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  • [21] November 20, 2014 at 11:56pm

    It doesn’t matter what we expected, damnit. He must not be allowed to get away with it!! I hope you guys were watching MEGYN KELLY tonight and heard REP STEVE MONTENEGRO speak. GOOD GRIEF!! Then compare what Rep. Montenegro said compared to the lying pervert Geraldo Rivera.
    HEAR IT and then tweet Rep. Montenegro!! I’m so proud of him. I will be happy to share America with PATRIOTS like Montenegro any day of the week.. and my gardener/handiman etc. who are very fearful of the influx of job threats and amazed and disgusted by this President’s total disregard of the CONSTITUTION. THEY came to AMERICA to get out of MEXICO’S lawlessness.

    Try to watch Rep. Montenegro. IMPRESSIVE.

  • [32] November 20, 2014 at 9:51pm

    QuincySmith: Let’s implore BLAZE to set one up. This IS disgusting!! Today in nail salon I sat next to Grandmother talking about her 17 year old granddaughter in her car waiting to turn, when illegal with NO INSURANCE plowed into her and another driver (probably too old to drive) NEITHER OF THEM had insurance!! This child has been unable to keep up her straight A school performance and in a great deal of pain.
    IT should be … if you drive without INSURANCE.. you should be arrested and thrown in Jail.
    IF you cause an accident without insurance you are deported – forever.. WHAT PART OF THAT CAN’T we get??? Why should we let fools drive around with no license/no insurance???
    THEY don’t know how to drive, they don’t give a damn about anyone else… STOP THIS!!

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  • [136] November 20, 2014 at 9:47pm

    Charge the SOB with TREASON.

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  • [52] November 20, 2014 at 9:40pm

    I have tweeted over 150 “Politicians” Asking them if they are a traitor along with Obama? OR will they do something.
    This is about POWER. This is about “STICKING IT TO THE MAN” (we are ‘the man’).


    HE truly is the worst person on earth. HE is laughing at us. HE is ‘getting back at the world” for his w. or a mother who abandoned him… you don’t need to be a psychiatrist to figure that one out. GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE. Why can’t ALL of us SUE HIM along with the GOV . elect of TX??
    He has no case. HE, PIGLOSI, REID… all GUILTY of not upholding their pledge. THROW THEM OUT ON THEIR ROTTEN EARS.
    HE wants us to RIOT. LET’S just sue the hell out of him instead. Where do we go sign up???

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  • [60] November 20, 2014 at 1:43am

    RIGHT ON (GYSGT1985) thanks 4 your service!
    I now call Obama “EBWKTM” (every bad word known 2 man) because it harms me 2 speak my truth about him… by saying that, we all know what I mean, but I don’t feed the Devil.
    Juan WIlliams and Bob Beckel just can’t get it. NONE OF US are against IMMIGRATION REFORM… we are ALL against this EBWKTM acting like a
    Dictator. My favorite argument from this EBWKTM is he’s “tired of waiting”… AS IF there were never BILLS passed by the HOUSE and shoved into REID’S DESK!!! AS IF the GOP didn’t try 2 meet with this EBWKTM !!! He met with McConnell 2 times N 6 years.. (but Gruber was N WH over 20 times?) really?

    I love what TED CRUZ said as his step 1 and step 2. Basically once this new Congress is in office the first thing they vote for it 2 (whatever happens) keep funding the Military & various departments down 2 DHS (who is helping Obama in this Immigration Scam!! Then, it will be OBAMA who (by using his VETO on a bill which will make it illegal for a President to MAKE LAWS (not appoint people, not declare war action in emergencies.. but MAKE LAWS that only CONGRESS is SUPPOSED 2 MAKE) and hey OBAMA, you EBWKTM…
    the fact that your Senate Majority Leader refused 2 bring the bills sent by the House 2 the Senate floor does NOT mean the GOP was not working toward solutions… YOU DON’T WANT A SOLUTION you EBWKTM!! YOU want Anarchy. Did you forget?? GOD IS WATCHING!! FREEDOM is HIS GIFT.
    Wouldn’t wanna B U!

  • [10] November 19, 2014 at 5:46pm

    It was harming my soul to say the things I feel about these … EBWKTM ‘s so that’s what I’m saying from now on
    They are

    :) I think the most hated human trait in my world is someone who has the advantage and takes it. There will be justice for these creeps… we saw a little of it TUES. More should be coming. They are all traitors and should be arrested, thrown under the jail. They are truly EBWKTM.

  • November 19, 2014 at 5:30am

    Okay. Obama. Someone needs to either put you in jail or get you to step down.
    This Insensitive comment is nothing more than your ‘baiting’ :
    ‘At this sensitive moment in Jerusalem, it is all the more important for Israeli and Palestinian leaders and ordinary citizens to work cooperatively together to lower tensions, reject violence, and seek a path forward towards peace.”

    Obama, you know damn good and well that Israelis wish to live in Peace ! Name ONE TIME that a Peace Accord has been reached that it was the ISRAELI’S who turned their backs!! YOU CANNOT. It’s been Arafat (who wanted to control our Billions in Aid ! It’s been Hamas and ISIS ALQAEDA and all of the Satanic EVIL Forces loose in today’s turmoil-ridden world that don’t want Peace.

    YOU DON’T WANT PEACE, OBAMA… all you give a damn about is Power… you dope. You had the greatest opportunity ever given to any human to truly make a difference and all you did, you sucker for sin, is wreck everything good and leave only the bad.

    HOW DARE YOU Chastise the Israelis in any way.. ANY WAY, when it’s your bloody, murdering Islamic Devils from their Satanic Cult who did this! HOW dare you try to say “THEY” should BOTH make Peace. you Brat, you vile human being. YOU undeserving dolt. The only way, clearly, Israel is ever going to have Peace is the flatten it’s enemies, tear down their schools training in hatred. SHAME ON YOU OBAMA. STHU.

  • [-1] November 19, 2014 at 4:46am

    Okay, I’m beginning to get what NET NEUTRALITY means. It seems that there is this thing called Band width (the highway that information rides on ) … and it can be Broad or narrow… fast or slow… If you pay more money it can be very fast and enable the best communication/calculation/research possible (like a rocket), whereas slower bandwidth is like the horse and buggy.
    IF OBAMA gets his lousy mitts on the internet, using the guise of “Making it fair for everyone” then he also gets a say in who gets what. What Obama doesn’t get is this: In America, everything is FAIR for everyone… it just depends upon how much you are willing to work and what effort you are willing to expend!!
    It doesn’t matter if you were born dirt poor .. Not in AMERICA.. but let this jerk and his kind stay in control and it will matter, he will have killed FREEDOM.
    What do you think this EVIL bturd’s “take over of College Loans” was all about?
    It was NOT to help more people get loans for college!! It was all about being able to 1) Control What College they went to 2) What they studied 3) keep them tied up in senseless debt. In my day if you wanted to go to college you got a job, you started in Jr. College down the street from your high school and you pulled straight A’s because you worked like crazy. EVERYTHING OBAMA DOES has nothing to do with making ANYTHING BETTER, FOLKS.
    CONTROL !!

  • [2] November 19, 2014 at 4:35am

    I think what this means is that EVEN Jesse Jackson knows that Obama and all of this GOV GRAB for everything has hurt the very people he wants to help. The Black community has been in rotten shape since that quasi Black Man… really the Muslim Freak got elected.. who knows what Obama really is? I say he’s Satan! He promises to help and then people like Jackson believe him only to find out that not only does Obama NOT help, he seems to be gleeful in his denial of help… the ultimate in put downs… the ultimate in EVIL.
    Jackson is a lot smarter than that fool Sharpton. Jackson knows that the GOV has murdered everything they’ve touched… and the internet can’t fall victim to those bastards. Let your CONGRESSPERSONS HEAR FROM YOU!!

    Tonight, we sit here blogging when 5 In a Jewish Temple (3 Americans among them) were hacked to death by the very essence of EVIL.. the Palestinian youths who have been bred to hate and that SOB in DC dares to say that “BOTH Parties need to seek Peace” NOW HEAR THIS YOU DEMONIC FOOL IN THE WH:
    It’s the Bloody Muslim ARABS who have spread murder and evil. Their leaders have used OUR TAX MONEY foreign aid to form their people against us. THERE IS NO PEACE with them, you fool in the WH!!!
    Netanyahu needs to flatten them. USA needs to HALT all funding for anything Palestinian and do it now. THEY HAVE NO CASE. THEY HAVE NO COMPLAINTS only those they’ve created. STOP THEM.

  • [7] November 18, 2014 at 5:12pm

    But you have to admit!!! That Le’Von Bell is an amazing runner!!! as in.. .the best I’ve seen this season… as in, worth watching the game for ! I prefer watching COLLEGE BALL because of the spirit of it all.. not totally trashed – yet. I bet that guy’s Agent spurted blood out of his eyes.

  • [6] November 18, 2014 at 1:27pm

    It is really IMPORTANT for us to all know the true definition of
    NET NEUTRAILITY. It is a sneaky phrase. It sounds as if “no one can mess with the net” when it means exactly the opposite.
    in a way that cannot be misunderstood by anyone (like Separation of Church and State) !!!
    Net means the whole Internet… but neutrality? how best to define that?
    YOU KNOW that after this last election the Progressive Liberal Communists, Marxists are hating the web (the net) because it allowed us to communicate; to raise money for our candidates (without spending a fortune on TV ads) and join together; sign petitions; tweet our Congress. They view it as their enemy… and I guess it is.. It’s a lot easier to find the truth when ALL the information available is out there ready for us….the real and the lies…but available.
    DEFINE it for me please! Thanks!

  • [7] November 18, 2014 at 11:09am

    DEMS are children who have never grown up. They believe lies and fairy tales and seek for a world THEY control… they ESCHEW GOD. THEY refuse to understand HE is their Father. Look at the Stats!! They don’t believe in GOD, they don’t go to Church for most part (no where near stats of Conservatives- Patriots)…they are gullible. They are childishly selfish… they want a perfect life and they want it now and they don’t have enough maturity or sense to understand that strength comes only from GOD. They will beat their heads against the brick wall and blame everyone but themselves.
    Piglosi is a wicked, self-serving, cruel, vindictive woman like Valarie Jarrett. I just sent a Tweet to the Vermont Rep (Welch) who said ” Piglosi is not the reason for the vote on Tues Nov 4″ I said “Yes she is ” Piglosi, Reid, Jarrett, Obama… evil and wicked and so bad for America.
    GOD BLESS THE JEWISH FAMILIES who’s sons and husbands and brothers/Uncles got murdered by brain-washed Islamic Animals in their own Synagogue. WE MUST STOP FUNDING PALESTINIANS – PLO – they will never honor any commitment because their only Commitment is the ruination of Israel and the USA (don’t kid yourself… and they are already here). THEIR Leaders have used our aid money to build brain-washing schools to train their youth with lies. This is the result. I hope Netanyahu flattens them. There is no peace/ no peace talking with these demons. Face it. They just need to be stopped!

  • November 18, 2014 at 3:51am

    dB321. Thank you for your wonderful and kind words. THE FULL ARMOR of GOD means a lot more to me than you can know in this Public Forum. I’m not FEARFUL… for I know GOD is in complete control I don’t think many people understand how POWERFUL HE IS. I mean I don’t think they’ve taken the time to figure it out. Power like we can’t comprehend… and yet He Loves us!!! Miracle of Miracles!!
    I agree with every word you have said here. I agree that we are in it. I believe that we could ‘do nothing’ or we can fight to keep the opportunity alive as long as possible for other people to discover GOD.. .and THAT MEANS STOPPING SATAN’S ARMY… the ISLAMIC MURDERERS.. .the CON ARTIST ISLAMICS… those who are pretending to be our friends… who DISTORT GOD’S Message.. who live in our WHITE HOUSE… They tell ‘just enough of the truth” to fool people who aren’t Catholic Students or believers in the Magisterium and the Catechist as the BIBLE’S foot notes. People who haven’t studied and have no idea of the timeline that is right in front of our faces.

    Until there is no breath in me, I will defy these demons from hell. All of the evil people who gained power from Piglosi to Boxer, from Reid to Jarrett… evil, wicked, self-serving people and they no longer try to hide it. America is worth fighting for. SHE Is a GIFT from GOD. I believe totally its us or them… and GOD will determine, but we need to keep speaking out. Thank you.

  • November 18, 2014 at 3:41am

    @ DONDIEGO… how right you are!!! What you are saying is so important and I hope you keep saying it. I’m not technical – therefore know zilch about power grids etc. I just know our Constitution. I have great passion for our Country because it provides FREEDOM to GOD’S Children.. we’re the only country that really does. Progressives can’t stand passion, emotion,creativity. They are like the movies we are seeing about the “future” … everything GREY… people afraid to speak out. BS!!! We have this ONE opportunity to speak out and it’s now or never.
    I totally agree with stopping $ to any of those places that house these ANIMALS from this CULT known as ISLAM.
    As far as them “praying with the CHRISTIANS” BS. They bulled over some PC weaklings (Episcopalians) and are all over the National Cathedral with their butts in the air, laughing them off at us. ALL THEY ARE DOING, dude, is taking over everything.
    SO I agree: NO more SAUDI MONEY paying off the BUSHES and CLINTONS and OBAMAS. GET that bloody pipeline going and let us become independent as fast as possible and NO MORE MONEY to M.E. LOWER our CORP tax rate.. put it under even IRELAND’S rate and watch our jobs come back.

    WE’RE AMERICANS … we can do it. THEN we can clean up the DEPT of ED (as in do away with it) AND dump anything that even begins to sound like COMMON CORE… and no more BUSHES… I don’t respect them.. not after what I’ve learned. LOVE THE USA!!! FIGHT FOR HER!!

  • [22] November 18, 2014 at 3:26am

    DAMNIT!! NO more money for these animal Palestinians…for their PLO… never should have been sending them money since they backed out of 1993 agreement. WE CAN’T BUY LOYALTY. THEY hate our guts. They danced and handed out cookies and cakes on 9/11; they print Tshirts glorifying 9/11
    NO More meetings….KERRY, you jerk, tell the PLO to reign in their dogs or we’ll turn Gaza/West Bank into beaches.

  • November 17, 2014 at 2:44am

    NOTE THIS: FREBERTY is a perfect example of the lies Anti-Americans tell. Sounds good, right? Reasonable, right? But he leaves out that Saddam was killing people 100,000 at a time, piling them in common graves. He and his sons were raping and murdering and he was using WMD on Kurds and did have them, they ended up in SYRIA as we’ve said from the beginning… observing the Satellite Convoy right before SHOCK AND AWE. He didn’t protect any Christians and you can’t prove he did. But boy, doesn’t that sound good. WHERE WAS I when BUSH went into IRAQ … IF Sr. had done his job and finished what he started there would have been no 9/11 – - no training camps. But the SAUDIS paid off (still paying off: Bush I, Bush II Clintons and now this sorry dope in the WH who wouldn’t know how to be a President if his life depended upon it) SO how did I feel?… I wanted them to wipe out all training facilities; set up shop so as to maintain control over our interests there and keep the animals in check or dead. That’s How I felt/feel. Your Boy Clinton let them get away with murder for which he was very well paid once he left office.
    They all stink to high Heavens. They are ll corrupt. WE, the People, are the only defense for FREEDOM now…not these hot-house flowers we’ve elected except for one or two. Ted Cruz is man enough to handle these problems. Wait and see.

  • [1] November 17, 2014 at 2:12am

    @Happy Conservative: I have guns to protect myself/my family from Islamic maniacs/Illegal home invaders/other thieves/ all human. I couldn’t anymore shoot a magnificent animal than one of my own dogs. There’s something really gruesome about this woman ‘gloating’ over her big kill… she had the gun/the bullet. What if the Bear had had a gun? There’s something that doesn’t sit well with me… can’t actually define it… but it’s like misuse of power on hunter’s part. Does it make these hunters feel “powerful” ? I don’t get it. Yes, hunt for food, one thing.. but trophies… BS

  • [28] November 16, 2014 at 1:05pm

    Truth Votr! “Even the Rocks will cry out!”

  • [6] November 16, 2014 at 12:57pm

    WHERE IN HELL did you come from FREEBERLY? What about the CHRISTIANS they murdered/slaughtered. YOU think with your back side.
    THIS type of barbarism is not acceptable anytime, anywhere, anyhow, for any reason. YOU are the reason they can still do this.. Either you can’t think past your nose or you have no brain at all. GOOD GRIEF !!!
    Half thinkers are more dangerous than idiots. GO AWAY!! SHAME ON YOU!!!
    Besides, you are so wrong!! NO ONE should get away with barbaric action ….stuff it.

  • [18] November 16, 2014 at 12:50pm

    DB321: Listen to your Dad!
    SO, FOLKS, here it is Sunday NOV 16, and these animals are still capturing headlines by beheading an American, YET!!! WE allow them to desecrate our National Cathedral (Can’t believe I donated $ to that at one time)… We allow them to make ridiculous claims like they discovered America 200 years before Columbus ( Next they will claim THEY wrote the CONSTITUTION and GEORGE WASHINGTON was one of theirs) Just as phony as their claim to having been the Cradle of civilization.

    THEY were always Animals. Spawns of SATAN. Heirs of Ishmael and while given a start by GOD, have totally gone against GOD, Interlopers who came upon the scene in 600 AD and have done NOTHING but try to conquer the WORLD (this is time 3) since then.

    Their own people are so afraid of them they barely speak up. They got suckered into that “faith” (it’s a cult) and now know that they will be murdered in the Islamic way, eyes gouged out/ beheaded/ probably in front of their kids or vice versa. THIS IS SATAN at his worst. GOD is watching what we do.

    What can we do? EASY: LET every Congressman know that we demand no more $ going to M.E. (PLO, Palestinians,Pakistan, TURKEY) or any Muslim Country. THEY MURDER AMERICANS. THEY DON’T GET AMERICAN MONEY….and hurry with the pipeline. OBAMA lies again. (surprise!) The instant we are energy independent, the threats against us diminish significantly.
    EMAIL or TWEET CONGRESS …today! Double Damn ISLAM !!

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