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  • [15] September 16, 2014 at 7:15pm

    Didn’t I read somewhere from those animals that they drugged these guys?
    And what about ASSAD…killing young kids in front of their parents. THE M.E. Arab types are animals. They are crude beyond measure and cruel… just like Satan… he delights in teasing and promising and then failing. PEOPLE there is ONLY ONE CHOICE: GOD or SATAN. If you still think there are other choices you are DEAD wrong.
    Satan seeks to destroy everything, everyone, all the time. He delights in making people think they are winning and getting ahead and then his poison takes over.
    The test of life is simple: Can we come to GOD. That’s it. What we are seeing now is what happens in a world that denies GOD, ridicules HIS SON, JESUS and scoffs at HIS MOTHER, MARY. Jews should take heart that GOD named them His Chosen People for this very moment in Time…but if they don’t bother to talk (pray) to Him…if even they deny Him then of what use are they to HIm?
    You can lead a horse to water…..
    SO first, in all this trauma and evil… turn to GOD. SPEAK OUT. DO NOT hide your light; KNOW that GOD has this under control …. do we? Do we trust GOD? that is the ONLY answer, like it or not!!

  • [13] September 16, 2014 at 7:06pm

    A 30 year old (or younger) punk is making monkeys out of the LEADERS of the free world. Our JackAss in the WH thinks he can talk these rabid dogs down. NOPE. You can kill them. That’s your only option. YOU are one of them, Obama, but this little group got out of your control, didn’t it? How’s it feel to be made total fool of by a 30 year old in a black ski mask?
    WE NEED TED CRUZ in the WH. Ben Carson is a nice guy, but we need a fighter and one who is used to the DC nonsense. Carson is accomplished and he should be in the Cabinet, but we need CRUZ!!

  • September 16, 2014 at 12:09pm

    OMGOSH… so after-the-fact-again-Obama is sending OUR YOUNG SOLDIERS over there??? Instead of our bloody State Department insisting that the MONEY we sent by the billions be used to build infrastructure (sanitation facilities, fresh water, teach basic hygiene ) NOW it’s our Troops???
    I agree. PUT THE troops on the Borders to prevent this from coming in and work with the AFRICAN GOVTS to build prevention …. sanitation plants. Teach washing hands. What good is sending our TROOPS to get infected and really spread it world wide… unless of course that is the b.’s plan.. bring EBOLA to USA while he and his monsters have their own protection… is this what all the body bags and the plastic coffins are for, Obama? The ones you had moved from the GEORGIA plant to the Western USA? I’m sorry folks… I think the very worst of him. I think he is capable of everything wicked. I think he is the Anti-Christ (or the fore-runner to the AC). Bastard!!! He has us scurrying in the M.E. which has already fallen to his buddies, and that is why he refuses to call it ISIS…. he calls is ISIL … the L means that entire area WITHOUT ISRAEL …IF you guys are not listening to GLENN in the mornings and his reg. show and if you don’t plan to watch the first ON THE RECORD tomorrow night, the expose on the State Department… then you are hiding under a rock. It’s not going to get better on it’s own. WE the PEOPLE have to make it better. PRAY!!

  • [12] September 16, 2014 at 2:51am

    We can ALL do a lot better! I loved this!

  • [49] September 16, 2014 at 2:40am

    It is surrealistic to watch these otherwise brilliant talking-heads figure out how “had” they’ve been by this jive-talking con artist… this character-less punk that got elected President… Look at his whole life. From being a junkie in his youth, pot-head, class-skipper, Frank Davis endoctrinated commie at a very early age; his sexuality (or lack of it) questioned for years; his first run for any office on the AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY ticket, then after losing, moved over to the DEMS where he used every dirty trick in the book to win that IL. Senate seat.. to never voting (PRESENT)… and everything he’s done since.. oh, did I mention having to GIVE UP his LAW LICENSE (so did Michelle) before he was named President…something to do with the plea bargaining on Rizzo (who is in jail now)… Dirty, filthy, smarmy person who has no more right being President than Jimmy Carter did…and he is worse.. .but the worst part? HE is a MUSLIM TROJAN HORSE. I said it in 2008 and I’m still saying it. HE is doing what they put him in office to do. FIGURE IT OUT JON and BILL O’REILLY et al…. this is what Obama was put in the WH to do…. and why isn’t anyone talking about John Brennan (now head of CIA) from that wicked State Department crowd??? HE’s a MUSLIM CONVERT. Remember, he’s the one who two weeks ago said ISIS or ISIL was not able to harm us over here. Bastard.

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  • [8] September 16, 2014 at 2:26am

    Valerie is a Communist SUNNI from IRAN… her parents living in Chicago were some of Obama’s early supporters. They are pals with Mooshell’s parents. Valerie is living in the WH to keep an eye on the COMMIE party’s investment in OBAMA. She thinks she is very shrew and clever… she might be for a second class City broad with a lousy education having been indoctrinated by COMMIES all her life. She has a very cruel streak too and things like her comment after he got elected to his second term (Happy you people who didn’t bother to vote???)
    (or you dopes who voted for him again??) Valerie threatened “all of those who didn’t support them that she was coming after them”… Horrible, tacky, classless people… all of them and I know several people who swear that Joan River’s comment of TRANNY was more than true… and are wondering what really happened to her… and speaking of that.. .why Breitbart is being IRS’D. THINKABOUT IT.

  • [2] September 16, 2014 at 2:20am

    Add this to what you’ve said @therapturecome: Proverbs 17:7

  • [15] September 16, 2014 at 2:14am

    okay… it jumped before I was finished… so to continue:
    Obama made sure that Iraq had no chance of succeeding on their own… he screwed up (on purpose) our being able to leave troops there.. he has had a hand in every mess in the USA IRS, NSA, BENGHAZI and the long list of playing favorites, screwing with our efforts to be energy independent… his “tell
    Vladimir things will be better after the election” and his crooked State Dept, his lousy DoJ and on and on and on… Historians will be able to see it quickly. It’s a bit tougher living in the storm… mainly because none of us wanted to believe that anyone who could be President of the USA could want to enslave the USA and see if fail as this evil-man-walking does. HE only responds when we raise hell… then Dopes Like O’reilly ” want to give him the benefit of the doubt “…. He is a MUSLIM. HE is a phony. HE is a con-artist. HE is the enemy of the USA and if he had his way, he’d arrest anyone who dared to say those things against him. The MSM, a group of inane, lily-livered wanna-bes, most of the females in the House and Senate and other interloper types all fall for this progressive BS mainly because they’ve never had to run a business, make the final decisions, bear the responsibility. OBAMA is helping ISIS. Otherwise why aren’t the KURDS armed NOW? Why did ISIS get free pass all over Iraq?
    I hope the lot of them burn in hell forever. Assad and his QVC wife included.

  • [16] September 16, 2014 at 2:07am

    It should be quite clear to every thinking Patriot that OBAMA has been in this from the beginning- from his first speech as President IN EGYPT to MUSLIM BROTHERHOODS to the gutting of the USMILITARY. From his sending billions to the M.E. to making sure Iraq

  • [18] September 16, 2014 at 2:03am

    “Stupid, uneducated Americans have helped the liberal Progressives destroy this once great nation” AMEN.. only they have NOT destroyed it… they’ve set it back a bit, they have awakened the rest of us. The Communist Professors (now heads of corps and schools/Universities) play into this ANTI- AMERICAN, ANTI-GOD programming and these “useful IDIOTS” just play along. Watch the report on the State Dept. Wed. Night on the BLAZE… we were almost overtaken by these evil doers.
    Here is the BOTTOM LINE:
    Without GOD
    People are animals
    Without GOD
    People mistreat their Children
    Without GOD
    There is no hope, no reason for living
    Without GOD
    There is no America
    Without GOD
    There are no Heroes
    Without GOD
    The only things “created” are evil and vile
    WIthout GOD
    Life is NOT worth Living
    O’Hare succeeded in taking GOD out of the schools, heralded by all of the COMMIE teachers who had infiltrated. (LOOK AT THE COMMIES, FAILURES)
    What type of religion needs to keep people in it with threats?????
    WAKE UP. OPEN YOUR EYES. YOU are being played like a violin by SATAN himself.
    ISLAM is pure EVIL. SATANIC and bringing forth the end of the world as we know it.
    CHRISTIANS are okay. WE know what GOD has for us… it would be nice to bring a few more people along—all we can do is PRAY & Tell the TRUTH. IF people are lucky they will hear the call from GOD. IF you have kids ages 14-30 you probably need 2 have a no-holds-barred conversation 2 try 2 undo the evil damage.

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  • [4] September 15, 2014 at 1:48am

    this is what we ALL need to demand an answer for:

    (Probably not even 30 years old)

    FIND HIM. KILL HIM. BOMB every place the ISIL, ISIS are seen. Anyone who goes to join ISIS or ISIL or whatever the hell they call themselves today…stays gone. Passports revoked.. on NO FLY LIST.

    This punk is a 30- something or less bully who has to HIDE beneath his black ski mask /who has to drug his victims. THIS IS SATAN walking. ALL you big strong men and leaders of the “free world” … HOW LONG are you going to take this?
    YOU stupid SAUDIS… don’t you realize they are going to take YOUR OIL fields and your mansions? DUH.
    GOD has us in the Palm of His Hand….HE is waiting to see how much evil we will tolerate.
    SO I ASK YOU AGAIN, World Leaders….

    HOW long are you going to let a punk in a ski mask intimidate the world? AND you stupid MUSLIMS who are following this punk…. What kind of life to you think ever, EVER, evolves from RULE BY FORCE? DUMB NINNIES…. DUH.

  • [13] September 15, 2014 at 1:32am

    YO! CONYE (purposely misspelled) ISN’T your 15 minutes about up?


    IF someone demands you to X then ignore them. This HAS TO END. WE are FREE!!!!. IF you want fan support, you dumb duffus, you have to be very good at what you do and … watch out for this…
    YOU are not good and you have not earned it.

    The day of the bully (Axelrod, Obama, Jarrett, Soros, Holder, Piglosi, Reid, Schumer etc. ) is GOING, GOING, GONE NOVEMBER 4… at a polling place near you. THIS sicko attitude needs to be shoved back where it came from.
    Shame on you, duffus WEST… YOU can’t tell us S. Take a hike, dude.

  • [23] September 14, 2014 at 1:01pm

    On the issue of people who think/believe that “All RELIGIONS are SACRED” and only a “few” Muslims adhere to this WORLD TAKE OVER : THEY ALL are partners in this dastardly religion. WOULD you stay with your Church if it turned out to be a “Westwood ” type Church? Would you stay silent if your church began to deny the Divinity of Christ? (which is why so many Christians have left the Episcopal Church). OF COURSE NOT!!! You’d leave, you’d stop giving your money, sending your kids. This is a GAME to these people.
    It’s up to US to see it for what it is; CALL it what it is and Let the current GOBMENT know that WE KNOW what they are doing… they are Muslims (Obama) and they are supporting this Muslim Brotherhood World Wide take over. Obama has called USA a Muslim Country. He’s referred to the 57 States,
    He has armed them, he has funded them and we’re quickly coming to the point that he has to admit who he really is ! WE have to demand that no more $ goes to Palestine; WE have to tell the SAUDI KING: DO it yourself! WE have to know that Obama is a SUNNI (as is Valarie Jarrett) and about 80% of the Muslims; the rest are Shi’ites. They have a two-pronged goal : 1. Rid world of Shi’ites 2. Control the rest of the world. (control as in murder or enslave)
    The last thing we need to believe: THIS THREAT FROM ISLAM IS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY… a new day is NOT going to Dawn where we are “back to normal”… THIS attack on us is the new NORMAL.

  • [31] September 14, 2014 at 12:51pm

    @DLV: Unfortunately, most of the Muslims are for this radical, EVIL action!
    Most of them think this is a like a “team sport” and “their team is making moves, gaining ground”. MOST of them in America don’t realize that the luxurious life style they enjoy in the USA now would diminish to groveling in rubble, total slavery and despair !! Most of them think the “Malls would still be opened, TV would be the same – so will movies and the internet “. They refuse to see the big picture so it’s up to us to tell them:
    WHEN A “RELIGION” has to threaten beheading to keep people from leaving ti; when it enslaves 1/2 of the population (women); when it trains up it’s youth to hate and kill … it has (first of all) NOTHING whatsoever to do with GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob… NOTHING!! THEY (these Muslims who are being lied to and led like lambs to the slaughter) are as guilty as the animal who beheaded these people… their money they give to their Mosque all goes into the fund to advance these terrorists – whether they believe it or not.
    There is NOTHING about ISLAM that is of GOD. Nothing in their Qur’an… it is made up of counterfeited, plagiarized appealing philosophy from both the OLD and NEW Testaments – nothing has anything to do with the REAL GOD. These animals have managed to twist GOD’S words because they are all from SATAN.
    GOD would never condone what these people do (continued)

  • [47] September 14, 2014 at 12:31pm

    @disabledcovertern: Exactly! These EVIL con-artists have tried for decades to thwart any efforts against them by claiming it’s immoral, illegal, inhumane when it is they who are the very purveyors of inhumanity.
    ONE THING I hope that all of us can get over quickly: Fear of making anti-Religious statements (when it comes to Islam)… THEY HAVE USED OUR FREEDOMS AGAINST US!!
    There is nothing in Islam, regardless of what gutless talking heads and wishy-washy ‘do-gooders’ think, that has ANYTHING to do with GOD. Their “god” is SATAN. If people would but look at it for a moment, they’d know that. THIS is why GOD called Jews “His Chosen People” !!! SO that when this time came, the people who are against “His Chosen People” would show themselves to be GOD’S ENEMY!!
    That’s one. TWO IS THIS: Too many people are torn between their Hatred of these Animals and what they believe is GOD’S admonition to leave all vengeance to Him! So they allow these Animals to continue their slaughter!! NOW HEAR THIS: GOD knows our hearts!! People who love GOD- love all created things, we pray for these animals to see the light (and many are) but we must also be GOD’S willing CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS and allow HIM to use us to stop these animals. HOW do we do this? Our hearts, if focused on GOD, cannot be focused on Hate (which comes from Satan) AND allow GOD to guide our thoughts/moves and be willing to PROTECT innocents. OUR Hearts know the difference!!

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  • [6] September 14, 2014 at 4:39am

    They’ve already eviscerated a soldier in broad daylight in front of cameras in London… I have no idea what wild idea these dopes from our countries think they are enhancing by helping these demons..but I say what it’s going to take IS A REAL MAN (CRUZ) in OFFICE and the SENATE turned over to PATRIOTS in 2004…about 50 days.. NOVEMBER 4… all of us, all —-every single one of us, had better to something to help rid our gobment of these vermin and put real PATRIOTS in office. They fly over to help this dastardly crew? They don’t get back in the USA; Someone in the Senate which replaces those jerks who have been in charge for 8 years now (yes, since 2006) ..needs to go after ever overstayed visa; every student visa issued… NO MORE visas to M.E. people… tough. That’s what happens. AND THEN BOMB the hell out of every thing that could be airfield/ training camp/ ammo storage and don’t stop until there are none of them left… YES, they will always come back Until Satan is dumped in Lake of Fire… but We’ll just do it again.
    The fact that these animals can travel in the open air/daylight on roads our tax money paid for in Iraq is sickening to me. AND then… In this COUNTRY… FULL DISCLOSURE… Tell the TRUTH about ISLAM being a CULT. Tough if it upsets the Cultist. TELL THE TRUTH. But…it all begins with VICTORY on NOVEMBER 4. Take it seriously. IF we don’t get them out, this is our last free election!!

  • [5] September 13, 2014 at 12:50pm

    @ Waterthetreeoflibery: YOU are a jerk. There is no way you are a PATRIOT. NO one deserves to be stalked and shot, especially those men/women who put on a Uniform every day and 99.9% of them PROTECT AMERICANS. How dare you ??

  • [5] September 13, 2014 at 12:39pm

    REMEMBER FOLKS… DEMS have HAD CONTROL for 8 years!! Since 2006!!!
    Remember that when people try to tell you ” DEMS inherited a mess”
    The DEMS
    by PIGLOSI and REID !!!

  • [3] September 13, 2014 at 12:37pm

    @ UECHI and BLAZE EDITORS!!! Please !!! Where are the headlines about this Bill? Uechi is 1000% Right… LEARN and EXPOSE and SHARE this INFO of what Piglosi and Reid are trying to do to our FREEDOM… the very thing we are all about???
    I say that we can file a class-action suit as WE THE PEOPLE against PIGLOSI and REID as “elected” representatives of WE, THE PEOPLE, who – instead of allowing FREE and EQUAL Representation have denied our Freedoms over and over since 2006 and have failed miserably to uphold their sworn Oath to Protect the Constitution of the USA. I’m not kidding. Where is the LAW GROUP who will do this??? American Center for Law & Justice – Official Site Jay Sekulow? PLEASE!!! PEOPLE!!!

    The Dems (Piglosi and Reid and those awful people in the WH) are throwing up every shiny object they can as fast as they can to keep OUR ATTENTION from focusing on what THESE TRAITORS are trying to pass !!

    I hope by now that those of you who are serious about Saving the US of A have set up your Twitter Accounts to all those who can vote in Congress and all those who have the ear of America and you can hit the Twitter today demanding that this attack on our First Amendment be stopped!!

    Thanks Uechi.. please keep posting about this!!!

  • [25] September 13, 2014 at 6:39am

    DOES anyone know what LIBERALS want? We have the “ONE WORLD” they keep talking about… we’ve had it since 1791 … the USA. We have people from every nation on earth living here and until these past few decades, everyone came in, became Americans, pitched in and LOVED America. Then the COMMIES (who couldn’t make a go of it in RUSSIA…maybe the curse of all the Millions those bastards had to KILL in order to form the Soviet Union …kids… read about it. Stalin Killed more RUSSIANS than Hilter/Mao/Saddam combined…may they all know they are in Hell. SO what do they want? WE are all born with EQUAL opportunity… don’t even try to say we’re not in the USA. Other countries with their cast systems and classes ? No us. We can be born DIRT poor and in 20 years be worth billions of dollars —look at Gates and Zuckerberg. No one (up until this present group of arrogant twits who actually think they know better… can you even believe that… those dopes who are either all Muslim Brotherhood plants or dumber than dirt keystone cop wanna best… they think they can even tell us what to eat, drink but of course they can’t tell us the truth about anything. SO, having said that: ANYONE WHO DOESN’T WORK TO GET OUT THE PATRIOT VOTE is not worth the powder to blow themselves to hell.

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