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  • November 20, 2012 at 4:07pm

    Delores at CH WV:

    Which Christian right is at the top of your list of those taken away by the government; i.e. the #1 right that you’d recommend Christians urgently focus their attention on restoring first?

    You also noted that Christian hate-crimes are being committed; could you provide a link or description of one of the worst that Christians here should focus on getting justice for?

    Victory in war is not achieved by winning a single huge event, but rather by focusing one at a time on the series of individual battles.

  • September 9, 2012 at 2:44pm


    Could you cite the “nasty language” used by Dawkins in this video? “Nasty” is subjective, and Dawkins used no cursing or obscenities, so it’s important to know specifics of your interpretation.

    Dawkins is annoyingly arrogant, hanging a distracting cloud above his message. He even tried to get atheists referred to as “brights” which was immediately repulsive, reeking of offensive superiority, and thus rejected by 99% of those without religious faith.

    Is Dawkins trying to mimic Christopher Hitchens? If so, he is failing miserably, as his clinical brain seems incapable of nuance, irony and satire, the very qualities which made Hitchens successful. Perhaps Dawkins should stick with what he knows, i.e. scientific data; he would certainly earn more respect that way.

    Your post asks “How much does it really hurt you to acknowledge His existence?” Could you explain how an atheist could possibly acknowledge an entity for which he believes there is no evidence of existence? An atheist would only agree to say the words to placate a human believer, as God would surely know the athetist’s true heart and know the atheist was lying, correct?

    Your post says basically there’s no harm done if there is no god, but again wouldn’t God know the truth if a human claimed to believe only for the purpose of covering his rear…just in case?

    Kindly explain your rationale and what God would think about false claims of belief.