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  • [6] June 30, 2015 at 9:44am

    Lets face the truth people… our American Republic is dead…. With the Supreme court and both houses of Congress refusing to exercise their constitutional roles…we are now faced with the reality of a Executive Branch headed by a tyrant (one man rule)…The 4th Republic, our American virtually run by the White House.also.

    Thus, arrogant moral free tyrants like Hillary and Obama can do ANYTHING they wish…and NOBODY holds them accountable…. Benghazi was probably the worst transgression in American history…an sitting American Ambassador and three soldiers were murdered…and our American response forces were told to “stand down…”: and let them die….

    Watergate pales in comparison… And Obama and Hillary will get away with it because NOBODY has the grit to hold them accountable…. All we see is a endless and meaningless succession of show trials….It’s like we have gone back in a time capsule to the Clinton impeachment circus….in which a sitting president is CONVICTED of perjury…and still Walks…..

  • [2] June 30, 2015 at 9:28am

    Karl Rowe is Mr. Toad from the “Wind in the Willows..” Every time I see him squatting in an interview I keep expecting his tongue to dart out and capture a fly… His constant self satisfied smirk is utterly reptilian and shows for all to see…the cold, self absorbed…calculating evil that is his central core. Rowe is a political prostitute who’s sole diety is personal power… He will do anything…say anything and appear to be anything necessary to preserve and expand his own personal power. He is very similar to the Marvel Comic villian “the Kingpin..” who sits behind the scenes like the mob boss he is…and uses his soldiers and money to muscle his way into each and every decision being made.

    As such, Rowe is the spitting image of David Axlerod….astroturfing his way through one show trial after another…

    But remember…Karl is a political prostitute….and to understand a much follow the money trail to the pimp who controls the puppet strings… Like Obama, Rowe is utterly subservant to what we call “plutocrats..” ie those who use their billionaire resources to purchase statist governments through which they can use their puppets to enact boundary restrictions and guarantee profits through government fiat to protect and extend their monopolies…

    So in essence the human toad…is nothing more than a puppet…like Obama…run by the fat cats for their own benefit…while the rest of us get the shaft…

  • [6] June 30, 2015 at 9:16am

    Even the Wicked Witch of the West deserves her “castle…” Hillary and a broom….perfectly natural,…

  • [157] June 30, 2015 at 9:11am

    Pure unadulterated “astroturf..” We forget…and use the euphanisms… “Community Organizer..” “Activist…” President Obama is a front man for a rather diabolical group of Cloward and Piven communist radical activists. Right out of “Rules for Radicals…” Here we have the astroturfed communist radical racist activists generating the bottom up riots and disorder that causes the 80 percent of the uninvolved public to call for more forceful control by the central government to preserve their personal safety. Since the government is controlled by the radical moles inserted by Soros’s organization through Obama’s actions….this gives them the fear based push to create through martial law a Amerikan version of a fascist police state. They have been setting this up for almost 7 years now….and this manufactured race war is all their product.

    Smell the sewer gas people…our American Republic is dead now….unless we through our states stand firm and call for a new constitutional convention… We will be goosestepping with the rest of Soros’ new brown shirts….while Georgie uses his hedge funds to raid the value from our pensions and fixed incomes when the dollar free falls ….

    Ahhh….sorry…did I wakie you from your nappie….Ah….go on back to sleep…for a little while….untill the “brown shirts” crystalnicht your local church for preaching the gospel…. Welcome to the new Obama/Soros Amerikan Peoples Republic…

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  • [492] June 26, 2015 at 12:24pm

    As a Christian, I am appalled…Yes I love the homosexuals as people…but hate that sin…just like sex outside of marriage, cursing..etc. Homosexuality is not a genetic imperative…there is absolutely no scientific basis for that finding…just thinly disguised activist propoganda. This one is absolutely one of the worst decisions in SCOTUS history…and worse than the dred scott decision, Make no mistake, this is about children…this legitimizes the predatory use of third world breeding factories to supply the children for homosexual unions….This opens the door for ANYTHING to be viewed as marriage…now you will have polyandry, pologemy, marriage with animals and humans…etc…because once you leave the scriptural concepts of marriage that have existed for over 6 thousand years…you create a wasteland based on popular opinion rather than divine principle…

    With this one, we reach the final stage of moral implosion…with this we will rapidly see open persecution of Christian pastors who preach the open truth from scripture on this subject as being the newly adopted term “homophobe”…whatever that waste of words defines it as at least.

    This one confirms the end of the American Republic….there will be no more freedom of speech, freedom of religion…Our founding fathers expressed this nightmare in the Federalist Papers…a tyrannical central government …that will break eggs soon to make their utopian omlet..

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  • [2] June 26, 2015 at 5:40am

    Actually the Confederated States of America was the first government set up after the American Revolution…it was replaced about 10 years later by a constitutional convention that drafted a more statist government because the Confederated states could not agree to stabilize the currency… The south rejected the Northern Led US government and opted to return to the original confederacy form that predated the constitution…and the North rejected this action…called them rebels and invaded the Southern states to force their compliance. Most of the leading southerners like Robert E. Lee were actually against slavery….but they fought to protect their State against this armed invasion. While the slavery issue was also important…the role of States in the Constutional republic that had increasingly abandoned its constitutional responsibilities was also a prime determinant in this matter.

  • [66] June 26, 2015 at 5:28am

    I just LOVE this guy….this wheelchair bound grey haired gentleman has more balls that Regan, Bushes, and the rest of the current RINOS put together. Abbott is one hundred percent about PRINCIPLE… And this is yet another principled stand designed to shake up the progressive train…

    Yes we have problems in Texas…but we seem to surface creative principled men in addition to our Bushes…. and he reflects the common sense conservative populace of Texas…who realize that there is just so much we can suffer from the current Washington Political Elite…before we either begin or spearhead a State led political revolt against these progressives… Our current Washington elite has set up a Fascist State…in which both the legislative and Judicial branches have abandoned their Constitutional checks on Executive overreach… The Statists now run everything in Washington…ignoring the expressed desires of over 70 percent of the electorate over and over again. Time for a new constitutional convention and time to send the current office holders including the Supreme Court on a permanent vacation.

  • [7] June 25, 2015 at 2:25pm

    Nice to see a fool dancing in motley and cap of bells…. Read my post above you fool…the Constutional Republic our founding fathers and successive generations have spilt their blood to protect is now DEAD… Both the Judiciary and Legislative Branches have repeatedly bent the knee in fealty to their new Tyrant (one man rule) President/Imperator Obama… What we now have is a fascist police state with powers to directly track every single citizen that Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin would stand amazed at.. But make no mistake…Obama and his fools are only interested in implementing their own UTOPIA….anyone who disagrees with that vision will be either be locked up in our modern version of concentration camps…or judicially murdered…by our own new secret police (the TSA and NSA…

    That is what we are all morning here fool…you might want to get your blinders off because the current policies are specifically designed to make our plutocratic class exceptionally rich…by screwing over the poor and middle class.. Follow the money trails…every single action Obama has ever done has been smoke screen stuff…in which these billionaires use this puppet to do executive orders that enable them to use the police powers of the USA to further guarantee their monopolies….

    Tthe 17 trillion dollar debt with this decision will continue to exponentially increase…leading to USA bankruptcy in 5 years or so.. Have fun with that fool,,

  • [40] June 25, 2015 at 2:14pm

    Yep…Roberts is now the political whore in chief….Clinton/Obama’s activist FBI probably dug deep and found some dirt on Roberts or his family…Roberts prostitutes himself for personal protection from the extortionist Obama Administration.

    This is the final fork in the Christmas turkey…our Constutional Republic is now dead…and Roberts stuck the fork in with this decision. History repeats itself Our American Republic has now followed the previous French and Roman models…. We now have our imperator president…in place of Napoleon/Caesar/Stalin/Hitler….we have Comrade Obama…a tyrant now..(one man rule) both the legislative and judiciary branches have utterly abandoned their constitutional role as checks to this tyranny…and now daily bow the knee in feality to the new American Imperator.

    We will now reap what we have sown…We are now a Fascist Police state….our ruler is following rather exactly the methodology laid out in both Mein Kamph, and the Communist Manifesto…and of course Rules for Radicals…He has become Adolph Hitler/Joseph Stallin.Mao Tse Tung…with a black skin… He substutes different groups for the “others”…but make no mistake about this…monsters like Obama/Clinton…try to implement utopia by “breaking eggs” ie the people who disagree with their vision…by either locking them up in concentration camps…or outright judicial murder… Time to start “watering the tree of liberty with the blood of martyrs and TYRANTS…”

  • [90] June 25, 2015 at 2:03pm

    Beck is correct on this one…put a fork in it our constitutional republic is DONE. With this decision the Judicial Branch has officially abandoned the very constitution that they swore to uphold…Instead this decision to uphold their original decision…is founded not on the constitutional delegated powers…but the Supreme Court REWRITING a passed piece of legislation instead of referring said piece of Law BACK to the LEGISLATURE for their action and the PEOPLE’s concurrence. This decision leaves us with rather naked TYRANNY(One Man RULE)…the President is now an Imperator on the old Roman Model… Both the Legislative and Judiciary branches have utterly abandoned their mandated congressional functions to OBAMA and his predicessors…once this is set…which it now has with this action…the Republic is DEAD… What we are left with is a statist central government…like Napoleon’s Imperium…and the Roman Imperium which will become a formal King/Aristocracy in all but name… Right now we have a Fascist police state…with Obama in the place of Adolf Hitler/Joesph Stalin…

    What I absolutely cannot fathom is what turned Roberts…the Obama/Clinton FBI must have some really nice dirt on this political whore…who was supposed to be a strict constructionist.

    As Thomas Jefferson stated: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” There is no compromise anymore…total reset time….

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  • [9] June 22, 2015 at 6:21pm

    Interesting…a agnostic islamic nut case giving a eulogy for a Christian Pastor…..

  • [9] June 22, 2015 at 6:16pm

    How about the president of the United States….got enough space in your Gulag Piers for a president who uses the “N” word….

    No?? ah well Piers…put your cap of bells back on and dance and prance your fool’s dance before the court of the Crimson King…

  • [3] June 22, 2015 at 6:12pm

    Have relatives that served Texas honorably during the War between the States. What I do NOT see is how this has been called a “Republican” issue… The Democrats set up the Confederate Southern Government…supported it….created the Confederate battle hymns….fought for the south during the War between the States….waited out the 10 years of REPUBLICAN reconstruction…then instituted the Jim Crow laws that made the fate of the antebellum ex slaves WORSE that the slave status before the Civil war….and created a LARGER plantation system using the government supported prison system and Jim Crow laws…that existed up until AFTER WW2.

    So the Republicans should merely politely point out these historical facts to our Democratic Friends…and stand aside …with offers to assist our Democratic collegues as they address the problem they originally created.

  • [3] June 22, 2015 at 6:05pm

    Like Deadfish Emanuel used to say” “Never waste a good crisis…” Standard Cloward and Piven bait and switch play…

  • [16] June 22, 2015 at 6:02pm

    If you like MSNBC…you will probably like the new FOX news division. Remember Murdock senior started “moderating” that division about 4 years ago as a rather obvious back room deal with the british and american governments to keep them from pursuing their SkyNews Show Trials… Murdock’s response was to change the news format…dump Beck….and hire a new news director who was a Hillary bundler. Now Ross Murdock has retired…leaving the Fox empire to his two sons who are noted for leaning rather progressive left themselves. Word on the streets is that the two sons will move Fox into a clone of the major news media…

    Thus, you better appreciate what you have here with the blaze because is is soon to be ALL you got if you are conservative… The PURGE is on people….

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  • [4] June 22, 2015 at 9:41am

    In Texas, we don’t need math for monsters like that….simply a good oak branch, a rope, and a good jerk….cheap…efficient….permanent.

  • [33] June 22, 2015 at 9:26am

    It’s rather simple…Comrade Obama…and the people pulling the puppet’s strings…derive their inspiration from the French rather than the American Revolutions…They are the “enlightened” who are working rather hard to implement their version of the “perfect” state …or Utopia. As with all of these type of revolutionary groups…they must impose this vision upon a populace in which about 70 percent do not care…15 percent are true believers with them and 15 percent disagree. This always forces them to use the police power of the state to ferret out the 15 percent who disagree and will never submit using a form of secret police…and use the police power of the state to lock them up and or judicially murder them in “concentration camps.” It’s an old story repeated throughout thousands of years and hundreds of civilizations….

    Obama is simply implementing the criteria of black liberation theology…a government backed race war writ large….in which our American Republic is replaced by a tyrannical (one man rule) system which enables a small minority of the “enlightened” to force the rest of the population to adhere to their utopian standards..

    Just a hint…this kind of fascist/statist/Stalinist police state never ends well…

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  • [2] June 22, 2015 at 9:14am

    Nice…typical ignorant drivel…when you cannot argue your point…you immediately engage in an ad hominem attack… We criticize Comrade Obama for is utterly inane and destructive actions…that have during the past 7 years have led to disaster after clueless disaster whic has begun to unravel the very cultural/religious consensus that we have long understood is the “American Way..” Comrade Obama’s actions have shown that he and the people who pull his puppet strings are working very hard to dismantle our constitutional republic in favor of a rather outright tyrannical (one man rule) form of governing in which they can ignore the popular consensus in favor of dictatorial rule… In this respect.. these individuals draw their wellsprings from the French rather than the American Revolution. They are trying to implement a utopian dream and, as shown in all revolutions based on this premise…70 percent of the public do not care….15 percent are with you and about 15 percent are against you.. To implement this kind of rule…you always have to ferret out the dissenters through a secret police apparatus…and either lock them up or judicially murder them (concentration camps)…

    What you REALLY are promoting…whether you understand it or not…is that our Republic be transformed by the “enlightened” into yet another NAZI fascist police state…in all but name….

  • [2] June 22, 2015 at 8:58am

    It is not about your personal “choice” … it’s all about protecting children and young boy’s in an environment that places young impressionable boys in a close relationship with male adult roll models. That must be an utterly safe…protected environment. NO parent of a young boy that is worthy of the name parent..would ever trust a man that is attracted to other men/boys in that environment.

    Of course we go to extraordinary measures to ensure that that man/boy mentoring relationship is utterly safe and one of trust…else the very patterning that is the objective of that environment CANNOT occur.

    It’s about the SAFETY of the boys in that environment you selfish jerk…your stupid “RIGHTS” have absolutely NOTHING to do with this entire discussion.

  • [2] June 22, 2015 at 8:44am

    Homosexuality is a personal choice. There is absolutely no reliable Scientific research supporting the widely distributed and false genetic argument. As a choice, it has the same status as any other seriously stupid perversion…like child molesting, adultery, and murder.

    And that choice carry’s consequences….such as the exponential risk of communicable disease stemming from anal sex….the utter obliteration of natural mother father child patterning in a homosexual “marriage…” and on and on.

    Thus homosexuality is not natural or predetermined ….it is a personal choice…or perversion…

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