it’s darkest moments…when Communists got in office along with their Muslim Buddies and attempted to destroy America from the inside-out.
    IF you haven’t backed BEVIN for Senate (KY) then you need to do so. If we can topple this RINO walrus McConnell, the rest of the horrid RINO group will fall!

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  • April 15, 2014 at 8:51am

    Maybe this is a “GUY THING” but I’m so weary of class-less ads; lack of dignity; lack of taste. Is this where we are as a society? I long for civility and this just shows lack of respect for our political system…which may be the point. I find these ads on TV disgusting in their familiarity. Is there no one who can say “I will support X; I do not support Y and/or I will bring Z to the table – all things that uphold our Constitution…etc” or is that just too boring now?

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  • April 14, 2014 at 8:13pm

    WOW if ANYone knows about Breaking the LAW and then walking away from it, this pathetic excuse for a man, Harry Reid, does.

  • April 11, 2014 at 9:51am

    @ zapparules I think you underestimate the Patriots…and the vast appeal of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. I think it’s a ‘good trick’ to try to paint them as a one-note pony…well, that is until Paul Spoke to vastly different groups last week and got rousing approvals ….
    are SICK TO DEATH of
    and HILLARY is one of the main reason… WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE HILLARY? All the difference in the world. They can push and push and Common Core and IRS us, Obamacare us… until in one instant…they have pushed too far and then there is no saving their rotten, anti-American agenda. They have pushed
    too far. This next election will show you that we are no longer in 2012. WE KNOW that OBAMACARE has wrecked our Health care system… so does Sebelius, which is why she bailed…which is why Holder is so testy…
    WE can expect a lot of trolls/Soros paid freaks/die-hard lefties to come on from now on telling us how we can’t win. NOW is the time to remember:
    75% of America is made up of hard working PATRIOTS. We may not all be aware
    of that high number…but Obama and his crew only reach about 21% as a solid core support. OUR JOB? Get out and vote but first? Support those whose win will drive our message home!! Matt Bevin is one of those pivotal people!!!

  • April 11, 2014 at 9:31am

    STATING THE OBVIOUS but PATRIOTS: IF you want to see this man IMPEACHED along with the dope in the WH who is hell-bent to destroy America.. you have to get McConnell out of office in Kentucky; Graham defeated in SC and let PATRIOTS win these key elections. IF you haven’t donated at least $ 5 to Matt Bevin then what are you waiting for? IF we can get McConnell out, the momentum to take our nation back… regardless of what party you are in… Americans (not Progressive sell-outs) can do this…but let’s start at the beginning !!! First get the vote out for BEVIN, support him and then watch the momentum build for IMPEACHMENT!!

  • April 11, 2014 at 9:27am

    STATING THE OBVIOUS but PATRIOTS: IF you want to see this man IMPEACHED along with the dope in the WH who is hell-bent to destroy America.. you have to get McConnell out of office in Kentucky; Graham defeated in SC and let PATRIOTS win these key elections. IF you haven’t donated at least $ 5 to Matt Bevin then what are you waiting for? IF we can get McConnell out, the momentum to take our nation back… regardless of what party you are in… Americans (not Progressive sell-outs) can do this…but let’s start at the beginning !!! First get the vote out for BEVIN, support him and then watch the momentum build for IMPEACHMENT!!

  • April 11, 2014 at 9:19am

    STATING THE OBVIOUS but PATRIOTS: IF you want to see this man IMPEACHED along with the dope in the WH who is hell-bent to destroy America.. you have to get McConnell out of office in Kentucky; Graham defeated in SC and let PATRIOTS win these key elections. IF you haven’t donated at least $ 5 to Matt Bevin then what are you waiting for? IF we can get McConnell out, the momentum to take our nation back… regardless of what party you are in… Americans (not Progressive sell-outs) can do this…but let’s start at the beginning !!! First get the vote out for BEVIN, support him and then watch the momentum build for IMPEACHMENT!!

  • April 11, 2014 at 9:09am

    Notice how HOLDER talks; his inflections; the way he walks… IDENTICAL to BARACK OBAMA. Look, people… there is something really weird about this.

    There is something radically wrong with both of these “men” … their entire perspective is ‘colored’ through lens filtration we can only imagine. There are plenty of self-respecting; achieving Black people in America who don’t think, act, walk, talk like these two. WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?

  • April 11, 2014 at 8:54am

    to finish….Hopefully we all figure out that the reason we are in this short life with it’s assured ending is to find out who we are, be all we can be, help others as we go along, experience the joys of living and get to know GOD… and Choose to spend eternity with Him. It is our choice.

    All of the mess we are in is our choice results too. Those who stayed away from the 2012 elections because Romney wasn’t of your faith… see ?? Those who have stayed home during their local elections. Those people in Kentucky who finally have a chance to oust the vindictive and sell-out Mitch McConnell; those in SC who have allowed that self-ambitious and obnoxious to the hilt Lindsey Graham to gain power… who kept John McCain in… who voted for the worst President our Nation has ever had… in every department…in every way OBAMA..
    We need AMERICAN PATRIOTS at the helm…to clean up every department in the government; eliminate the duplications (forty different departments cover the same areas of daily life !) …do their job. We depend upon the FDA to make sure our food is clean/free of samonella and make sure these drugs presented by all of these mfgrs are what they say they are/do what they say they can do. Why do I suspect that the FDA stamp of approval has a price? Isn’t that terrible to think that? There is complete joy in working hard and accomplishing great things! We need to get back to that, NOW.

  • April 11, 2014 at 8:42am

    Everything in me has told me NO to taking these shots for years and knock on wood, I haven’t gotten sick. I do wash my hands every time I pass a sink, I am careful what I touch when I’m out (theatre etc..ladies bathroom; shopping cart handles etc) but I agree.
    EVER NOTICE that one year you see all of these TV Commercials for XYZ Great new DRUG…and then about 3 years later you see “If you have taken XYZ and experienced (side effect) , call Bad Drug Attorneys at 555 555 5555″
    I don’t trust any Bureaucracy anymore – bunch of people who just do the minimum required to keep their jobs – ridiculing those who try to get ahead.
    LORD GOD…we really need some Leaders. We need Heroes (real ones, not
    faux, suited up Sunday athletes)…. the whole focus has gone from EXCELLING to
    depending. From ACHIEVING to surviving. IS this another result of the Communism that (they’ve admitted it) crept into our Schools in the late 50′s – resulted in the riots of the 60′s – the decadence of the 70′s – the moral decay of the 80′s, the full blooming of the PC POLICE in the 90′s along with the ending of the institution of the family unit – to the total dependency by over 50% of our population now…. the total break down (in about 60 years) of what was THE AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE….
    We were not created to be Mediocre; we were not created to be a selfish-gimme society; we were created to be all that we can be, give all we can give and (hopefully if we are smart) to c

  • April 11, 2014 at 4:38am

    @THEWHITEWOLF: Not if we do our job for our Country. This woman was a Communist/Marxist in COLLEGE. Her Sr. Thesis was Saul Allinsky; she worked for very far left Legal Firms (after college in Berkeley ) moved to AR and then married Bill Clinton (they’d dated in College) …she rode his coat-tails through to the Senate..why else did she stay with him?? Put up with the whole Monika thing? (all the rest) and he knows it… I don’t know if she’s lesbian or not but she’s wicked.
    Look at the wrinkles on her face… Good Grief!! And she’s not even 70 yet!! At 24 you have the face you were born with; at 70 you have the face you deserve.

    Remember this: SHE’S already lost a major election…to Barrack H. Obama; She has embarrassed the USA with almost every Country she plowed into. SHE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING as Sec of State…not anything. SHE LIED about BENGHAZI and allowed 4 Americans to be stranded and murdered because she didn’t want to affect this last election. Chelsea may well be the result of her one night stand with Arafat… she sure looks like him…Poor ol’ Bill… what a movie that is going to make some day. Good man, lousy upbringing; good son; overbearing mother; married ambitious, sneaky lesbian wife; raised a daughter not his and was impeached due to indiscretion (well lying) while in WH. What coulda been, eh?
    We can’t let her NEAR the WH again !!!

  • April 11, 2014 at 4:22am

    Like her Daddy before her, she’s a one-term wonder and will never be asked back into public office again. Arrogant, dishonest, liar, con artist, creep. All names that describe this “let her die” HORRID woman. I’ve never seen a group so totally devoid of any admirable character-traits as this Obama group, from the “I study Mao” witch, to the puppet master in the WH Jarrett…the unelected, unvetted know-it-all who dared to threaten “all who weren’t for Obama in 2012 would hear from her. I want to see her in Jail. I want to see him Impeached…I want to see the Sunstein Powers “power couple of the teacher’s lounge mentality’ gone. And Axelrod (pure Communist – to the core) all of them, GONE. They really thought
    Americans were all classless clods who would be bought and those not bought would cave in.
    IT is TIME for dignity, decency, Honor, Character to surface. People who believe in the GOD, our Father and Creator of the Universe who sent JESUS to save us. It’s time to Treat our COUNTRY with the dignity it deserves and CLOSE OUR BORDERS…do it now before anything else transpires…. Are we a Nation or not?
    Wonder how JEBBIE loves the Latin Kings member who drove into a WInter Park, Fl daycare and killed a child… I wonder how Providence R I loves the gang now living there? Jebbie is a gutless wonder and Rove Puppet. NO MORE BUSHES!!
    We need CRUZ/PAUL and RUBIO and Palin and BOlton and the rest of the ADULTS to fix this mess!

  • April 10, 2014 at 6:55pm

    @kindling… yeah…and…he was probably your uncle’s great great great grand Uncle’s cousin’s nephew too. Little people, the pot, think they can comprehend what the potter does….that’s your story and you are sticking to it, right?
    I’d rather talk about how RIGHT JESUS is about EVERYTHING. How, by studying his teachings…his words and living as He suggests is the most sensible thing a human being can ever do …. Life is a great gift – pathetic that some people don’t get that, isn’t it? PS…. where do you people get these ‘blanket’ rules of Judaism ?
    “HAD TO BE MARRIED AT 18″ …. You do realize that is impossibly untrue, don’t you? Cheerio!!!

  • April 10, 2014 at 6:43pm

    @jimnasium I’m with you. ANYTHING ‘they’ can do to de-elevate our LORD and SAVIOR…also the GOD who created the Universe…they will do, have done. SILLY men. As if they would know; IF JESUS didn’t tell us, we can’t know (or the Holy Spirit) and you are totally correct that Jesus did come to die for our sins..’they’ would do anything to discredit that bit of information, wouldn’t they?
    A human being knows he/she is in trouble with this subject when they fight to put Jesus or God or The Holy Spirit on the same level as they, themselves,occupy.
    Just like the “man on the street” can’t admit “I don’t know about that” in response to some silly Jimmy Kimmel question etc… the PRIDE that CONTROLS humans is the great enemy we face. But, maybe we’re making progress and don’t realize it… at least they acknowledge that Jesus actually lived!!!

  • April 9, 2014 at 11:51am

    For those who have not lived longer than 20 years, may we tell you : There has never been an hourly by hourly blow by any President of the USA, even in major War times to begin to equal the devastation of this inept man, Obama (whatever his name really is). History will say that this man was given the Opportunity of a thousand years to bring harmony to the world, increase race relations, upgrade our military and the treatment of our most important fighting men/women; renew states rights; close and protect our borders; establish America as the largest depository of natural energy on earth; clean up our cities etc etc etc. Instead he has done the exact opposite. There has NEVER been a greater attack on this country. This man is a Communist/Marxist/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Muslim
    and as we all now know: Islam is hell-bent to take over the world and establish their insane Sharia law. HE does NOT believe in the true GOD, regardless of his phony attempts to make it appear as he does. HIS ACTIONS belie his words.
    He is a dyed in the wool Saul Alinsky disciple… Alinsky being some scrawny, mediocre thinker (Atheist) who actually thinks he had power… what happened to him? Oh, right…he died… as we ALL are going to die from this life which we get to experience for one reason only: Choose GOD (or hell). This Monk is in Heaven this moment… you fools, you Islamic murders… you can’t Kill GOD’s Children!!

  • April 9, 2014 at 5:13am

    THERE ARE NO BAD DOGS…only BAD OWNERS (Dog Whisperer )

  • April 9, 2014 at 5:06am

    ONE MORE TIME: Islam is not a RELIGION as we think of RELIGION..worshiping GOD, the One Creator of the Universe who sent his Only Son JESUS to die for our sins thus paying the sin debt. NO: Islam is a Theocracy… a governing body, made up of ignorant thugs who pass themselves off as having had some previous accomplishments of Glory (ah, all but forgotten, right?) They have -0- to do with the GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB. How do I know? Look at their fruit:
    Do you honestly think that the GOD who created the Universe (with a spoken sentence…Let there be light) which is the ‘source’ of the “big bang’… do you think that he needs to enslave people to make them follow him? No in a zillion years. EVERY thing about the way ISLAM is, is human and/or from Satan. The people who were trapped into the cult known as ISLAM are captive slaves and cannot escape, cannot tell the truth (like the broad who says she doesn’t need “white women to save her”… and says the incidents of honor killing are ‘way over stated’…there are traitors to their cause and then this chick who is disgusting, while her sisters get beaten to death by moldy, moth-eaten, smelly nutcases. … I guess it’s just fine with her that girls as young as 9 have to go marry some wart.
    ISLAM needs to be stopped at every turn. WE have Muslim in the WH, All over our SService and with all manner of Security Clearances. Read: THEY MUST BE STOPPED by Brigette Gabriel.

  • April 9, 2014 at 4:35am

    Second verse – just like the first – a little bit louder/ a little bit worse:
    So, the man who’s been using the land for 37+ years is criminal but those who flow over the border (non-existent) borders are just “lovers” ? Forgetting that WE love USA; WE love the Constitution; WE love the Rule of Law…but JEBBIE says we have to ‘understand the love of the illegal immigrant FIRST.

    Look, all the DLM (land management) and the EPA and the rest of those FAT CAT (fattened with OUR TAX $$) do is go around terrorizing people trying to justify their fat-cat expense accounts and salaries.

    I hope TED or RAND get in. I hope they wipe the slate clean…one more thing ZERO or SORRO or ZORRO: I guess you think it’s peach-keen for the USA under OBAMA to give minerals to the RUSKIES and CHINESE from OUR FEDERAL LAND, but not let this farmer graze his cattle there?

    COME ON 2014….where we can defeat McConnell, Graham and let the rest know ‘they are next’… and then 2016 and get a REAL MAN, a PATRIOT in office and this loonytoons nonsense will stop. GET THE FRIGGIN’GOBMENT (who are only seeking fat-cat salaries from OUR tax money…) get them OUTTA here!!!