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  • December 4, 2012 at 5:22am

    To me you can not separate the holiday from the real meaning.. I think that any city that has christmas lights are in fact and endorsement of Christmas. If they place the lights then the nativity should be allowed to be put up. If any celebration of Christmas at schools or either Santa Claus of Frosty is seen then the nativity should be shown.. Why? Christmas is not a secular holiday but a Religious holiday just like Easter. Their is no separation from the Holiday and the religion that its from without the Christ there is no Christmas. So I think the war on Christmas is a load of crap and we need to specify and counter suit these as that. If a city can have Christmas parades it must be allowed to have the nativity there is no other way. You can not have Christmas without Christ. To me if you ban the nativity then all things of Christmas must be banned , ie Christmas sales, black Friday sales, etc.. and if we bring this to light watch the retail industry get back in line too since They celebrate Christmas for money. I celebrate Christmas for giving.

    Cheers! Does anyone want a good piece of some of my Birthday cake for Jesus… Its always a white cake , white Icing. that represents the purity of his birth, and love.

    Merry Christmas bring Christmas back to the family and watch it grow in public

  • December 3, 2012 at 11:43pm

    dang clinging urls heres the real link to the socialist agenda 1963 Read it you will find my friends that the socialist aka communist have achieved all the goals.. The have captured a whole generation of Americans 30 years worth.. The hippy movement of the 70′s begot the conservatives of today. The problem is those hippy;s of the 70′s were conservatives in their late 20′s. a much different for the 20 years olds today. The for the most part, those of the hippy movement were taught real good moral and religious values very few of the 20 year old today have been taught this..WE today are actually living in a godless society where religion is mocked and spat at like its the disease, and mark my word when a society becomes that way it becomes a cesspool and dies. This is what is going on in Europe. And when you become a cesspool another religious though will take its place.. that is much more aggressive and much more repressive where woman are seen as property and are not free. That my friends is what is happening in Europe and it will happen here. Islam

  • December 3, 2012 at 11:17pm

    There are many points of few on this one.. Point of view number one.. Lack of self control and respect.. times have changed . People do not show respect for those of religion in this country point blank.. We live in a different world today where life is not precious or social morals are not either.. Point two.. Jesus went into the so called bars of his days, he did not condemn a man for his sins. The word of God Condemns a man for his sin.. Since no one understands it anymore preaching to them wont do any good so it seem. it is written if those that do not want to receive the message and take offense to it.. shake off your coat and leave. They have condemn their own souls you have done what you was told to do . We as Christians must accept the fact that our parents by not teaching all of us the values of church Christ have condemn our youth to a life of immorality. It is seen in the hatred of Christians as we as Christians say that the immoral things are wrong. Wash our hands and walk away.. Jesus said that a wicked and perverse people will hate us for what we believe in.. In just 40 years we have witness the complete changing of USA, from A Christian moral country to a Heathen immoral country where everything that we were taught were wrong by our parents are now perceive as right See the socialist plan to take over USA .