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  • September 9, 2014 at 1:39am

    Action plan:
    Step 1: Get of your collective couches…turn off the football….and spend the nest eight weeks getting the vote out for Republican/Tea Party candidates….TAKE THE SENATE…

    Step 2: Take just one of the 40-100 separate direct violations of the presidential oath of office…the proven corruption…the IRS, Bengazi, the bribing of congressional candidates in the off term elections in 2010….and on and on….take ONE…IMPEACH and REMOVE this BLACK NAZI from office.

  • [7] September 9, 2014 at 1:30am

    I am an old fart….and remember the newspapers and nightly news on the TV during the 60′s. Somewhere during the 1990′s news fundamentally shifted….and during the 2000′s forward…the US press increasingly became the Soviet Pravda…. I do not know the whys….but I do know what I read and watch… I have not watched a nightly news program in over 25 years….because as a professional urban planner/city manager…I personally watched simple press briefing on projects…be slanted and rewritten into yellow journalistic manure…

    Now, I must follow the British tabloids for even the most basic investigative reporting on American issues… Absolutely nothing aired or written in the American press has anything to do with basic veracity anymore….

    Then came Our current Communist president… As I watch this useful idiot talking head and his silent partner George Soros…as I watch this dedicated communist organization of tens of thousands of dedicated marxists run one talking head president after another…from Clinton…to Obama….to Clinton….and I watch the Federated system…the US Republic transformed into yet another communist dictatorship….or Roman style tyranny…. I watch these orchestrated “press briefings” and enjoy the farce….. Its kind of like watching the scenery as you lay supine in the canoe…as it goes over the falls….

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  • [1] September 9, 2014 at 1:18am

    “All it takes for Evil to win is for good men to do nothing…” The city council in this hick Florida town is out of control and about as far left as it gets… So take over the city council…RUN for council…get your friends to run for council. I was an urban planner/city manager in similar hick towns…and I can tell you one neighborhood…30 people showing up to one city council meeting…and they will wet their pants to help you. Why…because council elections are poor turnouts…and 30 people…30 seriously pissed off citizens decide the election….particularly if they are sufficiently motivated….to walk the streets of their neighborhood and get their neighbors out to vote. You…YOU can totally change the political climate in any small or medium sized town…. I did it…and you can do it…. The reason that these ultra left nut cases are on the council is because they are rabid enough to work the system….

    Get off your rear ends…off that couch watching football games….and WORK to REGAIN our FREEDOM… It doesn’t take much….but it does take basic work…. Otherwise you have no right to complain….because you sat on your — and watched evil triumph…

  • [5] August 26, 2014 at 2:16pm

    Tired of reverse racism….oh forgot “social justice…” Comrade Barack Hussein Obama…or Barry Sweito and his gang of merry communists have fostered a tyranny of race that is beyond anything that we could have ever envisioned.

    From Eric Holder’s presumption that all blacks are categorically excluded from being anything other than racial victims….to Comrade Obama’s assumption that the Ferguson thugs are right and the police are automatically wrong…to this instance of race baiting blacks assaulting someone strictly because of their skin color…

    This is not the USA that I grew up on. IN that America…I as a young teen could board a bus in Houston…pay a dime….ride to downtown Houston…spend the day with my friends hanging around…have a hotdog….see some guitars…and have a day of simple CLEAN fun and return home safe and sound.

    Those days are gone…maybe forever…. Now we have race baiting thugs…that assault a veteran….a marine…rather than provide the respect that that marine and his wife deserve….

    We have lost something very very special…..

    and are poorer for it…

  • [1] August 15, 2014 at 10:12pm

    It’s a political hatchet job by the ultra radical Dem’s in the People’s Republic of Austin…ie Travis County, Texas. This is now an official Texas Tradition…every single major successful Republican candidate for National office is ALWAYS subjected to this kind of politically driven smear campaign eminating from the Travis County Attorney General’s office….from Ronnie Dugan’s smear campaign on Kay Hutchison’s campaign for Senate….through a smear of the Republican House Whip….and now the current Governor Rick Perry’s run for president. Same old same old…no Texan takes it seriously because we know just how fricking crooked the Democratic party is in this State.

    Remember though…this crap is playing to a national audience who has no clue of the political hatchet jobs that always eminate from the Travis County Attorney General’s office…. The national media will wax long on the face value of this smear…and not dig….because it is after all designed to remove Perry from consideration on the National Stage…. What is really choice is the listing of every single unprincipled hack in the State Democratic party on this one….

    Ah well…one reason Texas has dominated national politics for so long is that Washington is a joke compared to the crooked crap we take as commonplace here… After all remember “Landslide Lindon” Johnson’s deliver of Kennedy’s first presidental election from Duval County…lol

  • August 15, 2014 at 9:16am

    This is what happens when employee selection is based on political loyalty rather than objective competence. The toadies running IRS are obviously democratic apparachiks whose only purpose is to rig the electorial process to guarantee a permanent Democratic majority. They have absolutely no respect or no interest in the Rule of Law….instead they represent the very worst of the old Spoil system that supposedly was discarded with Grover Cleveland.

    Placing these apparachiks in control of the unlimited resources of the IRS is reminiscent of Hitler’s empowerment of the Gestapo….these barbarians have absolute control…and in secret have obviously demonstrated that they will do ANYTHING to further Comrade Obama’s creation of the new Amerikan police state…

    To say We the People need to rise and take control of our Republic from these Barbarians is rather obvious…. The time is NOW….waiting on the sidelines is not an option anymore

  • [2] August 6, 2014 at 2:50pm

    Barry Sweito…ie Barak Hussein Obama is a brainless talking head…whose sole skill is reading the script on a teleprompter and making it look like he “means it..” Not once in that pathetic journey that Barry has traveled has Comrade Barry earned ANYTHING….run ANYTHING….nor worked honestly at ANYTHING. He is a consumate pathetic joke of the first magnitude and like all of the classic pathetic jokes that have been elevated to a high office that should have been beyond their obvious level of demonstrated incompetence, Barry is being revealed to the classic boobs who elected him as the consumate Naked Emperor parading in the street proudly displaying his non existent satorial finery.

    Or as W.C. Fields was quoted: You can fool some of the people some of the time….but you cannot fool ALL the people ALL of the time….”

    Time to reap what you have sown Comrade Obama…time for your worst nightmare….in which you become UTTERLY IRRELEVANT…

  • [2] August 6, 2014 at 2:42pm

    Here is the same communist that got caught red-handed lying about her fake status as a “native american” to gain admittance and scholarships to an East Coast University. And of course the utterly worthless useful idiots in the People’s Republic of Taxachussettes elected this toad as their Senator. That this lying sack of feces replaced Teddy Kennedy is one of the choicer tidbits of the year….

    So is anybody surprised that this communist apparachik wants Comrade Obama to use Stalin like power to obviate our Constitution and Congress… What is actually amazing is that we are actually HAVING this conversation in the first place…

    Another day in the fascinating diorama of American free-fall…

  • August 1, 2014 at 2:47pm

    There is no significant difference between the Republican and Democratic establishments anymore. The Dem’s want unlimited wetbacks because they come from “Patron” type of situations, are used to absolute tyranny, and are looking for bread and circuses which the Dems will provide them in exchange for unlimited power… The Republicans are run by “crony ie utterly corrupt capitalists” who want to reinstitute the plantation type slavery system of virtually free labor….and exchange black slaves for the wetbacks. Both parties do not view these hispanics as real people…but as marks/slaves who exist to bring them unlimited profits and power. ie the border “crisis” is simple….Unless something major changes….we will see the full Southern slavery system made national…two classes…legal…and wetbacks… The new slaves will work 12-14 hr days, 7 days per week….for 3rd world wages…and provide their masters the full class of “perks” that have always been associated with slavery…

    This is the dark demonic implosion that is about to engulf the land of the free and the brave…. If this is not stopped we will become NAZI Amerika….and the venal Republican and Democratic “leadership” is the best that corporate money can buy. Soros and his Secret Party have already bought two presidencies….now they have taken the gloves off and are purchasing the entire Washington Political Class lock stock and barrel

  • [4] July 28, 2014 at 8:40am

    Our current Washington Aristocracy…is bought and paid for by the Soros crony capitalists…both Parties Republican and Democrats dance to the tune of the campaign bundlers.

    What is worse is that ALL of our media…the communication channels of cable, broadcast, print, and yes Internet ISP.s is controlled by 5 conglomerate entities….one of whom is Ross Murdock. The “conservative” voice Murdock originally initiated with Fox…has now dissipated whether because of his need to put the Sky News framing behind him or his decision to move to the center to capture more audience share. Regardless…except for the Blaze there is NO…significant conservative voice in broadcast journalism….NONE!.

    Therefore go for it Sarah….you got sucker punched by the Soros group with the John McCain campaign drones…You took that punch…learned….and suffered through the most intensive agiprop campaign I have ever seen…you stood and took it…bloody and unbowed… Unlike the rest of the Republican/conservative field…you have retained your basic integrity….You do not cut corners…you speak the truth as you see it…

    Like Beck…you act on what you see…


  • [4] July 28, 2014 at 8:25am

    Time to stop spinning…and start taking BACK that land. Time to stop playing nursemaid to a group of people who are stark raving nuts. Time to face what is real and stop operating based on comfortable illusions.

    Time to give Israel a free hand to protect itself from nutcases who will do ANYTHING to destroy it.

    This is a dialogue of demons….this hatred is supernatural…describing and analyzing it based on political/psychological “insights” is missing the point. These people hate because that “hate” is flowing from a super-natural place that exists outside of this plane of existence. The entities that exist in that place….are at war….and they fight that war in our place. Spirit entities cannot exist on this plane….they have to acquire willing “meat suits” that give them the permission to act out their objectives.

    Much of what we are going through has been identified in the Bible in words that are THOUSANDS of years old… I invite your attention to the books of Daniel, Joel, Ezekiel 39 &39, Revelation…and others. Its really detailed stuff.focusing upon the Battle for the control of Jerusalem…which happens as the “armies” travel the roads of kings in the Valley of Mageddo.

    The two sides have already formed….and it will be Israel against the rest of the World… and it will occur very very soon….

    So check out the scripture…its a better predictor than the nightly news…

  • July 28, 2014 at 8:13am

    Silly Californians….Big Dark Thunder-Cloud…run to cover….get off beach…get off golf course…. Silly Californians…we teach children this stuff…so EVERYBODY else in the rest of the country does it.

    Which kind of frames the issue there in la la land. Stupid is as stupid does….

  • [2] July 28, 2014 at 8:05am

    Saw it…and I was like Wallace…sputtering in awe…. Fox News Sunday….like all of Fox programming has taken a decided turn to the left during the past three years. That is reflected in the makeup of the Fox News Sunday panel Used to be two real conservatives…and two liberals to give you both sides of the issue. Now what I see is two moderates and two strong liberals.

    Wills is one of those moderates in conservative attire. Rowe is yet another. Fox is interested in ratings….first and foremost now. Many times I see Wallace lobbing softballs and watching the panel pick em up and give those “centrist” perspectives. Frankly, It’s been so long since any significant real conservative dialogue happened on Fox…that I don’t really know who would be able to serve in the role as a conservative commentator on the panel. Charles Krauthammer would be one that would be nice to see…. Sarah Palin would be another.. Liz Chaney or Dick Chaney are too stained by what we found out about Dick’s manipulation of the Bush Tenure.

    There should be a nice stable there…because there are plenty of real conservatives….sad that Fox’s run to the left has caused them to purge all significant conservative thought out of their commentary and news. Just look at the pathetic joke that O’Reiley has become….

  • July 27, 2014 at 8:04am

    Ohhhh….I have an idea….lets have a talent contest…. John Kerry vs Al Gore…..

    Personality, wit, honesty, decency, courage, ……


    better yet….

    lets spend a day watching the grass grow….

    Kerry is the perfect jester for Obama’s court…

    Don’t actually need him to dress in motley… His role is obvious when he opens his mouth…

  • July 27, 2014 at 8:00am

    Children…children…before daddy tucks you in for the night…let daddy tell you a story…. It’s about a very bad man who became king…. His chief retainers: a mumbling old man, a brain dead old woman, and a “dead fish; did everything the evil king asked. Now the evil king wanted to be emperor, but he knew that the people of his land would never agree. He decided to tell a very big lie…and mascarade large secret organization that would be filled with his apparachiks who would “convince” his errant subjects to support him in whatever he wished. Now the king knew his subjects had the attention spans of little babies…so he hid his evil plans in a 2,500 page law called the Affordable Care Act.

    Now the king knew the best lies were hidden in plain sight…so he included “exchanges” obstensively to “help” his people…but which were filled with his “Acorn” apparachiks funded by the public tax dollars, whose sole job was to “register” the people…and use that information to “buy” further elections. You see the king…even though evil…knew that only through lies could he ensure that his dynasty would last forever. He also used this and other laws to set up his secret police…

    The only problem is the king began believing his own lies….and began parading without clothes….

    But that’s another story….

    Nighty night children…of course this is only a story…

  • [3] July 24, 2014 at 11:31pm

    Levin said it straight…and Cavuto was speaking straight …he cut the interview specifically because Levin called Rowe out as a paid political prostitute. Note that Cavuto specifically said he would have to check that further with the people upstairs… That’s the Obama apparachiks that the Australian owner…had to live with when he cut the deal with the Obama White House and the British Govt to avoid their prosecution of the Sky news put up job.

    You take that and the Saudi money running Fox…and you have a thoroughly PURGED and “Fixed” news channel… No it’s not yet NBC ….but It’s moving rapidly that way.

    It’s why I stopped watching much of FOX when they dumped Beck…. The political purge was on…and has been getting worse and worse…

    Remember…its now what they choose to cover….its what they choose to ignore…

  • [4] July 19, 2014 at 11:46am

    Glenn…providing for these “*******” children is correct…. Returning them back…is also the only solution.

    Bout three years ago you had it correct…it is not about the border… It’s more fundamental than that.

    What we are seeing here is a new SLAVERY system being created right before our eyes. The “leadership” of the Republican party is now run by the new SLAVEHOLDERS. Rather than the plantation owners of the old South….the new SLAVEHOLDERS are big businesses that are using these “Wetbacks” to get basically “free” slave labor. They use the illegal status of these wetbacks to get rock-bottom wage rates, no benefits, no socialsecurity…nada. They force these wetbacks to work unbelievable daily shifts 7 days per week, and provide them accommodations that you wouldn’t subject your dog to.

    The democrats…well they are looking as the democratic party has since its inception for power at ANY price….these are the democrats that supported black slavery….because they had a guaranteed vote from the slaveholders….now they are pumping the wetbacks….because just like the Irish in the 1860′s,..they anticipate a ignorant voting block of serfs…who are acclimated to autocratic/patron government…who will vote their bread and circuses at any price…thereby guaranteeing an eternal dem controlled gov.

    It is the guaranteed template for an American police state just like NAZI Germany…

    Watch your step Glenn….because the road to comprom

  • July 17, 2014 at 6:38am

    Worked 35 years in airport planning…10 in FAA. One project was an expansion of the runway at Taos, New Mexico so that regular airliners could access the Taos Ski Area. During the environmental scoping meeting, at Taos, I found that many of the old 1960′s San Francisco hippies had relocated to the mountains surrounding the Taos area. You could see on their faces the results of 30 years of amazingly lethal chemical substances that they had injested. The results of all that mind blowing was their complaints about “THE HUMM” which only they could hear….but obviously were a military conspiracy designed to control their minds… Made for a great environmental scoping session..

    Looks like a branch of the old hippies and their descendants relocated to Shasta also. Same designer drugs…same utterly inane stupid paranoia…. Now its a government conspiracy to “spray mind control chemicals from high altitude planes…” Like the new Amerikan fascist police state needs to resort to crazy seriously stupid stuff like this….when the old standard big brother nazi secret police NSA stuff that is already happening isn’t enough to achieve this goal through strong arm tactics?

    Anyway…sorry I missed that meeting….looks like it was as choice an entertainment venue as the Taos Airport scoping meeting back in the mid 1990′s…

  • [1] July 15, 2014 at 7:18am

    I personally detest John McArthur as one of the most bigoted opinionated pharasees that I have been exposed to during the past 35 years of my walk as a spirit filled Christian. That said, I must admit that while I disagree with the way he says it…the core of what He is saying here is absolutely true. Homosexuality is a perversion… that stems from selfishness. Like fornication, pornography, cursing, addiction, and a host of other “sins” the root of this perversion is the enthronement of self over submission to a loving creator. Like fornication and pornography, homosexuality uses other people as “things” to satisy personal lust….the “feelings” are the added perversion of the natural order God established. This type of perversion is exactly what the demonic views as “worship.” Four thousand years of history document the repeated pattern of this type of perversion/worship in virtually all cultures that have been surfaced through archeological excavation, The root of this “worship” is taking something natural, flipping it to a mirror image, and following the spiritual essence back to the core…of the daemonic power base.

    Scripture is very clear in its prohibition of this perversion… We humans are very clearly warned by our loving God and his Son Jesus that exercising our free will to embrace this perversion leads to our own self destruction. The old and new testaments are replete with these warnings.

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  • [2] July 1, 2014 at 7:56am

    Elizabeth Warren…what a track record…lying, cheating, dispicable, worthless, trash. She lied about her background to obtain college scholarships thereby cheating the system. She used this and a large number of complete fabrications to con Mass. voters to elect her…which defines the term dispicable. She is like a ambulance chasing lawyer…seeking any kind of crisis to turn into a hot button issue…while she watches and helps the American Republic die on the vine..thus she is worth nothing as a representative… She detests and lies about her true roots…runs a life of utter falsification…runs up to any available podium to spout whatever diatribe will get her sorry ass another piece of illusionary power….and wastes both the public’s time and resources…in her pathetic run to the nearest klieg lights….that defines the term worthless..

    And to finish this self absorbed waste of space…she has the unmitigated arrogance…the utter gall…to spit in the very face of almighty GOD! This is the biblical definition of a fool…one who spits in the face of God….and in their own selfish arrogance…decides to go their own way..

    Got a little news for ya Liz…you tell God to take a hike…He hikes….slowly…reluctantly..He lifts His protecting hand off your life….and you begin to fully reap what you sow….

    And you have been making terrible decisions for decades now…and are set to reap a hurricane…

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