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  • December 19, 2014 at 3:47am

    “I AM THE SON OF GOD”….. as if I would ever deny Jesus as GOD and part of the Holy Trinity, which you’d have to study to understand … with your cherry picking/out of context parts of various Books of the BIBLE. I’m sorry for you, dude. You worship the DEVIL in your ALLAH… Satan incarnate… you’ll see. GOD said: This is my Son in whom I am well Pleased… on two occasions. I’ll take my grateful gift of faith from GOD, the real GOD, the one who created the Universe who INSISTS upon our FREEDOM of CHOICE over your demon god who demands that people believe in it or die by your moth-eaten, fleabag, ignoramuses. You are gonna feel mighty foolish when you face the ALL POWERFUL, ALL LOVING, ALL GIVING JESUS who died for your sins… He make that thing you worship look pitiful by comparison. LOOK AT THE FRUIT, DUDE. ONE wants freedom of thought and action in order to chose Him FREELY… and the other is nothing but a murdering, lying pedophile sick o whose only claim to any type of credibility are the BIBLE verses his guys stole from the OT and the NT. LOOK AT THE FRUIT!! That’s all you get. YOU will never, ever ever convince a true Christian that you are anything but a satanic and pathetic interloper.

  • [2] December 18, 2014 at 11:04am

    @mikeydee: I am a woman! I love being a woman but I don’t think women are wired to be President. Many things we can do. But many things Men must do. I don’t want to see a woman “Priest” or “Pastor”; I prefer male surgeons, Doctors, Dentists. Vet being woman? Fine. CEO ? If you must, but I don’t think women are capable of being the type of President we need. We think too much in terms of personal wins rather than Nation wins. That’s how we are wired. And that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it and I won’t debate it. I think NOW is a joke. Here women all over the world are getting murdered for not marry those flea bag, towel headed monsters of Islam and where is NOW? no where… they are all talk and no action… typical. I think equal rights for women is also a joke. I’ve always had freedom, my mind set me free. I just don’t want to do a man’s job, and I don’t particularly want him doing mine!! I could and he could but GOD gave us roles for a reason. :)))

  • [13] December 17, 2014 at 10:19pm

    U.N. DICTATOR OF THE WORLD take over in 2015 or 16. HE has no intentions of leaving control. His ego/his sick mind won’t let him. This is nothing more than a ploy to unite the Western Hemisphere under the DEMON-OBAMA. IT’S REVELATIONS and LEFT BEHIND coming true before our eyes.
    It’s going to take a REAL MAN to stop this maniac, even now. EVEN with 9/10ths of America knowing he’s a creep.

    There is NOTHING more important than stopping Obama now. NOTHING.

    PATRIOTS, forget the Tea Party Label, as it’s misleading. IT IS NOT a Political Party… it is an ORGANIC MOVEMENT composed of PATRIOTS and other FREEDOM LOVERS. Call Yourselves PATRIOTS… forget you “yesterday suitable’ political ambitions… NOW we have FREEDOM itself to save.

    ONLY we can do this. WE THE PATRIOTS. LET your CONGRESS REPS know that you will not tolerate any more damittohell action by this INSANE (Obama is certifiably INSANE) idiot in the WH. HE must be stopped along with his buddies ISIS and the rest of the MUSLIM Interlopers.

  • December 17, 2014 at 9:39pm

    @ Servant etc: Nice you are so concerned for the unborn in America but seem to tolerate just fine the barbaric, ruthless, EVIL torture of even your own !
    In simple English: Anyone who studies the Bible understands that the BIBLE is a HISTORY of the HUMAN RACE as Created by GOD. GOD created ALL Life and then (here is the key: ) GAVE US ALL FREEDOM OF CHOICE (unlike that evil you call your god) … Some cultures recognized GOD, worshiped Him, Learned from Him and others turned out like the ANIMALS that are in the M.E. right now. THOSE are the ones GOD said ‘go kill every last one of them’. They did what you do now, murder people for the hell of it, to try to scare the rest into submission… they did every manner of depravity.
    In other words, While GOD won’t flood the earth again to rid it of it’s filth, He will permit GOD-FEARING decent men/women/children who are following His instructions on how to live this life He gave us..He’ll permit them to wipe out the depraved.
    On JESUS: God is sinless; sin cannot survive with Him. He loved us. He made us. Some of US (Muslim’s ISIS for example) defied Him and created all manner of sin. There was nothing on earth that could be sacrificed to excuse those sins.. except HIS only Precious Son. Jesus came to die, and even tho’ O’Reilly says dumb things like “I don’t know if He was Divine or Not….” Jesus came to die. It is ridiculous to think that mere men could kill GOD. Learn it or regret for eternity.

  • [361] December 17, 2014 at 11:44am

    AMEN BARBER 2!!! That is exactly right!!! How miserable these people must be to assume that everything has to do with the color of their skin. My son, after a soccer practice, told me “Mom, there is a great new kid over there who can really play this game” and I said “which one?” and he responded “That guy in the blue shirt next to the guy in the red shirt”. (One was black and one was white – the “blue shirt” was the black guy!!) My son didn’t see skin color because we never did!
    These people have been brought up with this poison in their systems fed to them by poisoned parents (In Michelle’s case: Communist Parents – friends with Valarie Jarrett’s Commie leaders Parents from Chicago)
    NEXT PRESIDENT: We have to demand to see their college thesis’s; grades, photos of them with friends, background information. DIane Feinstein (Needs to be voted out of Senate) is the duffus who VETTED Obama. SHE is to blame for what has happened to USA.
    People want to blame the voters.. okay, I’ll accept part of that… but damnit, I vote for and contribute to people who are SUPPOSED to go to DC and enable/enforce our Constitution!! WE NEED A MAN now in office who doesn’t have an axe to grind, doesn’t have such a screwed up childhood/mind and someone RAISED in AMERICA (not like Obama) … BTW… BUSH is a never again; Cruz? You bet!! Ben Carson! Mike Lee! Scott Walker! There are many Patriotic, good men to run as Conservative Patriots!!

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  • December 17, 2014 at 4:27am

    JEB is in no ways a MANLY MAN. He is soft, spoiled, conniving in his appearance and demeanor. GW was just a party-boy but he wasn’t hiding behind “mama”… Jeb? Opposite.
    I want to see a MAN in office and so far, the only MAN I can see is TED CRUZ.

  • December 17, 2014 at 4:23am

    Continued: terrorizing kids and murdering people who don’t agree with you – in your meager attempt to control them – is okay. YOU will end up in HELL.

    Here’s another statistic for you toots: In 2000 years the Deaths caused because of Christianity/Judiasm numbered about 2.5 Million; the deaths by tyrants like your Imams and Insane Clerics, Dictators and those hell-bent trying to rule the world have numbered 3 Billion lives. I will not answer you again. YOU can try all you want to justify your Satanic Cult, we know who you really are. We also knowYou have nothing to do with the REAL GOD. REPENT.

  • December 17, 2014 at 4:22am

    @ Servant etc. : All of us are sinners. Otherwise we would not have needed The Savior, Jesus Christ, the ONLY Son of GOD to come to die for our sins. Your 600 year old after-the-fact Satan inspired Cult loves to use the
    SINS” type of argument.. but the truth is: EVERY HUMAN SINS.

    So here are some facts for you, kiddo: over 87 % of Americans call themselves Christian – so much for that statistic.

    Abortions are murder and as more women/girls come to understand that, more
    work against Abortion. ROE of ROE V WADE ended up working against abortion!

    The short life-span that we have on earth allows for time to choose: GOD or HELL. You have chosen HELL.

    No REAL GOD would condone the murder of children (and HE doesn’t condone it in the form of abortion either) but not Murder to force people to believe in Him. Our GOD, the REAL GOD wants us to have total freedom so when we choose HIM, He Knows we are His. NOT because we fear him and some ignoramus hysterical rat threatened us with a big knife… burned our teacher in front of her class, gouged out the eyes of our children, Killed our parents in front of their children because they refuse to worship that devil you worship.

    It’s an old Arab trick of negotiation to try to point out all the flaws in his opponent in their attempt to ‘best’ him.

    Here is a bulletin for you: We know we are sinful, you silly slave… we know abortion is wrong, but you freaks think (cont)

  • [2] December 16, 2014 at 5:59pm

    Animals. Godless Animals. Take them all out. Every last Taliban. Rid the earth of them. I don’t care what happened before. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION for this type of HORROR.
    LET A FEMALE drop the bombs. DO it NOW. (Caps intentional)

  • [35] December 16, 2014 at 3:28am

    Great Interview. What I like about Megyn is that she allows the person to make his/her point and she is into what they are saying. CHENEY was right too. Torture was jumping out of an 86th floor window. I don’t give a blue bloody damn about what ISLAMICS/MUSLIMS/ISIS/TALIBAN/ALQAEDA think of me/US. They are Satanic Godless Animals and they are BULLIES. They need to be eradicated from the face of the earth. They will spend eternity in HELL. NEXT TIME there is a “situation” there should be a platoon of WOMEN sharp shooters who kill the sob’s off . They can never know whether they’ll go to their death via WOMAN or MAN… and as far as torture? We don’t cut off heads of children; We don’t cut off heads of journalists or even our own. I don’t care what we do to these animals if it’s them or us and ANY SOB TRAITOR who publishes our techniques (FEINSTEIN) or bemoans our lack of humanity (THE REST OF YOUR BLOODY LIBERAL FREAKS) needs to recall 9/11/2001 about 11 AM. Don’t talk to me about Humanity. AMERICANS offer MORE charity and help than the REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED.
    NO LONGER can the good guys tolerate this ANTI-AMERICANISM. The minute this new Congress gets installed we need to demand IMPEACHMENT for the TRAITOR in the WH and Make sure that HOLDER IS REALLY GONE, and his REPLACEMENT at least understands the RULE OF LAW… and if BOEHNER and McCONNELL don’t have what it takes, they need to go TOO!!

  • [9] December 15, 2014 at 12:00am


    I hope all of you will write to your Congressmen/women Senators and tell them:
    NO MORE MONEY to ANY country that tolerates ISLAM. NO more special favors for ISLAM in the USA. NO MORE IMPORTED ISLAMIC TERRORISTS into the USA. NO more tolerance for their their SATANIC WAYS.

    THE TIME HAS COME, AMERICAN PATRIOTS; To stand up and say to all:
    WE do not tolerate this type of inhumane behavior in anyone/anywhere for any reason.
    WE are NO LONGER going to allow them to use OUR freedom of Religion against us. The mere fact that NONE of the MUSLIMS will take a stand against this DEMONS is all the proof we need to know.. individually they may be “nice people” but their MONEY still goes to these Dastardly causes, ISIS and the rest. AND they WILL have to do what their IMAMS tell them when push comes to shove. PUSH HAS COME TO SHOVE. Turn them into glass. STOP: THEM at ALL COSTS. We would not tolerate this EVIL in our homes, I hope and pray…why allow them to exist. GOD is watching to see if we have the guts to stop them. HE will eventually do it, but He’s giving us the chance. STOP THEM FINANCIALLY… STOP every MUSLIM CULT ACTIVITY in USA. STOP THEM. “THEY MUST BE STOPPED” a book you all need to read if you have not!

  • [6] December 14, 2014 at 10:00am

    From David Barton’s excellent explanation of Common Core (Paraphrased of course :) The name comes from the CORE of learning that (at the time) Most of the Governors were seeking 2 make uniform…so that when Johnny moved from Indiana 2 Nebraska or Susy moved from Arizona 2 Maine, their basic understandings of math, English, for example, were standardized.

    On the surface it seemed 2 be a good idea but it opened the door 2 all of the loons and the evil elements of those who are in our School System who are determined 2 make student become dependent, NOT INDEPENDENT. Make Students follow ORDERS (as in Communism) & Not have individual thought as we have had in FREEDOM.
    Everyone needs 2 understand this difference: Communists and all ‘ists’ seek 2 control the masses. They will either do it (think PLO) by brainwashing the next generation or murdering people (ISIS) who disagree with them.

    Anytime people want 2 control anything they think (like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton) in terms of “the group” and never encourage (as our Founding Fathers did) Individual Excellence. They want stymied collectivism and individual excellence. The CORE, then of Common Core, is dependence upon the group eschewing Individual effort. That’s why Communism fizzled and died (after millions of lives were taken by Stalin et al). GOD focus’s on the Individual!!! HE
    needs 2 be at the helm of this nation’s ship. We can’t go wrong if we follow God. Right now we’re en route 2 hell.

  • [1] December 13, 2014 at 7:52pm


    Just do it. There should be no Muslim allowed to walk among us. There should be no forgiveness to anyone who thinks ISLAM is okay. I sympathize for the Muslims who were conned into that CULT… but they know in their hearts that it has NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE/ WITH GOD/ WITH ANYTHING HUMAN… that is all comes straight from SATAN.
    WHY are we allowing these animal droppings to continue harming people???
    STAND UP/ SPEAK OUT. OF course these Ft. Hood Victims should be given Purple Hearts and the Combat Injury pay and the animal who did this to them should be long dead.

  • [7] December 13, 2014 at 8:05am

    Every effort by the rest of the world needs to be leveled against ISIS, ISLAM, MUSLIMS, AL Qaeda, Hamas, PLO, (feel free to add) . NO MORE of our TAX MONEY to any MUSLIM State for any reason, for any thing. WE NEED A FULL-FLEDGED Campaign to blast out this information in every form of media – world wide:

    ‘ISLAM is from SATAN. THE REAL GOD would never seek to keep people loyal to Him with threats of murder. THE REAL GOD gave all humanity FREEDOM. HE wants us to choose Him of our own free will.’

    THAT is the story. That’s the whole ball game. That’s what it’s all about. ISLAM proves
    itself to be from SATAN every second of it’s existence by it’s own actions!!! They are all nothing but murdering thugs. The only decency they have comes from the BIBLE Verses they ‘lifted” from our Old and New Testaments in 600 AD when Islam began.
    THEY ARE THE EVIL spoken about in Revelations. We need to defund them everywhere we can. We need to order that idiot traitor President in the WH to stop calling our Precious Christian/Judiasm Nation “Muslim”…. what a lie that is!! We need to totally shun this phony faith and call it the CULT that it is.
    The Mere fact that they would cut off children’s heads because they would not denounce our Lord Jesus Christ tells you everything you need to know about how evil Islam is. SHAME and DAMNATION on them. These Children with safe with our Lord who is watching to see how many of us will stand up against EVIL ISLAM NOW!!

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  • [3] December 13, 2014 at 7:51am

    Oft times I’d sit behind him at Mass and will verify that he is the real deal. Every one of us needs to stand up every chance we get for our Soldiers. I didn’t see the article about the Soldier who was chastised by the Judge. What judge, where, when?

    Please… if we have stories, links, etc. We need to share them! I don’t know about you but between every day life and obligations – especially now- and trying to catch up on news and fav. shows I miss so much of what goes on …
    per [Suspended User] above. Please post that article. Thanks.

  • [34] December 13, 2014 at 7:41am

    CRUZ is the man. HE is the ONLY one who has the full complement of what it is going to take to bring AMERICA BACK .
    I understand that the PROG.DEMS has set it up so that the GOP would ‘look like” they had shut down the gov. again (even tho they really didn’t the first time a year ago) GOOD TRY VALARIE OBAMA but NO CIGAR.
    I am with CRUZ in waiting for the NEXT Congress to be sworn in, then I want to see some HELL RAISED and raised fast. I want the hands (and feet) of that Monster in the WH tied so that he can no long play Dictator-in-Chief and I think it’s most amusing that Piglosi is stumbling all over herself with her other N. CA. buddy Feinstein as a result of the totally partisan politics those two witches have participated in. Good thing they are redoing the Capital Dome since the lid has been blown off Congress and those lousy, self-serving, shallow, selfish, stinking Progressives have shown the world what worthless Characterless people they are. I’m glad so many of them got defeated.
    I’m depending upon CRUZ to stand up for me. Anyone (in GOP) who doesn’t support him can go on the DEM side …not worth the powder to blow them to hell…including angrybird McCain and that worthless Lindsey Graham who actually thinks he could be President!!!
    Thank you TED CRUZ for being a real MAN, a REAL PATRIOT. You have my full support!!

  • [5] December 11, 2014 at 2:56am

    I wonder if she knows how UGLY and RIDICULOUS she appears? Seriously.
    We know she has no self-respect but now one would think that she’s figure out what a joke she has become. Pathetic loser. This is what NO CHARACTER looks like.

  • [9] December 11, 2014 at 2:46am

    MAYBE this is the EVIL (all around us) that has been predicted. Things worse than we could ever conjure up. Unspeakable crimes. As Patriots, we need to do several things:
    2. DEMAND harsh punishment for anyone who dares to harm another LIVING being, whether it be beating someone with a hammer; pouring lighter fluid down their throats and burning them alive, cutting their dog to get meds. WE can have NONE of this if we are to stay civilized.
    Satan is roaming the world now like a crazy man… he is crazy…racing from trauma 2 trauma hoping 2 find more and move victims… he learned 2 amplify our greed and lust and his evil abounds. Every time we let some creepy group remove Christ from Christmas, some ditzy town counsel to deny Nativity Display rights… every time we let some creepy teacher and/or school remove Christmas Music and/or any type of Christmas Celebration we are letting Satan win.
    or GOD. That’s it. IF it’s not one, then it has 2 be the other. Our Job as Christian Patriots who love AMERICA is 2 stand up for our Faith and not tolerate being tossed around. There may have always been sick people like this dog’s former owner but where does she come back from where she fell 2? How does one get over torturing a dog? Or burning a human being alive or beating them with a hammer or plotting 2 blow up their building or lying 2 them about every aspect of the Gov?

  • [3] December 10, 2014 at 10:15pm

    In 2010, Putin and some other good Communists admitted, even joked about the “Quality of Education in the USA since the late 50′s-60′s and forward til now.

    Seems that they were able to infiltrate our Educational System trying to bring to fruition the threat of Khrushchev (banging his shoe on the ugly green podium at the UN) telling Americans “you will rot like apples – from the inside” and dang if that hasn’t happened. Commies set about to destroy the American Pride, the ethics, morals, ingenuity, Pride/Passion and all things that FREE PEOPLE develop when living free for decades!! So, next time you hear anyone like Obama or Sunstein /Powers or this sad sack threatening Legal Action…just consider the source. They have been brainwashed in order to destroy America!!! I know they are trying their best …. but Patriots seem to be able to Protect America, in spite of these sad sack elitists!!! Think I’ll order me in some
    Chinese tonight!!

  • [16] December 10, 2014 at 3:30am

    REGARDLESS, folks, of what we may think of some of the new Congressmen & women & Senators, we have to unite together as PATRIOTIC AMERICANS… anyone who doesn’t think the USA is the best chance for FREEDOM for the world can get the hell out, but we can’t let interlopers/communists/liberal progressives/marxists have any say-so whatsoever in this next Congress.

    There are so many people thinking that OBAMA is going to try to stay in office, trying every way he can to start national riots so he can declare Martial Law. We need to get his scrawney butt out of office & that day will be a day for a long overdue PARTY!!
    Just think.
    Not having to hear his convoluted lies. The nut-case crap that Valaries Jarrett (commie witch)
    & those other witches spew: Piglosi and Feinstein (& Boxer altho’ she doesn’t count for anything)& the rest of those losers… Not having to hear their lies… Can you even imagine how nice that’s going to be???
    PS: OBAMA… Racism is basically in your thwarted brain, you nut case… YOU & HOLDER are the only RACISTS I know & you brought in that low-life that shouldn’t even be on any public stage.. that cartoon character Al Sharpton… YOU guys are the racists. YOU are the PROBLEM in this country with 97M people not working. Can we stand you 24 more months?
    What else you got in your bag of dirty laundry you want to bring out & try to continue the DISCORD you began in 2008? You demon. You Anti-American Freak of nature.

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