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  • January 24, 2012 at 12:55am

    God calls homosexuality an abomination, I.E. against nature. Why is this so hard?

  • January 24, 2012 at 12:11am

    “This black pastor is living on the plantation and needs to get with the program and join the 21st century. Many things have changed since 1960.”

    God never changes. There is nothing new under the sun! The Mormon “church” movement is a totally American event started by a Freemason (Joe Smith – how original), from a family that dabbled in magick, who discovered buried plates due to a Satanic vision of the angel Maroni?,(divining), written in an Egyptian format unknown to man, which he miraculously translated into the Book of Mormon using a peep stone (scrying)! Mormons do NOT believe that Jesus Christ came to earth as God in the flesh; rather they say He is merely the brother of Lucifer. What blasphemy!

    Romney wears his secret underwear with Masonic symbols for protection, while awaiting his next life where, he too, will be a god over his own planet where he can make eternal love to women to bring about all of the “star children” and multiply his kingdom!! Why would anybody believe this claptrap?

    God does tell us to judge – judge a person as to whether or not he produces good or rotten fruit. Romney produces rotten fruit. God bless Rev Dozier for stating the truth regarding Mormonism, the abominations of homosexuality, Islam, etc.