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  • [1] July 30, 2014 at 3:52pm

    POTUS should be condemning the Hamasian men, who use these same type of rockets stored by themselves in “a UN School!”; all for the sake of genociding Israeli women and kids. These acts by the Hamasians are crimes against humanity.

    Women and children are off-limits. Hamas is putting their own women and children directly in the line of fire, using them as proverbial sandbags. Men like this will never destroy America or Israel. Using women and children as a sandbag is a crime against humanity and a direct reflection upon their manhood.

    Oh yes, they can grow a beard, you know, the one resting upon the heads and shoulders of women and children as the bearded ones are fired upon, just like the false brave UBL did before his double-tap. What a bunch of coward, worthless, *******.

  • July 29, 2014 at 3:40pm

    Mr. President, for the game from 100 yards to green, consult Dave Pelz books or his other media. The key is 1/4, 1/2/, 3/4 swings with a LW, SW, PW and GW, which are magic when grooved. The goal is 8 feet or closer to the cup, nearly every time. Then focus on the putting stroke, one yielding the speed whereby the golf ball slips into the hole like a mouse, all with the singular thought that all power necessary for this result must be generated from the apex of the putter back swing to impact of the golf ball — if further power is generated on the follow through, it almost always causes a distorted putter face angle which is the enemy of consistency, accuracy, and non-single digit handicaps.

  • July 29, 2014 at 2:38pm

    Would someone please tell the President that his weak, over the top swing, will eternally condemn him to short-knocker hell. Mr. President, a fraction of a second before your hands reach the top of the back swing, you must shift the weight to back your right foot (I understand that you are a lefty), this will cause your upper left arm to drop into the slot, which is to say, close to your left side, which in turn will keep your Noble Peace Prize winning head behind the ball. Then as your hips naturally begin to rotate toward the target, your forearms should instinctively begin to rotate with following hands.

    The foregoing actions promote an inside-out swing; which will allow the clubhead to crush the ball, meaning, the clubhead will actually compress the golf ball, and then, instead of a long slice to the left, or a snap hook to the right, you will see the ball launch like a rocket down the fairway.

    Just saying.

    Your putting stance and stroke, the “I don’t care stroke” indicates that you lack confidence. Not good, if you are betting. Your opponent will relax and have a more free-wheeling stroke, which will cost you money. Eyes over the center-top of the golf ball, hold the putter in the hands as if holding a baby bird, swing back and through. The putter face has an upward angle and you’ll either pull or push putts, unless this upward angle strikes the ball true to this angle facing the intended direction of the putt. Angle left, a push,

    Just sayin

  • July 29, 2014 at 2:04pm

    Some would say, Truthspeare, you are extreme, really out there.


    Just who was on the ramp deciding which Veterans would live and die? What civil servant sat in their office and decided which Vets should die? Oh yes, that could never happen.

    But yes, yes, it did happen. Over and over and over again. Dozens died at the hands of these ramp masters. And nothing done to them!

    Let me tell you something, in this world you are on your own.

    Do you really believe that the measures currently being taken by Congress will accomplish anything? Really. Do you?

    My view is that we need to eliminate the volunteer army and evolve to a draft. Time for everyone to help pay the rent for this place. No objectors either. If you live under the freedom provided by folks such as veterans, then you have a duty, a sacred duty, to do your part.

    I would be more sympathetic if the unwilling would support veterans, but they do not; in any meaningful way.

    Think no? Then I suggest that you put on the uniform and go ahead and get yourself some. Just don’t lose your head or get incinerated in doing it. Are you feeling me yet?

    The first and only group cut by P90x Paul Ryan were the veterans. He and his kids need to go on and get themselves some.

    We live in a country where all life abounds. Well, somebody is paying the rent. Well, more need to help with the lease payments.

    In this world, in this country, you are on your own. Only a fool believes othe

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  • July 29, 2014 at 1:41pm

    Impeachment? Are you kidding me? He has already checked out. He is evolved into a professional golfer and a fundraiser. Totally unnecessary, impeachment.

    And even if it were necessary, um, er, um, Fake Bake? Ain’t happening dude. Let the laws of the United States of America continue to be broken by the chief law enforcement officer. Fore, left!

    And just what President should follow the law? What a waste of time and these words. Let him play golf and be a fundraiser, it is better that way.

    Oh yeah, you know it is right. What an absolute dud.

    Impeachment is totally unnecessary, unless you are a Christian in the Middle East, a Ukrainian, a person trying to live on the southern border, serve in Libya, an American marine confined by the racists in Mexico, or etc., etc.

    Let all of the world know that the Noble Peace Prize has become a winning ticket on a cakewalk. That’t right, an you know it. The prize has become darkened all the way to the hair roots.

    2016 is around the corner anyway. But what will be the difference? Only a truly great leader can save us from inevitable bankruptcy. Really we are already there. Congress is cutting the vets, and social security will soon follow. That’s the way it is. And it will get worse.

    We are surely poorly led. We have a pathetic majority of voters. We are bankrupt now, tol be worse. Who cares? I can take it if everyone else can.

    Right Paul Ryan, vet backstabber. I want to be profane, I

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  • July 27, 2014 at 4:32am

    Days that are gone by, fortunately.

  • July 27, 2014 at 4:15am

    Sorry, it is the West Virginia coal miner thing. My blessing and my curse. If it were the day of my father or my grandfather, the Tug river abides.”

  • July 27, 2014 at 3:35am

    The Honduran President is the biggist wuss of all. He has over 20 or 30 years on me. I guaranatee you that I can take him. I am an old man and I could take him. Do you know why? It is the reason the women and children of his country are fleeing to my country, for he is a full bloomed cherbub wussy. In fact, I give this p**sy mf a challenge. I will give him 20 or 30 years, I am near 60, I will challenge him.

    Come on dude, can you take an old man from the British Isles? You know, and I know you can’t. I’ve been spat upon, I’ve been beat upon, and I know that you can’t take me. When you challenge America, you challenge me you freichen pu##sy. Come on. Can a young man from Central American take and old man from the British Isles? Hmmm? Come on you little girl. Take the challenge. You know you want to. Can you beat upon me, can you spit upon me? I’ve had both, and I am not bowed. Come on and bring it on you little girl. This will be rich. You have me by a least two decades or three. Bring it on you little Honduran girl, come on, bring it on. **** you, you little Honduran p**ssy. Bring it on you cherebum nina, or shut the f**ck up! Freichen nada juevos, nina. I was born ready. How about you? Freichen Honduran p**ssy!

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  • July 27, 2014 at 2:52am

    Oh yes, it is because the white has exploited the non-white man.

    Uh, hmmm, er, huh, maybe because others don’t know how or why to do what they fu**ing need to do to keep their women and kids home with them?

    Hmmmm? What is the answer? Tell me the answer victim? Eh, er, hmmm, if you are a victim? Kick a soccer ball while your women and children flee to the while man, football star. Oh yes, what I say is racist? If this is you, you should be ashamed to know that this is why your woman and kids are fleeing here to America or Great Britain, you football star you. Uh, maybe less sports and what is good for your women and kids, dumbass? Is a soccer ball, or football worth it? Perhaps the decision has already been made, madame?

  • July 27, 2014 at 2:32am

    Anything but the truth. Anything but to the point. They are going to a country established by a so called, “bunch of old white men” from the British Isles. Any why? Because, apparently, the system established by a “bunch of old white men” from the British Isles have it right. And men from other continents sure the fr**ck don’t have it right. Is this racist? Your damn right it is, why the f**ck do you thing they are fleeing here. Nothing could be more indictment of racism. Come, yes come, to where it is done right. You have made a wise choice. A place where a bunch of of old white men believed in Jesus Christ. And if I am wrong, ignorant fu**ker, why are they coming? What are they coming for? They are not going to racist central america, racist africa, the racist middle east or the racist europe. Why, fuc**king why? Because it sucks everywhere else, that is why. It absolutely sucks everywhere else and the men on those continents are effeminate, nada juevos. Women and kids know where the men are. Ignorant fu**cks. The women and kids are wise. They know the best place to be. If I am wrong, why the f**ck are women and kids coming here, ignorant fu** cks?

    I have to give props to Great Britain, that side of the world favors you and nowhere else. The sun does not set on a place not providing the best places to live other than America or Great Britain. Oh yes, oh yes. If I am wrong, tell me why, or shut the f**ck up, ignorant fu**ck, just shut the f*

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  • [2] July 27, 2014 at 2:04am

    I fully support all illegal immigrants to be granted amnesty in Napa and Sonoma Valley, and perhaps Rancho Mirage, or Martha’s Vineyard or Malibu, or Hollywood? Why? Because their biggest welcome must needs be coming from such areas. Obviously?

    Do you know why this will never happen? Oh please! Come on! Come on! Baby Jesus is not welcomed on public servant Pelosi’s plantation, racist that she is, NOT ONE!

    What a bunch of f**cking imbeciles that accept this ********. Not in my backyard, not in my “vineyard,” not on my “beach”; just ask Nancy, freichen, public servant, racist, Pelosi. Freichen bunch of
    hypocrites. Come oh you rich fu**kers, where are you? Welcome them. The buses can stop in Napa, Sonoma, Rancho Mirage, Malibu, Hollywood, etc? And why are they not? Oh please! F**c k you, you duplicitous racist f** ckers. No? Prove me wrong, you ******* elitist, racist, pieces of ****, prove me wrong.

    Or is it send “them” anywhere except where I am? You freichen racists. How about Sidwell and Friends in D.C.? Not one, not fu** cking one.

    Just who the fu** k are your friends, you bunch of freichen racists? Who the f**c k are your friends, racists?

    By the way La Raza, your name is not Aztec or Mayan, neither is it a British Isles term, you ignorant f**c kers. It is a Spanish term. Your anger is misplaced. Just who is your God? Answer? Where are the women and kids going. Very, so very, smart. Hmmm?

    Prove me wrong, f**

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  • [1] July 27, 2014 at 1:26am

    Such coquettishness, so juevos deficient.

    This full bloomed dumbass public servant, still lacks the logic. Still has not yet appreciated for whom she works.

    Oh yes, she works for her constituency. Uh yeah, truly.

    Talk is cheap. And just what is her constituency contributing? Are they putting a finger to the load?

    This public servant is having all of her own healthcare subsidized. Finally, something that is not cheap. Does this public servant agree? A full bloomed. public servant, dumbass.

    Always asking, never giving. There is a saying for that, “freichen worthless”.

    Conclusion? Shut the f**ck up, jerk, until your paying, just like everybody else. The truth is that she is a friechen racist to the core of her public servant sorry ass.

  • July 10, 2014 at 7:53pm

    speaking. Welcome back to America. How about a cold beer and a smoke of a cigar. Huh?

  • [2] July 10, 2014 at 7:51pm

    I have always felt there is nothing new under the sun. Therefore, I instructed Johnny Mounds to conduct some research.

    Johnny reported back that children in America have held the rooftop ticket on trains, swallowing steam engine smoke. See “Children of the Orphan Trains.”

    The other day I became sickened when Glenn Beck had to explain himself and his actions in supporting the recent illegal immigrants. Especially what stuck out in my mind was the need for Mercury One donations to send food and teddy bears to the blameless children. Take a look at the book I reference, listen carefully for the sounds of their voices coming from their photos, look carefully at their anecdotal accounts of gratitude.

    Glenn Beck should be the last person have to near beg for the decency we hear from the leaders of our houses of worship.

    The kids are not to blame; rather it is those lousy mother f** kers at 1600 Pennslylvania Ave. trying to change the outcome of the 2014 elections. Their madness, selfishness, and raw cruelty will not be forgotten and this account will follow them to their graves.

    This is the Obama legacy, and crass or not, he is no different to loving children than his lousy fu* cking father was to him. Truly, there is nothing new under the son, both being magnificent pieces of ****. F* cking ******, both. That’s right, I said it. He and his ***** of a father can go to hell.

    Now that ladies and gentlemen is old school first amendment plain speaki

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  • [2] July 10, 2014 at 7:21pm

    Who cares what this lawbreaker has to say? He is not the type who can improve an economy, run the VA, protect Americans, protect freedom of speech or religion. He has an alligator mouth with a parrot ass, the truth is not in him, and wherever you find truth, justice, and traditional notions of fair play he will not be found. I will neither read nor listen to another utterance or mark he makes for the rest of my life.

    He is a pathetic leader and an even worse example of humanity, whether in this country, this continent this hemisphere, this planet or this universe. For he turned his back on his own peoples and only the devil will have him in the future.

    I hope he gets richer than God and lives to be 200 years old so that he can experience firsthand what he has done to his own peoples.

  • July 7, 2014 at 7:18pm

    The statement is conclusory and therefore worthless. What specific steps will be taken to ensure this happens. If you do not like my grammar, then the grade is “F’, “U”.

  • July 7, 2014 at 7:15pm

    Well, Jeff, then take out your own checkbook.

  • July 7, 2014 at 7:12pm

    No, no, no. You must first show the video version of Green Eggs and Ham.

    As done, all wrong, the sequencing I’m telling you. The prologue must precede the sequel.

    Child’s play.

    Don’t like my grammar? Then the grade is “F”, “U.”

  • July 7, 2014 at 2:37pm

    Now this documents how freedom of the press is undocumented. The transparent is opaque.

  • July 7, 2014 at 1:01pm

    Madness lies at the bottom of such unfurling. And you fool yourself if you don’t believe it.

    Awaken to the coming.

    The road to your beloved must trace steps around you. That’s you. Harden any sympathetic heart to safe passage. For so it is, has been, and always shall be, that unwelcome feet imprint the dust to a once secure bed.

    We desire none of this, but who is asking? And this ladies and gentlemen, is the point.

    Necessity oft cooks a dish more sour than sweet, yet who savors aching regrets?

    There is no way around it…except through you, us.

    So what shall it be, life or death? An unwelcome choice difficult to swallow given the serving chef’s menu.

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