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  • August 29, 2013 at 3:56pm

    Hey wasted, Obama is far from the 1st to waste the wealth.

    World war III began before the end of WWII. And, just as before WWII and since our founding, we, America, are the aggressors.

    Think, McFly. Think.

    When were we attacked? Okay, Pearl Harbor. But there is a plethora of questions about our aggressive actions that led to that attack. Hmm. Did Germany or Italy attack us? Hmm. Who firebombed civilian cities first; the allies or the axis?

    9/11. Okay. Well, while the murder of over 3000 can’t be excused by our patently aggressive activities in the mid east, it provides a pretty strong incentive to get the hell out of the mid east, doesn’t it? Yet to this day, we persist in attacking those who haven’t attacked us. And that in addition to our said aggressive activities from assassinations to coups to bs with the un and nato.

    We’re the empire.

    We’re all over the galaxy, forcing others into our ideology; forcing them onto our team; killing man, woman and child alike, none of whom have attacked us.

    And there are so few jedi to heed Yoda’s words: “A jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, only; never for attack.”

    We’re all under attack from our govt. The constitution gave them the power to tax; to take our money, by force. Will we ever defend ourselves? Who’ll be a jedi and defend freedom?

    Again, I implore you. Evolve and frequent ‘freedom all of the time’ -sites, like

  • August 29, 2013 at 3:24pm

    Beck and minions,

    The closest thing to a cure for all our ills in this country ran for president in 2008 and 2012.

    “Freedom? Yes…sometimes” -types like Beck, Rush, Hannity, et al rejected that cure in favor of less invasive (proven ineffective) treatments of symptoms.

    Shame on you all for representing yourselves as something you’re not.

    Come on.

    You may feel strongly about Syria or Iran or Iraq or Afgan.

    Are you able to think strongly? Do you have any integrity when it comes to your espousal of freedom’s themes? Let’s see.

    If you think something should be done, I think YOU should go and do it; at your own expense; alone, if necessary or with those whom you’re able to persuade to voluntarily accompany you.

    No one should be forced to go. No one should be forced to pay for those who go. And if there were a majority vote in favor of going, that doesn’t excuse using force against those of us who don’t want to go and/or don’t want to pay for those who go.

    I’m not arguing that anyone should or shouldn’t go. I’m saying, don’t force me. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to pay. Leave me alone.

    And forget about blowing hot air about anyone defending my freedom. We’re not under attack. There’s nothing to defend or I’d join the fray in self-defense, but voluntarily.

    Our fighting men are bleeding and dying in aggressive attacks against people who’ve done us no harm.

    Enough! Bring them home.

  • August 28, 2013 at 12:03pm

    Did he harm anyone’s person or property?

    Okay, maybe he wasted some people’s time pulling them over. And that’s not okay. But it’s not okay, even if you do have a real state-issued shiny badge and halloween costume.

    Does a man have the right to be left alone if he’s hurting no one else?

    What the cops have an issue with is anyone trying to break into or impersonate their little elitist club. They like how they’re one-up on the rest of us. And they dislike any question of that ill-gotten power and authority. They like being able to do things the rest of us can’t do.
    It makes them feel better about themselves- helps to rationalize their pernicious power to arrest, assault, murder, mug and otherwise take or destroy the property of anyone they want.

    Anyone here ready to upgrade to a site and an ideology that actually affords freedom the reverence it deserves, despite freedom’s violators and their enforcers- the cops and the military?


    Click the link below to see your heroic cops in action:

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  • August 22, 2013 at 3:05pm

    The phrase you’re searching for in this case is, sim, se pode. Or maybe, nao, se pode, nao.

  • August 21, 2013 at 1:52pm

    Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh yeah, the cops don’t like it when you try to do things they think only they should be able to do.

    How long will you go on accepting the fact of this overclass, running your life, with the power to force you to do or not do what they want? And with the power to take your money and property by force? Honestly, why does it give you a little vicarious thrill when someone else’s rights are violated by cops or military? That’s what you call patriotism? That’s American exceptionalism? Might makes right? Old habits die hard? What is it? What are your rationalizations?

    See: for more violations of unalienable rights by the cops.

    See also: if you’re interested in commentators who vie for freedom across the board and make no exceptions for cops or military.

    Really? You don’t ever ask yourself why some people can do things none of the rest of us are allowed to do? Like take our money by force and send our kids overseas to bleed and die killing people who have never attacked us.

    You’re just willing to go along with that part of the status quo? Why? Why won’t you consider things like the Principle of Nonaggression? You think it’s okay to attack or kill or mug someone who is harming no one’s person or property? You don’t see the application of this principle in all situations great or small? Is that by choice? Or are you just stupid?

  • August 20, 2013 at 12:42pm

    Stupid woman? Who? You, or the chick in the story?

    I bet this whole thing doesn’t’ turn out half as bad as you blazies want it to.

    How many of you have been to Tunisia?

    Judge not.

  • August 7, 2013 at 5:04pm

    With all of the things cops can do to you, me and anyone else who’s harming no one, I’m going to agree to disagree and say I hate cops more than brats.

    Yeah. Okay. This case could be seen as a rare exception, where a cop was defending himself. But the cops are still a pestilence on liberty.

  • July 26, 2013 at 3:48pm

    You conservative beckites are weird.

    You’re all fair-weather friends of liberty.

    You and your fearless leader are oh so libertarian when it suits you, as in this case.

    But let some guy over yonder dare to partake of a substance you don’t approve and your reverence for liberty evaporates.

    Let some guy over in yonder country whom you think looks or acts like the terrorists that murdered 3000+, but had nothing to do with it and certainly isn’t attacking you and you’re all about murdering him and his family. That’s what war is, you morons; unless and until you’re actually, physically under attack and must use force in defense to save your life, you’re a murderer.

    And if you’re so carried away about the civil wars, injustices, genocides,and despotic govts (weird how you ignore the fact of our 100+ year-old despotic imperial govt,) by all means, head on out! Get your sorry butt over there and do your worst. But don’t point guns at the rest of us to extract the funding necessary. And don’t send others to bleed and die for you and your murderous intentions.

    But don’t take it from me. Take it from a marine who’s been there.

  • July 25, 2013 at 6:03pm

    I don’t know. Couldn’t watch the videos. But he seems like the typical conservative-he compartmentalizes freedom. You know, like nearly all conservatives. Rah! Rah! Freedom! Freedom! Oh, wait. Except for……and, fill in the blank.

    He’s pro-gun. Okay. Great. But am I just supposed to forget that he signed up for a job wherein he knew that the vast majority of his time would be spent detaining, mugging and caging people who aren’t hurting anyone? People like you and me. People who’ve never hurt a fly.

    Wow, are you guys in for a surprise when his ilk turn against the rest of us. they’ll only be following orders, just like they do now.

    If you’re looking for a real hero; and honest one:

    And could you blazers just evolve already? Check out a couple of sites that are truly pro-liberty:

  • July 23, 2013 at 5:21pm

    Wondered when I’d see your histrionic posts again.

    Ready to refute Rothbard point by point?

    Or to answer even a single specific point made by a Paulista or anyone else?

    Didn’t think so.

    Go light a candle at your alter to the govt. You won. Ron Paul lost. Love the legacy you’ve wrought. Truly the blaze is the place for you; with the rest of Liberty’s traitors.

  • July 16, 2013 at 5:58pm

    This woman speaks with the wisdom of experience. She’s partially renewed my faith that not everyone on earth is a moron.

    I read somewhere, maybe at the only dissenting view I’d come across. The writer mentioned how Trayvon was just walking, minding his own business, hurting no one, when George decided to follow him. I think that’s true.

    Two things: I live in what I assume is a similar neighborhood to George’s. When I see a black man in my ‘hood, it’s weird. It’s out of place. He doesn’t belong. But I’ve never followed a black man when I’ve seen one in my neighborhood; and I have seen one or two in the 8+ years we’ve lived here. On the other hand, I’ve never been on neighborhood watch. I’m sure George was laboring under a certain amount of pressure that he be extra vigilant, especially in light of recent robberies in his ‘hood.

    That said, even though physical confrontation and beating are not excused just because you’re being followed, it’s a powerful argument against following someone who’s really doing nothing wrong.

    It reminds me of our dangerous foreign policy. Okay, offense taken at our presence in bases and embassies overseas doesn’t excuse 3000+ murders on 9/11, but it’s a powerful argument against our presence and intervention in areas and situations where no one is attacking us or has attacked us.

  • June 21, 2013 at 3:02pm


    Yeah. ND stands for national defense. We’re not under attack. There’s nothing against which to defend over in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Your oath is to protect and defend the constitution. Help me understand how the military overseas is doing that.

    Read the federalist papers. We weren’t supposed to have a standing army. And congress is supposed to declare war before we wage it. These are ‘preemptive’ wars/strikes. Do you really not understand or do you just accept that it’s okay to attack someone who’s not attacking you?

    Can I show up at your house and punch you in the face because I feel I have reason to believe you might want to punch me in the face? Or Someone I know got punched in the face by someone I think is like you, so, again, I get to show up at your house and launch a preemptive strike against you?

    You’re going to have to justify the use of deadly force or any kind of force in any situation other than for defense.

    Right now, our military actions are based on what the 9/11 terrorists did and what we’re afraid people we perceive to be like those terrorists may do. And that’s no justification for killing anyone.

    In addition, we send guys like you to bleed and die for conflicts that have nothing to do with us. And many are killed by us, including innocent women and children. And don’t forget how it all gets funded: by the threat of violence/imprisonment by the IRS.

  • June 20, 2013 at 5:59pm

    It’s not enough to change from the welfare party to the warfare party. We must remove political life from our society. That is, we should have no govt.

    We’ve been sold a bill of goods- indoctrinated at every level since birth to accept and believe that we need mommies and daddies in govt to ‘take care’ of us…by coercion, compulsion, force, violence and aggression.

    Think. What is govt? It’s an over-class of people who have the power to point guns at the rest of us and force us to do what they say. “Democracy?” Bah! 51% of people decide what everyone will be forced, at the point of a gun, to do.

    Principal among the pernicious powers of govt is the power to ‘levy taxes.’ Think. They can point guns at you and take your money. You have no option to say, “no.” For anyone but our overlords, this would be mugging.

    That’s why there is no ‘proper role of govt.’ There’s just no place, in any society worth preserving, for this kind of inequality. I can’t do any of the things they in govt can do; nor should I be able to do any of it. But neither should they.

    Having a govt is like putting great white sharks in a swimming pool and then taking a dip. Why are you surprised you’re being devoured? Are you even aware you’re being devoured?

  • [1] June 20, 2013 at 3:44pm

    Yeah. I read it, too. Marcus is an amazing guy.

    But while I acknowledge his prowess, am I the only one who wonders why we, why was he there in the first place? Am I really the only one who thinks deadly (or any) force is for defense, only?

    I mean, I appreciate guys like Marcus. But why couldn’t he be employed in the private sector? Why couldn’t those of us concerned about potential attacks on the homeland hire him to train us to be prepared? Why does anyone have to be killed who isn’t actively attacking us here at home? Is it just this illusion of absolute security and safety that causes you to willingly turn a blind eye to what a sniper or a drone is? People overseas, who haven’t attacked you, should die so you feel safe?

    What’s wrong with the idea that we should stop sending our boys to bleed and die trying to kill people who haven’t attacked us? Bring home everyone from embassies and Army bases alike whether it’s offensive to the host countries or not. It’s irrelevant. And, I know, a poke in the eye (our govt’s presence overseas) doesn’t justify 3000 murders on 9/11. But I still think it’s a bad idea to poke people in the eye. And please stop forgetting how all of this is funded. Repeal the legalization of mugging (taxation.)

    Honestly, if you feel that strongly about it, get over there and bleed and die, yourself, at your own expense. Don’t send others and don’t point a gun at me and mug me to pay for their deployment.

  • June 19, 2013 at 1:33pm

    Hear! Hear! Dan Hollis

  • April 3, 2013 at 11:05am

    Like most everything else when it comes to politics, we focus on symptoms and treatment and miss or ignore cause and cure.

    The problem with this country is a lack of freedom and an overabundance of taxes, regulation, laws and war.

    There IS no illegal immigration problem.

    The problem is that we allow the govt to mug us, via taxes and spend our money on welfare, schools, healthcare and wars with countries who’ve never attacked us.

    All men are created equal, with equal rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and property. The phrase, all men, includes illegal aliens. As long as no one can violate your rights via taxes, etc., those coming here illegally have no effect on you.

    Create a situation where mugging is illegal, even for a govt agent. Add to that a requirement that no law or regulation is enforceable unless it involves a crime with a victim: a situation in which someone’s person or property is harmed. And reserve force for defense, in war and in all other situations. Do this and all problems are solved.

    Think long and hard. This is the cure. Outlaw taxes, meaningless laws and aggressive wars. It’s that simple. It’s your love for these things that is the problem, not illegal immigration. Wake up.

  • March 22, 2013 at 10:32am


    Try to follow the logic.

    Granted, if you poke someone in the eye he doesn’t have the right to shoot you in the head. But you still shouldn’t go around poking people in the eye.

    The fact is, our govt has done bad stuff to people overseas. They’ve taken out regimes and installed their own. They’ve assassinated dictators, and installed new dictators who have sometimes turned out to be worse than the ones they assassinated. They’ve jumped into civil wars where there is nearly never a clear “good guy.” Again, that may not justify terrorist actions against us, but it’s a powerful argument against meddling in other countries and govts. We’re all for defending the homeland and the constitution. Pop quiz: when’s the last time we actually did that? Have we ever had to do that?

  • February 5, 2013 at 1:00pm

    No one’s defending what happened to Kyle. But your defense of his actions in combat serves poorly to justify what he’s done; what we do overseas.

    We, through people like Kyle, are over in foreign countries, meddling in their govts, attacking them when they aren’t and haven’t attacked us. Seriously, how do you conservatives not get that force is for defense, only. If some bad guys were here within our borders attacking us, then it’s okay to kill them. But that’s not happening now and has practically never happened.

    Kyle took an oath to protect and defend the constitution. We’ve never had a military action in his lifetime where he’s been called upon to do that. Just because the govt said someone’s a “sworn enemy” or some action is “sanctioned by law” doesn’t make it right. There’s all manner of stuff “sanctioned by law” that flies in the face of morality. And I don’t trust any govt’s definition of “sworn enemy.”

    We the people, through our politicians may be more to blame for what Kyle did overseas, but he still had the choice whether to do what he did or not.

    Personally, I hold to a higher law: the nonaggression principle, where force is for defense, only. You don’t attack or kill someone who didn’t attack you first. When we try and pretend that principle doesn’t exist and that we’re always the guys in the white hats because we’re America, it becomes very easy to rationalize anything. Killing or aggression of any kind is only ju

  • January 15, 2013 at 12:22pm

    I honestly think that gun control, like any other social issue, is a distraction from other things, fiscal and otherwise. We’re kept busy worrying about one thing while everything else is going to hell in a handbasket.

    Don’t get me wrong. I, too, think that social issues are important and worth fighting for.

    But modern-day conservatism seems to be defined only by the social issues. Everyone seems okay with corporate welfare, CERTAIN kinds of “regulation” and endless wars that have nothing to do with defending our lives or our constitution; not to mention fiat currency and ever expanding artificial credit.

    In fact, it seems most conservatives love our anti-freedom drug laws, gambling laws; and they aren’t happy with the govt already requiring permission and a fee for heterosexual marriage, they now want the govt to seize even more power and define marriage itself.

    Look, these issues are harmful and horrible. But the govt is worse and they make everything worse. We as individuals must fight these battles / have these arguments one on one or pool our resources and start an advertising/propaganda campaign of our own- all privately funded. To further empower the govt is madness. We must UNDO nearly all of our laws, not write new ones.

    Again, I’m with you. In the words of my ccp instructor, (which, btw, I shouldn’t have been forced to take any class) “The only good gun law is no gun law.” Ditto for all other extraconstitutional laws.

  • January 10, 2013 at 1:08pm

    You Beckies are probably 99% pro-2nd amendment.

    Well, yippee-ki-yay. Aren’t we all?

    Meanwhile, freedom is going down in flames. And a large portion of the blame is Beck et al’s rejection of truly classically liberal principles whose only, and now former, standard-bearer-politician was Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul was just too radically liberal for Beck and all of you in Beck’s herd of sheep. And yet he and not one of you have refuted Ron Paul’s principles point by point. Same goes for Alex Jones. Talking of which. It’s time for the vertebrates among you to upgrade to real websites like , , , , , , etc.

    Come on, people. Evolve. It was fun to be a conservative for a while. But you see, freedom is freedom. You may not like someone. You may be scared by him. Doesn’t mean you get to attack him or force him to do anything or forcibly prevent him from doing anything. It’s called the non-aggression principle.

    Many would agree with the above…on paper. But push comes to shove and each of you, including Beck, has a certain line he won’t cross into the realm of true liberty. You want to force people. You want to kill people, including civilian women and children, overseas who’ve never done anything to you or any American.

    You want your govt to force people to do what you want them to do. After all is said and done, you don’t believe in freedom, not in practice.

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