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  • July 23, 2012 at 10:16am

    I have no loyalty to PennState, my school was UM, ’nuff said. I have to agree w/ DEADBANG. First, Sandusky retired in ’99 and was no longer a coach under Paterno. Second, it was others in the University who allowed Sandusky further access to the facilities. Paterno appears to have had no say and was kept misinformed. These are facts in the report that some think point the finger at Paterno, when they in fact, may exonerate him. Yes, Paterno has said in hind sight that he probably should have called the police himself. However, I suspect that conclusion was drawn only after he realized that those running the university did nothing themselves. He made the mistake of trusting the systems in place, but is that really a mistake?

    For all these people who keep insisting that he should have fired Sandusky, well, when? He retired when the first allegations came out.

    Why is there no blame for those who personally witnessed these attacks? Why didn’t the janitors call the police? Why didn’t McQuery call the police. They ALL witnessed what was an illegal act taking place. Especially McQuery, why is there no outrage at him, other than he was not “THE” iconic figure at the university.

    In my view, by taking down the statue, it is continued action by the university officials to hang this on Paterno, when it was in fact there were numerous university officials and POLICE officials who didn’t follow up properly. As a result, the DA had nothing to charge Sandusky with.

  • January 30, 2012 at 12:54pm

    No, they cannot. Read the bill. See section1021(b)(1) and (2), 1021(e) and Section 1022(a)(2) and 1022(b)(1) and (2).