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  • [18] September 2, 2014 at 5:40pm

    Dude, you are talking about a former CIA member… he’s got the COLD, Calculating down pat… it’s time for that AND for all of us who have voices and give a damn to SHOUT OUT…Get those SOB’S….cut them off at the pass. NO MORE MONEY, NO MORE ARMS…STOP them from coming into and leave our precious USA and that SOB in the WH??? THEIR RING LEADER… HE’s got to be IMPEACHED… HE IS WITH THEM. WHAT more evidence do you need? Hell, Jarrett is Iranian Born Sunni Islamic witch.
    EVERY plane we have (while still protecting our USA) every piece of ammo, every ALLY, BRITS, AUSSIES, FRENCH …. come together and wipe these SOBS off the surface of the earth. THEY can’t be reasoned with; We’ve had some of them in captivity for 13 years and they are still insane and determined to kill everyone that doesn’t go along with their FAUX CULT… known as ISLAM… what a joke… you Muslims are doing SATAN’S bidding… are you THAT stupid?
    PS: OBAMA has all but gutted the top level of our military. He has fired, retired, run over anyone who would oppose him….that sob…that scrawny, useless, weak, limp-wristed SOB.
    GOD WILL HELP US… but note: Every time He Healed someone HE said: GET UP AND TAKE YOUR MAT AND WALK… guys…HE didn’t say “Okay I’ve healed you and Let me help you up”


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  • [2] September 2, 2014 at 5:24pm

    The Only Strategy OBAMA has is DESTROY AMERICA. HE’S trying his level best.

    HIS name will live in INFAMY.
    NOW!! AND YES, damnit to hell, I am shouting!!!

  • [1] September 2, 2014 at 5:22pm

    Well, PIGLOSI and HAIREY REID took over in 2006.. .they proceeded to wreck our economy, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, they forced banks to take bad paper, they tied the hands of the Military. That’s for starters
    PRESIDENT… then that SOB appointed another MUSLIM, JOHN BENNAN, a Muslim CONVERT to the CIA (C I A) Are you getting this????
    Then is sorry piece of S. President has done everything… every single solitary thing any one could do to wreck AMERICA. Including MAKING HIS FIRST PUBLIC SPEECH AS PRESIDENT not in the US of A… oh no!!! BUT IN EGYPT and his front row admirers was the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD GHOULS.
    HE was raised as a Muslim…has always been a Muslim and Communist and he is a TRAITOR that needs to be IMPEACHED right now… right this minute. PS HE’s also a coward and a gutless wonder and if you don’t think so, what’s in your head?

  • [4] September 2, 2014 at 5:16pm

    What’s the SOB in the WH waiting for??? US to storm the Palace? SOB SOB SOB

    YOU GUYS what we pay a lotta money to in DC…

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  • [52] September 2, 2014 at 11:36am

    @U4eeeahhh : I can’t tell whether you are bragging or complaining. You have, however, earned my sympathies… 62 and never had the glory of any conversation with GOD, never knew His love. Never had Him to turn to in this life He created for us for ONE reason …to choose Him or Hell for eternity. Oh, and poor Thomas Jefferson? A totally conflicted man who was another “I can control everything” to the point of removing parts of the Bible that he didn’t agree with… how silly people are. How little we ‘get it’ …Jefferson kidded himself with saying “He was a free thinker” …not realizing that the “thinker” who created this amazing Universe had so much to teach him, had knowledge that he was far too stubborn and foolish to receive.

    You, like Jefferson, can’t say where you came from or why you are here and even when given 62 years worth of hints, you are determined to defy logic and pretend you have any power whatsoever… You came to the banquet… you were born into it… but you didn’t get any of the benefits and you are on the downward course of this life… (a short trailer of what Eternity is like for those who Love God).

    He gave us free choice, those of us who bothered to find out about Him, who ever spent even 1 minute with Him know that He is for real. I’m sorry you don’t. Instead of your faux pride and defiance, you should have just asked GOD, ” Are you for real? ” — it’s never too late while you are still breathing !

  • [4] September 2, 2014 at 2:13am

    Get out of my house; get off my power source; get out of my IRS; Get out of my Schools; my grand kid’s schools; their lunches. THE ONLY PLACE the GOBMENT needs to be is funding our great MILITARY and that carries through their entire VA process; KEEPING BLOODY MUSLIMS Murderers from entering the USA; Protecting our BORDERS; Keeping the pot holes filled and making sure our Bridges are okay… after that, I don’t want to see, hear or think about you stupid FEDS… all you are is one big honey-pot for the controlling pols… pols du jour… to rip the rest of us off. THE education, the voting, the policing, even the medical over-seeing… STATE. This stupid FED has zillions of square footage that we tax payers are paying for in crony-owned buildings… they lie to us about everything from Keeping our Doctors to their latest fad COMMON CORE. Get out, GOBMENT, STAY OUT. If I want to buy AMISH milk I’m going to. If I want to collect my own rain water, I’m going to. IF I want to install solar panels so I don’t have to be charged for the very air I breathe, I’m going to. GET OUT. GET OUT. GET OUT. GET THE HELL out of our lives… YOU have absolutely NO proof that you have any more intelligence than we do…that you can make any better choices than we do…the only thing you have, you Bastards, IS OUR TAX money and we’ve just uncovered your dastardly plot (Lois Lerner et al) which proves you are trying to us OUR $ to blackmail us. GET OUT !!!!

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  • [4] September 2, 2014 at 1:57am

    ALSO: There is a HUGE difference in seeking vengeance and Protecting those who need protection (our children/our elderly) …. I know GOD is going to roast them big time, but that doesn’t mean we don’t protect our families, our communities… GOD created us for HIM to share His creations with… to share life with. That doesn’t mean that we sit there and let Him spoon feed us.
    PROTECTING OUR OWN. Those devils would love for all of us to stay confused, to stay placid and let them run rough-shod over us. WAKE UP! GOD is GLORIOUS and ALL POWERFUL and ALL KNOWING and HE wants glorious people to share His Glorious world with. See Him as Omnipotent – see Him as the Amazing Leader/Creator/Father that He is.
    Don’t let these animals harm innocents any longer. Stand and fight. Stop them in the courts, at the ballot boxes, in the fields. Demand that they be sent packing. Keep warning the hapless Saudis who funded them in the first place that unless THEY stop funding these animals their ‘happy days’ are over.
    ASK GOD yourselves. See what HE tells you!!!! Thanks for kind words… this is the gig we’ve heard about for generations… it’s up to us now. Our Strength, our Wisdom, our Ability all comes from OUR GOD !!

  • [7] September 2, 2014 at 1:46am

    @ MChris these Muslim-Satanic Cultist Islamics – have used our “gentility” against us. They depend upon their mis-information that GOD expects us to be milque- toasts characters… This is SATAN we’re talking about, not some disgruntled neighbor, not some misunderstood in-law or kid… this is a HUGE and growing CULT of murderers who have NO respect for GOD; who worship SATAN (whether they know it or now/admit it or not) and GOD expects us to STAND UP and tell these MANIACS “HELL NO!!!”… THERE is a difference between turning the other cheek when someone says something mean to you or you are misunderstood and fighting those who want to MURDER ALL OF US.
    That is why GOD named the JEWS HIS Chosen People. GOD knows everything… He knows every minute of our lives (every hair on our heads). IF you know GOD and you TRUST HIM, and you LOVE HIM, then you know that He does not now, and never has expected us to lie down like beaten dogs and let these murderers Crucify Children (in front of their parents even); gouge out people’s eyes; behead someone just because they can.
    I would venture to say that there is NO WORSE human trait than for those who have the advantage to TAKE IT.
    GOD is my first and last conversation every day. HE is the important thing in my Day. IF I for one moment thought He wanted me to give these murdering pigs a “pass” then I would do it. That’s how much I trust Him, but I know He expects me to Fight like the Warrior He has created. So I Will.

  • [9] September 2, 2014 at 1:19am

    Why can’t we join them. Why can’t we all file a class-action suit. As an American I accuse him and his motley administration of attempted destruction of AMERICA. Who can say we can’t?

  • [9] September 2, 2014 at 1:17am

    WHY can’t we all join them in a Class Action Suit? I know that millions would contribute. The man is a traitor, a liar, a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, an Anti-American and every bad thing that we can think of. Let’s see it in Court. I’m serious.

  • [2] September 1, 2014 at 4:24pm

    But notice, scripts that are beautifully shot, have fine scripts, decent acting and are not just SFX hodge-podges seem to do very well… provide an enjoyable
    foray into the theatre. “100 Foot Journey” is one of those. Of course “God is Not Dead” and “Heaven is For Real” … These films don’t even have to have anything to do with GOD…but just decency… And they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make… The Giver is good, goes along with DIVERGENT and HUNGER GAMES… the future must not look so good to some of these writers, but the films were what films are supposed to be.. entertaining escapism!

  • [4] September 1, 2014 at 4:14pm

    @RepubliCorp: I think that was their original plans…do away with all the JEWS on earth first…but when Obama got elected and filled his staff with Muslim Brotherhood members, appointed MUSLIM CONVERT John Brennan to head up CIA and was gutless about Benghazi (the gun-running deal for Syria that blew up) etc. I think they think it’s time …and their goal is to do us all in. SO they go after the defenseless Christians (who are all in Heaven now) and they charge forward and Obama stalls and hems and haws and does nothing, thinking that WE DON”T KNOW that Valarie Jarrett is pulling the strings and she’s a bloody Iranian Muslim Sunni… I think it’s time for the BOYS in SAUDI ARABIA who thought they could play both sides of the fence to wake up and either do away with ISIS or face life without their money/mansions/lifestyle (maybe even their heads)… These animals are not going to stop until they are stopped… WHATEVER… GOD wins. WE’RE on the right side and I call MARANATHA !! Those who have ears will hear…but in the meantime…I’m pushing for prosecution of all the bad guys. The INGRATES… GOD gave us everything and some of you brats just pissed it away. (I grew up with Brothers) … NOW adays, there is no other way to say it. ISLAM is an EVIL CULT. ANYONE WHO FOLLOWS it will not have Eternal Life. WHATEVER.

  • [9] September 1, 2014 at 4:06pm

    Let’s not use the word ORTHODOX with anything Islamic or Muslim:

    Islam was thought up by tribal leaders to control their tribes in the year 600 AD. They had observed both the Christian and Jewish religions and the well controlled behavior (and the progress of both) in the M.E. (where Jews and Arabs had lived together for 6K years, Christians came in and were also side-by-side peacefully .. prospering, enjoying life. These dopey Arabs set up ISLAM… it has -0- to do with GOD. It is pure human nature-thinking. They didn’t have the knowledge, the philosophy, the ability to make it any more than their macho dreams which is apparent in every aspect of ISLAM…the total control of women, treating them as possessions, but the worst part of these jerk’s “religion” was this desire for world domination… yeah, right…. WHY DO YOU FOLKS think GOD named the JEWS as HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE? So that when THIS time came in HISTORY, we would KNOW that any group, whose aim it is, is to kill all of GOD’S chosen people could not possibly be ANY GROUP from GOD or having anything to do with GOD.

    The Devil is in charge of ISLAM, always has been. This is their 3rd (AND LAST ) attempt to take over the world… Satan has been the cause of Stalin/Hitler/Communism/(I say progressive ism too) … anything that destroys God’s Creations, that pits men against each other, that slaughters people… straight from SATAN.
    GUYS… the gig is on. Are you informed? Ready?

  • [16] September 1, 2014 at 3:55pm

    Obama will never call it what it is because: (all together now)

  • [9] September 1, 2014 at 3:53pm

    AMEN AND AMEN @dckelder….nor are conversions anything we can take any credit for…as in notches on our belts or sizes of congregations…it’s ALL GOD.
    WE are his hand maidens and soldiers and we are here to (first) make the decision to be GOD’s with our freedom of choice He gave us and then: To share the GOSPEL of this Glorious, Loving GOD who offers every person on earth forgiveness and eternal life… and not to let EVIL prevail – in our lives, in our homes or communities. GOD didn’t raise pansies. GOD raises Champions.. Champions don’t put up with S from anybody…God is their only boss.

  • [6] September 1, 2014 at 3:50pm

    UH, OUR FATHER is in complete control and HE is watching to see how we treat evil… ARE WE so weak that we cave in? NO!!
    Are we so stupid that we let these animals keep tossing their evil around ? NO!!

    GOD will take care of US but HE expects us to STAND UP like the FREE MEN and WOMEN HE created and put an end to this.

    DO YOU REALLY THINK that GOD wants us to be pansies in the face of this EVIL. BOOO!!! EVIL…. our joy is going to be when you are all tossed in the lake of fire.

    FOR THOSE MUSLIMS who are seeing JESUS in their DREAMS and quietly converting…we welcome you with open arms. But for Satan’s minions… we’re going to drive you to the lake, dudes, and OUR GOD and CREATOR will judge you and toss you in.


  • [71] September 1, 2014 at 3:46pm

    NOW HEAR THIS YOU TOWEL-HEAD MUSLIM CULTIST AH’S…. WE don’t fear you, you just nauseate most of us. YOU want to be afraid? Think of what the REAL GOD is going to do with you hapless dolts who have sided with and are doing the work of SATAN.

    BRING IT ON you musky, stinkin’ uneducated animals… We’re ready.
    CLOSE DOWN all MOSQUES… they are nothing but AMMO DUMPS and TRAINING CENTERS. REFUSE ALL PASSPORTS to anyone MUSLIM and/or ANYONE GOING TO M.E. YOU’VE PUSHED all you get to push, you ISLAMIC Bastards.

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  • [62] September 1, 2014 at 10:49am

    Actually with reference to this from the article: ” Immigration is shaping up as a flash point for the midterm elections, as President Barack Obama has said he would take steps on his own to make it easier for millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the country and work.”
    OBAMA also said he’s going to ‘Allow in 850K more Immigrant workers’ (I’m sure this begins after the N0V 4 elections!!!
    How do the American Citizens who are currently unemployed like that? African Americans? Your unemployment rate is among the highest… you like Obama bringing in almost a million more workers to directly compete with you.
    Is there no stopping this man ?!! NOVEMBER 4th. IF you don’t vote, you are no PATRIOT !!
    PS… CRUZ gets it, he understands it, he KNOWS what this traitor has done to this Country and people who carry Obama’s water should be ashamed of themselves, starting with Chuck Schumer !

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  • [4] September 1, 2014 at 1:36am

    Article said he was from ORLANDO… not same as Winter Garden, different townships. Clearly these Atheists are cruisin’ for trouble. It should be, as you correctly say, open to the people who LIVE in the town first. Everybody wants to fight.

  • [91] August 31, 2014 at 12:15pm

    You realize that this once was DAVID’S then Solomon’s Temple and when the Islamics tried their first world take over 600AD (after Christ, 600 years) ( Islam only came on the scene 600 years after CHRIST) …. these animals of Satan conquered Jerusalem and built their MOSQUE (Dome of the Rock) on top of the Temple.

    That’s how they do everything. That’s why they wanted to build the bragging rights Mosque right at the WTC in NYC.
    They will be stopped. GOD is using all of this for His Master Plan… I believe He wants to see what WE will do about it. Are we going to sit by and watch this SATANIC CULT continue to do everything..EVERY THING…that God Despises ? OR are we going to tell all Muslims to stand down or be destroyed. IF this were any type of a legitimate group – a real religion – there would be outcry from all Muslims about this brutality and blatant misuse of power. GOD did not Create His Chosen People to allow Satan’s army (Muslims) to kill them.
    GOD wins.

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