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  • April 20, 2014 at 4:02pm

    @THERAPTURECOMES This is my one and only comment directed at/to you:

    St. Peter, Disciple of Jesus and the ROCK that Jesus chose to build His Church on earth, established what we call the CATHOLIC FAITH. Early Catholics wrote the Bible; Established Christianity throughout the world- still do . God Created Everything; Satan was jealous; Satan brought SIN to earth; Only one sacrifice would erase man’s sins…that of Jesus’. God Sent Jesus to be THE payment for all of our sins. GOD gave us this life for ONE reason: Time to make a we re-become the creatures He has created? or do we allow ourselves to be destroyed by Satan (Sin)? that’s all there is for this life. Success in this life boils down to one thing: Do we choose GOD and live with Him eternally? Or do we choose sin and ‘remove ourselves’ from all hopes of eternity with God. That’s it.

    Satan uses useful idiots like you to his advantage…blinding you from facts/truth and it will be too late for you to turn back very soon. There are wonderful books, study courses, Bible Studies that un-complicate, sift through, explain thoroughly this most vital of all subjects. They even explain why there are people like yourself who are so willingly used by Satan!!
    People who have made the effort to study Faith find you sad. The question you need to ask yourself is this: WHY are you so adamant? What if “eternity” came tonight for you? Where would you be? I won’t respond further

  • April 20, 2014 at 3:40pm

    There is probably no faith in Today’s world that threatens Atheists; Communists; Marxist; Muslim Brotherhood more than the Catholic faith. Why? Because…it is the REAL DEAL…it is HOME on EARTH. Once people (as I was) are drawn to it – once they leave their other (maybe several generations of family membership ) faith. Struggle for the control of secular human minds has been evident for 2000 years. There is one thing that all of these nay-sayers cannot compete with: The Living Christ. Once you experience His Love, there is no way that anyone/anything can convince you HE does not live.
    How sad to be “invited to the Banquet”…even get to the front porch; some even come inside the ‘hall’…but their stubbornness, their lack of any ability to think; their refusal to study…as all things worth knowing require some effort on our parts otherwise it’s rather useless… How sad to have the invitation and yet STARVE…and not only starve themselves, but their children, their co-workers, their friends and other family members…and THEMSELVES.
    The Catholic Faith is the Rock upon which Jesus built His Church; the Magisterium (Research/Teaching storehouse of great knowledge-separates our Catholic faith from all others. 33,000 ‘other’ faiths’ have splintered off because of men’s egos in wanting control instead of Submit to God… Creator of the Universe -
    Another thing they fear is your attending a Catholic service…..

  • April 20, 2014 at 6:27am

    One of the fav. things that Atheists/anti-God/Anti-Religion folks like to say is that if “they’d killed Jesus in the electric Chair, we’d be worshiping an electric chair”.. They think that makes them sound so clever and “above it all” cool. WRONG.

    Jesus came to die and it didn’t make any difference how he allowed that to happen. He had to die for our sins in order for GOD to forgive us. God, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow …can’t have rules and ooops! rules are broken and He can say “Awe, never mind..” WE have been told what Sin in, how GOD hates it…not because He hates us…but because (wait for it )
    US (His Created) … think about that. People try to make GOD into a fist shaking, finger pointing, vindictive being. NOTHING could be farther from the truth. THINK ABOUT THIS. HAPPY EASTER ALL !!! Forgive the TROLLS, elect good MEN to clean this mess up!!! Get Rid of McConnell in KY!!!

  • April 20, 2014 at 6:13am

    RUfus/COSMOS….don’t let the screen door hit cha on the way out!!

    You are part of the ungrateful few who couldn’t and wouldn’t do what BECK has been willing to do for his country…and thank GOD he was willing…we would not know (because we’d been so splintered apart – even in 2009 – that the massive COMMIE noose has been stretched out around us and they were coming in for the kill. They won’t stop, but you widdle trollies or Soros paid freaks actually think anyone respects you when you say DUMB A things like: I will listen to Becks (sic) radio show never more…. yet you are on here, his huge WEB SITE, blogging.
    Good try, boys. No Cigar.

  • April 20, 2014 at 6:02am

    It’s to the point that I can’t even watch him on TV…I can’t remember, in all my years seeing a President on the news Morning, Noon and Night- 24/7- and all he does is lie. If he said the moon was Blue on Monday…on Tuesday, he’d be on TV blaming the Republicans for ‘criticizing him for some thing he never said (The moon was Blue) … He lies; he points his bony little finger and he never get’s off the bloody TV.
    DEMS (Axelrod; Jarrett) actually think that the American People are so dull/dumb/uninformed that DEMS can sit there, day in and day out and lie about things and we’ll start believing the lies… only those under his thumb on the dole from him WITH OUR TAX MONEY… would believe him. He literally nauseates me…but Nothing
    is more
    than having this Communist/ Nazi/Marxist/Muslim Brotherhood freak try to speak about our Lord and Savior…Jesus Christ. I know that Christ has admonished us to forgive and to love all people…but I think Obama is the Anti-Christ; out to destroy religion; shred America and destroy everything that is decent beginning with GOD. Of course obama can’t…but man….it’s really nauseating to have to listen to it, isn’t it? Don’t you hate it when you KNOW someone is lying to you?

    My prayer this Easter is that this man will step down and take all his commie buddies with him; that McConnell gets soundly defeated in KY starting the great change that must take place if we are to save USA!!!

  • April 18, 2014 at 5:20am

    @Kramer 900 YES

  • April 17, 2014 at 1:47pm

    YE GADS!!!! Try….just TRY to think with your brains. BECK is saying that Obama et al are spoiling for any excuse to call out the Militia …to not give them one. There is a balance of going off against situation (when you are alone) that you can’t win, and one like this that you can. YOU one-size-fits-all generation victims are pathetic!!! ALSO, you don’t listen very well. Beck has guns all over his house, his security etc. mess with him and see how Passive he is.
    What he is saying…one more time…is for people not to be GOADED into rioting.
    To defend yourself/your family? of course… to cause a riot… not so fine.
    THE WAY TO BEAT these bturds is at the Ballot Box… McConnell first. McConnell is now saying garbage like: I don’t want to get rid of Obama care, I want to fix it?

    WHERE WERE YOU, MITCH OL’ BOY, for the past 5 years… ??? HUH???

    SO, you guys are totally mistaking Gentility for weakness; peacefulness too.
    WE are to behave in such a way as to be effective/peaceful and loving. THAT MEANS that we effectively protect ours, without goading others into unnecessary anger. A real man can say NO and others know he means it. He doesn’t have to shout back at people shouting at him. GET IT?

  • April 17, 2014 at 3:26am

    Amen and Amen. Blessed Easter MomRules! :)

  • April 17, 2014 at 3:24am

    @ Sirhan… LOL dude, David was a “MAJOR PROPHET for ISLAMICS” oh yeah? so was JESUS …. Those counterfeiting interlopers will use anything to try to draw people to their SATANIC RELIGION!! Ask a Muslim convert why they converted (say one from the USA where they didn’t have gun to their heads to make the convert) and those saps will say ” Because the Quo’ran teaches that we should love our neighbors as ourselves…and honor our Fathers and Mothers… (and about 30 other good ideas lifted from (wait for it) THE OLD TESTAMENT and some from the NEW TESTAMENT. In 600 AD the Arab tribal leaders were seeking ways to control their tribes… they noticed that the Jews and the Christians didn’t have this control problem. That’s when Islam was born, dude, and in order to do this, they “borrowed” verses from the traveling traders coming through their Arab countries from the Christian countries and from both Old/New Testament. NOTHING in the QUO’RAN that was NOT lifted from the BIBLE has ANY of the sophistication and depth of philosophy that the Old and the New Testaments have. The rest of the Quo’ran is totally man-made and man-depth thinking. Nothing from Our Creator…
    That’s all you get from me. Tah Tah.

  • April 17, 2014 at 3:07am

    @Chuck Stein: Yes, I’m aware that some of them ‘attempt’ to be Christians or call themselves Christians…one was even very high up in the Anglican Church world wide…but scratch the surface and find that his “School” was actually nothing more than a brain washing/suicide bombing recruitment place…using the Christian trappings to get $ from private individuals from other places in the world. YES, of course there are courageous, amazing Christians there, taxed to death by these interloping mongrels…They know GOD is in charge and they are only here on this earth for a short time…It’s the Pretend Christians that sicken me. The percentage of Muslims v. Christians in reality is almost 99-1.
    Our job is to refuse to be fooled by these murderers.

  • April 17, 2014 at 2:54am

    @ dealer: In the South we have a saying : DO NOT EVER MISTAKE GENTILITY FOR WEAKNESS.

  • April 17, 2014 at 2:53am

    @ RJ I agree that it’s burnout but it’s also knowing that there are other ways to get ’round the barn. Obama et al just want us to RIOT. Even those RINO GOP slobs want to see the TEA PARTY IMPLODE… what jerks!! A person they would call a Tea Party is really anyone, any age, any color, any nationality who lives in America and loves America for her Freedom. DUH.
    I think that GLENN, being a creative mind type is always looking for a “better way”
    I’m a creative mind type running a company. I may do something one way for years and then the BETTER WAY occurs to me… immediately I move to that .

    GLENN, like all of us, REFUSES to be type-cast; but in a box. We are fighting 50 years of serious and carefully planned indoctrination, people… KNOW your enemy…KNOW what has happened to us. EXAMPLE Right now 86 MILLION of us are supporting a non-production 145+ Million people. REALLY? Don’t you see something wrong with this picture??? OF course this COMMIE gov. wants those people dependent….that means they are weak. That means they don’t have the self-respect and “gumption” to fight these COMMIE bastards… This is WHAT IS GOING ON… try to see it… THIS IS NOT THE AMERICA we were born into. IT can be, but we are at the tail end of a well-orchestrated plan to destroy USA from the inside. THANK GOD for BECK, BARTON, CRUZ, PAUL, etc. THINK PEOPLE!!

  • April 17, 2014 at 2:46am

    @knewhear You are wrong. GLENN’S POINT that he has made over and over and over is simply this: THIS GOVERNMENT IS SPOILING FOR A FIGHT !!!
    Are you so thick you can’t see this??? This Gov. is so anxious to have us spill out into our streets so these bastards can declare MARTIAL LAW…they can’t wait…. they are chompin’ at the bit !!!
    They have their own “Obama Boys and Girls” marching cops; they have their own millions of rounds of ammunition on the ready. They have TANKS in most smaller towns! They can’t protect our borders but they damn sure can send out 200 + SNIPERS who would shoot at our OWN.
    PS: IF you are a member of the Military/a Sniper and you DARE to shoot an American Citizen you will spend eternity in HELL. If you can’t see through this COMMUNIST/MARXIST/MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD SOB in the WH, you are dumber than dirt.
    THIS is what GLENN is trying to say. The man hasn’t paid his legal bill. He doesn’t have to, but they do have to change their Law then. The NV people do have to get that HORRID, lousy excuse for a man (REID) out of office. We are a nation of laws…we all must obey the law OR WORK TO CHANGE THEM… but we can’t challenge those power hungry SOBS right now. That’s all they want.
    REMEMBER what GLENN Said last week about the FR. Revolution? They kept eating each other …nothing was accomplished. NOW GROW UP, GO WASH YOUR FACE and FIGURE IT OUT. Quit knocking the ONE PATRIOT who has HELPED US ALL … coppice?

  • April 17, 2014 at 2:38am

    THINK PEOPLE!! THINK!!! The whole world is falling apart, like the old Kingston Trio song that began “They’re Rioting in Africa….de dah de dah de dah ah … ”
    This current crop of Americans represents the first totally educated by the COMMUNIST’S brand of “let’s destroy America from the inside ” instruction.

    They took over our colleges; our Universities and infiltrated the Administration of every school in the land. Of Course the people who are now their puppets don’t realize they are the virus carriers. They think they have excellent educations; are Post Modern in their thinking…. They are destroyers.
    This goes for the Artists; the Song Writers; The MOVIE MAKERS for the most part. People who do NOT acknowledge GOD can NOT create anything but junk…hollow, useless, shallow, uninspiring junk. This Commie take over and the greedy B’s who run things have all but silenced GOD. OUR FRUIT is perfect PROOF of this.
    Inspiring Hymns; Meaningful Plays and Movie Scripts; Excellence in Art… Music worth of Carnegie Hall…. non-existent now… even Architecture is clumsy – uninspired…totally wrong in scale… ALL is what happens without GOD.
    There has never been a major Artist who has produced worthy work who didn’t give the credit to GOD… The closest non-GOD artist (but whose work doesn’t hold up ) is Picasso …. SO, GOOD that GLENN has a STUDIO. He also believes in GOD. I’m expecting great, inspirational and truly entertaining work

  • April 16, 2014 at 11:10pm

    Take your FIFTY million dollars, dolt, and build some Basketball Courts in the inner Cities; Buildings that house ART/ Dance/ Exercise classes; Judo; Nutrition; build inner city Gardens; bring a decent grocery store in these down-trodden areas (who can afford to be there even with the crime). Hire Motivational Speakers for their schools; Get them going ONE BLOCK at a time to clean up; paint up; Have carpentry and plumbing/ electrical and other skills taught that can pay good money for trained young people.
    YOU ARE SUCH a PANTY-WAIST baffoon. MORE people are killed every year in American BY (wait for it) incorrectly being operated on in hospitals due to mistakes than are by GUNS… YOU dope. YOU want to do something? Do something REAL. PS: IF you have so little respect for the GOD who Created the entire UNIVERSE… you’d better damned well figure out NOW who HE is. YOU are a twit. Your money can’t buy you one foot into Heaven but it seems like it’s paved your way to hell. DO you honestly think this GOD who is all about LOVE and Nurturing and Patience and who OWNS EVERYTHING in the UNIVERSE..would be impressed with your piddlin’ little pile of money? ONLY if you use it to really help people. dude… not some phony cause. How about bringing in some mental health facilities while you are at it? Poor Mental Health is root of most gun crimes against other people…. YEESCH… you are such a little creepy dude. God Forgive me… I’m sorry!!!

  • April 16, 2014 at 6:55pm


  • April 16, 2014 at 6:50pm

    This is one of those things that for some NO explanation is going to be enough. What is worrisome to me is the negativity that these Atheists exhibit. I dare them to see GOD’S NOT DEAD along with this fine movie !! Don’t they realize that they are mere mortals and have no real handle on their own creation? They have no room to deny the existence of GOD…and what Makes OUR GOD real is the FREEDOM of CHOICE He gives us… then for those of us lucky enough to accept His existence…the massive amounts of study we’ve been able to accomplish…. everything makes sense; the TIME LINE works; the entire reason for being works. It is really simple. God wanted to have us to be with Him; He created us. He didn’t want robots, He wanted real friends; real Love. We have this life-time to make that choice. Those of us who make that choice earlier in life are doubly blessed because then we can begin HEAVEN on EARTH. WE know whatever GOD has for us is better than ANYTHING we could want for ourselves; we have a constant companion to lean on, ask advise from, laugh with, share with and little by little He shows us how to be…He teaches us the things we must know to live a successful life!!! HOW can you reach GOD? Just Ask Him that question. You will not be disappointed!!
    God Loves Us; He will Never leave us or forsake us and for you who love to say “oh, yeah…why doesn’t he save us from death?” we respond…this is not Eternity… this is a test…

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  • April 16, 2014 at 12:11pm

    make that OUR MONEY

  • April 16, 2014 at 12:08pm

    BLOODY PALESTINIANS… actually Islamic Arabs as there NEVER was a country called Palestine…it was only a land mass…most of which was scoffed off by Jordan and Lebanon/Syria in 1947-48 (thanks to INEPT UN…duh, big surprise right?) SO those ungrateful clods are rioting on TEMPLE MOUNT? You mean the place that the murdering Islamic cult built over David’s Temple when they conquered Jerusalem ? The same way those bloody Murdering animals try to build a “trophy place’ at every conquest? (Like in NYC – the WTC ?) Of course they got tromped on and crawled back in their caves…hundreds of years pass and they rise again (Satan); slaughter and created chaos world wide; get beaten down again.. this process will continue until Jesus returns (Maranatha) …These are same creeps who were out passing out honey cakes and dancing on 9/11 yet we’ve been so gutless as to send them BILLIONS. The President I want to see in office would never think of just handing these thugs money. Build a hospital? Sure; Build wells? Sure…but all they do with out money is make their wicked ‘leaders’ rich and brain-wash their children. Wicked/Evil/untrustworthy. GOD WINS.

  • April 16, 2014 at 11:56am

    RUN KATHLEEN RUN…use up that DEM $$$ and prove for once and for all what a loser you are…an ice-cold, self-important Communist/Marxist sympathizer… maybe all the parents with dying kids will vote for you.

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