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  • [8] August 1, 2015 at 6:53pm

    Hi Monk, It was a masterpiece, very funny and it’s too bad you can’t make fun of the queen here.

  • [1] August 1, 2015 at 6:51pm

    Moderate. Your problem is you think she has the power to give such a right when she has no such power.

  • [11] August 1, 2015 at 6:43pm

    Monk. Timebombs brilliant and funny comment was removed from that story as well. Apparently no humor is allowed, a little PC is too much PC.

  • [10] August 1, 2015 at 6:39pm

    Austin needs to be walled off from the rest of Texas, we can’t have those lunatics infecting the normal people that surround Austin.

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  • [127] August 1, 2015 at 12:20pm

    Can’t protest a pos prog on a public university ? Only in AmeriKa folks, I have no doubt she ordered the police to silence the protesters.

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  • [2] August 1, 2015 at 12:16pm

    Foo. Thanks for the link bud , I’m saving it.

  • [6] August 1, 2015 at 11:54am

    We’ve missed you TB, we know you’ve traveled many muddy roads to get to such a low station in life but welcome back nonetheless!

  • [4] August 1, 2015 at 11:07am

    Yeah ole wet cigar Bill and his business partner Hill are for the little guy LOL. What’s worse is their mutant followers actually believe that BS. Both are criminals and should be locked up for the rest of their worthless lives and I think she’s worse than ole wet cigar Bill. She’s involved in the Benghazi coverup and needs to be prosecuted for that and her mishandling of classified information.

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  • [6] August 1, 2015 at 10:59am

    Foo. The vast majority of shrinks are nuts and the POS that told that veteran to kill himself is just one example. The POS knows he can’t be fired and that’s one of the reasons he spewed that BS. I stay away from the VA since it’s filled with quacks like that nut job ‘psychiatrist’. BTW I agree that quack should off himself.

  • [33] August 1, 2015 at 9:57am

    Yep that’s a great story and I hope the vet getting the mobile home gets his problems sorted out.

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  • [3] August 1, 2015 at 9:37am

    Yes indeed they are, sadly it’s a sign of the times.

  • [7] August 1, 2015 at 9:26am

    Question with boldness everything! Although in this case I suspect it’s a legit story, can’t prove it but just a hunch.

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  • [9] August 1, 2015 at 9:24am

    Read three felonies a day and you’ll see, I have no doubt it’s illegal.

  • [12] August 1, 2015 at 9:23am

    That’s typical of those brain dead mutants, bunch of cowards who leave notes and vandalize private property. Have them try to get in a vets face with their BS and see what happens, they won’t do it because they’re cowards.

  • [14] August 1, 2015 at 9:16am

    I had no idea Jessee Ventura bought his groceries, I thought he had ‘his people’ do that for him.

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  • [5] August 1, 2015 at 8:14am

    We need to hear what Sharpton has to say about this. Maybe he should take his private jet across the pond and hopefully it crashes into the Atlantic.

  • [16] August 1, 2015 at 8:03am

    Was it an act of terrorism or workplace violence?

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  • [4] July 31, 2015 at 7:25pm

    Lol. I wonder how it self identifies, I’m not sure what it is.

  • July 31, 2015 at 7:13pm

    Then decriminalize it so there’s no taxes or regulations or licenses needed. You shouldn’t be required to have a license to be a whore a doctor a lawyer or for any other profession for that matter. Government is the same as being a pimp since both do nothing and get paid for it.

  • [12] July 31, 2015 at 6:59pm

    So Harry Potter lost a show that nobody watched, BFD.

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