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  • April 15, 2014 at 10:02am

    This is always how it falls apart…

    Harry, Nancy, and Barack are useful idiots…but they are all mobsters. And like all mobsters they start believing in their own bull. Combine that with greed and they will always overreach…overextend… When that is fully realized…they implode…because they are not bullet-proof. They have power only because their minions and soldiers believe that their patron is invincible…is a law unto themselves. When that patron overextends….that law begins to act upon that boss….and the rats turn….after all they are spineless rats…who always look out for themselves.

    Harry is titular figurehead of a rather entrenched Nevada. His son is the county commissioner, and his previous head of staff is now running the BLM and another one is doing Fish and Wildlife. Harry’s boys gave these crooked fools swat teams…and its Ruby Ridge/Waco all over again…

    Only problem is that Americans hate blatantly displayed injustice…and this Nevada thing is just too blatant…obvious…and Harry and his machine too blatantly exposed.

    This is just one of the major ******….in that armor…and each ***** now is being probed…soon those pointed exposees will bear fruit…and the whole Reed, Obama, Nancy house of cards will implode….

    They are soon to become irrelevant as the National debate passes these mobsters by….

    Course by that time…these three abandoned mobsters will be viewing things from behind bars…

  • April 11, 2014 at 8:49pm

    Well…goes to prove that Saudi’s can piss away oil money on something less tangible than day glow orange painted Greek statues……..

  • April 11, 2014 at 8:39pm

    Couple of basic observations…
    1. George Will is part of Washington…for good or bad he views everything with “beltway blinders” firmly in place. If he “gets” it it is only when he gains those intermittent insights that we on the outside take for granted…its called “reality.”
    2. The Republican and Democratic establishments…now work from the same playbook… Why? Because they derive their funding from the same pots…Soros and his fellow Crony Capitalists Remember George Soros…has been tunneling into and subverting American Politcs since the mid 80′s He originally linked what we now call crony capitalists with craven politicians like B.ill and Hillary. His people created what we now call the American Left…which is pure marxist. Obama is merely the latest front man for the Soros organization.
    3. Soros has been playing both sides since the mid 90′s.. Yes the Coke brothers get a lot of flack…but frankly Soros has been running and funding BOTH sides since about 2002 or so. That’s why we have seen a running stream of implosion level candidates like Dole, McCain, and Romney that are dumped on us by the big money crony capitalists.
    4. NOTHING will change significantly…until we reach bottom…hard bottom… Our problem is not politics…its our hearts….until we cry out.. hold out our empty hands..and get them filled…by God We will continue to reap what we sow..

    The rest is political that spouted by Mr. Will..

  • April 8, 2014 at 10:05pm

    LOL…this is “gentle…and I mean very gentle man….George Boehner who is well noted for his long running dissociation between tough talk and utter submission to everything that Obama requests. As the well know phrase says…Talk is Cheap….and they don’t come any Cheaper than Gentle…man George.

    So expect a great deal of posturing…and absolutely no follow through whatsoever…after all this is the well rutted track gentle…man George has followed for the past 6 years now…

    As the bible so clearly states…”You reap…what you sow.” We told God to take a hike…and he has hiked…and lifted His protecting hand from us…. Obama, Reed, and all the clowns in leadership positions in the Republican party…are the result… and the days just get darker and darker…

  • April 8, 2014 at 9:50pm

    “Illegality” in an Obama…..Reminds me of the Casablanca quote of Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here! ..”

  • April 8, 2014 at 9:45pm

    This is the direct result of crooked elections in Nevada that returned that jerk to head the Senate. In any remotely honorable period…Defunding the DOJ…and impeaching and removing Obama and Holder his pet Attorney General…would be a slam dunk… But Dingy Harry kept his speakership and majority in the Senate…and the Republican Leadership in the house is “moderate” (Moderate: a term used for applied to a political eunuch).

    But it is WE the American people who need to rise up…and wipe this refuse/spittle from the face of Lady Liberty….scum like Reed, Boehner, Schumer, etc…need to wiped clean with the fire hose of ballot box disgust… Time to stop talking…and start WORKING!!!

    Clean house America…because we are surrounded by nations who hate our guts…and are using this weakness to move…

    Crystal Nicht is near…if you sit on your hands and let it come…

  • April 8, 2014 at 9:33pm

    When will you fools GET IT!!

    Discussing the merits of Barack Hussein Obama…ie Barry Sweito is about as worthless as complaining bout the weather.

    Barack Obama is a talking head…PERIOD!! He has no skills whatsoever other than reading a fricking teleprompter and convincing a TV audience that every word comes from his “heart.” Yes he is a narcissistic jerk..just like most TV anchormen talking heads. He is just like Bill Clinton…his mentor.

    Obama is and always has been irrelevant…It’s the organization behind him organized and funded by monsters like George Soros….that are the big deal…. Obama…Clinton and all the other talking heads are merely front men…easily surfaced and just as easily discarded and replaced. Soros has been doing this for about thirty years now…starting his USA bid with the Clintons.

    Remember…complaining about that fool Obama is a waste of time…because its the hydra behind him that is the real evil. Focus upon Soros…and the secret party….and remember that Communism is based on a state guaranteed monopoly…That’s why monopolists like Arman Hammer sought out the Russians…they used the police power of the state to guarantee a profit and eliminate competition…Now we see the same thing in America with Obama, Soros, Buffet an all the crony capitalists/communists…

    Time for the “blood of martyrs to water the tree of liberty”…to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson….

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  • April 8, 2014 at 2:35pm

    One more comment….

    This is lacrosse…frankly my dear…who cares…. Yes the coaches are crooked…it goes with the turf…You think this is bad…come with me to the university level where those coaches are part of a system that pulls in hundreds of millions of dollars into the system.

    In Texas two things elect school boards….Good sport teams that win regionals/state championships….and an “exceptional” ranking on the state tests. The sports obsession results in virtually ALL capital expenditures being directed towards towering new stadiums/gyms/natoriums…and other utterly useless manure.

    The “exceptional” desire…results in all school time being directed towards goosing students towards acing the State Tests…you learn how to take a test…period.. The students become relatively ignorant white termites in a very large nest….they learn to do EXACTLY what they are told… No higher level thinking skills whatsoever.

    This is reality….a school board that does not keep this forefront and center…will be voted out the net election. Thus you have a self perpetuating prophesy here…and a majority of mindless bubba jocks…. “Leaders” you say….in past generations they more accurately termed them “cannon fodder…”

    Take note America…Rome followed the same course….and the citizens became so very stupid…that they opened the gates to the Vandals…thinking that they would save them…LOL!!

  • April 8, 2014 at 2:23pm

    Rome when it was in free fall had the same anal fascination with sporting heroes….only they were gladiators…posters…wall grafitti etc show virtually an identical pattern to this fanatical pattern of sports fixation.

    Yea the coaches are crooked….but really people…who CARES!!! As an educator…I am SICK and tired of the anal fixation with attack helicopter parents living their lives out through their “sport hero” sons and daughters. In Texas that translates into an education system that is run by “Gladiator” trainers….ie coaches.. For example…Athen’s High School (in a mickey mouse town) has over 25 FOOTBALL coaches on staff…all of which have high salaries…made up by displacing valid instructors in virtually every disipline …25 coaches who have little training…who coach full time while siting in class taking up the position of a valid teacher… 80 percent of their base salary comes from this displacement…with a small extra stipend. The result…fundamentally IGNORANT students…being graduated.

    Worse…coaches retire to become asst principles…then principles…then asst superintendants…and finally superintendants… The whole educational system is filled with good ole boy male and female ex coaches who enhance and perpetuate the system. It just gets worse and worse.

    So forgive me when I say I am not suprised…the system is totally corrupt….this is merely the small tip of a very large iceberg…

  • April 8, 2014 at 2:11pm

    Been doing environmental for over 40 years…Did the first EIS back in 1974-5. Seen a lot of this kind of invented EPA/BLM/FWS land grab crap over that period. Always comes from some marginal rat, minnow, or turtle defined by the EPA lawyers as “endangered” or threatened. Remember EPA has NO scientists whatsoever…it’s ALWAYS been filled with environmental extremist/Ghia loving radicals…and a compliant congress has given them almost unlimited powers to condemn your land.

    That’s where the root of this bs comes from…they took this rancher’s right to graze cattle to protect some marginal turtle…that has lived on that land in perfect harmony with those generations of ranchers for over 200 years.

    Now with the socialist/fascist police state that Comrade Obama has created…they are setting up yet another Waco/Ruby ridge…gonna grab some headlines…and spin the media so that this simple country boy rancher living on the naked edge…is now spun as a fat cat rancher….

    Welkome to the New Environmental SS….with snipers/swat hit squads…etc…

    Can you define “free fall” any better….??

  • April 3, 2014 at 8:33am

    Two key facts:
    1. He is CIA…and as CIA will lie convincingly about absolutely ANYTHING…
    2. He has left CIA…and is currently employed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign machine…

    The man is a political prostitute…paid by the Soros machine running this country…. and like all prostitutes…will say and do anything to keep that trick.

  • April 3, 2014 at 8:25am

    Basics here people…

    Barack Hussein Obama is a talking head…PERIOD! He is not sociopatic….he is simply a carbon copy of all the talking head newscasters all through the media…its why all those “journalists” love him…He is exactly the type of airhead that the media circus selects for.

    He doesn’t care …because He has absolutely no imput …his sole mission and job is to read that teleprompter….PERIOD.

    He is merely the latest talking head to surface from the “organization” created by George Soros in the mid 1980′s when he tunneled into the Democratic party, matched Big Money crooks with crooked politicians. The result of this was Bill and Hillary Clinton. Obama surfaced when they found out that 54 percent of the American voting public hate Hillary’s guts..they switched horses to ghe Obama minstrel show in the 2008 election for that reason alone.

    The organization runs the whole show….they merely surface the talking heads to front the message.

    Thus Comrade Obama is merely a disposable tool…You use him…and when he gets dull…replace him with a newer sharper tool.

    That’s why complaining about Obama is utterly irrelevant….you need to FOCUS on the real power…that organization BEHIND the TOOL!!! When Obama vanishes in utter irrelevancy….that organization will continue…grow…and put forth yet another talking head….

  • September 26, 2013 at 1:30am

    The little twerp is a spoiled BRAT…but regardless…that school is totally out of control. First I would find a decent lawyer and take this school district and its out of control comilib administration directly to court…and ask for punitive damages….yes punitive because it’s about time somebody ate them UP! The school district has absolutely NO jurisdiction on private property whatsoever….that kid was using a Wall Mart air gun on their own property…A school district that has ANY objection to that issue is basically a dead man walking…a low hanging fruit ….for a predatory court suit. It’s time to award these commilib fools the fruit of their labors….SUE THESE FOOLS FOR MILLIONS IN PUNATIVE DAMAGES!

    That’s how you finally silence idiotic bull like this forever!

  • September 26, 2013 at 1:24am

    Gotta be getting tough for the sycophantic worm to keep spouting the fantasies of our own version of Louie XVI… Marie Antoinette personified in the wife Michelle….even a total political WHORE like this has come well buried level of common decency buried under all that bull ****. Even Carny has limits…and WOW he must be dying inside….

    Hopethat interior dialogue becomes exterior….

  • September 26, 2013 at 1:19am

    JohnMccain..the “Maverick” read John the “Maverick” ….read John the political “WHORE.: Thank God we did not elect this poitical whore president. He is and always has been ONLY about number 1. There is no other satellite…no other star or sun in McCain’s universe except himself. John McCain does not discuss…he engages only speaks to himself, by himself…and for himself. He is the ultimate narcissist… and the FOOLS in Arizona keep electing this senile traitor…this Communist sycophant to the Senate,… PATHETIC…


  • August 21, 2013 at 11:54pm

    Why do you waste your time attributing anything to Comrade Obama. He is unique. Obama is the first prime time talking head teleprompter reader to serve in the role of president. He one and only skill is reading someone else’s script and convincing useful idiots of his “sincerity.”

    He couldn’t care less…He is a self absorbed narcissist… who does his “job” of reading those prepared scripts…and spending as much time as possible by himself playing golf…and recreating.

    Stop attributing anything to this clown….and understand that this clown puppet…this prattling dancing fool draped in motley and bells…is run by George Soros…..

    Spend your time looking to the puppet master and not the marionette….

    Then be afraid….be VERY AFRAID…..because Soros….is darkly evil…..and stark cold-eyed…rational insane….and brilliant. Like his mentor….George parades in beautiful robes….and destroys entire nations at will.

    He has been working on his biggest project for over twenty years now….and its just about time to stick a fork in the American turkey….it’s just about done…

  • August 21, 2013 at 11:42pm

    I remember….

    I remember my childhood in New Orleans during the 1950′s. I remember the hatred and loathing of my white peers towards those n******. I remember being puzzled why black people were hated…why people hated others just because of their skin…

    I am an old man now….and have lived through a lot of this history. I live in east Texas now…were racism is long past…. I teach and my better students are the minorities that were so very denigrated before….

    But I also watch the deadly virus of “political correctness”…that disease we lifted straight from the politbureau communists of a prior generation…become the norm. I watched the concept of God’s truth disintegrate in our culture into relativistic nonsense just like it did in our predecessor Rome.

    And I see now that hate is hate regardless of the outward trappings….now the roles are reversed…. We see the black minority adopting the rhetoric and lies of their previous oppressors… We see Rev Wright, Obama, and Holder spout forth….but their actions …their “change” is nothing new ….

    Its the same old story….all over again….a man’s character is still determined by the color of his skin…

    Only this time….the KKK wears black…..

    Martin Luther King looks down from heaven… dumbfounded….his successors have become the oppressors…. Every truth he so clearly articulated has become the justification of the new “Social Justice” police state….

  • August 21, 2013 at 11:26pm

    Animals…no conscience…no decency…the refined essence of the new American society spouted by the thug in chief…

    But aside from all that…

    I have watched this grow. In the 1980′s we saw this begin in Fort Worth/Dallas…I removed my high school freshman daughter from a local high school because the local leader of the Crips eyed my daughter…tried to assert his unilateral “ownership” in the middle of a high school class. That my daughter and I were astounded was a given. I went to the high school principal…and found that this thug…with a very large record…had “rights” and that the said principal could not abridge those rights… This high school Crip leader was minority…and had more rights than my white daughter…. That the school could do nothing whatsoever to abridge those “rights” which seemed to include sexual harassment up to outright rape during school.

    Needless to say…I removed my daughter…who is now happily married to a great guy and I have three wonderful grandchildren…

    But the “empowerment” is doublespeak for empowering these sociopathic monsters to do anything they damn well please…including rape….murder….whatever. There are NO consequences…all that crap about “no tolerance” does not apply to minorities…. It is simply more doublespeak….Read Ref. Wright….read Obama….read Holder…watch their actions and learn from them.

    We live now in a culture where the new KKK wears black robes.

  • August 12, 2013 at 6:10pm

    With this group of Chicago thugs….when they get caught with their hand in the governmental cookie jar…they appoint a commission…then they lie….then they lie some more….then they lean on their Pravda buddies to doublespeak …and spike any followup stories…

    Here we have the worst intrusion of personal freedom in the history of the American Republic…in which these communist thugs are very obviously perverting this system to refresh their dirt files on every single major political opponent…every single media figure….every single Sara Palin or Marco Rubio style threat figure…. Then they use those files to blackmail these individuals into compliance…. You wonder why we see a Republican leadership that is more progressive than the Democrats…its simple…they have rigged this system since Hillary obtained the J.Edgar Hoover dirt files from the politicized FBI in the 1990′s…..

    This is merely expanding, entrenching, and making permanent this debauched…demonic…and detestable Gestapo/KGB police state….

    And we sit….watch…reach for some more chips….and let our freedom slip away….for “comfort” and “security.”

    “this is the way the world ends…
    this is the way the world ends…
    this is the way the world ends…
    not with a bang but a whimper…”

  • August 12, 2013 at 8:14am

    Lets see….so many choices in this post-modern world of official government talking head “spin.” Do I choose their first statement that they do absolutely no monitoring of domestic electronic communication….or the next one that “well some of it…” or the next one “well we sometimes inadvertently suck up all of it….” or …on and on…and on and on…

    How do you tell if ANYONE in the Obama zampolits pool are lying….”their lips are moving.”

    This is Chicago mobster politics writ large ….this is them using every possible lever to create one man rule.. one that is worse than George Orwell ever contemplated.

    Why do all the “leaders” in both parties let this crap continue? Simple…the ultra libs…funded and orchestrated by George Soros since he tunneled into the Dem party…eventually ordained Bill Clinton as the feckless political whore that would do his bidding…and Bill got J.Edgar Hoover’s secret dirt files on EVERYONE in washington and the press… They have built…like little ants…carefully…upon that base…and have now a monitoring system that sucks in ALL data and super computers to check the stuff…

    It’s not about “terrorism” fools….its simple….its about controlling the media and politicians through “BLACKMAIL!” That’s what is behind the pravda like move to the radical left that has occurred since the 1990′s….

    About as subtle as a whore in church…

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