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  • November 9, 2012 at 5:47pm

    This is my first post on The Blaze, and I signed up to reply address someone who had complained about government workers. I just want to say– I am a government worker with a law enforcement position. When I stepped off a plane from my vacation on the night of Nov. 6, and found out Obama was re elected– I felt as if I had been sucker punched.

    There are conservatives, even ultra conservatives working in government– and I hate to see us all get glommed together like we are all just on some “work fare” program. We are subject to what trickles from the top– and not all of us agree with what is happening to our great nation.

    I watched a woman walking along with a young boy, about 9 or 10 years old, through the airport. I overheard her say: “Roe v. Wade, I didn’t want to lose that.” I was dumbfounded. First of all at due to what this implies to a male youngster who will no doubt become sexually active within the next 10 years– but second, that women would sell out their country in order to have their uterus scraped out after irresponsible sex. Do we women really have nothing better to offer our children, families, mates, society…our country?? Do we really see ourselves as having nothing better to offer than a bloody uterus? I am so happy I am not to be counted among these…

    Be encouraged– there do exist, people in Federal service who do see what is happening and who do not agree with it– who vote against socialism and liberal values….that is all I wanted