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  • [2] August 20, 2014 at 9:41pm

    This Catholic wishes you GODS SPEED, DUDEO … you missed the point completely, Guess you will have to find another place to go sit in judgement.

  • [1] August 20, 2014 at 9:35pm

    @ WildestEMU I’d be rather embarrassed If I were you, admitting that I didn’t get what Glenn is about now. DUH. Go draw your line in the sand, in fact, use a shovel.

  • [10] August 20, 2014 at 9:29pm

    WELL, TOOTS, or TOOL, you are no supporter of BECK”S. A true supporter would understand that it takes time.. good grief!!! He just started The BLAZE in (His own network) in 2010 AUGUST. it is a mere 4 years later. He’s had 2 DC HUGE Gatherings, 1 in Dallas, 1 IN Jerusalem, 1 in Utah, Established MERCURY 1, Bought huge Studios. Moved his Operation from NYC to DALLAS TX.
    HERE is the deal: IF you don’t like him, or what he is doing, stop coming here. IF all you can do is say negative stuff and are broadcasting it here, it’s clear you are a paid Troll. IF you have something to say to him, write him, but don’t be gutless and whine like a baby… You obviously have never owned a corporation or had that type of responsibility. THANK GOD for GLENN BECK and PAT and STU (and JEFFY) and MERCURY ONE and LIBERTY TREE HOUSE, DANA LOESCH, BUCK SEXTON and all of REAL NEWS… what’s the matter with you? STHU. AND that goes for you Mr. OLDTIMER… YOU WISH.. you paid SOROS freaks wish that BECK screwed up, but he didn’t and you can’t stand it.
    ONE MORE TIME hot-shots… DID you notice that ONCE Conservatives showed kindness to the kids from S. America at our Border, it suddenly wasn’t so hot for Obama et al any more? AND they stopped coming??? GROW UP. LEARN SOMETHING. IF you don’t like it here… so WHAT. I’m tired of pansies and limp babies. IF you don’t like BECK, don’t let the screen door hitcha. that’s it for you lot. NO more attention!

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  • [2] August 20, 2014 at 9:12pm


    AS in two or so years after John Foley was captured, we’re supposed to believe Obama raced to his rescue oh, ah, um 2 + years later. YOU JACKASS OBAMA.. DO you really think we are going to believe this.. and you idiot… you are broadcasting to the world that USA Intelligence failed (again). YOU are the only failure you measly twerp, you less than decent sicko freak…. YOU and that whole crew over at the State Department, those arrogant UGLY females with this OBNOXIOUSLY WINNING WAYS and that MUSLIM CONVERT (Now CIA Head John Brennan)… TO HELL with all of you.
    A real man would have told ISIS “YOU touch ONE AMERICAN and we will SHOVE a bomb up your A. ” but not you , you creepy… you liar, you MUSLIM Trojan Horse. and then you MF… you go off and play more golf? THROW UP. IF anyone supports this loser, this TRAITOR who is sticking it to us right and left… then you don’t deserve to live in AMERICA. I’m so sorry for the FOLEY parent. YOU horrid, hateful, useless, loser of a man. OBAMA not only are you the WORST PRESIDENT OF THE USA ever.. .but the WORST PRESIDENT OF ANY COUNTRY and your twin – Holder is just as WICKED.

  • [3] August 20, 2014 at 2:32pm

    I think he’s much more of a conniving President, a Muslim Brotherhood Trojan Horse, than a coward. He is owned lock/stock and soul by the Devil.

  • [3] August 20, 2014 at 2:15pm

    READ what I wrote above, AvengerK. With all my heart and input from God I know that OBAMA is backing ISIS. HE is actually leading this attack from all sides against our Precious America. Just like Clinton had OSAMA in the wide open and didn’t take a shot, Obama had ISIS there too. Even his name is a twisting knife to ridicule America… Obama: Barrack Hussein Obama??? For 7 years those bastards have been chuckling to themselves while they set this up.
    The Caliphate; planned for hundreds of years; the Destruction of any Democracy possible in Middle East; the Construction of thousands of Mosques in the USA. HISTORY will tell us what we’ve said for years; OBAMA is the MUSLIM TROJAN HORSE. WHAT OTHER PRESIDENT would not be raising HOLY HELL right now about an innocent American being used as a threat against all Americans and MURDERED so gruesomely??? Obama issues some milque toast response AFTER they kill FOLEY???!!! DAMN OBAMA to hell. A REAL MAN, A REAL PRESIDENT would have said “Release FOLEY and the other 3 unharmed or face the A bomb” … and would have meant it.
    Nothing Obama says is taken seriously. HE IS ONE OF THEM and they know it. NOTE that bastard OBAMA tries to “excuse or soften the blow” of these DEVILS by saying “Most of their Victims are MUSLIM?” YOU jackass!!! Did you forget the Christians they’ve been enslaving, kidnapping, murdering after they drove them out of their villages of 1600 + years?
    OBAMA thinks we’re dumb!! R we?

  • [4] August 20, 2014 at 1:57pm

    IS there any doubt… can there be any doubt any longer?: OBAMA is leading this
    effort to demoralize USA for his MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD which also include ISIS (regardless of what they say) Isis wasn’t around when SYRIA began, right? And OBAMA helped SUNNIS there… with OUR guns/ammo… and up jumped the devil. ISIS

    NOW all of the disgruntled young men in all of the 3rd world countries…are trying to join those b.s: India Indians; Pakistanis; Misc. AA; thugs from USA; thugs from S.A…. all because of OBAMA.

    Do you still doubt that this b. is the ANTI-CHRIST??? DID any of you ever think after 9/11 that a MUSLIM would be sitting in the WH? or As head of CIA?

    SO what do we do? Well first, there is only one power that can really stop them: GOD. In the mean time we MUST SUPPORT ISRAEL against those stupid Hamas murderers… they only use time outs to restock… and any CODE PICK dumb A. woman or women who takes the side of HAMAS is as gullible as they come. Anyone who tries to stop ISRAEL trade as those Palestinians ingrates did at the LA Port…

    SO locally (in USA) we can stop their actions, we can contact our key Politicians every day, and vote in only those MEN with the GUTS to take it to ISIS and BOMB them back to hell. AND… we must PRAY daily to remove this Cancer from the earth.

    Exodus 14:14 GOD will fight our battle for us, but we have to TRUST HIM first.
    Get your own acts together/your family’s too. WE WILL DO THIS!!

  • [18] August 20, 2014 at 12:47pm

    To Hell this is a war of “RELIGIOUS” Ideology… Islam is NOT ANY TYPE OF RELIGION… ISLAM is a murdering CULT fostered by the DEVIL HIMSELF to destroy all that GOD has created on EARTH! From their very inception 600 AD with their made up “Mohammed” to their Split (Sunni-******) with their TWO “Messiahs” to their Stolen Verses from OUR BIBLE in their attempt to Co-opt our Faiths (Christian and Jewish) so their Tribal Leaders could control their (still) unruly tribes of Arab pagans… THIS IS EVIL walking. Tough for the people who have been sucked into it… by now they should realize they’ve entered into an EVIL with no return without repentance but very little chance to escape. Brainwashed women and kids who are no better than sex slaves and bomb carriers… they murder their daughters with SUV’S, they beat and misuse their wives… they are as bad as bad gets.
    WHERE ARE THE FATHERS, BROTHERS, HUSBANDS, REAL MEN to demand they be bombed into smithereens now??? I know GOD WINS…but I think He rather expects US to stop these bastards. YES, we’ve allowed their kingpin to become President and another to be head of the CIA, yes, we have funneled tons of weapons/ammo/money to them but now is the moment to stop them. GET ON TWITTER and DEMAND these animals be stopped. THERE IS NO PEACE DEAL available (KERRY R U LISTENING??) … There never was… NOW ISIS has our billions and armed. What are we going to do about it??

  • [11] August 20, 2014 at 10:43am

    I put Geraldo in the same category as Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson as far as someone I would spend 5 minutes watching. When will FOX learn this? I don’t know anyone who watches him anymore or wants to… Beckel is getting that way on THE FIVE… It’s too easy to flip to another channel.

  • [8] August 20, 2014 at 10:38am

    READ THIS!!! Sharpton is KEYNOTE speaker at CAIR event…joining up with the MUSLIMS, eh AL?
    Teams are being chosen folks. GOD WINS. Just another thing to ponder. Thanks for posting this!! Thanks to Breitbart too!!

  • [1] August 20, 2014 at 9:42am

    and Don’t forget: the first OFFICE OBAMA ever ran for, State Senate in Illinois, was for the American Democratic Party (the COMMUNIST PARTY in USA). Valarie Jarrett/her parents (big Obama contributors) Mooshelle’s Parents… all Communists…so combined with Obama’s own grandmother who was card-carrying Communist in Hawaii (funny because she worked for a bank) I’d say it’s not a stretch to call Obama a Communist ….but that’s not all he is as we well know.
    I hope the people of Ferguson realize that they are being used.

  • [2] August 20, 2014 at 9:23am

    I watched it again on IPAD (wonderful) and the thought occurred to me: AFTER
    GLENN made the trip to the Border in the Humanitarian act of kindness to the little children who were ‘stranded’ at the Border (some arriving all alone, some found in the desert all alone) … DID YOU NOTICE that the “STING” of their coming went away….AND SO DID THEY? Think about it. GLENN et al were giving of their time and many of us also of our money to bring some form of comfort to those children. WHAT???? A Conservative helping an ‘illegal’????
    And right after that… the coverage of their plight went world-wide and the finger of shame pointing right at Obama, for clearly this was an Obama action that brought these little kids up here in the first place, Causing Obama to suddenly say that the children must stop coming. DID YOU NOTICE THAT!!! DID YOU GET THE TIMING???? !
    This is how GOD responds to our being kind. EVERYTHING that is and will and has happened is geared to test us. To see what is in our souls. There is nothing on this planet (or any other) that GOD can’t ‘fix’ in a split second. HE is waiting to see ” What have you learned, my children?” “Where is your heart?” …
    So I’d say that the trip to the Border with the Teddy Bears was a perfect win for GLENN who only did it – to be kind and merciful. THINK ABOUT THIS. You have just witnessed how I believe God works… so high above us, thank God God is a loving God.

  • [9] August 20, 2014 at 9:13am

    TIMELY BOOK!!! Evil men are getting away with murder because GOOD men don’t stop them. Good men don’t stop them because somehow they lost their compass; their ability to check with GOD first has faded away…they’ve been told lies about the Bible (which they didn’t bother to read or study for themselves, making them vulnerable to anything that anyone had to say about it). I’ve often called God the ‘Greatest Businessman of all”. I am always amazed at the Solutions and Directions God gives me in business!! He is anything but a ‘laid-back’ neutral being. He is fire and passion and ambition and daring and courage!! He is this perfect combination of prudence and daring. God created us to Love of course but also to share in His Creation…being able to appreciate His Creations (which He is still creating) and how can we appreciate His Creations unless we know what it takes to create them? No one appreciates the piano until they try to play it, or a painting until they try to paint one…How are we to know how amazing Creation is until we create something ourselves. God is perfect…I don’t know how…I’m so far from it, but getting closer as the years go by, because He can make me perfect. He can do the same for you too. Just ask. I love this book and will get it. The naysayer who seems to need to pour doubt on everything positive will be proven wrong….again. Thank you for this story Blaze!

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  • August 20, 2014 at 4:20am

    Good Point @ HI_Don: I think a lot of the negative nellies are sent to the Blaze to demoralize…note that whenever a topic is hot and current…they tend to be the naysayers… they love to knock GLENN (and have no basis) and any ‘discovery’ that We, the PEOPLE, seem to make… anything good an positive they immediately try to find fault with. I mean, Why are they here? Why aren’t they on HUFFPO or some horrid place like that if they so disagree with what most of us want for our Country? (BTW…did you see that poor little mouse from CODE PINK on BOR’S yesterday?) I’m amazed that people like that have the gall to get on National TV with their false narratives… but It would be nice to see the accumulation of ups and downs. I would also love ONE edit chance. I type quickly and it
    corrects my spelling and sometimes puts in the wrong word!!! Just asking. I hope that people reading the BLAZE from around the world realize that AMERICANS have not lost their spirit nor their fight!!

  • [3] August 20, 2014 at 4:11am

    @TexasGranny73 well Hallelujah and pass the butter!!!! YOU nailed it TX GRANNY… I’m a big CRUZ supporter, ever since his Filibuster and I stayed up all night just to watch to see if he really was who I thought he was and HE IS!!
    HE got elected against all odds right there in TX and he will again!! HE is a MAN.
    A REAL MAN…he’s a PATRIOT first. He is a GODLY MAN and he makes all of those widdle hang-wringers like Graham and McCain and the rest of them look so pale by comparison!!! IT IS never time for us to “GIVE UP” until we have drawn our last breath. We may have other things to do, we all do, but I swear.. .there is nothing more important right now than supporting the GOOD GUYS. Nov 4 is coming sooner than we think. WE WILL GET THE SENATE. WE WILL put a screeching halt to the SATANIC ride and the Muslim Infiltration of our Country and then we’ll start cleaning house and Senate, and CIA, and FBI, and STATE DEPARTMENT and all of the GOV. money drains. YES WE CAN!! I love ” A little early to be giving up the ship” AMEN and AMEN!!

  • [7] August 20, 2014 at 3:58am

    Agreed SNOW. everyone is encouraged to send Netanyahu a message: Obama may be against him, big deal… most of America is for him and he can’t fool around with these liars any longer. Here they sit with the Majority of land, a great sea port and all they can do is turn it to rubble. How stupid… can you imagine from your childhood to your grave in rubble? Never a peaceful Sunday, a peaceful Sunset, a peaceful picnic or game… all fight, all fear… SATAN is living in GAZA !!! The sooner Israel stops this immediate threat, the better. Jordan knows Islam/Hamas stinks; Syria is buried. Egypt knows Islam stinks (Muslim Brotherhood)… I think if Israel can put that dog down for good and let the Palestinian people get one generation raised without the rabid Islamic brainwashing, they might have real peace, but not with anyone there now. PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH and to hell with what the “leaders” of the USA GOV say… the people are with Israel. I challenge every JEW on Earth to wake up and support Israel and stop with your insanity for Hillary…she is a big nothing from nowhere having accomplished nothing… she is as evil as Obama. Wake up and LIVE !!! Stop the horrible progressive/liberal/selfish one-Worlders who just want to enslave everyone who disagrees with them. Satan worshipers… all of them.

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  • [7] August 20, 2014 at 3:47am

    @APPLEBITE this is how they’ve managed to survive for so long… we Americans were FREE, we wanted to respect everyone’s religion, we wanted Peace for ALL people. WE never KEPT the land or commandeered the navy’s, the treasure of other countries…we only went in to help (If you disagree… prove it.)
    IT is always very hard for GOOD people to understand just how BAD, BAD people can be!!
    We don’t think like they do, we don’t come from the place their brains are … it takes about 4 x as long for us to catch on to evil. Now that is normally a good thing, to be expecting GOOD and not EVIL, but now we have no choice. ISLAM is EVIL. Hamas IS EVIL – Obama and his would COURT is EVIL … over the years, the selfishly ambitious/greedy (I mean what other first lady do you know of has ever taken the WH dinnerware? Only Hillary) ALL of those people are EVIL. They are ruled in large part by Satan. they want what they want when they want it and they want it all now…they have convinced themselves they are doing things for the right reasons… they are only doing things for themselves… and then they’ll hit 70 and then 75 and realize…the DIsney E Ride is almost at an end… then what???
    WE have to call them out. WE have to Stop them. ANYONE like our EVANGELICALS who wouldn’t vote for ROMNEY but let this EVIL man take over again are equally responsible for the murders around the world. WE ALL HAVE TO STOP THEM.

  • August 20, 2014 at 3:32am

    WHAT ON EARTH are you jabbering about @Tango57…. WHO said GLENN gets to tel us anything??????? His wish and his POV talks about our success as humans (in his opinion and I share that opinion) is first we have to be RIGHT with GOD. Why do you think I have that name? I am willing to fight for Liberty or death! I’m an American Patriot for all people of all color and all religions who wish to live their lives with honor . I have never and will never consider ISLAM a Religion. IF the VOTE is a mirage, then all of the PATRIOTS have to change that…or do YOU suggest sitting on your thumbs and saying “Oh, dearie me, I told you so” DON’T YOU know that life is a series of lessons to be learned. WE all needed to learn the FREEDOM is a gift from GOD and if you don’t care for it, don’t protect it, you lose it. My only Master, Dude, is GOD. now go get your little milk and cookies and toddle off to beddy bye. WHERE DO YOU PEOPLE COME FROM????

  • [1] August 19, 2014 at 7:15pm

    To Iamnotaliberal (since 2013) and Boogawg (since 6/2014) IF you call yourselves impotent schmucks…that’s on you, kids… Glenn has never tried to be anything but one of us with a microphone and no one but JESUS CHRIST is our Lord and Savior but some of us are used by GOD to spread messages of encouragement and TRUTH and explanations…like AMERICA is a gift from GOD; like there are many forces trying to destroy us. There are many people trying to use other people for their own gain (Like letting people come into USA Illegally, not to help those people but to get votes for themselves) NO one on TV in the past 30 years has introduced more viable information, better speakers/teachers and been more honest with us than GLENN BECK and trust me, Beck doesn’t want our adoration…he wants us to act like the Patriots we are supposed to be and not take this stuff like it ‘will go away’ because it won’t!! BOOGAWG…I’d rather kiss A. of a PATRIOT than be a Paid Troll of George Soros.. Got it? Night kids. Instead of turning your vitriol against me and others trying to speak the truth…how about sharing the truth with your neighbors/workers/family? GOD wins, we know that… but This is a great opportunity to see how we are made, what we are made of… of being the Patriots that every Generation has had to be to Save/Preserve America… :)

  • [3] August 19, 2014 at 6:21pm

    @ Pass_the_Bacon Where do you creeps come from??? You have the sensitivity level of a slug. GLENN BECK is the reason that we still enjoy any freedom after electing that Communist/Socialist/Muslim war lord, Obama!!! Without GLENN we’d have had no place to gather and NO PLACE TO FIGURE OUT THAT THERE ARE 75% of us …and to stick to our Patriotic Guns!! What Beck is saying is that we MUST all get right with GOD…and do it now. That this fight is bigger than just Dems vs Pubs. That this is the world-wide (REVELATIONS) happening and who we are is all we need to worry about. GOD has the rest. OF course we need to stand up for TRUTH, AMERICA, GOD, What is right… That doesn’t mean closed mindedness; that doesn’t mean selling out our Values…that means being able to elect the strongest Leaders (CRUZ) and Speaking out every time OBAMA tries to pull another fast one as he is doing on our Borders…But we can’t do any of that for real until WE are right ourselves. Beck has never called for us to do less. BESIDES.. BECK did NOT apologize for gathering people together… what the hell are you talking about?! He gave us many gatherings: 9/12, 8/28, Jerusalem, Washington Monument, and hours of interviews with real leaders. Are you saying that “YOU” were duped by someone who is a Patriot? APOLOGIZE right now. Can you name anyone else who has put their $ out to gather in/help Patriots??

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