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  • August 28, 2012 at 9:08am

    One really nice benefit of being a retired police officer in Michigan is the exemption from the state’s target-rich environment, er I mean gun free zones that I have on my concealed pistol license. It continues to amaze me, this continual wide-eyed, childlike belief that EVERYONE will leave their guns in their vehicles, etc. just because some place was declared to be “gun free” by law. The people who advocate for these zones are a true danger to society as they refuse to recognize that people with violent or other illegal intentions don’t care about following the law and that many (all?) police departments today are extremely understaffed and REACTIVE (responding after they have occurred) to violent crimes that occur in these gun free zones.

  • August 22, 2012 at 6:29am

    Turkey, your Oklahoma permit is recognized in Michigan though you have to follow any restrictions that you might have on your permit / in your carry law.

    Michigan Republican legislators (control both houses along with the governor’s office) passed an expanded Emergency Manager law which allows the state to appoint an emergency manager to oversee cities, villages, townships or school districts that are in severe financial straits. This EM assumes all power to control that local government/school district, including nullifying contracts with the unions if the unions do not agree to renegotiate their contracts and/or work with the EM toward restoring the local government/school district to solvency. It also basically takes away the power of the city manager/mayor/city commission or council or the superintendant/school board.

    This law was enacted and in place with EM’s in place in a few cities and school districts. It’s been challenged by unions, which collected signatures and is now one of the ballot referendums we face in November. Until then this law is on hold with all of the current EM’s stripped of their powers under this law, but reappointed by the state under the previous EM law which has much weaker and limited powers for the EM.

    This is the kind of thing that the tougher EM law was passed to address. As for Detroit, being a resident from northern part of the state, I say deal with your pending bankruptcy without any tax money from the rest of us in the