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  • [4] October 22, 2014 at 4:23pm

    THE OBNOXIOUS SENTENCE ‘OF COURSE THE GOV. SHOULD FORCE… ” stop right there!!! 1) the GOV. is US 2) WE the people Make up the GOV 3) The gov is there to SERVE the people 4) The GOV is funded ENTIRELY by the PEOPLE 5) NEVER should we allow the CHURCH to be dictated to in any way by any GOVERNMENT – assuming the Church follows the safety laws of the town and construction, Noise ordinances. BUT NEVER ever ever ever should any bloody gobment get to tell any CHURCH what it may and may not do!!! YO!! LBGA people… you wanna keep this attack against what we consider decency to keep going? just keep this nonsense up. Most people just want to “live and let live” but you lot think you can FORCE us … FORCE US to approve of your lifestyle??? NO. and the more you push. THE MORE most of us will stand up and say HELL NO!!! Do you honestly think you are going to get people to do anything by forcing them? You are no better than NAZIs. SHAME ON YOU!! VOTE PEOPLE VOTE VOTE VOTE… this insanity has to stop. What? You’re about 7% of the population – NO ONE IS TELLING YOU GUYS you can’t get “married” but you can not force churches to go against their beliefs…GROW UP DAMNIT. Separation between church and state means one thing: BLOODY GOBMENT can NOT DICTATE to OR INTERFERE IN ACTIVITY (and appointments of Priests etc) of any Church. WHAT PART OF THAT can’t you Liberals get?
    YOUR world ends in grey, dudes… We’re not buying into it.

  • [3] October 21, 2014 at 8:20am

    Ben Franklin? Well, okay then.

  • October 21, 2014 at 8:14am

    What we have to teach our kids and grandkids is 1. INTEGRITY without that, nothing else matters. I wish I could tell you the number of people in all fields that I’ve run into in my life who were zooming up the old success ladder and got tossed back to the ground or out of sight because they LACKED INTEGRITY. This woman is just SAD to me. She’s just looking to con people… for if she believes this stuff then she is clinically dangerous.

  • [11] October 21, 2014 at 8:05am

    Exactly…. if we thought OBAMA & his crew were horrid, evil, wicked people..they are just the forerunners 2 the eternally wicked Hillary Clinton…Ol’ Bill is just a duffus… she’s been driving him around for decades…which is why he chose to dive under his Oval Office desk once in a while …. you can take the hick out of the country etc etc
    But this nonsense? You can judge a candidate by their supporters. Ron Paul’s guys got weird & I hope they don’t mess up RAND PAUL’S chances 2 be on the TICKET as in CRUZ/PAUL (well I’ll go for CRUZ & almost anyone!)
    NOW HEAR THIS YOU LIBERALS: EVERYONE wants decent HEALTH CARE. 2 say otherwise is 2 prove how nuts you are… but!!! Now try 2 get this, you pitiful stuffing for brains: What we don’t want is FRAUDULENT claims unchecked; Pharmaceutical Companies quadrupling their retail for Americans; Inability 2 SHOP for INS. over state lines… the good ol’ boy pay off’s of Insurance Commissioners who prevent more than two or three Ins. Companies to operate in their state… (instead of every qualified company) ; wide opened borders allowing thousands of ILLEGALS 2 crash our Emergency Rooms etc.
    (we want all people 2 get help but this CRAZED combination of not looking after Americans; not caring how much tax money is wasted; while at the same time allowing the Major Pharmaceuticals 2 run rough shod over every one is just
    insanity. WE SUPPORT MAJOR HEALTH COST REFORMS! My Deduct. went up 3 times/co-pay doubled!

  • [15] October 20, 2014 at 12:06pm

    AGAIN!! I don’t think the LBGA people realize how much resentment they have incurred by trying to FORCE people to go against their belief system with laws or the misinterpretation of laws like this. There is nothing about this so-called law that can be legal, much less CONSTITUTIONAL.
    GOOD for them for fighting back! I can see the law that says you can’t say /write mean things about others… you can’t make disparaging remarks about others…but I can’t see any law that says you have to do business which is against your principles… religious or not!!!
    AS FAR AS POLITICAL OPINION: Any Pastor/Priest/Speaker should be able to speak their opinion or the opinion of the entity (Church/Synagogue- note I don’t say Mosque because I don’t believe Islam is a religion but t cult) … Any should be able to express ANY opinion whatsoever… That is NOT what makes it “Non-Profit”… GET A BLOODY GRIP PEOPLE!!! Fight for our FREEDOMS!!!

  • [77] October 20, 2014 at 5:05am

    VIP VIP VIP!!! Never, in all the years I’ve followed & participated in (campaign Chairman etc) Politics… I have NEVER heard of any Presidential speech that had people walk out of it. NEVER.
    Obama says stupid stuff like: “Now we have 2 get serious!” Dude, 8 years ago you had 2 get serious in 2006.. that’s when PIGLOSI & REID got their grubby, slimy hands on our tax dollars, our House & our Senate & when they hauled in this ridiculous “health care” bill which had been in the works by progressives for over 20 years (anyone ever ask the question “How did 2100 pages of any bill get written so quickly?” Did any media? Nope.

    Obama et al are going 2 be screwed, unglued & barbqued by this election. They totally deserve it. We’ve been riding right on the very edge of this fragile FREEDOM road now for 8-10 years and before and I hope CITIZENS have had the hell scared out of them for what this Generation almost lost for all future Generations… OUR FREEDOM!!! VOTE in 16 days? (maybe 17) NOV 4. GET YOUR BALLOTS mailed in now… VOTE VOTE VOTE & for any klutz
    progressive who tries to say there “has never been any voter fraud” … they are lairs!! There is massive voter fraud in FL (dead/prisoners) Ohio, Multiple votes etc. 1 Vote per precinct can change an election.. in case anyone thinks their vote doesn’t count.
    ANY “CHRISTIANS” who stay home should be flogged. GOD, Himself, gave us this Country/Constitution..we are charged to preserve it!!

  • [3] October 18, 2014 at 12:11pm

    From Centuries old Swiss Uniform..still used today (like the guards at Buckingham Palace)…there’s amazing history 2 study about/@ the Vatican – after all it’s the Vatican (Magisterium) that houses (think Library of Congress – USA) the known History of Civilization. There’s a reason the Catholic Church has survived as 1 entity & other have split 33000 times… The truth is the truth is the truth.
    There are only a few things the Pope (s) continue 2 say throughout History (coming directly from our Lord Jesus) … he’s human like everyone, but his responsibility is the preservation of these truths…he is no dictator/ruler/king… he is a servant. In this very mixed up world today (as in every age – but this 1 stands out 2 us because we are in it ) Pope Francis knows there are large groups of people who have either not been taught About God/Jesus; the Truth about God/Jesus; or are being used by Satan to defy God/Jesus.

    There R huge ‘flocks’ of lost sheep & he is shepherd…should he ignore these lost ones? Just tend 2 his own or leave the flock & go search for the lost one(s)? As Christians, our goals should be serving God. God wants all of His creations to know Him…to share in the eternal life He has for them.

    Anyone who wants to know Him (If He is for real) only has to ask…many strong believers forget or don’t ask for what they need (God knows but wants them to ask so their trust in GOD increases) … non-believers need simply to ask Him!!

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  • [2] October 17, 2014 at 8:41pm

    Don’t you think it’s funny how these dweebs need to be obnoxious? Dudes… if you are going to do a DISPLAY at least make it look semi-professional… I mean this looks like some 3 year old did it. Can’t you do better’n this?
    Throw out your best shot, poor pathetic dweebs… all you get from me is pity.. .that you don’t know GOD, (but you must believe in Him if you believe in the devil) that your heart has been so captured by this evil being that you’ve been robbed of every thing GOD wants for you. It’s not too late.
    In the mean time.. DISPLAY away.. You can’t even begin to hurt GOD and none of us… we’re just like…. See that pile of garbage??? How Sad. Let me be the first to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS… I’m already excited for this season… already buying the presents, getting them wrapped and looking for the kick off THANKSGIVING DAY and weekend when the House Becomes a Christmas home, the TV is on HALLMARK, the music is all Christian/Christmas…. So poop away… poor little dweebs!!

  • [8] October 17, 2014 at 4:23pm

    Sorry, @SanityCheck… but I disagree!!! EVERY PART OF OUR COUNTRY should be Precious. The OFFICE of the President deserves protection. I can’t stand the dope in it now… but the OFFICE deserves protecting.
    EVERY JOB that everyone does should be done to the best of our ability at all times (I know it’s not possible all the time, but that should be our goal)
    WE no more have the right to “pick and Choose” what duties we would want to do based upon our Politics than the ‘man in the moon’….
    All of America has needed this wake-up call. GOD provided it. He is the worst President with Jimmy Carter a very close second… that we’ve ever had. SHE is the worst first lady we’ve ever had!…but that is OUR OFFICE and those Secret Service men/women are being paid BY US and they’d better get their noses cleaned and the head cleared. THE AMERICANS are SPEAKING NOW.

  • [7] October 17, 2014 at 4:01am

    I am a RIVERHOUNDS FAN forever!! I hope all PA people will support them too! NO coach can keep his/her job if they knowingly allow this to go on… this reaction by the RIVERHOUNDS hopefully showed the little punks who did this what REAL MEN DO. I hope they will all come an apologize and have learned a lot. The worst thing a human being can do is “take the advantage just because they have it”… I hope this haunts their little punk souls. GOD BLESS this Child.. this young man… lead him out of Autism and into fulfilling Your Purpose for him. Amen. GOOD begets GOOD… EVIL fosters more EVIL.

  • [63] October 17, 2014 at 3:52am

    YO! Deranged Brit… bugger off !! YOU have no capacity to understand what a PATRIOT IS… you have allowed what mind you have left to be soaked in MSM lies and you have no clue about the real “game” going on. It’s called GOOD OL’ BOY LIBERALISM… you dope….and you are playing right into their hands. They don’t give one blue bloody damn about poorer people, helping people . they just want the power and the big toys (like the immature children they are) and then there are a few of them whose ego makes them want to RULE THE WORLD (Obama, Mooshelle, Valarie Jarrett et al) and they have no skills, no abilities, but have conned their way into power.
    Talk about putting your money on the wrong horse… Dude!!! PS on FOX NEWS… I defy you to find ONE statement on FOX that is untrue… told for the purpose of swaying voters… FOX is not like MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC… REAL NEWS (THE BLAZE) is even more accurate.. that show would drive you nuts. GO HOME, SLEEP IT OFF. STHU.

  • October 16, 2014 at 7:23pm

    @49Panhead Yep. I’ve been tryin’ and tryin’ to break out of my shyness…
    :) I just told a friend that I used to swear the moment I got behind the wheel of my car and GOD finally got me to stop doing that… now, I scream at the big screen and it (sometimes) scares my puppies out of a solid sleep… I mean everything about everything these ghouls say just gets on my last nerve… But I don’t have HBP!!! They are messin’ with OUR COUNTRY. OUR PRECIOUS WONDERFUL FREE AMAZING AMERICA… how bloody dare they???

    :) FIGHT HARD PATRIOTS… we GOT this.. we just have to have it… the alternative is just too painful and disgusting to think of.. these ungrateful, selfish , arrogant brats…

  • [8] October 16, 2014 at 7:15pm

    What it means is that the GOBMENT can NOT come and TELL THEM what to PRAY ABOUT and whom they may appoint as Pastors, Bishops etc. THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS.

    Mayors in Houston are elected every 2 years.. so this woman is in her 6th year, she was on the Council (also two year terms). HER WIFE IS BIG DEAL IN … wait for it… PLANNED PARENTHOOD.. uh huh.

    They honestly must think that they can FORCE us to accept their lifestyle. SHE will never be re-elected. HOW dare anyone think they have the right to pile on ANY institution and demand that back breaking work when they were not even part of a law suit???? SHE is a baby Hitler and she needs to be stopped. I’d say she could be impeached. Louie Gohmert thinks so too.

    TED CRUZ… I love the issues you pick to put your considerable weight behind… YOU alway choose those issues that are MOST DANGEROUS if not handled… to our FREEDOM. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE…
    Obama is sending the 101st of our BEST military minds (not medical) so they will be ‘out of pocket’ when that fool makes his big move which he will do after we regain the Senate…it’s his only chance for world power but the world will stomp him flat after they stop laughing at him. ANd MOOSEHELLE… out race baiting again. SICKO PAIR of phony freaks… like the Black Version of the Clintons. WE’VE had enough of those PROGRESSIVE ANTI-AMERICAN COMMUNISTS LOSERS!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE Then impeach Annise Parker.

  • [7] October 16, 2014 at 3:11pm

    HELL FIRE, THEY kill more people every week in hospitals due to mistaken surgery (taking off wrong arm or operating on wrong thing) than the deaths due to holiday lights… jerks… DON’T YOU OVER PAID GOBMENT GOONIES have anything better to do?

  • [14] October 16, 2014 at 3:10pm

    BLOODY BTARDS!!! Stay away from my CHRISTMAS LIGHTS…guaranteed if they were ISLAM lights they’d be praised… everything, anything, all things that creep can do to harm Christians and Patriots and American that SOB is trying to do. I have asked GOD to forgive my outbursts about this anti-American SOB…did you hear his ditzy wife or whatever she is? The worst RACE-BAITOR OF ALL… … All I have to say to young BLACK kids it this;
    That man isn’t black… we don’t know what he is and THEN: WHAT THE HECK has he done for you except use you??? Where are your jobs? Where is the special training? The UP grades in Inner City Living? Help with DETROIT for example? NO… all that SOB is doing is bringing in more “voter bodies” who will take whatever jobs there are and that TRANNY or whatever she is is still spewing the hatred she started out with. NO, Michelle, I hope we’re never the type of Country YOU would be proud of you sicko freak. YOU, who have wasted more food than it takes to feed 1/2 of a 3rd world country; YOU who lie right along with him.. you guys fully deserve the dastardly title we heap on you.
    This is not about BLACK v WHITE you pig… it’s about greedy witches with a B who show up at a PHOTO OP food line in $ 560 gold sneakers… who is having silent WH parties on sly… who has spent more tax payer money on travel – enough to restore 100′s of homes … selfish, arrogant twits. DO NOT TOUCH OUR CHRISTMAS DISPLAY you MUSLIM CREEPS!

  • [3] October 16, 2014 at 9:02am

    Joke borrowed from Drudge:

    shropster mikifenn • 10 hours ago

    A communist, an illegal alien, and Muslim walk into a bar.
    The bartender looks up and asks:
    “What will you have, Mr. President?”

  • [1] October 16, 2014 at 4:19am

    PS @ LetsBeHonest: Jesus called Pharisees “VIPERS”

  • [2] October 16, 2014 at 4:16am

    FINALLY: CONTINUED: these desperate DEMS are putting out wicked ads … talking about wheel chairs and lies about GOP ‘CUTTING’ this that. First of all we put MORE money into CDC… and OBAMA signed that BILL … little facts the DEMS ignore because all they are is emotional savants… DEMS are immature … if they could think past step one they would not keep buying the trash they’ve been buying… and as far as sticking with OBAMA because he’s Black as a matter of Cultural Pride… he’s not even Black. We know he’s half White. He could well be INDONESIAN.. ever seen photos of INDONESIAN MEN? Look just like him… whatever… he is NOT BLACK. There are good Black men who will be coming up and that will be a great pride to Blacks. I want everyone to have pride in their background, who they are… but back to our GAY MAYOR… ANNISE… you can’t make me like you. YOU could make me hate you if you keep doing this heavy handed, anti-American crap you are doing… getting elected Mayor wasn’t enough, eh? Put yourself in our shoes. WE don’t believe in your life style but we are willing to let you and GOD sort it out. What we won’t tolerate is your shoving your life style on our kids or us and like the brat you are, demanding that we stop talking about you. Maybe you’ll figure it out. YOU CAN’T MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU or STOP TALKING ABOUT YOU. AND messing with OUR freedom is about the last straw.

  • [2] October 16, 2014 at 4:07am

    Continued: NON PROFIT was set up for people who were not in commerce, wanted to contribute to Society (Churches provide most of the Charitable work in the world) and were not banding together to profit. They can say anything they want to say. They can do anything they want to do… what do the words NON-PROFIT mean? NO – as in none, PROFIT as in money after expenses.
    The Communists thought that Religion was bad too. They didn’t want people to speak to or even know about GOD. They wanted them totally dependent upon come dolt who became their “leader” by whatever means.
    There is not one person on earth I’ve ever met that I would follow completely. Not one person I would allow to tell me what to do, when to do it and how to do it. There are people I love, people I respect, but GOD is the only ‘person’ who gets to tell me what to do. Communists hate that attitude. First they discourage us (bad news on war Obama lost on purpose and on economy he wrecked on purpose); Then they wear us down till we can barely stand up for ourselves (every day another bomb, every day another Scandal; every day more lies) ; then they scare us (make sure that EBOLA spreads in USA… they could have stopped flights into USA, that first man did not have to arrive on our shores; THEY could have told that second nurse “no don’t fly”; then they capture us (quarantine etc) … THIS IS OUR LAST FREE ELECTION and even with all the dirty tricks.. WE HAVE TO WIN this…. continued

  • [2] October 16, 2014 at 4:00am

    Continued: Because no matter WHAT you do, you can’t earn respect by this conniving and brutal force.
    ‘CHURCH AND STATE’ is no where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. It was a comment from Thomas Jefferson (not my favorite Christian as he ‘edited his Bible” I’m sure he’s discovered by now how foolish that act was!! anyway all of the Founding Fathers wanted to make sure that no GOVERNMENT COULD NOT INFLUENCE RELIGION. GOT IT? GOVERNMENT has NO PLACE IN RELIGION. What a man believes is who he is. Anyone who tries to say it has to be separate doesn’t believe in much. Here is an interesting page to reference:;_ylt=A0SO8xwxeD9UeM4AYT5XNyoA?qid=20070127214833AAHcWCv

    Progresssive/Communism is like a noose. It keeps tightening up. PEOPLE were meant to be FREE!! NO one was supposed to be able to FORCE you to believe this or that… any person who calls themselves an AMERICAN yet tries to take freedom away is NO AMERICAN.. THIS silly gay woman has probably made sure she doesn’t get re-elected. She took advantage of the great trait of most Americans… wanting to be FAIR… but she took that GIFT and stomped into the ground. SHAME ON HER. ANY CHURCH or any group can say any damn thing they want to say and if they aren’t doing what they do for a PROFIT but as a NON-PROFIT.. what difference does it make? (Hillary’s favorite saying)

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