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  • [1] October 30, 2014 at 3:39pm

    SCIENTISTS SAY; “Big Bang” is an “explosion” as would occur if someone SPOKE. Everything was/is created by GOD. Nothing is beyond His scope.
    We know this. There is no conflict except with silly little humans who think they are their god. They came to the banquet but didn’t make it to the table.

  • [27] October 30, 2014 at 3:32pm

    AHEM: Separation keeks: What this means (and it’s not in the Constitution – as you well know) is simply this; THE GOVERNMENT has no right to tell any Church what to do/say/preach. AND you are so silly… all any Preacher or Priest or Pastor has to say is: God asks us to be Moral, Decent Human beings and already ‘they are against you guys, because you are not MORAL or DECENT’

    PEOPLE in AMERICA, you dopes, have the right to gather together to share common interests…LIKE PROTECTING AMERICA… and if you don’t like the all CAPS.. stop reading. TOO BAD. The time for very sweet, peaceful, kindly communication ended in 2008 when you elected a Commie, Marxist, Progressive and he has taken a wrecking ball to the US of A.
    The Prisoners he released are now running efforts against us, killing us. His Senate ghoul, REID, has not let any bills come through… he lies about everything from “friendly fire being the result of budget cuts’ when his cronies have been given MILLIONS if not BILLIONS. Everything about this administration and this time in History makes me want to throw up.
    STAY OUR OF OUR CHURCHES, Or you guys pick up the slack that would be left by no more charitable giving/ education and health care. Dopes. Sorry if that’s too graphic. It’s really hard to speak to people who only want THEIR agenda used… who have used OUR FREEDOMS to try to push their Satanic philosophy around. THERE IS A GOD. I hope HE comes soon!

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  • [1] October 30, 2014 at 3:36am

    I have never, ever, ever, ever seen anyone, heard of anyone who is as convoluted in their thought process as this EVIL MAN who calls himself PRESIDENT. I think he’s mentally deficient. I think there is a WHOLE LOT wrong with him.. like psychopathic everything.
    LISTEN TO ME you sawed off SOB. AMERICANS have never run from anyone. YOU run from everything, twerp. You must be “projecting” again.
    YOU LOUSY, STINKIN’ BturD. We can’t get you out of office fast enough. HOW DARE YOU continue to insult the very country that FREE’S PEOPLE all over the earth… you don’t deserve to call yourself AMERICAN.. well, you probably aren’t… but NEVER AGAIN, DUDE, never ever shall the AMERICAN people vote for a PROGRESSIVE like you or that SHE-WITCH Hillary. Looks like your horrid performance has all but killed any chance that dumb broad, that pig in a pantsuit, would have. I just sit here and ((((shake )))))) my head in disbelief!!! Come on TUESDAY!!!

  • [5] October 29, 2014 at 1:37am

    @ JewishAvenger: GLENN!!!! YOU are always talking about LISTENING to people.. but you guys at BLAZE are not listening to us!!! The complaint has to do with the pop up ads and for months I’ve had to LOG IN every post just like Jewish Avenger… you have a glitch in your web site and you need to fix it… TWO THINGS: THESE POP UP ADS and the Tawdry, cheap, sensationalism of some of these articles.. things that are just disgusting…maybe okay in penthouse or something National Inquirer, but not in serious news/ discussion..not when we leave wanting to take a bath … SO LISTEN !!!! Fix it. I’ve read this complaint from almost every “regular” here. I thought I was the only one having to log in. YOUR I.T. people can’t fix it…something is wrong.

  • [12] October 29, 2014 at 1:30am

    @boysandgirlsmakebabies: GEEZLOUISE!!! The reason I can’t stand this woman has nothing to do with her ‘orientation’.. it has everything to do with her being in a position of power and MISUSING her power… of going against what we hold PRECIOUS in AMERICA… FREEDOM. IT is about her thinking she can BULLY and/or FORCE people into believing something. I don’t care what she is..she never has a right to impose her rules on other people…ever.

    PS MY avatar has been there since 2010 when Glenn went to Jerusalem and asked that we support our Jewish Brothers and Sisters. I especially like it since Obamarama’s Administrative jerk dared to call Netanyahu “chicken s” At least Netanyahu knows how to defend HIS country !!!
    Glad this is this freak’s last term as Mayor. Nice Legacy you dumb woman.

  • [52] October 29, 2014 at 1:14am

    Anyone who can should get a concealed carry permit. Go to firing range, learn how to fire a gun. Get a gun. Get ammo. Get Mace. Wear a whistle. Shoot to kill. Let’s see how ‘brave’ this towelheaded musky creeps are when they KNOW that most of AMERICA is now armed. You want some of this you miserable desert rat fink? Come get it. THIS SHOULD BE HEAD LINE NEWS. THIS SHOULD BE SHOUTED about. ALL Islamic males between the ages of 12 and 40 need to be tagged. Tough. I’m sick of them using OUR FREEDOMS to murder us. Aren’t you? Tough times call for Tough Measures.
    THERE ARE NO MODERATE MUSLIMS. THERE IS NOT ONE MUSLIM who would not try to kill us if so -ordered… good grief!! These creeps can’t even stand up against their own…they are so threatened…so cowardly. IT’S up to the PATRIOTS. BEWARE on HALLOWEEN. Limit your exposure and have loaded guns at the ready. WE need to help our Police… They need to KNOW we’re behind them. Volunteer at your local station or ask what you can do. GTH Muslims… YOU are the exception to the “kindness wins” concept. Not with you hell-bent-to-control-this-world type animals.

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  • [3] October 28, 2014 at 2:47pm

    I used that adblock app that one of you.. Monk? told me about on here and I did it and noi problem since, it used to be like walking into a room with papers flying all around but not now!
    MUSLIMS … your time is up. You have no support anymore. We aren’t buying your FAITH and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM claims over here you dopes because YOU BEHEAD CHILDREN after you gouge out their eyes in front of their parents… just because they are not going to go with ISLAM.. because they are CHRISTIAN… so just consider this our HELL NO back at you. You won’t get another chance.
    All you dopey kids who think this is a WINNING TEAM? Wrong. The only winners are PATRIOTS … Obama is major loser.. observe and you’ll know that is true.
    ISLAM? CULT. Straight from HELL. Ruled by SATAN. Showed up 600 years after our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and has tried 3 times to take over the world. Almost succeeding because you are so bloodthirsty and brutal…but thanks to 24 hour news cycles, and people awakening, we know you are hell on wheels and most of us would just as soon shoot you between the eyes as look at you and not feel any remorse.
    NO ONE CAN TALK TO A CULTIST whose only goal is the destruction of all other people. I mean it’s not like we could ever be friends. Jesus is appearing in the dreams of those you’ve conned into your faith and while they may be too afraid to speak out, they aren’t yours anymore. As for us: LOCK AND LOAD!!

  • [360] October 28, 2014 at 2:26pm

    OPEN LETTER TO MAYOR ANNISE PARKER… It doesn’t matter that you’ve been Mayor in 3 terms (only two years per term) – I think you’ve seen your last term. AMERICAN PEOPLE are wonderful. They’ll give anyone/everyone a chance but you went way too far.
    YOU Swore to up hold the laws of your City and maybe the Constitution of the USA and in no place in any of them does it say that YOU get to BULLY Pastors/Priests. It’s not about your Homosexuality, you paranoid freak… it’s about you trying to stifle our First Amendment… not you, not anyone gets to do that. What do Americans Value Most ?
    FREEDOM. What did GOD give us? FREEDOM. WHY? So when we chose Him he’d know it was from our hearts. TAKE YOUR LOUSY Dictator-mentality and your paranoia and hit the road. We don’t need anyone like you in office. HOW STUPID are you? Had you done a great job, had you tried to explain your position, had you been the MAYOR for ALL of the people, you would be supported. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between you and that jackass in the WH, who conned his way into that office. Instead of going for the REAL solution for your transvestites (how many of them are there???? – What percentage????) which would be to build a separate his/hers bathroom and leave the hers to women built like women and men for men built like men… I would never go into a bathroom if I thought I was going to be confronted with a Transvestite !! What’s wrong with you?

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  • [14] October 28, 2014 at 3:06am

    I downloaded that app thing and it greatly reduced the pop ups which were
    so annoying…but more annoying to me is the Super Market Rag quality of so many of these articles. The sensationalism; the crudeness; the things that no one in polite society would ever speak of. Maybe I’m Naive but most of these article are what we used to all “Yellow Journalism”.. faux headlines… lost leaders… and content that would make Satan blush… I don’t have time in my life for trash.
    IF GLENN is so determined to have us clean up our lives, he needs to start with this Blog. I’ll watch for next couple of weeks, but unless it returns to one that discusses issues, gives us opportunity to offer suggestions etc. I refuse to let my eyes (and my brain) be trashed by trash. I am stunned by the lack of editorial excellence now. Where else can one go?

  • [13] October 27, 2014 at 12:48pm

    The only person who has made an ass of themselves is you, dude. When you get in front of an audience of millions and sing it perfectly then I’ll agree with you…but not until then. WE have a lot bigger fish to fry than some muffed words. At least this singer had the manners to apologize !! PS: It’s a lot easier to remember songs you wrote than this…the most difficult of all songs to sing, but you’ll deny that too, right? I’d take one of AARON LEWIS in a fox hole than 3 billion of you. Read about him, why don’tcha? learn something.

  • [11] October 27, 2014 at 12:44pm

    This entertainer and his wife actually support a school with their efforts, one that was closing. I don’t know about you, but I would rather be shot at dawn than try to sing that song out loud in front of anyone, much less millions of people. I don’t think that I could sing it now. I wish they could take music with them.
    I know people who do this and I am awed by them. We love AARON LEWIS!!

  • October 27, 2014 at 4:05am

    @Advection: It’s a real Dilemma. Thoughtful Patriots have been plagued by it probably since day one. IF we voted for someone other than the R , the D’s keep control of the Senate. IF we don’t encourage decent people (PATRIOT CONSERVATIVES) to run, we get stuck with those people who would run… like the out-of-work R.E. Agent; the financially limited ATTY; the ego-needy etc.
    The only solution seems to be this: Instead of starting a NEW party – of running a eroding candidate (thereby assuring the defeat of our Patriotic dreams and the furtherance of control of the Progressive/Liberal/Communist/Marxist) I think we have to agree to Clean up the R’s. They have the ground game, they have the structure. What we need to do is (for 2016 now) get involved in the Local R but not go along with everything they say.
    Locally, they are promoting a guy we know to be a creep. I didn’t vote for him… but I should have been involved in the local R and when his name came up a year or so ago, THEN is when I could have said…let’s investigate this guy more. WE can do this, it begins locally…it begins with our School Boards and town Managers (mayors or whatever they are called) – I don’t know of any other route to take. Glenn et al in TX got behind TED CRUZ and they defeated the ‘undefeatable R’… I think TRUE the VOTE and FREEDOM WORKS are worthy of our support. WE Patriots want the same thing. We have to determine the BEST way of achieving it.

  • [25] October 27, 2014 at 3:30am

    @verycobaltviolet (too bad you have desecrated one of my fav. colors) HEY S for brains… Simply stating that you do not approve of the homosexual life style and it goes against your beliefs, duffus, is NOT hate speech. What part of that can’t you get?

    Why don’t the gays just find people who DO want to work with them and go there? Free Market Society, dude… if the people who don’t wish to marry them, make cakes for them, have their weddings in their homes begin to see that other people who are willing are doing so, are making a profit (I mean really, how many of you are there out there -7%?) then maybe the would decide ‘it’s not so bad’ or NOT.

    “What difference does it make”.. there are plenty of people who will bake cakes, host weddings etc. DO Gay honestly think they can FORCE people to accept them? The more they push for that, the more I resent them. I used to be: So what, it’s their lives, THEY are the ones who have to answer to the GOD who created them & this whole Universe and I have enough of my own faults to deal with… but now, now that they are using gestapo tactics … I’m against them. I probably stand with about 65% of the people now who have had enough.

    HAVING AN OPINION is NOT HATE SPEECH you brain-washed progressive sad-sack. YOU want someone arresting/hassling you for YOUR opinion? GROW UP Duffus. This is my only comment to you. Fire away. PS don’t mix up
    genocide of a RACE/FAITH of people with Deviant behavior.

  • October 26, 2014 at 8:35pm

    ….. Your Pig in a Pant Suit. :) I love those. Banshee Wannabe and Pig in a Pantsuit, don’t you? Or do you really think that do-nothing/done-nothing “what difference does it make” woman has any credentials? Dig hard…

  • October 26, 2014 at 8:33pm

    Romney’s people NEVER claimed that HE had not been defeated, dude. They don’t lie like your Banshee Wannabe.

  • [1] October 26, 2014 at 6:36pm

    I stumbled across my theory a few weeks ago about why Liberals and Conservatives differ so much. It’s now about power/money/ etc. ONLY… it’s because they fear the adult world – the fact that we are truly ONLY here for one reason… to chose GOD or Hell… People who are Liberals actually think they have some control over their lives in the big scheme of things. They think of God as being as small as they are; their self-centered world makes it impossible for them to want to seek the outside Truth. The film line “You can’t handle the truth!” has never been more true than when dealing with a Liberal.
    The Internet came along at the right time… just as the Progressives were tying up all of the facits that control life as we know it…it has upended them.
    They actually think that they will be able to control us…ONLY IF WE LET THEM. The election is a WEEK FROM TUESDAY. Time for your Ballots to be mailed in or plans to be made to go vote. ANY adult who does not vote in this election isn’t worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell. NO EXCUSES; not “not my religion”; no objection because of a single issue; YOU have to vote!! I actually voted for a Dem this time in one contest too. He was clearly a better man. WE WANT GOOD PEOPLE. We may not agree with them on everything, but we want GOOD PEOPLE who love AMERICA FIRST.
    We all need to understand that a huge turnout keeps tyrants from thinking we can be controlled. GET IT?

  • [3] October 26, 2014 at 6:23pm

    Why would anyone watch this? We ALL know that not one word of truth comes from Schultz’s nasty mouth… we all know that Candy is totally in the pocket of the Liberal Left… It is NOT a debate when one party will say ANYTHING, make up any amount of FALSE HOODS to try to prove their unprovable points… That is what makes Conservatives DIFFERENT from Liberals… A Conservative is an Adult. As an Adult they understand that the TRUTH is the only goal worth seeking… everything else is a waste of time and leads to no good.
    The nature of a Conservative is to be above lying. A liberal is a child mentally. They put no value in Character/Truth.. they only want to win and will throw tantrums if they don’t. It is literally impossible for a liberal (Progressive) to see any type of big picture. They are so self-centered that all they can see is what
    THEY want and NOW. Can you debate a 3 year old? No.
    All of the Liberals (liars) have “tells” when they are lying especially well. Bob Beckel, for example, gets a thick tongue and he speaks a version of “baby talk”; Schultz’s voice goes up and becomes louder (if that’s possible), Obama’s voice gets “smirk” element to it.
    See these lying Liberal Progressives as Children with no reasoning capacity and you can better tolerate having to exist with them.

  • [13] October 26, 2014 at 6:05pm

    What Possible reason would Obama have for PUBLICLY asking the Governors to step back their policies? ? Trying to be on the side of the Health Care workers (is that SEIU?)??

    This is all because of YOU Obama… had you taken steps you were asked, advised to take over a year ago – we would not have the threat we do now. IF you had stopped flying people back here from there and/or stopped anyone coming in whose passport showed they had been there in past 5 months… but again… you did nothing. There can be NO doubt:
    As nuts as that sounds; as outrageous as that sounds…he was given options a year ago, and President Jarrett/Mooshell and numbnuts Obama decided that a ‘plague’ would take the attention OFF of his Miserable Governing practices. so…They sought EBOLA – did nothing to prevent it when they could have. Forever in all of History, the name Obama will equal EVIL.

  • [41] October 26, 2014 at 2:30am

    OMGosh.. are you going to tell me that the stupid LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES who watched this BANSHEE be defeated by that MUSLIM TROJAN HORSE who has all but DESTROYED AMERICA are going to now believe her rantings? THIS “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE” proven LIAR and TRAITOR? THIS PIG in a PANT SUIT? GET REAL. Seriously, this woman is the model for “Miss Piggy”. She has NEVER ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING…except maybe murder and for sure cheating. She couldn’t even pass her DC Bar.. had to go to ARK to get it done. SHE IS A COMMUNIST PEOPLE…. WHAT HAS SHE EVER DONE THAT IS GOOD FOR AMERICA???
    She is dangerous. Watch out for her. Obama has enough ‘on her’ to make her drop out…you think that’ll come out when she’s running? After 8 years of him, can you stand 8 minutes of her shrill, faux laugh and Miss Piggy Style…saying nothing??? What people will do for power. Nauseating. WE NEED REAL LEADERS and REAL PEOPLE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT —-one more pretender and America is gone for good. She is a Card-Carrying, Bona Fide Communist a la Saul Alinsky. She is no Patriot.. hell… this broad stole the China and Silverware from the White House!!! Think of the damage she could do as President!!! VOTE in this election now.. Stop the madness!! I like the “Pig in a Pantsuit” ! Don’t you? :)

  • [3] October 25, 2014 at 1:54pm

    MY BAD!!! FIRST AMENDMENT… FIRST AMENDMENT. I’m thinking Gun Control with all that is going on… but it’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH this woman wants to attack!!

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