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  • July 30, 2014 at 10:40am

    The $1.8 Million is only what was awarded Ventura, that does not include legal fee’s, court costs or any money spent on retaining Lawyers and may also include having to pay Ventura’s legal and court fee’s as well. Now do the math!

  • [30] July 24, 2014 at 11:25pm

    She does and at the taxpayers expense too.

  • [1] July 22, 2014 at 5:59pm

    I asked this question on another site and will ask you on here. What if Becks humanitarian effort was a cover to uncover what is not being reported or being covered up? We already know they have strict rules on who can see these kids and know that the media along with Senators and Reps are being turned away. any pictures we do see from the media, are showing kids who look healthy and not the sick and diseased kids we are hearing about. Many people here have followed Beck for years and know that sometimes he does unconventional things to get information about something he believes is being covered up. I am not sure if I agree with what Beck did or how he did it, but if the humanitarian effort was a way in to find out the truth, then I am all for doing things unconventionally even if it means angering those who listen or watch him.

    Another thought I had that just came to mind. For a couple of years now we have heard storys about FEMA camps that many have either tried to debunk or say that FEMA camps do not exist. We know at least one exists because one is currently being used as a detention center for illegals. We also know that DHS, HHS and other Government agency’s have been buying huge amounts of food, blankets, water and medical supplys as well as munitions and not knowing but guessing the reason why. What if our Government is using the illegals as a dry run to make sure their detention system will work for when they start detaining American citizens?

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  • July 19, 2014 at 2:25pm

    I said the same thing Breitbart, what if Glenn and the others are using the humantarian effort as a cover to uncover what the Government is covering up and not telling us. We already know that the Feds are refusing to let media or Politicians in without an appointment and will not let anyone take pictures. What better way to get to the truth and shove it back in our politicians faces, especially Reid who says our border is secured.

  • July 9, 2014 at 2:30pm

    We are not talking about adults here, we are talking about kids who some are of a young age. Do you think these little kids were willing to come here? No, they are here against their free will by not only our own corrupt government but by the corrupt governments where these kids came from. These kids are nothing more than pawns in a political chess game and that alone is sad. How about putting the shoe on the other foot once and say it was your own kids who, for whatever reasons, were shipped thousands of miles away to a strange Country. Wouldn’t you as a parent hope that the Country your children are in are at least being and are being taken care of until they can safely be returned home? I would hope so. We can be against amnesty and against all illegals being here, but it does not mean we have to disolve our ability to be compassionate.

  • April 1, 2014 at 4:39pm

    This all started before Act 10 was even passed into law and started when Tom Barret lost to Scott Walker. This fluffed the tail feathers of the progressives in this State and got worse from there. When Act 10 was up for a vote, Democrats fled the State in hopes to fillibuster and delay the vote, which didn’t work. We ended up with week’s of protests at the Capital, shutting down the roads around the Capital and causing many businesses to lose business because of the roads being shut down. Schools were closed any where’s from 1-3 days causing Parents to lose income to stay home with their young school aged kids or had to pay unexpected day care expenses. Not liking what happened, the Dem progressives then set out to recall Gov. Walker, spent tons of money and even got people from out of State to sign recall petitions. Again Tom Barret ran against Gov. Walker and lost a second time and won by a larger margin than in the first election. Still not satisfied, they decided to go after Gov. Walker by looking for anything they could while he was Milwaukee County Exec and when they found nothing, they went after his staff. If she sent out e-mail while on the job, then yes she should get in trouble but not to the extent that they are going after. If she sent the e-mail’s while she was punched out and off of work time during her lunch break, then she did nothing wrong. This is nothing but the Dem’s doing all they can to discredit Gov. Walker for the good he is doing.

  • April 1, 2014 at 4:05pm

    Wrong blackman, Teacher were paid while protesting, why do you think they had to have Doctors excuses? In their contract agreement, they have to bring in an excuse from their Doctor for any days they were sick and to also get paid their sick time.

    DBlaess, I also think the Teacher should also had been made to pay those Parents who had to take time off from their jobs or had to pay for daycare when they forced schools to close for 3 days in Madison.

  • February 26, 2014 at 11:34am

    I also live in WI and think you are a liar and a poor looser. Fact, this State is in much better financial shape than it ever was under Doyle. Fact, liberals still love using the Koch Brothers because they have nothing else to blame anything on. Fact, when liberals are backed into a corner, they find some new conspiracy to pin on Gov. Walker. Now you think the recall election was rigged? Ahahahahahahahaha, it was your side that tried to rig the recall by having people sign the petitions more than one time. It was your side that had people coming up from IL to vote and had others come in bus loads from Indiana and in the end it was an epic fail because Gov. Walker not only won, but won by a much larger margin than in the first election. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

  • February 24, 2014 at 8:18pm

    Firman, it is because her sister is 25 or 26 years old.

    Kalan, Justina’s Dr.s from Tufts also have a gag order and are not allowed to speak about the case. Also neither Dr are being allowed to treat Justina even though her one Dr from Tufts now works at BCH. According to a recent article I read, BCH has a so called “special” team of Dr’s and any Dr outside of that team is not allowed to even see Justina.

  • February 19, 2014 at 2:36pm

    darkheart, the reason why is because when BCH came up with Justina’s treatment plan, in it it explicitly excludes any input from Dr’s outside it’s own Medical Team. In other words, they have excluded both Dr. Flores and Dr. Korson, both who diagnosed and were treating Justina at Tufts. Also from what i was reading, the Dr’s at BCH won’t even read Justina’s medical records from Tufts. Dr. Flores who now works at BCH and Dr. Korson are also under a court “gag” order to not speak about the case, so it seems that BCH is preventing anyone else but their own Medical Team from seeing Justina.

  • February 19, 2014 at 2:23pm

    PamMac, Thank you for your research and agree that something more is going on than what we are seeing. I too was researching different article on this case and found this article to be very interesting and done in a timeline type style. Pay close attention to what Dr. Richard Boles said, I believe it’s on page 3 of the article, about this particular case.

  • February 19, 2014 at 2:07pm

    Seems to me that you are the fool who just made themselves look stupid. Did you even bother looking up the different stories that are all over the internet about this case? If you had, you would not have made false assumptions as you just did. Do some reading and research before you open mouth and enter foot. I will even help you out:

  • February 19, 2014 at 1:42pm

    Here is the article that I got the information from.

  • February 19, 2014 at 1:37pm

    -Both Dr’s Fores and Korson have also been court ordered “gag” from speaking about the case.
    - on Feb 13th 2013, BCH presented the Pelletiers with a treatment plan for Justina which included taking her off almost all of her meds that was prescribed by Dr’s Flores and Korson, which the family objected too. The treatment plan also explicitly excludes input from other Dr’s outside it’s own Medical Team.
    -Linda Pelletier tried discharging and removing Justina from BCH to take Justina to Tufts for an appointment that was set up before Justina got sick with the flu. BCH stopped her from doing so who also called the Police.
    -Justina, while still in the Hospital was moved to the Psychiatric Ward of the Harvard Teaching Hospital.
    -Dr. Richard Boles, Medical Director of Courtagen Life Sciences, a genetic testing company in MA, and a practicing Physician in L.A CA. who has chimed in on this case said that he has treated several patients who were diagnosed with Somatoform or Munchausen by proxy by “well meaning medical teams” before he discovered that they had Mitochondrial Disease. He also stated that Munchausen by proxy is a Psychiatric condition in which the caregiver, usually the parent, seeks medical attention by exaggerating, making up or even causing a childs illness.

    IMHO both DCF and BCH are using the Munchausen Condition to keep Justina away from the parents and are using it to justify the Medical Abuse they are accusing the parents of.


  • February 19, 2014 at 1:14pm

    Bluebonnet, I just got done doing some research and here is what I found.
    -up until 2010, Justina was a normal healthy child who was competing in Ice Skating shows doing jumps and spins. Then she started having sever cramps due to a stomach blockage. Dr’s at Connecticut Children’s Hospital removed 20″ of congenital band of cartilage that was wrapped around her colon.
    - in 2011 Justina’s condition did not improve and Dr’s referred Justina to Dr. Aleiandro Flores a Gastroenterologist at Tufts Hospital. Dr. Flores then called in Dr. Mark Korson, Chief of Metabolism who diagnosed Justina with Mitochondrial Disease. Dr. Korson also treats Justina’s sister Jessica for the same disease which was diagnosed years earlier and before Justina was diagnosed.
    -Justina was doing well on the treatment prescribed by Dr. Korson until Feb of 2013 when Justina got the flu. The flu hits much harder on Patients who have Mitochondrial Disease. Family contacted Dr. Korson who recommended the family to call Dr. Flores who by then had moved to Boston Childrens Hospital.
    -Justina was taken to BCH and was seen in the emergency room by a young Dr. who told the family that he “didn’t believe” in Mitochondrial Disease.
    - In the first 3 days of Justina being hospitalized, none of the Dr’s had any conversations with either Dr. Flores or Dr. Korson or even looked at any of Justina’s medical records from Tufts.

  • February 18, 2014 at 4:15pm

    James. of course you don’t see a problem because you are a liberal and believe in what was said. You believe the statement is accurate because it is what you have been told or was taught. The statements that are written in the textbook is all based on her OPINION and in no way makes it factual or true.

  • February 15, 2014 at 2:04pm

    Tuts, it is pretty obvious that you do not know history and even more the Bible. The US did not or has ever given the Jews their own Country. Israel, which was once called Canaan, was a Country long before Biblical times and when the US was just a land mass before it’s discovery. To say that the Jews do not deserve having their own Country is like telling the Germans they can’t have Germany or the Italians having Italy or Americans from having the US. What really get’s me is your refusal and ignorance when it comes to Muslims, especially those like the Muslim Brotherhood, who are not happy with having and staying in their own Country’s and feel the need to invade and take over other’s. You sit there everyday on your Anti Jew throne throwing around your Anti Jew crap, yet stay silent on those who are out there killing innocent people for their Christian beliefs all in the name of Allah. If you are going to complain, how about complaining about the amount of money the Obama’s have spent of their luxurious vacations and fancy clothes over the last 5 year, bailouts or how about the vast amount of money that was given to Solar Companies like Solyndra. Jews, in the US, are not the biggest problem, it is people, like you, who are and choose to turn a blind eye while selling out their Country for an ideology. Maybe we should take up donations to buy you a one way ticket to Israel so you can learn and open up your eyes to the truth.

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  • February 13, 2014 at 12:56pm

    Thanks Mike!!!

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  • February 13, 2014 at 12:50pm

    Ok I give up, my comments are not being posted under the person I am replying too, both responses are for Believe-Recieve.

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  • February 13, 2014 at 12:49pm

    Someone who works 3rd shift.

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