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  • November 23, 2011 at 4:54pm

    If Russia (Medvedev, Putin) would cooperate on preventing Iran getting nukes, the problem would be partially solved. Russia has more to gain by supporting sanctions on Iran and putting pressure on Ahmadinjad to stop their development of nuclear weapons. If Putin had any smarts he would use his oil reserves as leverage, not only to put pressure on Iran, but as a bargaining chip with the US and NATO. Better yet, encourage Russia to consider NATO membership for themselves instead setting themselves up as economic and political rivals. They have everything to gain economically and politically by doing so. Remember Chechneya Mr. Putin? Islamic terrorists will eventually target Russian as well. But the problem isn’t the Russians as a people, the problem is Putin’s desire to hold on to power and convince the Russian people that he’s worth keeping around by reviving the idea of the US and western Europe being ‘enemies’, and creating a new ‘cold war’ climate.

  • October 17, 2011 at 1:23pm

    I’m of Irish and Mexican heritage. I went to high school with others of the same Irish/Mexican heritage. I also hung out with the Spanish speaking kids who were from Argentina, Cuba, and Mexico on campus. My mother grew up in Mexico and she is well qualified to speak to anyone about the corrupt, poverty stricken, and repressive country that is Mexico. Spanish classes have been taught in the public schools for decades. I even took Spanish classes in high school myself. Never were we required to engage in such divisive nonsense. To be fair and promote a sense of equality, the national anthems of Spain, Argentina, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, and all other Spanish speaking countries should be taught to be consistent with this ridiculous teaching philosophy. Also the national anthems of France, and Haiti in French classes, and the national anthems of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in German classes, and so on. After all, I’m sure this teacher wants fairness and equality, so let it be done equally and fairly among all languages that are taught in US public schools. This cultural diversity crap has to stop. I’m an American and so is my mother, and we are loyal to the USA.