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  • [2] February 9, 2016 at 5:28pm

    $10 a barrel tax on oil…. I guess you don’t have to worry about the taxes on oil if you use other peoples money to fly around.

  • [1] February 9, 2016 at 4:55pm

    “A segment of the video was one component of a thoughtful discussion in which all viewpoints were encouraged.”

    I wonder what the discussion would be considered if the school presented the life bio of Senator Robert Byrd and how his version of diversity was and is still is embraced and venerated by the Democrat party?

  • February 4, 2016 at 12:06am

    Copy… paste… paste… paste… Trump is a loser

  • [-1] February 3, 2016 at 7:42am

    There is unrest in the forest
    There is trouble with the trees
    ’cause the maples want more sunlight
    and the oaks ignore their pleas

  • [-1] February 3, 2016 at 7:32am

    Winning! Trump, the Charlie Sheen of the Republican party.

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  • [6] February 3, 2016 at 7:26am

    During his speech inaugurating the tank, Hamas’ Izzedin Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Obeida warned the Islamic movement was “preparing ourselves for the day that we shall meet those [Israeli] tanks.”

    Let’s hope that is the tank design they sent to meet the Israeli tanks.

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  • [5] February 2, 2016 at 7:51am

    It is easy to support socialism if you cannot define it or if your definition is wrong.

  • [2] February 2, 2016 at 6:54am

    Inciting violence? What happens if someone is seriously injured or killed? Who Trump face murder charges?

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  • [483] January 31, 2016 at 10:06am

    So liberals are calling black people stupid, what else is new?

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  • [5] January 31, 2016 at 7:38am

    Interesting. The man who says he wants to destroy what America was doesn’t care that there has been a security breach that jeopardizes the destruction America… Go figure.

  • [2] January 29, 2016 at 8:49pm

    The new policy announced Friday drew praise from a gun-control group that says it has been urging Facebook to prohibit sales. Everytown for Gun Safety, which started with backing from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, says it found cases where felons who should not have been allowed to legally buy guns were able to buy one from unlicensed sellers on Facebook.

    That is no problem. There is a law on the books that they have to turn in their firearms, so no doubt they will.

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  • [1] January 29, 2016 at 6:51pm

    So writer John Haltiwanger immediately assumes that because they were carrying a kuran, they are suspected of terrorism? Hmmm… who is the racist here, Mr. John Haltiwanger?

  • [2] January 29, 2016 at 6:33pm

    It will be interesting to see if the faculty takes a paid days off for the dominant holidays. Personally, if I were a parent, I would require the faculty honor the demands of the principal, and then keep the kids home that day to celebrate the dominant holiday.

  • [3] January 27, 2016 at 11:33pm

    It did not look like he was able to beat the undefeated wrestler. He came in slow and clumsy and I think if the kid wanted to throw him, he could have. I did think the wrestler made it a little too easy, but he was the one in the match and probably knew he could smoke the kid… He probably knew how far this kid could go. As far as the DS kid goes, a win is a win and goes in the win file.

  • [6] January 27, 2016 at 8:13am

    incorruptible, uniter, patriotic

  • [8] January 25, 2016 at 6:47pm

    So, walking through a neighborhood with a cross is politically incorrect and insensitive, but physical abuse and threats is justifiable? Yeah, I think I get it. I wonder how it would be reported if the muslims walked through a Christian neighborhood and were pelted and heckled?

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  • [7] January 22, 2016 at 12:33am

    How did this argument work for obama?

  • [3] January 19, 2016 at 8:04am

    What bothers me is that nobody listens to the old stuff we grew up on. In the eighties, the radio stations I listened to played the 60′s and 70′s and 80′s and even some 50′s music. Kids today are missing out on really great music because of the attitude they are being taught that the newer is always better… except many times it isn’t.

  • [-1] January 19, 2016 at 6:43am

    Cruz is the enemy. Hillary Clinton is the goal.

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  • [1] January 18, 2016 at 7:34pm

    I see a business opportunity. All those Muslims who think it is a problem should start their own company and give everybody there all the time they need to prey each day… Everybody wins. The Americans can be forced to work for the time they are scheduled to work and the muslims (and anybody else that wanted a lot of break time) will be employed by people who allow the workers to work all the time they do not feel like not working.

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