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  • July 25, 2014 at 1:51am

    I faintly remember reading an article sometime back where they were able to regrow a finger. Maybe there is some such thing that can be done for him.

    Seriously, is this real? Even the biggest dolt wouldn’t do that. If this is real, then the doctor should have his medical license taken away. No ifs or buts.

  • July 25, 2014 at 1:23am

    You can thank the Obama-Kerry-Clinton rogues for arming the al Qaeda/ISIS and al Nusra in Syria to get rid of Assad, which have now spilled over into Iraq and reinvented themselves as IS to commit their atrocities there. This never would have happened if Obama-Clinton hadn’t meddled in Egypt and installed the Muslim Brotherhood thugs there (now ousted by the Egyptians), then in their “Reponsibility to Protect” and using the Reponsibility to Protect Doctrine (written by Samantha Power and financed by George Soros) armed the al Qaeda in Libya to get rid of Gadhafi, and then from Libya, via Syria, armed the al Qaeda in Syria!

    This purging of the Christians in all these countries have resulted in their devil’s work! Of course, they are safe in their multi-million dollar mansions, away from the chaos they have created.

    How they can sleep at night is beyond me, knowing that they have the deaths of upward of 250,000 people on their bloodied hands. Of course, they are sociopaths and they don’t have a conscience. And, they’ve lost their souls long ago. For Progressives aka Fabian Socialist globalists, the ends always justify the means.

    Like all good Alinsky-type revolutionaries they need rivers of blood in the streets to make them happy.

  • July 23, 2014 at 11:24pm

    Thanks. I’ll look for it, though a link might help.

  • July 23, 2014 at 11:19pm

    India is one such country where the Hindus are very industrious people. They don’t sit around saying poor me. They work hard to achieve a decent living. They don’t look for America to give them a hand-out. These are the kind of people we should be encouraging to come to our country. Not the takers.

    And, for some reason, we haven’t allied with India. Why? Why do we choose to ally with Pakistan instead? Where they are harboring the terrorists who persecute their own people on a daily basis, and who stone their women and make them invisible. Our allegiances are totally skewed.

    They say that politics make strange bedfellows. But only because the politcians are in it for power, and not for the advancement of the human condition. And as we all know power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is time we vote for those people who are willing to serve we the people, and who represent our values and our principles which have given us hundreds of years of stability.

    The Founders gave us the best possible government on earth, with the best possible amount of freedom. What we have done is taken it for granted and allowed these corrupt politicians to take our freedoms bit by bit, drip by drip. If we go into the dark ages then we only have ourselves to blame. If you don’t oppose big government for yourself, do it for your children. Because all big government leads to death by government in the end! History proves it.

  • July 23, 2014 at 11:03pm

    I have absolutely no sympathy for a mother who would leave her own young son to fend for himself and then come to America illegally. What I have much sympathy for is the son who was abandoned by his mother. Painting these mothers as victims is an absolutely wrong way to go. What they have done is enabled the drug cartels, and whoever else, to victimize their own children.

    I do have sympathy only for those mothers who come here with their children looking for a new life. But only those who do it the legal way. Reforming the existing immigration system is the right way to go, to accomodate those who truly have a reason to leave their countries.

    Somehow these people think that coming to America is the panacea they are looking for, when what they should be looking for is changing the conditions in their own countries so that life could be better. America providing the crutch for these people not to make any changes in their own countries of origin, is NOT doing them a favor. It is enabling them not to fight the existing corrupt politicians in their own countries, and then bringing the same corruption to America to deal with.

    To change politicians who use and abuse America our tax dollars should only be given to those politicians who work to achieve self-sufficiency and beneficial interaction. Case in point, this Obama mafia signed an agreement with Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas-friendly Qatar for $11 billion! There is no benefit in rewarding Islamists who want to kill you!

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  • [1] July 23, 2014 at 10:39pm

    Who is Peter Sutherland? Have you heard of him? Well, Peter Sutherland is said to be the architect of the Gulf Oil spill, who was the CEO of BP from 1996-2009. In 2009, he resigned from BP and took a non-executive position at Goldman Sachs less than a year before the Gulf Oil spill. Now fast forward to this Immigration Crisis at the border where tens of thousands of children are crossing our Southern border and are now in refugee camps, sorted by age. It was Peter Sutherland who was appointed special representative on the United Nations International Migration and Development. And the plot thickens, because if this “humanitarian crisis” (as Obama recently called it and never visited the border and refuses to let anyone photograph anything that is going on there in the Refugee Camps) gets worse and children start to die, well guess who will be called to intervene? Well, yes, you guessed it, Peter Sutherland to the rescue, from the UN International Migration and Development! The UN in America, and an excuse for Marshal Law and gun confiscation and everything else that goes along with Marshal Law.

    Read the story here:

    Meet Peter Sutherland of the UNIMD:

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  • [1] July 21, 2014 at 11:31pm

    Ah, yes. I do believe that what Poroshenko called the Russian-speaking Ukrainians in E. Ukraine. It’s interesting that he would call them “terrorists” when he was EU-US-installed after a violent coup!

  • [4] July 21, 2014 at 11:27pm

    So, there’s no Ukrainian Russian-speaking rebels there then? Ukrainians that might have been opposed to the EU-US-installed government in Kiev which occurred after an illegal coup, remember?

    Do you remember the blonde with the braid Ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko? She was caught on tape saying that she would like to go and shoot all the Russian-speaking Ukrainians. She was released from prison hours after the illegal coup and the ousting of the duly-elected President Viktor Yanukovych. So, isn’t it possible that the Russian-speaking Ukrainians felt threatened by this EU-US-installed Kiev government that had committed a violent coup to gain power?

    Yulia Timoshenko – “Russians in Ukraine must be shot” a leaked phone call

  • [2] July 21, 2014 at 10:23pm

    They will not report that neither Russia nor the separatists in eastern Ukraine have anything to gain but everything to lose by shooting down a passenger liner full of civilians.

    They will not report that the Ukrainian government has much to gain by pinning the attack on Russia, and that the Ukrainian prime minister has already expressed his pleasure that Russia is being blamed for the attack.

    They will not report that the missile that apparently shot down the plane was from a sophisticated surface-to-air missile system that requires a good deal of training that the separatists do not have.

    They will not report that the separatists in eastern Ukraine have inflicted considerable losses on the Ukrainian government in the week before the plane was downed.

    They will not report how similar this is to last summer’s US claim that the Assad government in Syria had used poison gas against civilians in Ghouta. Assad was also gaining the upper hand in his struggle with US-backed rebels and the US claimed that the attack came from Syrian government positions. Then, US claims led us to the brink of another war in the Middle East. At the last minute public opposition forced Obama to back down – and we have learned since then that US claims about the gas attack were false.

  • [3] July 21, 2014 at 10:21pm

    An excerpt from above article:

    While western media outlets rush to repeat government propaganda on the event, there are a few things they will not report.

    They will not report that the crisis in Ukraine started late last year, when EU and US-supported protesters plotted the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych. Without US-sponsored “regime change,” it is unlikely that hundreds would have been killed in the unrest that followed. Nor would the Malaysian Airlines crash have happened.

    The media has reported that the plane must have been shot down by Russian forces or Russian-backed separatists, because the missile that reportedly brought down the plane was Russian made. But they will not report that the Ukrainian government also uses the exact same Russian-made weapons.

    They will not report that the post-coup government in Kiev has, according to OSCE monitors, killed 250 people in the breakaway Lugansk region since June, including 20 killed as government forces bombed the city center the day after the plane crash! Most of these are civilians and together they roughly equal the number killed in the plane crash. By contrast, Russia has killed no one in Ukraine, and the separatists have struck largely military, not civilian, targets.

    They will not report that the US has strongly backed the Ukrainian government in these attacks on civilians, which a State Department spokeswoman called “measured and moderate.”

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  • [1] July 21, 2014 at 10:15pm

    This is what all the pundits in the mainstream media in America and the West are NOT telling you about the shooting down of Malaysian Airline MH17.

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  • July 21, 2014 at 2:54pm


  • [2] July 21, 2014 at 2:50pm

    By the way, some are even reporting that these passenger’s bodies were decomposing immediately after impact! But what do you expect when somehow that Malaysian Airline disappeared from the face of the earth and was never found just a short while ago!

    And, what do you expect when we listen to these nincompoops in Washington DC who are saying the world is much better off since Obama tool ascended the throne? Haha. 200,000 Syrians are dead because of their urge to “protect” the world from Assad. Darn, what a bad guy he is, even after Pelosi’s little tete a tete with him? Libya is now taken over by the al Qaeda and black flags are hanging over the capitol buildings, and Gadhafi was dragged through the streets, and some say sodomized, and shot and four Americans, including an Ambassador dead, in their urgency to “protect.” And now al Qaeda aka ISIS aka ISIL aka IS has spilled over into Iraq and taken Mosul and other key cities in the NE and has now formed a Caliphate! Haha. And Kerry nincompoop global tool is now going to Egypt to garner a deal to stop Israel from going into Gaza to stop the Hamas terrorists from lobbing rockets at them! Haha. The world has never been better! And Obama tool has now orchestrated an invasion over our Southern border unimpeded by the brain-drained GOP nincompoops, who, of course, have our safety at the forefront of their agenda! Haha. Life is good in lala Washington DC and they have everything under control! Their agenda is being implemented

  • [3] July 21, 2014 at 2:29pm

    Haha. Do you think any of us are going to trust any of you guys? Is it a coincidence that this Malaysian airline is said to veer off it’s usual course, and not heed the warnings to stay away from the volatile area in E. Ukraine? Any airline would use their common sense in doing so! But, of course, not the Malaysian Airline. As if there wasn’t enough controversy over the last disappearance of a Malaysian Airline!

    Buck Sexton, ex-CIA, says it is irrefutable that this Malaysian airline was shot down by the people in E. Ukraine. I’d like to know how it is irrefutable! There are so many theories out there about what happened that it is really hard to know who is telling the truth, and who isn’t! And, the Imperial pResident came out and demanded that our investigators be allowed to examine the downed airplane, as if they would be impartial in their analysis!

    One of the questions I usually ask myself, is who has the most to gain from shooting down this Malaysian Airline? It’s obvious that the Kiev-installed government after the illegal coup has the most to gain. Already the people is E. Ukraine were being slaughtered by the EU-NATO-US-backed government in Kiev, and they needed more backing so that they could bring in NATO Enforcer to finish the job of exterminating their Kiev government opposition in Donetsk. Cleansing is what NATO does best! So what better way than creating some sort of incident. And, voila!

    Hillary’s insidious reset button PR gadget was starting

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  • [1] July 21, 2014 at 2:09am

    I suggest he go back to wind-surfing! At least then the only damage he can do is to himself.

  • [1] July 21, 2014 at 2:06am

    The fact that this traitor is representing America is enough for me to throw up. I remember him when he came back from his 4-month stint with the Swifties where he spent his time recommending himself for purple hearts, threw his medals over the fence, and then accused our troops of committing all kinds of atrocities. He sat there in front of some committee in Congress and lied through his teeth! And, now he’s the Secretary of State, supposedly representing we the people!

    Does America have any credibility left at all? I doubt it. It seems that all the “dear leaders” of the world are raving suicidal maniacs! Or, they are keeping these decades of wars going to get rid of all of us! You know? Reduce the population so that we will be easier to control, until they make themselves the gods they always thought they were!

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  • [2] July 21, 2014 at 1:51am

    I suggest that the Egyptians arrest John Hanoi Kerry for financing the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and Hamas then! The Obama mafia just signed an agreement with Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas friendly Qatar for $11 billion!

    It’s amazing that this man can show his face anywhere! What a hypocrite!

    This Obama-Kerry-Clinton retread regime takes the cake for their schizophrenic foreign policy! While our troops are sent to die and be maimed for supposedly “freeing” these Muslims from themselves they are also financing and arming them to continue their genocidal tendencies for allah.

    And they wonder why we don’t trust any of them anymore! Decades of war, for what? There’ll be nothing left for anyone to save soon. They’re all suicidal maniacs. And, I’m almost certain that the pundits and the global oligarchy of movers and shakers will already have our next nominees for pResident picked out for us, to carry on the same criminals policies for power!

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  • [1] July 21, 2014 at 1:29am

    Islam has come to our shores. And along with it brutal Sharia. And the Islamists will never be at peace until all the rest of us are dead, or we submit to being 3rd and 4th class non-citizens in our own country, submit, and pay the self-avowed Supremacists the jizya (Muslim tax)!

    And all our suicidal dhimmis in the West will apologize for them, and continue to collaborate with them, and arm them and finance them, to kill us. This Obama mafia government just signed an agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-friendly Qatar to give them $11 billion dollars of our hard-earned money!

    Congratulations Suckers! Continue to vote for the Progressives aka Fabian Socialist globalists who always ally with the Islamists. I’m sure down the road they’ll be more than happy to cut off the hand, or the head of one of your children or grandchildren somewhere down the road when they turn America into another Arab Hornet’s nest where life means nothing!

    I just viewed a video a day or two ago where this German Muslim Jihadi who had joined ISIS was sitting amidst 270 dead bodies in Syria! The panned the camera over their dead bodies and yelled alahu akbar! And a week or two ago I saw the same rebels in Syria, that this Obama government armed via Turkey from Benghazi, throw the dead bodies of the Syrians they killed down a pit in Syria! I’m sure you never heard about that, did you? The criminal MSM only selectively tells you the news. 200,000 dead in Syria to remove Assad!

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  • [64] July 21, 2014 at 12:59am

    RIP Max Steinberg and Nissim Sean Cameli. You have my deep respect.

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  • [11] July 21, 2014 at 12:47am

    Exactly! Hypocrites, all!

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