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  • [27] July 24, 2014 at 8:28pm

    ROVE, JEBBIE all their cronies = death to GOP…but we have to defeat Obama’s group… JOIN FREEDOM WORKS people !!! Support PATRIOTS!
    The time is now. I would follow Mark Levin anywhere. HE knows what the truth is; what it sounds like; what is good for AMERICA. KARL ROVE is nothing more than a self-serving hot shot… We can thank him for the out of control NSA

  • July 24, 2014 at 3:18am

    @Capt. Quantrill: I know it’s part of the tactic to try to make those who don’t agree with you appear to be hysterical or “on drugs” etc. I know nothing of the sort… Glenn Beck is the first whistle blower on this entire devastation known as the Obama regime. He has been right many more times than wrong, but unlike you Progressive Commies or whatever you are, he can admit when he makes a mistake… although, you would have to list the mistakes … in a row… when he made them, what he said…for me to believe you. I’ve been watching him since 1/2009…every day.
    But, you ruin your own argument you pathetic punk : “I “will not conform” to the idea that I have to feel sorry for the little lice infested mutants invading my country with the only word of english in their vocabulary being “asylum””
    These are children of GOD. BECK is a genius. NO one can call Conservatives ‘heartless” (because we are not) and he’s never said KEEP THEM HERE…just the opposite. But I guess if I were like you with only half a brain, I may not be able to figure out the big picture… I pity you then. GEEEZ I’m glad I’m not you, don’t think like you….. pathetic. this is my last comment to you.

  • [23] July 24, 2014 at 2:52am

    REMEMBER your disgust and make sure you do all you can…as each of us should…to insure Conservatives in HOUSE and CONTROL of SENATE to stop this unspeakable jackass.

    THEY are like a pack of demons attacking a brilliant animal in the wild… they hit from every side, they keep it up until the brilliant prey finally gives up
    to Demoralize the People of the USA… This is the Saul Alinsky tactic of demoralizing us…so I have a suggestion: Some of us take him on re: BORDERS and AMNESTY; Some of us take him on re: Spiking OBAMACARE costs (my deductible went up 4X (FOUR TIMES); Some of us take him on for the Alphabet soup of Scandals: VA, IRS; EPA; DHS; – Benghazi; Wrecking our Military- Losing the gains won in Iraq and Afghanistan… and now COMMON CORE… Do not even consider Jeb Bush (as he is ‘one of them’) Or McCain.

    Time to reconsider ROMNEY; To elevate TED CRUZ; To get Rand Paul to join the effort to cut off funding for Obamacare and stop that EVIL MAN every way we can.

    IF those Progressive LIberal Communists Muslim Brotherhood America Hating Traitors in the WH can come at us EVERY DAY from EVERY ANGLE…we can come at them.

    I HOPE GLENN or FREEDOM WORKS etc. can set up “Divisions” for us to join…so we’re not all hit with the same tasks…but we can be effective. All of us being hit with ALL of this everyday is a bit much! Agree?

  • [7] July 23, 2014 at 5:44am

    Well, it certainly seems obvious that the progressives love Common Core. It keeps people from learning how to think for themselves; It fulfills their childish (and impossible M.O. ) methods of trying to make the ‘world perfect’ so there will be no pain. What they don’t realize is that they enslave people to mediocrity and that pain has much more devastating results. This Effort tonight was well worth the time! Thanks GLENN et al.

    COMMON CORE, it turns out, is nothing more than another scheme for the “Good Ol Boys” to rip money off the average people …they get it by testing kids over and over and over… They ruin the education of our kids because the people who want to do the testing over and over and over are taking up all of the instructional time.

    It’s very similar in impact as the Carbon Print B.S. another faction of the dastardly Obama regime is attempting… they’ve figured out a way to tax us for the very air we breath. Common Core taxes us for the thoughts we think.

    How to stop them? REFUSE to take their tests. Band together with other parents in your school neighborhood; make sure that others know about this HORRIFIC
    idea” (it’s finally out there enough now to have information available ) . It can be stopped. The Bill (even passed ) can be over turned off!!! Patriots working together can accomplish miracles. It ain’t over til it’s over and this one ain’t over!!

  • July 23, 2014 at 5:24am

    (Continued) WHY ARE YOU HERE? I’ll tell you why I am. Glenn Beck single handedly saved our Country from sure destruction at the hands of the Muslim/Commie/Socialist/Progressive/Liberal pig in the WH. He doesn’t have to spend another penny … he’s set for life… he has a great weakness…HE LOVES AMERICA like we do.
    He’s put his money where his mouth is. He’s devoted untold number of hours bringing us facts/the truth.
    His good actions make your dastardly ones look even worse. I don’t think any of you has a single idea
    of what it takes to be able to present any idea in front of a camera and/or keeping the conversation going
    for several hours. So, either you are unable to see the truth/don’t know it when you hear it or you are paid Soros hogs – paid by the sentence or response – and your purpose is to deflate Glenn Beck. You failed.
    He’d have to care what you said in order for you to have any effect on him.

    There are lots of people like me who KNOW what he’s sacrificed for AMERICA. We’ll stand up for him. He
    never needs to. We owe him that much. Others will notice that you seem to bunch together like a rabid pack. Instead of gratitude and building upon the good Glenn Beck has put forth for us, you choose to
    tear it down. Tear this. PS: Now that I see the ‘cut of your jib’ you can’t bother me either :)))) -30-

  • July 23, 2014 at 5:22am

    (Continued) I’ve always heard him admonish us to : Check our Own facts.
    I also know that he has put a big wet blanket over the ‘take-over-the-world’ plans of that Satanic being in the WH and his Satanic Minions (Jarrett; Mooshell; Piglosi and Reid)… they can run, but they can’t hide. The alphabet soup of disasters can’t be swept under the rug, thanks to GLENN BECK (EPA, IRS, DHS, CIA, FBI,
    and on and on).

    I don’t expect Glenn Beck to be perfect. Tonight’s show in CA would have been much better had it taken place at 5 PM allowing the whole nation to really connect. We learned some vital things… enough to make me wonder what’s wrong with Bill Gates… could he really be that Antagonist from the Bond movies who would sacrifice little kids just to make robots to buy his widget?? I have learned that none of these bullies
    from Obama own down, can stand up to WE, THE PEOPLE speaking out.

    But here you all are… many I’ve never seen publish a thought, all showing up now to pile on GLENN… one of you even had the audacity to say GLENN was wrong about the CALIPHATE Prediction!!! You ridicule him, you make personal comments about his delivery, his weight…but you are here. So that’s my question. WHY ARE YOU HERE? I’ll tell you why I am. Glenn Beck single handedly saved our Country from sure destruction at the hands of the Muslim/Commie/Socialist/Progressive/Liberal pig in the WH. (continued)

  • July 23, 2014 at 5:20am

    Message to: Guitar Master (8.2010); Jackact (9.2010); Nabuquduriuzhur (12.2012); IronPatriot1993(5.2014);Dublinthewagons (2.2012); Gumpsdad (6.2014); Progressive Slayer (3.2011);
    Trigus (9.2012); Richalu (11.2011); Cavallo (10.2011) SunnyCA (10.2013); Capt_Quantrill: CatB (9.2010) ; Gonzo (9.2010)… I know why I come on this site to support GLENN BECK and his Company. Why do you?
    I know that in 4.2009, a few months after OBAMA has come into the WH and made his first speech in Egypt, his around-the-world apology tour and produced a 2500 +- page Health Care bill (that had been in the works by Progressive Liberals for 3 decades..I knew our Country was in great danger.
    Had it not been for this Character named GLENN BECK and his black boards and Photo collage of Patriots who sent in their photos… the TEA PARTY that sprung up from people watching him and designating 4/15/2009 as a gathering day; Then later in DC, watching him at the Lincoln Memorial, then in Jerusalem, then in Dallas…and watching him invest every penny into THE BLAZE, providing a source for HONEST news (its the only news I’ll rely on. I watch MEGYN but REAL NEWS is … real news. I have watched GLENN struggle like we’ve all struggled with this country and it’s future….I’ve watched him entertain and enlighten us. I have watched him produce shows to tell the straight scoop on incidents. I have found him to be correct many more time than not (continued)

  • July 23, 2014 at 5:16am

    I know I’m not alone in waiting for the MUSLIMS in the USA, who were welcomed by the People here (mostly Christians and Jews) and who have been able to build 2000+ mosques here in past 10 years…. I’m waiting for them to speak up against their FELLOW MUSLIMS in the M.E. Where is your outrage American Muslims? ???

  • July 22, 2014 at 7:46pm

    DUH some of you people. The Venue costs money; the Attendants, the guards, all cost money. IT takes away at least two films for the night. You spend more on Starbucks in two days.

    My complaint was that they didn’t start the PT people at 5 PM so it could TRULY BE A NATIONWIDE event… now we get to see taped… I’m sure it will be informative…but I hope the “genius” who scheduled it at 8 PM in CA is demoted or fired. IF you are going to do a ONE NATION event…it can be at one time!!

    AND you can see (easily) who the trolls are…trying to demand events like this for FREE…. What dolts. When nothing costs anything then you can have ‘it’ for free dude. I don’t even know where you get your thinking process from….the most immature group ever…trolls on this blog. Here’s another thing you whiny children…. YOU don’t appreciate anything you don’t have to pay for.
    Put that one in your pipe and smoke it.
    YOU also DARE to speak of CHRISTIAN THING to do? Have I seen any of you demanding the MUSLIMS in the USA speaking out against the PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS in M.E. ? YOU are going to find out, sooner than later I hope, that Christians are the OPPOSITE of push-0vers. That JESUS is the strongest MAN ever created. That you have never seen fury like the fury you are asking for by chiding our great GOD. This advice is free. Take it and quit your grousing…shame on you!!!

  • [9] July 22, 2014 at 7:27pm

    @Whtwulf I agree… NOTHING IS MORE ATTRACTIVE than the TRUTH!!
    Nothing ‘sells better’ than the TRUTH !! Nothing keeps you in business longer than being known to tell the TRUTH!! PS I love Tony Dungy!

    I’m am so sick and tired of the blackmailing-uber sensitive Gays. I wouldn’t hire him unless he was the best in his field and this guy isn’t. In fact, I’ve heard if he wasn’t gay, he wouldn’t have been drafted at all. I’m sick of the strong arm tactics. I would close my business before I baked them a cake IF I DIDN’T WANT TO; or take their photos IF I DIDN’T WANT TO… the operative words are “if I did not want to”. WE either have to get back to FREEDOM, my friends, or we’ll lose it all !! Those people, the gays, are free to be gay…they just can’t make me like it…tough.

  • [6] July 22, 2014 at 3:51am

    Except this is true. There is a famous SEX dr. who was counseling Ms. Lewinsky and this was the goal from the beginning. I can’t disclose how I know at this time. This Author knows this dr’s name and the circumstances, no doubt.

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  • [15] July 22, 2014 at 3:44am

    Continued Instead of having smaller class rooms and hiring/rewarding Teachers for excellence …we have allow our schools to become a honey pot for all the locals who can rip it off. Nepotism in schools is rampant!! Old Uncle Joe who never shows up to work is on payroll as a Janitor with all benefits and one of the larger salaries paid by TAXPAYERS in the State; Principals make many times what the Teachers make. Teachers who are on suspension and/or otherwise removed from classrooms are still in the system getting paid. Text books have -0- to do with actual History… just what ever the “power controlling group of the day” wants to see printed (explaining why in recent History book 1/2 page is devoted to Christian Religion and 11 pages to Muslims. History is distorted too.
    THINK OF all of this as a TWO PRONGED (running simultaneously) attack:
    1. On the information that a child will be allowed to learn 2. making sure this next generation is totally CONTROLLABLE….
    The fact that OBAMA now controls all student loans… that was part of the plot (another prong) … he gets to say Who gets loans; Where they get to go to school; WHAT they study (WHO, WHERE, WHAT and when they get to go)
    We pay more for student than any other country, yet we are way down in the achievement listings. LEARN ABOUT COMMON CORE… It’s just another way that they (Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Communists) have devised to cause America to rot from within.

  • [4] July 22, 2014 at 3:35am

    continued: They attract Americans by using phrases like “No Child Left Behind”… NONE of us want to see children left behind, but neither do we want things ‘button-holed’; uniformed to the point of killing ingenuity… and that is exactly what Socialist have figured out. THEY cannot control FREE PEOPLE…so they have to make FREE PEOPLE into ‘Robots’.
    Some people will say: “So what? IF it means that every kids will get a decent education?”… But that’s the rub. The kids get NO education!! They do not learn how to read/to write/ (they even want to do away with cursives!) or to THINK and certainly not how to SOLVE PROBLEMS !!!
    So aside from the distaste I have with the “pigeon holing”; I resent these liberal trying to play god. OUR GOD, the real one, has each person’s life planned to serve HIS purpose on a plane higher than we humans on earth can comprehend. HE wants to see what we are made of. HOW we’ll handle challenges; how we will learn. IF HE had wanted/needed a bunch of robots, folks…we’d all be robots.
    Struggle, Disappointment, Failure are all a part of life, and until we get to HEAVEN where we can comprehend the full GLORY of GOD’S plan for us…we do not need to try to avoid true life nor do we wish to be controlled.
    Instead of making sure textbooks are truthful; computer systems are State of the Art; Science Labs stocked (CONTINUED)

  • [10] July 22, 2014 at 3:25am

    Even if you can educate your own Children at home…and you don’t think you’ll be effected by COMMON CORE, think again. WHEN the SAT’S and other national tests/requirements to get into colleges are requiring all people to conform to their bogus tests, you will have to deal with COMMON CORE!
    This is a way to PIGEON HOLE kids from a very early age and DESTINE them to a life time of whatever the person doing the pigeon holing at the time thinks is
    right for your child!!!
    I know that in the beginning, (just as with all things liberal) the founders of Common Core may have thought this was the MOST FAIR thing to do… have everything Uniformed so that the poorest kid in Appalachia would have the same advantages as the kid from Dobbs Ferry, NY… showing their complete ignorance about the PURPOSE of LIfe (we are here to choose between GOD and HELL , not to try to live HEAVEN on EARTH in HUMAN perspectives/terms)
    We are all “equal” in America BECAUSE WE WERE BORN FREE,,,
    The GLORY of LIFE – IS – the struggle!! ” Can a child born to share-croppers in Appalachia achieve the American Dream and own his own company?”
    Everything the LIBERALS do in their immaturity – (their immaturity is what makes them Liberals in the first place) …everything they touch – they destroy because they just don’t get it. Continued

  • [44] July 22, 2014 at 2:01am

    OMGosh. FYI: There were more pedophile attacks in one month in the USA than in the entire history of this abuse that took place among less than 1% of 1% in the Catholic Church. IT was NEVER right, of course, and I pity those awful people when they are in Judgement, but this is a human condition and of course the demons and anti-Religious, anti-Catholics love to run this one up the flag pole. It’s also a crime to misstate facts an accuse those of crimes they didn’t commit. ANOTHER PS: The Pope is the leader (I know you wouldn’t know that because we haven’t known a LEADER in so long) but our Pope is the CEO… He leads us in the worship of GOD and His Only SON Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
    It’s so ridiculous to hear people who don’t know zip about our great faith make comments like this!! The Catholics also feed and administer health care; education to more people all around the world than (get ready for this) ALL THE OTHER CHURCHES ON EARTH COMBINED. Are we Perfect? Heck no!! But it’s the faith that preserved the BIBLE and our CULTURE for 2000 + years… of course if the Animal Muslims are unrestrained they will demolish everything in their Satanic attempt to enslave everyone on earth (or kill them)… I’d Say fellow Floridian Petty is a great song writer but needs to discuss the wrecking ball that is Islam more than knock Catholics.

  • [5] July 20, 2014 at 5:21pm

    CRUZ said it exactly right !! We KNOW that OBAMA is the reason these kids are here. We KNOW what they went through to get here….the coyotes, the rapes, the abuse, the lies all courtesy of OBAMA… so we do have to be humane to them…and send them home. USE your effort to get OBAMA to make a world-wide public statement that these kids will NOT be included in America.
    CRUZ is going to be a great President… it’s about time!!

  • [16] July 20, 2014 at 5:16pm

    @ OVERHEADDOOR… don’t you know it! I would never, in a million years, believed that a person could get away with ONE thing OBAMA has done.. much less all of things he’s gotten away with. He is a TRAITOR; He has stacked our Security with Muslim Brotherhood animals who are sworn to over-take USA; he has wrecked our economy; demoralized our troops; He set up this entire “Send your kids to America” … don’t even try to say he didn’t; He’s thumbed his nose at our M.E. Ally, Israel; He’s stolen money from the US TAXPAYER in the BILLIONS; He’s propped up his cronies; He’s followed none of the Rules of Law and ignored our Constitution… Any one of those things would cause him to be tried for treason !!!! Include Holder and the DOJ, the NSA, IRS, EPA, DHS …The only thing a potential candidate for PRESIDENT has to make me believe to get my support is that he would impeach Obama !!!

  • [16] July 20, 2014 at 4:51pm

    Don’t you sometimes day dream about the lazy summer afternoons ‘when the livin’ was easy’ when we didn’t see that lying snake on TV every other minute or any of his lying minions? When Ignorant animals weren’t firing weapons at innocents/good guys/our allys that we made and left someplace as we were forced to retreat by the LYING SNAKE Obama…. I almost can’t remember how great those days were.

    Below: @ SOUNDTHETRUMPET says that Liberalism is a mental disorder. That is the truth. It’s also a matter of faulty education (they have no real facts)
    They are stuck in the “idealism” age as well as not understanding what this “life” is all about. They are spurred on by ghouls like Soros who use all of them as “useful idiots- ground troops” to keep things stirred up – keep selling arms; keep oil prices up … you name it. We really, really need a strong man in charge now.

  • [2] July 20, 2014 at 4:41pm

    Asinine comment is Par for you, right @ Tango57? ?

  • [6] July 20, 2014 at 1:19am

    What if, by your irrational, unfounded spewing of lies, you caused someone young and/or vulnerable to stay away from GOD? Now you have double the trouble.
    What you don’t get is that we’re only here for one reason: Choose GOD or hell of our own free will. Part of CHOOSING GOD is the clear understanding that PRAYER is how we connect directly to GOD while we are on this level of existence.
    PRAYER is the strongest, most effective weapon we have against EVIL.
    The fact that you don’t know that means you are somewhere… way far away and far away from your purpose/goal and time is running out. YOU can keep yourself from salvation if you are so deluded …but it’s probably a very dangerous thing for you …to try to corrupt someone else just because you have -0- faith.
    As far as the SATANIC CULT, ISLAM… 3 other times in history those animals have attempted to take over the world, almost succeeded but ended up being soundly defeated and driven back into their caves…for at least 300 more years… this time, however, it’s not a cave. It’s going to be THE lake of fire. Wise Up.

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